Preview: Britney Spears Dodges Notes On ‘Carpool Karaoke’

Published: Wednesday 24th Aug 2016 by Sam

Over the course of Britney Spears‘ career, the Pop icon has made a name for herself by way of her captivating videos and potent performances. Vocals, however, have never been her calling card.

Many scratched their heads, then, when the star booked a seat aboard James Corden‘s ‘Carpool Karaoke. After all, it’s a segment that’s made headlines thanks to guest stints from belters such as Adele and Mariah Carey.

Still, with the game changing at a rapid rate and an album in ‘Glory’ to promote, who can fault Spears for seizing on one of the most popping platforms?

How effective it’ll be will be interesting to see, especially following the release of a preview.

See what we mean below…

Did anyone else adjust the volume button in hopes of hearing something…anything?

For Britney’s sake, this really can’t be comprised of awkward small-talk and literal lip-syncing.

The full spot airs tomorrow, while ‘Glory’ lands in stores on Friday (August 26th).

Your thoughts?

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  1. Surpise..Dec.(2013) August 24, 2016

    Poor Britey, she thought she could lip sync in the car, no wonder u could only hear James voice.

  2. HailLegendBeysus August 24, 2016

    She can’t even Karaoke to her Karaoke ????!!!!

    • HailLegendBeysus August 24, 2016

      “Did anyone else adjust the volume button in hopes of hearing something…anything?
      For Britney’s sake, this really can’t be comprised of awkward small-talk and literal lip-syncing.”
      EYE AM CRYING!!!! SAM I LOVE YOU!!! DON’T EVER STOP BEING YOUR SHADY SELF!!! (But maybe tone it down just a tiny bit sometimes)

  3. Everyone’s A Critic August 24, 2016

    Im rooting for Britney.. I really am. But even Selene Gomez and J Lo sang humbly to their songs whilst sounding average FOR KARAOKE at best… she needs to come correct. Better be saving them vocals for the VMAS. That’s all I’m saying

    • GirlGroupFan August 24, 2016

      Brit don’t care. And her fans don’t care that she don’t care. It’s the circle of no fvcks given. Loool

      • Maurice August 24, 2016

        Let that be Beyonce or any other woman of colour and there’d be outrage.

        But Britney’s fans are just like “Yassss the Queen is slaying this lipsync right now”
        lmao. smh

      • Dem Lessers August 24, 2016

        @marice why you bringing Beyawncé into this post when no body is here to talk about her? This is a Britney post.

    • Everyone’s A Critic August 24, 2016

      @Maurice Not everyday race issues. We were being lighthearted and you just had to bring up Bey and social injustice.. Please. Not in my comments. There’s a time and place

      • GirlGroupFan August 24, 2016

        @Maurice I think it’s moreso that that deadhorse has been beaten to natural oil by now. The media has had their fun with her. Judged her for her sexiness, pitted her against Christina, hawked her over JT & K-Fed, brought her to the brink of insanity and now are nostalgic about all our ” good work.” We been know’d that Brit lipsynchs. Nobody cares anymore. Not the tabloids, not her non-fans, not her fans and not even her. Loool It is what it is.

      • Maurice August 24, 2016

        GirlGroupFan, if that ain’t the truth, I don’t know what is.
        You did have me gagging though when you said her non-fans and Britney herself don’t care. lmao. Because it’s so phuuucking true. She can give the stiffest performance and her “fans” will say “Queen’s best performance” looll.

  4. Glorious Sun August 24, 2016

    When her dad put her on those med – Britney disappeared and now there is nothing left but this “shell” who can’t move her hips like she use to. Poor lil tink tink

    • GirlGroupFan August 24, 2016

      True.Lol Brit tried really hard to be likeable so the media would stop trying to take her down a notch as evidenced by her horrible reality show. Then she just gave up after her legendary meltdown. Now she just does whatever. And her fans clearly don’t mind. Lol

  5. steve August 24, 2016

    Shade as dark as hers.

  6. #JACKIE August 24, 2016

    Her stans make the most excuses for her lack of talent?

    • Dem Lessers August 24, 2016

      You suck on bitter lemons 24/7 or something? When do you think your irrelevant labelless fave get an invite though? Stop typing, keep your hands playing with your small d*ck troll.

      • #JACKIE August 24, 2016

        Bitter about a talentless hack? B**** please kill yourself.

    • Tee August 24, 2016

      ? The same with Rihanna fans.

      • Johnny Gill Nicole Scherzinger Brian McKnight August 24, 2016

        The rihtards are quite annoying, but at least rihanna has improved over the years. At least rihanna has a little bit of talent, and some catchy songs. S****** smears has not one decent song. She is limited of talent. She has gotten worse over the years. She is a piece of s*** who offers nothing. What is her purpose? She can’t sing her own songs, her music sucks, it’s all computerized auto tune b*******. I’m no rihanna fan but s******* could never do something like love on the brain. She probably couldn’t even sing something as vocally good as work. F*** this w****.

    • Johnny Gill Nicole Scherzinger Brian McKnight August 24, 2016

      Her retarded stans are even more annoying than the Ci-Squad.

  7. #BeyHiveAttack August 24, 2016

    She is so pathetic!

  8. lolhart August 24, 2016

    I’m sure her apologists will soon hijack the comments section protesting she’s never been a vocalist and how she’s a performer, dancer etc. Anything but a singer.

  9. truthtea August 24, 2016

    OMG! I cannot with her vocal fry! And the beotch is 34…can somebody please tell her to quit talking like she’s an effing 5 year old?

  10. GirlGroupFan August 24, 2016

    Sad. Years and years of working overtime to please a general public that has an animalistic propensity to corrupt pretty, young sweethearts has pretty much turned Brit into a narcissist. She, like the little Miley who really, really wanted to be liked, just doesn’t care anymore about pleasing masses who don’t even live by their own rules that we try to shove down our entertainers’ throats. xD

    If that means casually lip synching to her own song on a nonserious karaoke show, then so be it.

    If that means flat out lying about always singing live in an interview (when that’s clearly nowhere near to being true), then so be it.

    If that means getting paid $15 million to judge a singing contest but only contributing one-word responses here and there, then so be it.

    We do this to our entertainers. Rihanna is the only artist to escape this treatment, due to the Chris Brown incident that gave the media all the scandal it needed from her.

    Don’t reply to or @ me.

    I love Britney, by the way.

  11. IG @ MIXEDBOY August 24, 2016


  12. Suicide Blonde August 24, 2016

    Britney died long time ago, this looking human doll, it’s just a cloned brainless experiment of the late Britney Spears.

  13. FASHION_ICON ~ Anti&Lemonade August 24, 2016

    At least Rihanna is more talented than someone in this business

    • Tee August 24, 2016

      ? Oop. I don’t know sis, it’s neck and neck for who’s the least talented ?

    • JOHNVIDAL August 24, 2016

      LOL Well at least Britney was more talented than Rihanna at some point too. At least she could DANCE.

  14. Dem Lessers August 24, 2016

    Nahhhhh, I can’t defend you on this one Queen, if you lip sync on the full version I will stop staning for you. I’ll be there even if you sound like dying cat but don’t embarrass us and yourself like this!

    • Beysus August 24, 2016

      DEATH.Finally seeing your Stiffney for the trash she is

    • The Kpop Guy, Matt~ August 24, 2016

      Yaaas, then you can change your avi to tiffany

      • Dem Lessers August 24, 2016

        Lmao you know my bias is Hyoyeon!

  15. SMH August 24, 2016

    It’s amazing how far white privilege can carry a talentless individual.

    • Jordin August 24, 2016

      its not called “white privilege”. its called white folks enjoy life and dont give a f***. learn about “having fun” and “no judging” ignorant

      • Blue Ivy Rod August 24, 2016

        She’s like Taylor Swift, no vocals but since she’s blonde and got blue eyes then she will always be “America’s Sweetheart”. Maybe you should try to educate yourself more and you too will understand the truth about white privilege

  16. CherylSoldierr August 24, 2016

    Deathhhh a damn mess

  17. B_Roni August 24, 2016

    I’m not a fan of her like that but damn it hasn’t even aired lol. Can she get the airtime before she is judged. Y’all crazy lol.

  18. JOHNVIDAL August 24, 2016

    LOL Well, I think she´s a nice girl. I feel like only saying positive things. She doesn´t give a puck and doesn´t try to do collabos to sell her album (from the tracklist I saw the other day there are none). And she also was a pretty good performer years ago. That´s something at least. Singer? No, never was.

  19. UbettaUbettaBestFran August 24, 2016

    Now I lives for Ms. Spears on a good day honey, but guuuuurllll… You wrong for this. This CAN’T be what she does the whole time. Like… What? I don’t understand. I don’t even know what to say.

  20. Johnny Gill Nicole Scherzinger Brian McKnight August 24, 2016

    F*** this untalented piece of d****** s******* spears.

  21. FC/JC August 24, 2016


  22. Mark111 /.\ August 24, 2016

    Didn’t Mariah do the same thing?

  23. Nowd Reddish tran ivy blobukz Need UK timely Ukuno eremixi August 25, 2016

    Wow nice

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