Report: Adele Eyes SuperBowl Halftime Show Gig?

Published: Tuesday 9th Aug 2016 by David


Adele may have her multi-platinum eye on SuperBowl 2017.

Details below…

A National Football League source told the British publication ‘The Sun’:

There is nobody bigger in the world than Adele right now and organisers are doing absolutely everything they can to try to persuade her to sign up.

She’s sold out every date on her tour, everyone wants a piece of her and they know they can bank on her bringing in the viewers. It’s Adele’s nerves that are the issue — it hasn’t been an easy sell.

The event’s organisers are said to be working tirelessly to convince her to rock the Halftime Show after Coldplay did the same at this year’s ceremony.

Hits Daily Double adds:

With her new Sony deal in place, the label will no doubt be seeking out U.S. opportunities, though manager Jonathan Dickins is notoriously incredibly picky over the gigs Adele accepts.

Peep the full list of Super performers below…

2015: Katy Perry, Lenny Kravitz and Missy Elliott

2014: Bruno Mars, Red Hot Chili Peppers

2013: Beyonce

2012: Madonna

2011: The Black Eyed Peas, Usher, Slash

2010: The Who

2009: Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band

2008: Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers

2007: Prince and the Florida A&M marching band

2006: The Rolling Stones

2005: Paul McCartney

2004: Janet Jackson, Kid Rock, P. Diddy, Nelly and Justin Timberlake

2003: Shania Twain, No Doubt and Sting

2002: U2

2001: “The Kings of Rock and Pop” featuring Aerosmith, ‘N’Sync, Britney Spears, Mary J. Blige and Nelly

2000: “A Tapestry of Nations” featuring Phil Collins, Christina Aguilera, Enrique Iglesias, Toni Braxton and an 80-person choir

1999: “Celebration of Soul, Salsa and Swing” featuring Stevie Wonder, Gloria Estefan, Big Bad Voodoo Daddy and tap dancer Savion Glover

1998: “A Tribute to Motown’s 40th Anniversary” including Boyz II Men, Smokey Robinson, Queen Latifah, Martha Reeves and The Temptations

1997: “Blues Brothers Bash” featuring Dan Akroyd, John Goodman and James Belushi (also featuring “The Godfather of Soul” James Brown and ZZ Top)

1996: Diana Ross celebrating 30 years of the Super Bowl with special effects, pyrotechnics and stadium card stunt. Finale featured Diana Ross being taken from the stadium in a helicopter

1995: “Indiana Jones and the Temple of the Forbidden Eye” featuring Tony Bennett, Patti LaBelle, Arturo Sandoval, the Miami Sound Machine and stunts including fire and skydivers. Finale included audience participation with light sticks

1994: “Rockin’ Country Sunday” featuring Clint Black, Tanya Tucker, Travis Tritt, Wynonna & Naomi Judd. Finale included flashlight stunt

1993: “Heal the World” featuring Michael Jackson and 3,500 local children. Finale included audience card stunt

1992: “Winter Magic” including a salute to the winter season and the winter Olympics featuring Gloria Estefan, Brian Boitano and Dorothy Hamill

1991: “A Small World Salute to 25 Years of the Super Bowl” featuring New Kids on the Block

1990: “Salute to New Orleans” and 40th Anniversary of Peanuts’ characters, featuring trumpeter Pete Fountain, Doug Kershaw & Irma Thomas

1989: “Be Bop Bamboozled” featuring 3-D effects

1988: “Something Grand” featuring 88 grand pianos, the Rockettes and Chubby Checker

1987: “Salute to Hollywood’s 100th Anniversary”

1986: “Beat of the Future”

1985: “A World of Children’s Dreams”

1984: “Super Bowl XVIII’s Salute to the Superstars of the Silver Screen”

1983: “KaleidoSUPERscope” (a kaleidoscope of color and sound)

1982: “A Salute to the 60s and Motown”

1981: “A Mardi Gras Festival”

1980: “A Salute to the Big Band Era” with Up with People

1979: “Super Bowl XIII Carnival” Salute to the Caribbean with Ken Hamilton and various Caribbean bands

1978: “From Paris to the Paris of America” with Tyler Apache Belles, Pete Fountain and Al Hirt

1977: “It’s a Small World” including crowd participation for first time with spectators waving colored placards on cue

1976: “200 Years and Just a Baby” Tribute to America’s Bicentennial

1975: “Tribute to Duke Ellington” with Mercer Ellington and Grambling State band

1974: “A Musical America” with University of Texas band

1973: “Happiness Is.” with University of Michigan marching band and Woody Herman

1972: “Salute to Louis Armstrong” with Ella Fitzgerald, Carol Channing, Al Hirt and U.S. Marine Corps Drill Team

1971: Florida A&M band

1970: Carol Channing

1969: “America Thanks” with Florida A&M University band

1968: Grambling State band

1967: University of Arizona and Grambling State marching bands

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  1. pat August 9, 2016

    wth is she gonna do? dance versions of her hits

    • Misdemeanor August 9, 2016

      True…. she doesn’t have any business at the Super Bowl. Next.

    • Nahh August 9, 2016

      I’m sorry but this is unfair idc how big Adele is nobody wants to see hat at the Super Bowl. Gaga, Rihanna so many other artist that may be able to pull off a show wtf hits is Adele gonna sing

  2. Islandboi242 August 9, 2016

    God no! That should be for performers not singers!!! I say let Usher kill it!! Or even give Kelly Rowland a shot at it! Usher , Destinys Child full show, Rihanna got to much l not to perform at half time…. It should be Usher

    • Jamie August 9, 2016

      Took the words right outta my mouth. Exactly!!!! That’s a no-brainer. Because if they let Little Peter Bieber do it….

  3. Ughhh August 9, 2016

    I want to hear a legend perform. Not someone current. Contact Tina Turner and tell her it’s time to come back to the stage! That would be an amazing performance!

    • Keri Qween August 9, 2016


    • Fancy BISH August 9, 2016

      I’m here for TINA! Yaaas!

    • Christina Aguilera August 9, 2016

      Tina is old.

      • Ughhh August 9, 2016

        but will still out perform your fave on her worst day.

    • Nahh August 9, 2016

      If you watched Tina’s special on Oprah she herself said by her last tour she was tired and couldn’t move like she use to. I don’t think she’ll do Super Bowl but I would love to see it anyway

      • pat August 9, 2016

        that’s night after night on tour….she may have it in her for paced rehearsals and one big show

      • Nahh August 9, 2016

        True @pat

    • JOHNVIDAL August 9, 2016

      Wow seeing Tina doing that Halftime show would be something to remember. Especially cause the industry is so damn unfair when it comes to age. It would be a like a lesson. She´s definitely the most authentic female performer I have ever seen. Sadly it won´t happen and I suppose she´s not up to it at this point.

  4. IG : @mixedboy August 9, 2016

    I’m here for it. #SLAYDELE

    • LmfaoHoe August 9, 2016

      I’m sorry but no. love Adele but she does not have the hits for such a platform. the target audience will not all be impressed unless she’s singing the Star Spangle banner. it’s either down to Usher, Gaga, Riri, Missy, Pink, Chris Brown, J Lo, Eminem, Kanye, Tina Turner, Ect.

  5. Suicide Blonde August 9, 2016

    This could actually be interested and different. I don’t see why artists like Dion and Carey cannot perform at the halftime show, after all not all Pop artists are dancers or can give you a good performance, I mean Katy Perry was there and was terrible, Rihanna would be a mess too, so they better change from time to time to add a little bit of diversity, to be honest the halftime show has been boring and uninteresting the last couple of years so let them try something new.

    • Dev August 9, 2016

      The issue is that Mariah has danceable hits and Adele doesn’t. The Half time show should be either getting the party started or keeping it going at least, but Adele doesn’t have any songs that won’t kill the mood by the time she’s finished. Adele played Glastonbury and although the tried to say it was a triumph what really happened is that everyone who either couldn’t get a ticket for her tour was there.
      They should call P!nk instead as i think that she is well overdue or Missy and guests

      • Suicide Blonde August 9, 2016

        But that’s the thing, the show must be represented by the artist and not by an specific type performance, each artist could bring something new, great singers like Adele or Mariah would be different, yet entertaining, just like when Rock bands do the halftime show, people see it as different from Pop performers because it’s based more on the musicianship rather than the already tired pop show.

    • Dev August 9, 2016

      But rock bands tend to have those big stadium anthem hits (well, the old ones anyway) that get the crowd amped and singing. New rock is different and thats why Coldplay couldn’t carry the show alone because it would’ve been boring.
      I get you point but the act has to compliment the environment and unless its going to be middle class middle american soccer mums/middle aged men and women its going to be a bad idea regardless of ratings because the tv viewers may tune in but i can guarantee that the seats will be empty as people will use the time to go toilet and get food and beverages.
      Adele doesn’t even have the songs that Celine has.
      I’m surprised that they didn’t ask Taylor Swift as everyone dislikes her.
      Cher would be good

  6. Black power August 9, 2016

    No no no and NO!!! No one wants to hear her depressing music during the halftime show… Plus realistically she doesn’t have that much of a variety of hits to choose from.

    We need someone to exciting that’ll tear the house down.. I’m so here for Rihanna or Gaga.

    Rihanna has so many different records to choose from plus she would bring out amazing guests from her features

    And Gaga would put on one hell of a show!

    • OVO Danity August 9, 2016

      This would be good! They could build a magical cgi show around her.

  7. Fancy BISH August 9, 2016

    Her songs are kind of depressing for the Super Bowl…”HELLO from the other SIIIIIIIIDE!” and “We used to have it ALLLLL!” while everybody is eating hot wings and having a good time? lol

  8. Keri Qween August 9, 2016

    Lol I doubt that with the music she makes.

  9. B_Roni August 9, 2016

    I can only see her singing rolling in the deep and doing a simple dance and then move on to set fire to the rain with real fire and some type of water mechanics. That’s it lol.

    • Fancy BISH August 9, 2016


    • OVO Danity August 9, 2016


  10. Ciah’s Turtle August 9, 2016

    how boring would that be lol

  11. wrosy3 August 9, 2016

    I can’t even with the superbowl Rihanna is the hottest artist out and they pick adele i guess you need to appeal to whites only she could bring out justine timberlake to pull her boobs out rih could have drake perform with her those two would be good the superbowl has been boring for the past couple of years please hire rihanna people always talk s*** about rih can’t sing and everytime she proves them wrong if the superbowl want to listen to heartbreak music get adele

    • Nahh August 9, 2016

      Shutup rih fan

      • wrosy3 August 9, 2016

        You stfu what song will Adele sing to get the crowd going really people grown ass men do not want to hear sad songs about broken heart while eating a pizza or hot wings Adele can sing but does not have songs that make you want to dance if that is the case at least Taylor Swift have more up beat music if that is what superbowl want white appeal Hire Taylor Swift but cbs is holding a grudge against rih over the domestic violence situation that went down say what yall hating pos say rih is the biggest right now around the world period

  12. KenyaInFormation August 9, 2016

    Wasnt Rihanna in negotiations at one point?

  13. FC/JC August 9, 2016

    I feel like she would do amazingly well just being herself! Maybe a lil two step here and there but no huge Choreo, she doesn’t need that, she needs to sing her upbeat hits though and have all the smoke and mirrors backing her up, a full band, dancers, pyrotechnics, the whole 9. She has potential to have one of the best Super Bowl performances ever!

    Hope she doesn’t let her nerves get inbetween this amazing USA moment/experience.

  14. FC/JC August 9, 2016

    Im here for it! They better give her a large budget! And NO GOWNS GWARL! Give me a nasty catsuit or something other than a floor length gown…. Lmao, she would slay if she gains that confidence to just go out there and have fun with the people there and through tv.

  15. SMH August 9, 2016

    Usher should be the only one considered for the Halftime show. It’s LONG overdue.

    • LmfaoHoe August 9, 2016

      Yess Usher has all the hits for such a performance or hell even tho folks don’t like him Chris older hits still bop n he is one hell of a performer, the best of his generation ain’t nobody seeing Chris or Usher when it comes to dancing their ass off.

  16. Leanne August 9, 2016

    I don’t care what anyone says JENNIFER LOPEZ would shut the Super Bowl DOWN! She deserves it so much, she is one of the greatest entertainers alive, she doesn’t have too perform anything new, just her classics like Love don’t cost a thing, Get Right, waiting for tonight, I’m real, Jenny from the block, ain’t it funny, ugh she has SOOOO many hits she would murder on that stage! ITS JLO time!!

  17. Adele’s Husband August 9, 2016

    Pink should be doing the superbowl. Katy Perry did the superbowl even though she’s a lessor to P!nk performance and talent wise.

  18. Datredd22 August 9, 2016

    I’m not here for it honestly I want Rih to do it! She has the hits for days she could open with Umbrella and close with Diamonds . Her stadium dates have looked so beautiful with all the lights during that performance! She would also bring out major collaborators such as Calvin Drake and Eminem

    I think that f*** you to The NFl and CBS hurt her chances TBH

    • LB August 9, 2016

      So beautiful with all the lights and the empty seats.

  19. Adele’s Husband August 9, 2016

    I can’t at yall thinking that Rihanna would do a better job than Adele. Adele will dump the usual and do the unexpected. Respeck her talent

    • Datredd22 August 9, 2016

      Adele has stronger vocals but her stage presence is not the for the Super Bowl she does not have a diverse catalogue of music

      • Adele’s Husband August 9, 2016

        So Rihanna stage presence is capable for the super bowl?

      • Reply At Your Own Risk. Leave the DumbFuckery At Door ~tyler August 9, 2016

        Stage presence!?
        You say that as if Rhianna has any lol. Don’t be mad at Adele when Frih is arguably one of the worst live performers put right now

      • Reply At Your Own Risk. Leave the DumbFuckery At Door ~tyler August 9, 2016


    • Datredd22 August 9, 2016

      You tried to bypass my point


      She is very talented no one can deny that!
      But Rih has amazing stage presence Love on the Brain Billboard awards BBHMM IHeart awards Vogue Fashion Rocks Victoria Secret Fashion show !

    • LmfaoHoe August 9, 2016

      Honey let’s be real for a moment, aside from talent who has the hits that’ll have everyone n they dog on the floor? say what you will about Riri but her songs >>> Adele super bowl set list.

  20. Reply At Your Own Risk. Leave the DumbFuckery At Door ~tyler August 9, 2016

    Rhianna cant even sellout one of her concerts and you honestly think that she’s capable of performing at the Superbowl, in front of millions? How Sway?

    • Datredd22 August 9, 2016

      Tyler you know damn well she is selling out stadiums not on Bey level in the US yet but her Europe shows did amazing numbers San Siro, Stade de France , Munich and Warsaw 70k plus stadiums! Im sure her next goal is to do stadiums in the US and her time with come just like Beys! She was not doing stadium dates at 25-28 years of age . Superbowl promotion made her touring status what it is now same thing with Katy helped her with her tour to get over 200 million but with far more dates (151) lol but anyways Rih is in the top 10 grosses for female touring and youngest black artist in that list

      • HailLegendBeysus August 9, 2016

        Beyoncé had multiple stadiums during The Beyoncé Experience in Europe and Asia. I done clocked this evaporated tea long ago when LB tried it so STOP!!!

      • Datredd22 August 9, 2016

        Yes she had a few stadium dates but not 30 stadium dates in a tour. Christina Aguilera even had a few stadium dates on her first tour

      • HailLegendBeysus August 9, 2016

        You said Beyoncé was not doing stadiums at the age of 25-28. She’s been doing since her B’Day Era and easily could’ve done multiple during TMCWT. Not to mention Beyoncé was awarded by the AMA’s at the age of 26 for performing in well over 80 countries (youngest recipient of the Legends award). Something Rihanna has yet to do (she’s performed in 52 countries to date). Bottom line is Rihanna will NEVER be the touring force y’all try to make her out to be. Especially in the states.

      • Reply At Your Own Risk. Leave the DumbFuckery At Door ~tyler August 9, 2016

        Rihannna is not in the top 10 for touring. Bey, Gaga, and Katy are but frih is not!

      • Datredd22 August 9, 2016

        Katy did 151 shows just to get a 200 million gross Gagas tours are on the decline and Rih is set to outgross DWT with Anti tour she already did so in America and with triple the stadium dates she has now with AWT in Europe !

      • Reply At Your Own Risk. Leave the DumbFuckery At Door ~tyler August 9, 2016

        You said all of that and rihanna

      • Reply At Your Own Risk. Leave the DumbFuckery At Door ~tyler August 9, 2016

        * still isn’t in the top 10 when it comes to touring . Just face it, Rhianna isn’t a good performer

      • Datredd22 August 9, 2016

        Bottom line is that Rihanna has over a 350 million tour gross at least right around where Beyonce was at! Let’s be clear! She will be adding at least another 150 million to that this year! Stop shading Rihs tour status it’s quiet old by now

    • Datredd22 August 9, 2016

      Why are so against Rihanna Tyler her being a black artist and you being so pro Black you sure are biased towards her

      • Cops Give A Damn About A Negro! Pull A Trigger Killa A N**** He’s A Hero ~ August 9, 2016

        Because Rihanna perpetuates 3 of the biggest stereotypes within the black community: drug use, domestic violence, and laziness. Besides, idc if she’s black or not. I refuse to support mediocrity

    • Datredd23 August 9, 2016

      Beyonce had to do 132 dates to get a 220 million gross with the MCWT I’m sure if Rihanna added 50 more dates she would achieve that too especially with AWT Lol stop

      • Nahh August 9, 2016

        Are you serious ? Lmaoooo

  21. Queen Barb August 9, 2016

    Adele isn’t Superbowl worthy

  22. Reply At Your Own Risk. Leave the DumbFuckery At Door ~tyler August 9, 2016

    Usher or Pink would shut the house down !

  23. Taylor Swift-To-Find-A-New-Man August 9, 2016

    Lmao so no Flopga? Poor that. Yall are delusional if you think that fad will ever see a Super Bowl stage. As if the Super Bowl audience wants to see that. I don’t see Rihanna taking the stage soon either. They’ll probably have D!ke flying around the arena or Usher recycling his same 2006 choreography. Anyways, Katy is still the Super Bowl record holder. Her half-time show was iconic.

    • Queen Barb August 9, 2016

      Katy had one of the weakest halftime show performances.

  24. Ty Ty August 9, 2016

    Meh other than Beyoncé or Bruno Mars performing again don’t see who else can really do it!!! Love Adele but ain’t nobody got time for that. Rihanna would just be a disaster and potential career suicide. Maybe they should do a hiphop medley bring on legendary hiphop artists performing together that would be interesting.

    • JOHNVIDAL August 9, 2016

      Despite not being a commercial force right now the only obvious new choice would be Gaga. It would also make sense since she already did the anthem this year. And they know she wouldn´t disappoint. She always delivers.

  25. Hives still scared of R8 August 9, 2016

    Rihanna doesn’t need SP to sell tour tickets or albums.

    I hate football

    • Nahh August 9, 2016

      She should use the promo that way she can sell out arenas and not be having 10k areans empty. No shade

  26. HailLegendBeysus August 9, 2016

    This TEA tho!!!
    #TOUR The Formation World Tour has now grossed $210,063,484 from 40 shows (100% sold out)

    • Cops Give A Damn About A Negro! Pull A Trigger Killa A N**** He’s A Hero ~ August 9, 2016

      Bey stays killin the game

  27. Jacob August 9, 2016

    The weeknd
    Demi lovato
    Taylor swift
    Even Britney would be a better fit for this
    Adele makes me wanna cry

    • wayno August 9, 2016

      She will never be asked back… and we know why #BLACKLIVESMATTER

  28. JOHNVIDAL August 9, 2016

    I´m sorry but she´s not the type of artist for that event. There´s reason why Celine Dion, Whitney Houston or Mariah Carey have never done that show. And Lord knows even they as what we could call vocalists or singer-songwriters, which is what Adele is, are/were way more entertaining than Adel on a stage. When it comes to give an spectacle. She should do the Antehm like the type of singer she is usually gets asked to do. That if she´s able to do it 🙂

    • JOHNVIDAL August 9, 2016

      I forgot to say she has proved repeatedly that she is always underwhelming in big stages like all her performances at award shows including the Oscars.

  29. wayno August 9, 2016

    RIHANNA is my choice…. keep the audience guessing

    • mr.m August 9, 2016

      keep it b****.
      that h** may have 1000 hits
      but she can’t pull a performance for sh!t. BYE!

  30. Coolness August 9, 2016

    Adele is the biggest artist out right now in terms of sales but this is not really the show for her. Yes, she’s the sort of artist who follows in the footsteps of Whitney and Mariah (pure vocalists who command the stage by virtue of their voice). However, the difference between her and the aforementioned ladies is that they had/have upbeat dance-able numbers as hits in their discography (especially Whitney). I would love if Usher would be given the chance to headline (with his mic OFF, no shade, lol). He has hits upon hits to keep the crowd entertained and he’s still a talented performer regardless of age. J.Lo could slay too and so could Gaga. Or perhaps they could get a legacy act to perform like Tina Turner as suggested above.

  31. mr.m August 9, 2016

    Bring up Xtina and P!nk together. both can sing medley of their hits then they can add lil kim with a special appearance then sing lady marmalade and end up with “beautiful” and “perfect” mashup.

  32. mr.m August 9, 2016

    I think jlo is one of the best performers.
    dat b**** is a BEAST and she can entertain.

  33. John A. August 9, 2016

    I’d say:
    Pink( old hits)

  34. ow Reddish tran ivy blobukz Need UK timely Ukuyiji August 10, 2016

    They should try someone else instead of adele no matter how big star she is

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