Stream: Tink – ‘Winter’s Diary 4’

Published: Thursday 25th Aug 2016 by David


Gliding towards many a playlist today is ‘Winter Diary 4′, the latest release by the 21-year-old performer Tink.

Currently faced with the threat that is Dreezy, the creative cut-crafter releases ‘Diary’ before the unveiling of her studio album ‘Think Tink’ and the promotional efforts she’s set to employ to ensure her art doesn’t go unnoticed by the masses.

Ready to hear what’s on her mind?

Meet ‘Winter’ in the summer below…


1. Lime Light
2. If It All Falls Down
3. Show It
4. Be Single (Interlude)
5. Wet Aquafina
6. Stay On It (feat. Lil Durk)
7. Surprizes
8. Your Side
9. Nothing Else Matters
10. Mvp
11. Real Upgrade
12. Modern Wave
13. What Is Real Love
14. Pullin Up
15. Blood Sweat Tears

Your thoughts?

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  1. pat August 25, 2016

    timbaland overhyped her and she didnt live up to it, but i like her

    • @CAMITYRE August 25, 2016

      The problem was that after Tink began releasing music, after Timbaland had gone to just about every radio station hyping her up, no one was playing her mixtape, no one was supporting her not even Timbaland when it came to promoting her work.

  2. The Legend Called Missy Elliott August 25, 2016

    I wanted to like her so bad, but that didn’t happen. The only thing I was excited about hearing was the Ross/Jay/Tink song that Ross quickly buried.

  3. Danzou August 25, 2016


  4. E Young August 25, 2016

    Tink is an incredible artist who is very versatile. She was never overhype, the public just wasn’t listening to what timbaland was talking about. Within 5 years Tink is going to be something force to reckon with. The public needs to catch up. There no reason why she shouldn’t be bigger than half of the artist that are out now.

  5. kwinzy August 25, 2016

    Here for it! I think the problem is Timbaland; He doesn’t have the right tools to really promote her. She needs him for nothing but hot beats, that’s it. Tbh of all the female rappers of this generation, Tink is the most promising. She can SANG just as well as she raps, just as well as she writes. Most aren’t equally gifted like that.

    • Danzou August 25, 2016

      I can’t stand to stank ass but I totally agree h**. Tim didn’t promote get a certain way. He used some dumb ass epiphany talmbout aaliyah told him to sign her. Like why bring aaliyah into this? All in all I believe tink is a part of the culture at this point so she’ll be ok. And then on top of that there were so many distractions at the time of her come up and the only spot she really had was the hip hop cypher that year.

      • Danzou August 25, 2016


  6. Danzou August 25, 2016

    I don’t think she was overhyped I think that Tim was taking his time with her. She struck while the iron was hot and had a decent rnb hit. The problem in my opinion was that there were so many huge artists at the time that were about to promote.

  7. Ace August 25, 2016

    Been waiting on the cd but this is good till then.yes tim messed up cause she got talent.

  8. Nowd Reddish tran ivy blobukz Need UK timely Ukuno eremixi August 25, 2016

    Nice tracklist

  9. GEEZUS August 26, 2016

    So excited to see so many female rap presence at once whether they’re mainstream or bubbling in the urban.. Young MA, Cardi B, Think, Dreezy, Dej Loaf , I mean these girls are also very young so the kids are fitting in just fine with Remy and Rapsody

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