Tinashe: “I Look Up To Beyonce”

Published: Saturday 13th Aug 2016 by Sam

Tinashe is making quite the name for herself thanks to a potent potion of catchy tracks and dynamite performances.

New release ‘Superlove’ sees her excel on both fronts.

Not resting on her laurels, though, the rising star has hit the promotional trail in support of the track, which was produced by Tricky Stewart and The-Dream.

During a recent chat, she was quizzed on apparent Beyonce comparisons and offered an interesting response.

Excerpts after the jump…

JET: When you first started out there were a lot of Beyoncé comparisons – is that scary? Is that good company to be in?

Tinashe: It’s obviously a lot of pressure because she’s an amazing artist but I think you can only just take it as a compliment. I think she’s an incredible woman that I definitely look up to in a lot of ways.

JET: Have you met her?

Tinashe: I haven’t met her, but I’ve been to her show like five times. I opened up for her but I didn’t meet her. We shared a stage. And I worked with all her people – her dancers were my dancers and her choreographers were my choreographers, her tour manager is my tour manager but we’ve never crossed paths. But it’s gonna happen! [Source]

Loving the camaraderie. Although we must say that we’ve yet to hear of these “comparisons.”

Levels of success aside, it’s clear Beyonce blazes a lane that is altogether different from Tinashe’s and vice versa. One skews more Tina/MJ, while the other graduated from the school of Janet/Ciara.

Still, both ladies boast an individuality that renders them compelling.

Watch the magnetising video for ‘Superlove’ (which we’ve had on replay all-day) below…

Your thoughts?

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  1. Krista August 13, 2016

    Most of the younguns look up to Bey much to haters dismay

    • Surprise..(DEC 2013) August 13, 2016


    • Nah August 13, 2016

      TGJ waste a lot of time writing senseless articles. Tinashe has been citing bey as an inspiration since the beginning of her career lol she even has tweets back from 08 like why is this news instead of posting a link to her new video

    • Aubrey August 13, 2016

      T seems cool. But, people, why bother comparing everyone to bee? Not all the singers need to get to her level for shining. Just take a look at rihanna or selena they still make it even if they’re not on beyoncé’s level.

    • The Infinite One August 13, 2016

      Damn she’s smart. Keri Hilson taught a lot of girls what not to do.

      • A&R August 13, 2016

        Although I think it’s genuine and mainly because the release of lemonade earn Tin’s respect.. I also think she knows this will earn her way more support. I’ve been saying this… Instead of denying it, embrace the influence of the trailblazers and it will make you look humble and earn a seat with their fan base. Awesome PR move and right on time with the awesome video. Ok, Tin, you better maximize this spot light.

  2. Surprise..(DEC 2013) August 13, 2016

    There is no story here!!!!!! She already name checks Bey as one of the people she looks up to.

    • Hillary August 14, 2016

      Not only that but “we have yet to hear these comparisons.” Has TGJ forgotten they once posted an article saying that Tinashe was the only person who could possibly inherit Bey’s throne? The hive was in a frenzy. Tinashe’s only similarity to Bey is the fact that they are both acts who can dance there a** off and still sound good live. Other than that they are completely different. Journalism at it’s finest…

  3. Brandy4everstan August 13, 2016

    Girl how you look up to beyonce when you wanna be my a and Aaliyah? Girl bye

    • Surprise..(DEC 2013) August 13, 2016

      LOL………..She probably means she looks up to Bey in terms of her hustle and the magnitude of her accomplishments.

  4. Uh huh hunni August 13, 2016

    TeamTinaSHÍT is seething chile and i LiVe!

  5. #TeamTinashe Stan August 13, 2016

    “it’s clear Beyonce blazes a lane that is altogether different from Tinashe’s and vice versa”.
    Exactly Sam, lol some of these interviewers just make up things just to hear the artists opinions on their faves……. kind of like y’all when you think of it. Lol hehe!

    It doesn’t take much to get a post on TGJ just say something about Beyonce or Rihanna and you’ll get it.

    And to be clear Beyonce is probably the most respected artist at this point so it doesn’t mean she was inspired by her growing up, just respect 😀

    • SMH August 13, 2016

      that read you gave to sam kii

    • Uh Huh Hunni August 13, 2016

      TINASHEVerified account
      CONGRATS to my hero BEYONCE for winning more Grammy awards in one night than any other female artist in HISTORY! I LOVE YOU!
      12:10 PM – 1 Feb 2010

      • #TeamTinashe Stan August 13, 2016

        I know these things already boo boo I’m a stan.

        Thank you darling though! 😉

      • Uh Huh Hunni August 13, 2016

        if u call someone your hero then u are inspired by them. keep seething henny!

      • #TeamTinashe Stan August 13, 2016

        Boo boo, dictionary.com should be your best friend. Search the word “Hero” and tell me if the word or anything near “influence” comes up.
        And who said it was a bad thing to be inspired by Beyonce anyways? Nope. Don’t answer that, just retrieve yourself to dictionary.com goodie 😉

        Don’t be stressed out on a Saturday, muah! xoxo
        HASHTAG: #TeamTinasheFOREVA

      • HailLegendBeysus August 13, 2016

        When you were a child, were you inspired by stories of knights, supermen and courageous men and women who did wonderful things and changed the world around them? They were your heroes. You looked up to them, didn’t you? And you admired them and read stories about them late into the night? Weren’t you inspired by their courage and hoped you could grow up brave and strong? Weren’t you thrilled by their exploits and their charisma?
        What does it mean to be a hero? Is it someone fulfilling an ambition at great personal and physical struggle or is it someone doing something for the good of mankind? And why do we all need heroes – what is it that inspires us about certain people and makes us hold them up as examples of greatness?
        There is a BIG difference in the word Hero and labeling someone as your Hero. Just saying ?.

      • Uh hun Hunni August 14, 2016

        she was inspired by beyonce so i see y you’re mad henny!

      • Uh hun Hunni August 14, 2016

        l.o.l. you’re so predictable how did i know you’d seething before you even got here chile

      • #TeamTinashe Stan August 14, 2016

        Hi sweetie, thank you so much for always taking the time to try to win my attention with numerous accounts but your point is still invalid and you already done loss.

        Also why would I be pressed about Beyonce? Did I tell you that I disliked her? Lol hehe delusional.
        And a tweet from 2010 before she was even famous doesn’t define now as she would of name dropped Beyonce’s name in every interview saying she is an inspiration. That isn’t a name that is forgettable.

        Remain severely bald with the facts I am giving you boo boo. And thanks for being a stan for Tinashe too 😉 “Uh Huh Hunni”….. hehehe just another troll that loves my opinions and Tinashe.
        P.s that was my last response to you so LIVE in it. Now retrieve yourself and look up the word “Hero” and let it stress you out 😀

      • Uh huh hunni August 14, 2016

        Keep seething henny “teamtinashit” or cinnamon girl or whatever, just keep seething

      • therealist2016 August 15, 2016

        Im a bey fan but lauryn hill was the first female to when five grammys in one night and also had the most nominations (10 nominations in one night).

      • HailLegendBeysus August 15, 2016

        Beyoncé won 6 grammys in one night in 2010. Adele later tied that by winning 6 as well in 2012.

    • A&R August 13, 2016

      Ok, let me educated you all on the linage and the power of the Beyfluence lol. When Ciara came out she was Crunk & B. We mainly saw her doing the down south bucking and twerk heavy choreo. Mostly in sneakers and or boots. Hair was mostly in poniy tails or plaits and when down there wasn’t much wind fan action. I remember specifically when Ciara decided to soften her image and during that time she said she had a meeting with the one and only…BEYONCÉ. It was right after the “Promise” era. She saw much success from the softer more sensual side so she started to incorporate more feminine choreo and her look had more of a tom boy girly flare. The cropped tops, long hair but paints and whoops, do I beg to say heels?! Yup! Y’all know Janet nor did Mya perform or dance in heels. Y’all don’t remember when Ciara went into a leotard and everybody started to eat her up for looking too much like Beyoncé? This is Tinashé you see now. The soft and free flowing hair. The wind fan action and hair flips. But she also takes it back to her jeans, sneakers, and bra tops. She’s gradually using more sensual and feminine choreo but she manages to keep it more Janet like Bc it’s more intricate than Bey’s. But remember who’s one of Beyoncé biggest influences..JANET. Listen, all the greats were influenced by each other in a major way. To be influenced and inspired isn’t a bad thing. All them were able to pull from one another and make it their own. Trust me, when Tin finally makes it to super star level you’ll she more of her Sade and grungier side come out. She isn’t this girly. She has an appreciation for it but Tin’s true artist looks like “Beated breath” and “Cold Sweat” trust my words. Lol

      Until then, respect that Bey has made an impact.

      Super Love has hints of Naughty Girl and Baby Boy’s video in there. Where?!

      The scene when Tin is with her girls on the lifeguard hub. The shoulder roll pulse-pump? Yup, no other female singer moves like that. Matter of fact that’s Beyoncé and crew one the Naughty girl video.

      The beach dance break down on the marble platform? That’s Beyoncé and crew on Baby Boy.lol On another post somebody cited Rihana. Umm.. Bey came before Rih and remember who they were grooming Rih to be like? Bey!

      Listen.. It’s ok. Tin even realizes it.lol

      • SMH August 14, 2016

        Lol Janet, Mya and countless others were dancing in heels long before beyonce. Your ass kissing essay is pointless.

    • Mark111 /.\ August 13, 2016

      When your idols becomes your rivals and you surpass them. Rihanna is a beast!

      • Nah August 13, 2016

        King mark centurion you seriously need to get a life lmaooooooo

      • Andrew August 14, 2016

        I think if bee was feeling rihpianna as a threat she would have stopped jay-z from signing her. But she said okay, shés got ass, lets make some cash by selling this h**.

  6. orangeyougladIdidntsaybanana August 13, 2016

    Well it’s not like looking down on Beyonce was an option so….

  7. Mark111 /.\ August 13, 2016

    I’m sorry, but I don’t see nor hear MJ in Beyonce. Other than being in a group and having a just as huge if not bigger solo career, I don’t see anything Jackson in Beyonce. Tina/Dianna? YES! And that group to solo puts Bey right into that Ross field.
    Now for Tinashe, I don’t see Beyonce artistry, but she has what it takes to be Beyonce like. She check all the boxes to be that next entertainer and an extra box that Beyonce falsely checks, songwriter. I can’t give her Janet/Ciara because Ciara is nothing but Janet/Aaliyah. I said this and till keep on saying it, she’s Janet meets Maya. Tin has the range, but so far she’s falling into the saying “it’s best to be GREAT & master in one thing, than to be just ok in everything.” She just needs to sit down and plan out the themes and sounds of each era Vs throwing everything at us all at once. I can handle it, but clearly the GP can’t. You have to baby feed them.
    One last thing, you can’t put quotations marks I look up to Beyonce when that’s not what she said.
    “I think she’s an incredible woman that I definitely look up to in a lot of ways.”. How can one quote someone that they never quoted?
    Quote – repeat or copy out (a group of words from a text or speech), typically with an indication that one is not the original author or speaker.

    You would think a “journalist” would know that, but I guess that’s the difference from journalist and blogger.

    • Surprise..(DEC 2013) August 13, 2016

      I think with regards to MJ in Beyonce…yeah although they have similar trajectory, from group to solo success, i think being very hardworking is also something they both have in common. A lot of artist are very lazy this days…..i know u hate beyonce, but the fact that this woman can go on a world tour, record an album in between and shoot 14 damn videos while still on tour is very impressive. BUT….U AARE RIGHT THO….I SEE MAINLY TINA AND DIANA, AND FUNNY ENOUGH MJ AND TINA ARE BEYONCE’S BIGGEST INFLUENCES.

      • Mark111 /.\ August 13, 2016

        I don’t hate Beyonce, I hate her stans. And I agree, the hard work is one of them, the ability to command a stage is another one. But as in artistry, I don’t see it. But oc MJ influenced a whole generation and the next one.

    • Surprise..(DEC 2013) August 13, 2016

      Yeah…i don’t see the artistry too. However, the whole lemonade as a movie does fall in line with MICHAEL JACKSON’S MOONWALKER. LEMONADE IS BEY’S MOONWALKER BASICALLY. OVERALL U ARE RIGHT MIKE INFLUENCED BASICALLY EVERYBODY….

    • Slayriah Carey/Nicole Slaysinger >>> your fave August 13, 2016

      But Beyonce has one thing tinashe lacks, vocals!

    • SMH August 14, 2016

      There is no MJ whatsoever in beyonce. That’s just typical wishful thinking on her fans part in an effort to make her bigger than what she is. MJ had no competitor. Beyonce constantly battles to one-up Rihanna. Therefore, she’s no MJ.

  8. Kels August 13, 2016

    She seems like this generations Aaliyah if you ask me

    • Mark111 /.\ August 13, 2016

      Not one bit.

    • Nothing but facts August 13, 2016

      In my opinion, she’s better than Aaliyah.

      • BRK August 13, 2016

        LOL you reaching sis.

    • Slayriah Carey/Nicole Slaysinger >>> your fave August 13, 2016

      More like ashanti or christina milian.

      At least Aaliyah was talented/interesting.

      • Nothing but facts August 13, 2016

        Tinashe is talented as well. I will say this about Aaliyah though, she had a really pretty voice, a s*** tomboy swag, and was extremely beautiful, but dancing wise, Tinashe makes Aaliyah look like an amateur. Put them both on a stage, and I just feel like Tinashe would run through Aaliyah.

      • Jamon August 13, 2016

        Ashanti has had way more success and hits then her and a Christina. She has not reached her level.

      • Slayriah Carey/Nicole Slaysinger >>> your fave August 13, 2016

        I meant tinashe is on the same level vocally as ashanti and milian, not success.

        And why do people always have to bring in dancing to cover up the fact that their fave can’t sing?

        Guy1: “ciara can’t freaking sing!”
        Ciara fan: “ciara is so good at dancing she would dance circles around everybody else!”
        Guy1: “No I said she can’t sing, I don’t care about her dancing.”
        Ciara fan: “Ciara dances amazing, she’s a great performer. She has great stage presence.”

    • Andrew August 14, 2016

      Krystal intead

  9. MDNA August 13, 2016

    Why is ciara doing the same numbers as her? Tenash is bringing more better choreo and albums than her. I loved her last album which was the self titled one but ever since then she stopped making music. i just started listening to aquarius and it made me like her a lil

    • Dark Matter August 13, 2016


      She did less than Ciara and Tinashe is a one hit wonder! She’s only had one “hit” and that didn’t even go Top 20.

      Tinashe is a flop! She’s a Teairra Mari at most!

      Beyonce is Queen. At least she knows that!

    • TurkeyNoodleSavage August 13, 2016

      She doesn’t dance better than Ciara tho ….

      • rw August 14, 2016

        She does.

  10. I Stan For Myself August 13, 2016

    There’s just nothing that special about this girl which is why she hasn’t hit big yet. Jack of all trades but master of none as they say. But good luck to her.

    • Surprise..(DEC 2013) August 13, 2016


      • A&R August 13, 2016

        Yo, you maybe right about the Star power thing. I keep saying this. To be talent and to have the “it” factor is different. Rihanna has the “it” factor. Ariana and Tinahsé are in the same age bracket. Oddly I think Ariana has the “it” factor in her own way. She falls into the Mariah and Brit and’nem Lane. Tin has lots of talent and seems creative but her persona and ability to uniquely shine, in spite the team’s say, isn’t working. I’m giving her a few chances though.

    • Mark111 /.\ August 13, 2016

      Hey Pest, don’t the start of this video look so familiar? Beyonce was act it again. lol Sugar Mama, more like Sticky Fingers.

      • Nah August 13, 2016

        Not at all lmaooooooo I swear you don’t have nothing else better to do than troll every TGJ article that has Beyoncé name in it

      • Surprise..(DEC 2013) August 13, 2016

        OK…why start a stan war, stick to talking about TINASHE, which is the topic at hand. I do agree, TINASHE IS A HEAVILY INFLUENCED BY MYA NOT EVEN JANET, MAINLY MYA.

      • Lea August 13, 2016


    • The Infinite One August 13, 2016

      Yass hunty my love is like woo baby! Now let me go put some woo on my man lol!

  11. Suicide Blonde August 13, 2016

    You all know that I’m not Beyoncé biggest fan but I have to admit that she is one of the most interesting artists of our time, she’s very talented, great voice, great stage presence and she has evolved into a real artist, she’s trying new things, I appreciate her effort, any artist should aspire to be like the greats. Beyoncé look up to the greats, in the same way, new artists like this beautiful girl will look up to her, whenever you are a fan or not of her, you have to admit that Beyoncé is making the rights moves with her career, she is turning into a respected artist, one who’s going to be in music’s history books, you got to support artists with her ambition, the hard work is what make them great, her work ethic is only comparable with that of Madonna IMO, we are now making fun of her and trying to be shady but in 10 years we will be talking about her as the greatest of the past generation, that generation is now, think about it.

    • Surprise..(DEC 2013) August 13, 2016


      • Suicide Blonde August 13, 2016

        Lol, for the 1455566 times I’m not racist, I actually love my black people.

    • Surprise..(DEC 2013) August 13, 2016

      All kidding aside……That is very honest of you, being able to look past ur dislike for an artist and admiring what the offer!!!!!!!

    • Royalkev August 13, 2016

      I had to read that twice! … I usually can see a lot of things coming, but this was shocking! Is that really you Suicide? 🙂

      • Surprise..(DEC 2013) August 13, 2016


      • Suicide Blonde August 13, 2016

        You know I have a love hate relationship with both Janet and Beyoncé, but you got to admit that Yonce is turning into a special artist, I can’t hate on that, btw, a little confession, I hate the fact that Janet got me so into her crap, yes, I love the b****, despite my Madonna side telling me to hate her, nahhh, both M and J are the blueprint for pop female artists, without them Pop wouldn’t be what is now, Janet is as important to Pop Music as MJ, M, Prince and Whitney are, and you know I loved Whitney, my love for her was sincere and respectful, I shouldn’t even be saying this, oh forgive me M Mother of Pop, lmao ????

      • Royalkev August 13, 2016

        I really can’t with you today Suicide!

      • Suicide Blonde August 13, 2016


      • Royalkev August 13, 2016

        Seriously though, I knew you liked Whitney, but this is too much! I’m a Janet stan all day, but I’m also fully aware that both, Madonna and Janet and the true Pop Queens of this game! I see the fusion that happens when these newer artists combine everything they’ve brought to the table! I love that J and M created a lane, their not with the voices and a part of the earthy, “Sade thing”! I love that they both started in ’83 and still have found some success in 2015! They truly are the blueprint! Madonna does irk me sometimes, but I recognize her greatness! Geez, this must be the reason it feels like 106 degrees in NY today! … As for Yonce! I love that Bey have an appreciation for them, but doesn’t remind me of them (although she’s somewhat in a similar lane). She is a special artist and she making people learn that!

      • Suicide Blonde August 13, 2016

        I think we can all agree from now on that M and J created Pop music for female singers and that Beyoncé is on the right path, if you know what I mean ?

      • Mark111 August 13, 2016

        Look at that growth. Lol

      • Royalkev August 13, 2016

        Well said @ Suicide and The Infinite One!

      • Anastasia Beaverhousen August 14, 2016

        Hey @ Kev! Love your comments as well! Actually everyone on this thread is so on point!

        I’ll be in touch soon @Kev!

        Wow, I’m loving this!

        #HolyMoment ??

    • The Infinite One August 13, 2016

      I respect you man. You don’t have to be a fan of an artist to respect them. Every artist we throw shade to on this post we should find their beauty artistically and praise and support them.

    • Lea August 13, 2016

      Guh bye, you kissin ass!

    • Anastasia Beaverhousen August 14, 2016

      @Onyx/Suicide Blonde

      Yass! MJ is the standard for all pop music acts. Janet and Madonna birth All these pop girls that are singers and performers!

      Loving your comments!

      Play INXS – Shine Like It Does


    • Anastasia Beaverhousen August 14, 2016

      Also @Onyx, giving Beyonce her props is admirable of you.

      She is one of the only, of her generation that is giving old school, showing out!

      And I agree she takes her business acumen straight from the house of Madonna!

      As far as performance she is a mix between Janet and Tina!

      Rih kinda reminds me of black box, and c+c music factory, except she actually sings all the songs. Lol.

      She is beautiful and brings hits, but has to work on stage presence, and performance.

      The girl does have the ‘it’ factor though. She is fascinating, which is why she lasts too.

      • Royalkev August 14, 2016

        Hey love, aren’t we so well behaved, just in time for Sunday morning? 🙂 … I’m glad that Beyonce’s so business savvy, like Madonna! That does take you far and it’s just as important as having talent! Janet’s paved the way for Beyonce to obtain the success she is enjoying today! I still see in Beyonce a mix of Tina and Diana (with a dash of MJ). It took me a while to put my finger on it, but I realized after really studying certain entertainers that came before them (I swear I would have been such a Diana stan back then). I do think Bey’s career is parallel to Janet’s in many ways! What’s interesting about those 2 is that their success is very broad (#1 albums, awards, touring, box office success)! Janet’s one of the first Pop girls to record country and Rock songs and now Bey has checked that box! There are some strong similarities! Imo, Rih is somewhat a mix of Annie Lenox, Grace Jones, Pat Benetar/Madonna (artistry wise). Her career is parallel to Mariah’s (mainly because of the #1’s)!

      • Anastasia Beaverhousen August 15, 2016

        Lol! Yass we were in church up in here! I agree. I see Diana’s influence with the wind machines, and sparkle outfits, and presence during slow songs.

        However during choreographed performances I see Bey trying her hand at Janet. I just think Tina is definitely the primary influence in style and function for Bey.

        I don’t see a lot of Michael. That’s just me love.

        I love the parallels between Janet and Bey’s careers you pointed out! Awesome observations!! ?

    • Annalise August 14, 2016

      @Blondie ???

  12. BEYSTAN_ SINCE 1997 August 13, 2016

    Of course Tinashe looks up to motha!

  13. Bitchpleaseeee August 13, 2016

    I don’t get why Tiineshe can be so close to Bey and not met her. I mean did she even try to met her and she was turned down or something??? Someone please explain this to me cuz I’m confused as to how it works ???

    • Lea August 13, 2016

      Its simple, Bey is and has always been fake and full of herself!

  14. Royalkev August 13, 2016

    We know Nashe! I peeped the Beyonce appreciation since ‘2 On’. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-s7TCuCpB5c
    (it’s very Bey 1:49 – 2:00). I think TGJ did call it right though, she totally graduated from the school of Janet! Tinashe also pulls a bit from Cici, but she’s Mya’s twin! Love her new video, btw!

  15. Slayriah Carey/Nicole Slaysinger >>> your fave August 13, 2016

    “graduated from the school of Janet/Ciara.”

    That’s like a nice way of saying “you can’t really sang!”

    But her and bey have nothing in common. They don’t even sing the same kind of music. They don’t have similar voices. They don’t do anything musically alike.

    It’s like comparing Partynextdoor to Marvin Gaye or something. Totally different styles/voices.

  16. Reply At Your Own Risk. Leave the DumbFuckery At Door ~tyler August 13, 2016

    Aww sweet!

  17. Nothing but facts August 13, 2016

    Well of course, Bey is the epitome of an entertainer and success. Side note, everyone keeps comparing Tinashe to Aaliyah, I for one, don’t see it. Besides, Tinashe would slaughter Aaliyah on the stage.

    • Slayriah Carey/Nicole Slaysinger >>> your fave August 13, 2016

      Aaliyah was so much better! She may not have been a great vocalist, but at least she sang with some soul and her voice was crystal clear! Can’t say the same for tinashe! Aaliyah had a sweet voice, tin is just obnoxious.

      Tinashe is no Aaliyah!

      More like a Mya or Christina Milian.

      She’ll be gone in a few years and only people like me who remember every singer will still remember her.

      She’s like the ashanti of today, not a vocal bone in her body! But people like her music because it’s “deep.” Can anybody honestly still say “I enjoy ashanti’s music a lot, she has a really good voice.”

      • Nothing but facts August 13, 2016

        I do agree Aaliyah’s voice is better, but dancing wise, Aaliyah was boring and slow. Tinashe is definitely a better dancer. I would even make the case to even say Mya as well was a better dancer than Aaliyah, even though Aaliyah had the better voice.

      • Mark111 August 13, 2016

        Aaliyah style was smooth and cool. Hit the reason why she could sing and dance LIVE. And the reason she stood out. But even with Are You That Somebody, she could do the hyper moves, but that would be the same as the rest.

      • Nothing but facts August 13, 2016

        Mark, no shade, and no disrespect to Aaliyah, because I do like her, but she sounded terrible live, and even in that “Are you that some body” video, that was nothing special. Put her up against the girls that are compared to her, Tinashe, Mya, and Ciara, dance wise, she would be slaughtered.

      • Mark111 /.\ August 13, 2016

        That’s your opinion and again, different styles. That’s why after a decade her work is compared to artist that came out YEARS after her death. Because her artistry was one of a kind and her own style. And that is a lie, I can post videos of her dancing and singing LIVe and doing a well job. You think singing out of your range is sanging, but really just loud and damaging their voice. Hint the reason why these “sangers” voices are trash and destroyed by the 10 year mark. EXP, Alicia Keys, Mariah Carey, Fatina and so on.

      • Jamon August 13, 2016

        She’s nothing like Ashanti. Their music and style is not the same. Ashanti has had a lot of success and myself and a lot of other people still listen to her songs.

      • Nothing but facts August 13, 2016

        Mark, having your own artistry and style doesn’t mean an artist that comes after you isn’t and will not be better then the original.
        Secondly, where did I state this for you to assume such a thing.. “You think singing out of your range is sanging, but really just loud and damaging their voice” I never made this assumption. Aaliyah to me was a studio singer, never sounding as good as the record itself live. Lastly, you found a clip where she was ok, but all in all, yes was a terrible live performer…


      • Mark111 /.\ August 13, 2016

        Everyone sounds different than their recording. What a dumb argument. And that video you post she sounded good, plus hit her falsettos while dancing. But to each their own, post a video of the other artist you named singing and dancing LIVE. Ciara? Nope! Tin sounds ok and dances like a cheerleader. Mya was the same. Janet didn’t sing LIVe most of the time and didn’t have to, Britney… you already know the answer. When you try to discredit Aaliyah, you also killed the other dancing artist you names. See how that works? 🙂

      • Mark111 /.\ August 13, 2016

        Mark, having your own artistry and style doesn’t mean an artist that comes after you isn’t and will not be better then the original.
        It does bc in this comment section alone we all named several different female artist that Tin is of and they all hold some water to a degree. There was no other artist like Janet before her, same with Aaliyah, same with Mariah. So I don’t want to hear it. Even Rihanna stands as her own. So it can be done.

      • Nothing but facts August 13, 2016

        Mark, that is ridiculous, there are a plethora of artist who sound like their records, and even better. EX..Whitney, Celine, Beyonce, Toni Braxton, Jennifer H, Adele, Lady Gaga, Mariah Carey (Before the nodules) and so on. As for Janet Jackson, she at times can sound like her records.
        As for Aaliyahs contemporary’s, Mya, Ciara and Tinashe, I did say they were not better singers then Aaliyah, because in my opinion, they weren’t, yet when it does come to dancing, she falls short.
        For the clip I posted, that to me was a vocal mess, but hey, we all hear things differently, whether it be objectively or subjectively. I know that’s your girl so I do understand. Sidenote, I like Aaliyah as well, but i’m just being honest.

      • Nothing but facts August 13, 2016

        It does bc in this comment section alone we all named several different female artist that Tin is of and they all hold some water to a degree. There was no other artist like Janet before her, same with Aaliyah, same with Mariah. So I don’t want to hear it. Even Rihanna stands as her own. So it can be done.

        In reference to Janet, Mariah, Yes. Perfect example as to what I said…Madonna and Lady Gaga. Gaga is a copy of Madonna, yet singing and dancing wise, she holds a massive edge.

      • Nothing but facts August 13, 2016

        Sorry about that, here we go.

        ….In reference to Janet, Mariah, Yes. Perfect example as to what I said…Madonna and Lady Gaga. Gaga is a copy of Madonna, yet singing and dancing wise, she holds a massive edge.

      • Mark111 /.\ August 13, 2016

        No no no no no, you said SOUND LIKE THEIR RECORDINGS. Non of the artist you name sounds just like their recordings LIVE. THAT’S what you held against Aaliyah and if we’re going to apply that rule to her and then are to THEM as well. You can think they sing better LIVE or whatever, but the pointless statement you stated was that Aaliyah didn’t sound just like her studio recordings LIVE. First, who wants that fro anyone. I’m done with this comment, goodbye.

      • Nothing but facts August 13, 2016

        Man why are you getting so upset. Listen, I said Aaliyah was a terrible live performer, vocals and all, to me never sounding pretty and Angelic like her records, but just sounding bad live all together “Studio singer”.
        Lastly you asked me who sounds just like their record, I gave you an example. Those woman aren’t studio singers, sounding amazing live, as oppose to sounding a hot mess.

      • Nothing but facts August 13, 2016

        It’s really not that serious. Enjoy your night bro.

      • Slayriah Carey/Nicole Slaysinger >>> your fave August 14, 2016

        Oh lawd, that aaliyah live performance was…not good. I felt bad for her, it was painful. Rest in peace Aaliyah, but damn girl! It’s amazing what studio equipment can do.

        Just look at katy perry, selena gomez, cierror, rihanna, failure swift, and other singers who sound average in the studio but horrible live!

        Sorry aaliyah and her fans, I’m not an “aaliyah hater” or nothin’, “Age Ain’t Nothin’ But a Number” and “Throw Your Hands Up” still my jams! R. Kelly killed it on the production! He basically made the songs!

        And Janet “I like to whisper” Jackson, I don’t see her at all as a good singer, more like a good performer but not a good singer at all!

  18. Johnny Gill’s in tha mothafuckin house August 13, 2016

    Tinashe is just…boring.

  19. HailLegendBeysus August 13, 2016

    Just one of 83622826756 artists in this music industry that are inspired by The LEGENDARY QUREN BEY!!!
    “Beyonce’s performances, which were supposed to take place in Hayarkon Park in October, will not be happening. Bluestone offices were notified in the last few hours,” the Israeli production company announced. “In the announcement we received from the singer’s representatives, they decided not to extend the tour and finish according to schedule. The singer will not reach the region, including Israel.”
    So the dates I posted before WERE IN FACT LEGIT KIII!!! EYE AM SCREAMING!!!!!!! Also they said negotiations for Africia might have stopped as well. ??? Let’s hope not!!!! BUT SLAY A GAZZLLION BEY!!!!!
    But guess what Hive they said the tour will becoming to Israel In 2017!!! This bitxh about just might be trying to do a U2 Tour with 100+ stadiums LMFAOO!!! YOUR FAVS ARE SHOOK!!!!

  20. Johnny Gill’s in tha mothafuckin house August 13, 2016

    I can see the mya comparisons. Both mya and tin lack vocally!

    So they resort to selling s** to sell their music!

    “I’ll sexually harass you!”
    – Mya
    I couldn’t believe mya actually sang those lyrics! Now if a male singer sang those same lyrics, they would get in a lot of trouble, like rick ross did with that U.N.O. verse. But if a girl singer says that it’s okay because she’s “cute?” Mya always sucked anyway. B**** had like five decent songs. She lacks vocals and I can’t rock with that because it’s so boring! I like singers with strong vocals/soulful voices, both mya and tin have obnoxious girly poppy voices! No thanks!

    • The Infinite One August 13, 2016

      Mya can blow. People sleep on her just because she’s not loud but the helfa can sang!

  21. Pat August 13, 2016

    Beyonce is tina/janet. Mj inspirations here n there tribute wise

  22. ???????Chile, take this “Itty Bitty Piggy” to the market and make sure you hold her hand while crossing the street!??????? August 13, 2016

    That music video is so freaking hot! I really hope she has another top 40 hit on her hands with this single.

  23. LB August 13, 2016

    Sorry but I think Tinashe has moved on beyond the comparisons. She seems more like her own artist of late, I don’t think it is fair to compare her to anyone.

    I will admit one thing though, I’ve seen a little bit of Mya, but otherwise I think she is her own artist and is forming a lane for herself.

  24. HailLegendBeysus August 13, 2016

    “Beyonce’s performances, which were supposed to take place in Hayarkon Park in October, will not be happening. Bluestone offices were notified in the last few hours,” the Israeli production company announced. “In the announcement we received from the singer’s representatives, they decided not to extend the tour and finish according to schedule. The singer will not reach the region, including Israel.”

    As a result of the decision not the extend the tour, performances in Dubai and South Africa were also cancelled, indicating that the decision to cancel in Israel did not stem from political considerations nor as a result of the pressures of the BDS movement.

    Beser and Mor-Yosef of the Bluestone Productions company, who worked for a year to produce two large performances and traveled back and forth to London and Los Angeles to finalize arrangements and make adjustments, were disappointed by the sudden change. The advanced payment will be refunded, but expenses related to travel and cancellation fees, including Hayarkon Park, will not be. Despite the setback, the Israeli producers hope to reschedule performances for spring and summer 2017.
    ?☕?☕?☕?☕?☕?☕ Must suck to be a Bey hater. Especially after all that shít these hoeees talked in her last tour post ????!!!

    • Datredd23 August 13, 2016

      No one is hating on Bey give it up! Lol the Navy are quite happy right now you just want a Stan war don’t be so insecure lol

      • HailLegendBeysus August 13, 2016

        Lol where did I say the Slavi’s name? The only pressed one here is you. I simply shared information in a post that I KNEW would have multiple Hive member’s in it. GTFO my replies dumb hoeee!

  25. 4everBrandy_Ci August 13, 2016

    Tinashe is her own artist. I respect she likes and admires Beyoncé as an entertainer. Beyoncé is an example of being great for herself. I have to give credit where it’s due. However Tinashe is on her way of being another great artist. She’s on her second album and it seems like this era will be her best to get the public interested. I dislike the Aaliyah comparisons because I don’t see anything Aaliyah in Tinashe. I’m a huge Aaliyah fan as well. This can be applied to Ciara and myself being a Ciara fan. Tinashe gets compared to them and it’s like there’s nothing I see in her that gives me a “Ciara” or “Aaliyah” vibe. Now Janet Jackson is one of Tinashe’s huge inspirations. I see a little “Janet Jackson” vibe from her.

    Tinashe is proving herself to stand on her own two feet and people are starting to realize her potential. She’s going to be one of the electrifying entertainers of her time. I saw her in concert during the “Joyride” tour and she has the total PACKAGE. I really put her, Ciara, Aaliyah, and Mya in that essence because all four of them have that IT factor as entertainers. Beyoncé is another one of course and Tinashe will get people to support her as time moves on. The issue is Tinashe can’t duplicate another woman artist and it shows because she’s great as her OWN artist. People need to allow her to be herself without comparing her so much because it really gets in the way of seeing who she is as an artist. Tinashe is Tinashe. I really am excited for this new album. She’s going to do great things!

    • Johnny Gill’s in tha mothafuckin house August 13, 2016

      No wonder you put tinashe the vocal train wreck, ciara the flop, Aaliyah the overrated 90’s version of ciara, and mya the sexual predator together like that, all of them have very weak voices, and all of them are untalented, except for Aaliyah.

      • A&R August 13, 2016

        Why are you going so hard?!/?????? I’m in tear laughing. Wow!

      • A&R August 13, 2016

        Why are you going so hard?!/?????? I’m in tears laughing. Wow!

      • 4everBrandy_Ci August 13, 2016

        You are a PRESSED and miserable human being. I’m not surprised of your bitterness. #StayMad

  26. Johnny Gill’s in tha mothafuckin house August 13, 2016

    Guys tinashe f****** sucks stop acting like she’s a great artist in the making cause she ain’t s***. That girl is just another untalented singer of so many. She can’t sing worth a damn and her songs suck.

  27. Lake Erie August 13, 2016

    Yes!!! I was about to say the same thing!!! I have never heard about anyone comparing her to Beyonce! Lmao. Now I’ve read and heard many Janet comparisons because of course she’s her inspiration. But I agree with what others are saying though.. I look at Tinashe as Tinashe. She’s doing a great job at forming her own lane.

    • 4everBrandy_Ci August 13, 2016

      A few of these ugly trolls don’t want to admit Tinashe’s talent and artistry. They rather go back and forth tearing these artists down. They’re miserable people with no goals but always concerned about these artists careers.

      • Lake Erie August 14, 2016


  28. Smoove Jones August 13, 2016

    Tinashe’s nobody’s child. She’s a one hit wonder at best. All these comparisons to Mya are silly. Mya had a great amount of tremendous of success in her prime that half of these new artists won’t see. Mya is talented as hell, she sing downe and dance her ass off. She also writes, co-produce, engineer, etc her own material.

    • Ciara the mega flop August 14, 2016

      Oh come on stop. Tinashe writes all her own music too. Vocally they’re on the same level. Just because mya had more success doesn’t mean anything about her talent. Both of them are on the same level, I’m no tinashe fan but that sounded dumb.

      Acting like mya was a legend?

      That’d be like if I went around saying “ciara is a great singer with so much talent, she was so successful and talented!”

      Mya’s career faded because of her limited talent, she couldn’t do the same recycled songs about s** anymore because people were getting tired of it all. Same for ciara the flop. Mya, ciara the flop and tinashe are all in the same vocal boat, so don’t try to act like one is better than the other. It’s like asking which smells better, p*** or poop.

      • Smoove Jones August 14, 2016

        When did I ever say Mya was a legend? Limited talent? Mya has more talented than half the artists out here today. Vocally Tinashe’s voice is bland. It has no character. Case in point that national anthem that was posted the other day. I just think comparisons are stupid and silly when Tinashe is her OWN artist and so is Mya. Maybe musically in some ways they’re similar but that’s about it.

        No Mya career never faded she walked away from the major label system after her label leaked her album.

  29. well well August 13, 2016

    gosh. why this seems just another beyonce and hive post? do you actually care about tinashe at all @sam?
    choice here is easy tho right? -_-

  30. No favs, just here for the music August 13, 2016

    Everyone looks up to Beyonce because she’s amazing

  31. 4everBrandy_Ci August 13, 2016

    Tinashe is a “one hit wonder” but why are a few of y’all pressed trolls concerned about her? Y’all are low-key undercover fans.

  32. Rosie August 14, 2016

    Why is every Tinashe post a mess? lol
    Anyways, I think she should stop trying to get theses obvious attempts at crossover hits and do her own thing. Aquarius was a solid debut and most importantly it was DIFFERENT. Her recent singles could be sung by lIterally any typical R&B singer and that’s why she’s not going anywhere. Once she goes back to that route and not trying harder than Charli XCX to cross over than maybe she’ll stand out and play those arenas she always talking about booking, like Halsey, who played to a sold out Madison Square Garden tonight.

  33. Millionairedating.tips August 14, 2016

    I like her and she is smart. Keri Hilson taught a lot of girls what not to do.

  34. Rihboy August 14, 2016

    Code word for she just trying to gain pull or someone cut a check. Nobody that said they look up to Beyoncé went anywhere. I mean no one. Lol. So busy looking up to something that is so caught up in gimmicks and propaganda instead of wanting to be yourself. So planned, so fake. Next post please.

    • Molly #TheMostRelevantBitch August 14, 2016


    • Talent Speaks August 14, 2016

      Lol Someone’s mad, because no one in their right mind would ever be inspired by that water carrying big headed, banshee, talentless, coke snorting, ugly ass, p**** patting, coconut selling, light skin n***** punching bag. With that said, seethe you brown betty f***** lol.

      • Rihboy August 14, 2016

        Honey all the currents are inspired by Rih. Trying to get gritty to become trendy when in actuality they come off forced. Then they release albums and the singles free fall on the charts even though they are being promoted?. And also Rih never said bey was her greatest idol ??. Definitely Mariah and Whitney! Charters!!

      • Talent Speaks August 14, 2016

        LOL Sure f**.

    • Annalise August 14, 2016

      Correct me if I’m wrong, but didn’t RihCÒKEHEAD say her greatest idol is Beyonce???? If that’s not ‘looking up to someone’ then I don’t know what is! Shut tf up HEAUX!

  35. Molly #TheMostRelevantBitch August 14, 2016

    Tinashe is really pretty with that black hair baby girl keep it. As for the Beyonce comment Chile *hits this blunt*

    #Np Rihanna – Same Ol’ Mistakes.

    • Talent Speaks August 14, 2016

      Hold up, does this sour smelling bit’h really have Selena Gomez in her avi LOL The shade really writes itself. I can’t LOL!

      Now playing Nicki’s “Silly Ho” LOL

    • Rihboy August 14, 2016

      Ok they keep making the same ole mistakes looking up to bey and then fail at their future endeavors. Ciara did the same, and poor thing. You see legends say they love Beyoncé not look up to her. ???. The novices trying to gain cool points say they look up to her. But in an interview with l.a. Reid Beyoncé mentioned Rih being a beast. Did she not? She knew from day one of Rih solo career that calamity was coming. Now look at Rih! Digital queen, billboard slayer, fashion designer, model, actres, and owns her own masters/label. No need too look up to anyone ???

  36. BeyonceIsASlut August 14, 2016

    So is she gonna bleach her skin, steal songwriting credits and fake a pregnancy too?

    • Slayriah Carey/Nicole Slaysinger >>> your fave August 14, 2016

      And lie about her age!

  37. Annalise August 14, 2016

    And the sky is blue. NEXT!

  38. ow Reddish tran ivy blobukz Need UK timely Ukuyiji August 14, 2016

    Alot of people looks up to beyonce not only tinashe

  39. stardom August 15, 2016

    Lol these haters just won’t give it up.
    Queen bey Is a role model to most these girls & is already a legend.
    Don’t forget no rihanna w/o beyonce bcos bey literally gave rih a chance hence a career.

  40. Chile Please!!! August 15, 2016

    ….but quite as it kept Tinashe will blow Fleayonce out the box on stage with the choreography! #FACTS

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