Back To Basics: Christina Aguilera Debuts Familiar Hair Do

Published: Saturday 24th Sep 2016 by Sam

Jury’s out on whether Christina Aguilera will hold true to her promise of a new album before the year’s end.

Pending an answer, the seasoned chanteuse is exploring and re-exploring an array of looks.

The 35-year-old made headlines this summer when she debuted a ravishing red hair do.

Now, it seems Xtina has a renewed flair for the familiar.

See what we mean below..

Taking to Instagram today, the singer asserted “blondes really do have more fun” and posted the following snap…

Blondes really do have more fun ?

A photo posted by Christina Aguilera (@xtina) on

Cute, but can Xtina debut some new music instead?

Yes the artistic process takes time and don’t want anything half baked; but calling a spade a spade, ‘Lotus’ (underrated as it is) was a ferocious flop commercially. Meaning that there isn’t the luxury of taking an age away from the spotlight. Especially in today’s fickle age.

Hopefully Ms. Aguilera gets the memo and stops playing.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Meteorite September 24, 2016

    I have no words, I’m just frustrated with her.

    • Brent Christopher September 24, 2016

      as frustrated as she has probably been over the past 6 years as her core fan base has completely ignored her BIONIC album, LOTUS project, recent CHANGE release and the TELEPATHY soundtrack single. you all do NOTHING to help her secure chart positioning, substantial album sales or other modern day accolades. every bit of material she releases is treated like the stepchild to the manufactured crap that her female contemporaries release. don’t you think it’s quite FRUSTRATING for someone of her caliber to know that regardless of how good the music is or despite the power of hr material, that no one is going to buy it? that is VERY frustrating. no, she doesnt necessarily need the money, but she certainly doesnt deserve the disappointment either of having a third album doing absolutely nothing commercially. that’s not fair to Christina. yall sit back talking about the reasons why she is here and there, but not putting out new material — well …would you keep going to work everyday if on Friday, your check was always short and never what it should be? NO…you wouldn’t. thats how Im sure she feels. why continue putting out albums and singles when at the end of the day, they aren’t being purchased, recognized and heralded commercially to the degree that she has earned?

      • tGj = Glory’s Hole September 24, 2016

        Thank you… I’m a true fan too and I appreciated Bionic/Lotus and most definitely loved Telepathy. She’s a contemporary artist that constantly delivers but pamphlet blogs like this keep putting her against pop acts unfairly when she’ deserves much more. Why release at all? My thoughts exactly Brent

        Now playing:. Christina Aguilera “you lost me”

      • Meteorite September 24, 2016

        You mistake me, I am very supportive of Christina and have bought every album (Mi Reflejo and My Kind of Christmas and Burlesque included) twice over (CD and iTunes) except Lotus because I felt that wasn’t her best. I’ve bought all the features from The Voice and every song she’s done for a charity and every song she’s sung for a soundtrack and then some.
        And her core fan base didn’t abandon her during the Bionic era she abandoned us. She’s the one who scrapped the tour claiming “not enough rehearsal time” which we all know was lie, hell she hardly promoted Burlesque which I saw opening day and own on Blu Ray and iTunes. And her core fan base was the one who pushed the #JusticeforBionic after Perez Hilton. I’m frustrated because I feel she doesn’t care. She didn’t even promote her new show Tracks. It’s hard to care when the person you’ve invested so much money into doesn’t seem to care. And to anyone who’s seen my screen name on this site will tell you that I keep Christina or Mariah on tip of my tongue. I personally feel that ever since she left Jordan Bratman she’s been lazy.

  2. Barb-wire September 24, 2016


    • Brent Christopher September 24, 2016

      if you mean by recent commercial success? yes. but as an artist of innovation and setting industry standards, Christina is far from being a FLOP. I really wish this generation would begin to understand that no longer do album sales or movie tickets define a successful project. quality content and people of substance are rarely as popular or well known or recognized in todays climate as it all was 25-35 years ago. it was only in the 1980’s and 1990’s that contemporary soulful artists sold albums equivalent to the standard of their talents.

  3. Kitty Puurrzz September 24, 2016


    • Brent Christopher September 24, 2016

      why should she? you all don’t financially support her by actually BUYING her album releases. you all don’t help her singles chart in top tier positions. you all didn’t get behind her BIONIC or LOTUS releases — despite both being of the highest quality in diverse sound and contemporary styling. she has given the public so much top notch material over the past 6 years and all you people have done is spit in her face. you don’t help her push more than 100,000 units in the first week of her release. you don’t help her secure number one singles. you don’t fully embrace her artistry. no artist of her caliber deserves to be placed on the backseat to her contemporaries, when clearly… her voice, music and overall platform far exceeds their minimal efforts. if you do not financially support the work of someone like Christina, she has no reason, motivation or drive to continue pushing out new projects. it’s a waste of her time.

  4. Michael September 24, 2016

    All she’s done is change her lace front! Remember how fine her hair naturally is – see Genie in a Bottle video

  5. Indie September 24, 2016

    She just gave us Telepathy which is FANTASTIC!!! She’s worth the wait!

    • Brent Christopher September 24, 2016

      she certainly IS! i wish her fickle fan base would actually get behind her music the ways in which they do for other female artists. TELEPATHY and CHANGE are both incredible records that deserved a lot more fanfare and public praise. her fans do not fight for her recognition and that is why she doesn’t push hard to release new music as an official body of work. for what? to push less than 100,000 units in the first week and to then experience an 87% dip in sales and chart position? it’s not cool. Christina is such a maverick when it comes to the music industry, but she’s forced to play backseat to other female artists who have copied and come after her.

  6. Jason September 24, 2016

    I’m gon need “back to basics” vocals!! Sidebar.. Is anyone else over the blonde bombshell thing?? The red hair was giving me hope that she was going in a different direction… But the mic stand with the lips always returns. Blah! XTINA, you’re dope, but bish I’m getting a little over u.

    • Brent Christopher September 24, 2016

      and you represent the exact reason why she doesn’t bother releasing another full fledged album. the public is so fickle and petty when it comes to the changes that real artists make with their sound, appearance, vocals and style. the MOMENT someone doesn’t like even one minor alteration, that someone is refusing to spend their money to purchase the new album or single. so… why on earth should Christina even care about giving yall a new project? it’s a waste of her time. the masses are not going to support her financially the way an artist of her caliber deserves to be embraced.

  7. Brent Christopher September 24, 2016

    Christina Aguilera is by far one of the most talented and vocally skilled female ARTISTS of our generation. However, there is no point in her rushing the release of a new project when clearly… her core fanbase did NOT support her 2010 or 2012 efforts. Christina has delivered two very strong albums within the past 6 years and the people who embraced her previous efforts have turned their backs and pockets on her. I wouldnt be so excited to out together another body of work either — only to have the masses commercially dismiss the work. We are ALWAYS amoing artists up to release this and give us that, but unless they are Beyonce, Rihanna, Taylor Swift or Nicki Minaj… we do NOT support the content or quality of their hard work. Its ridiculous! Why should she put out new music when her so called fans, critics and blog commenters have proven that they will not help her to push units, singles or anything more?…

  8. Brent Christopher September 24, 2016

    we need to STOP wasting Christina’s time, talent and skills by amping her up to release a new album and then when she does, we do NOT stand behind her by financially supporting the sales. Christina’s BIONIC and LOTUS albums were both incredible bodies of work. she very much deserved critical praise and commercial success for both projects. we did not contribute to her sales of either album, and that is primarily why she doesn’t care to deliver another. why should she? TELEPATHY is another amazing work, as was CHANGE. did the public or press get behind either single release? NO! did blogs and websites herald each song with the adulation that they deserved? NO! did Christina’s core fans purchase the singles in massive numbers and help the records chart? NO! so why in the world would she care about spending her time to record and release yet ANOTHER full album? she shouldn’t. I dont blame her.

    • eric September 24, 2016

      “Christina’s BIONIC and LOTUS albums were both incredible bodies of work.” Who are you kidding? The music and vocals were not good on either album.

  9. XYZ September 24, 2016

    Lotus is not underrated. It was, except of some songs, a horrible album for an artist like Christina. Bionic is an underrated album.

    • Brent Christopher September 24, 2016

      in what capacity was LOTUS a horrible album, sans a few songs? please explain in a well thought out, critical and intelligent manner… (if you have time)

      • Meteorite September 24, 2016

        For starters the name of album didn’t reflect the content on the album. Lotus is an organic beautiful flower that grows in the worst of places and that message was not translated into her music. You would think that with getting divorced and “coming full circle” the album would have been the second coming of Stripped like she claimed it was. Speaking of which; The content on Stripped matches the title, likewise Back to Basics and Bionic, I get the connection. Not so much with Lotus. Christina has always done a theme each album and there wasn’t one for Lotus. The production was horrible and felt rushed and her vocals sounded shot. That album compared to its predecessor felt bland and unseasoned and had no emotion to it. Critics even said We Remain was better than anything on Lotus because it had that vocal intensity and emotion that Christina is famous for. But that’s my personal take on that album.

  10. Christina Aguilera September 24, 2016

    Lotus was to basic dor her name… the songs were crapy… Bionic was a reflection of all that is being released by Sia these days. Xtina should grow up and stop trying to compete with small teens. She need to mature her music just like back to basics was… Xtina serve me some ballads. Well sung ballad for that matter (Bound To You) i will buy

    • Brent Christopher September 24, 2016

      CHANGE is an incredible, powerful ballad. She was one of the very few artists who used their platform or music to pay homage to the LEGBT community in light of the recent Orlando tragedy. She served yall that “ballad” and you did nothing with it. This is what I dont understand… like, why do you all continue to request all of this material from Christina but then don’t financially support the releases? She isn’t singing or releasing music anymore for the fun of it. She is now 17 years in the industry as a professional artist. Sales and commercial support matter. When her “ballads” begin pushing the acclaim that ‘Beautiful’ garnered in 2002 and 2003, I am sure she will gladly release more like sounds.

      • Christina Aguilera September 25, 2016

        I think you misundertood my statement. She release say something as duet… is was a big succès. I don’t think u know much about music. Says somerhing was heart felt. Change is cute but roudy as ballad. She’s a great singer . But at times her singing is pointless. Pushing hard on notes does not make it emotional. Juste compare change to a power ballad like hurt.

  11. Meteorite September 24, 2016

    I don’t know who this Brent Christopher person is but could you stop lumping all of Christina’s fans in one pile please? There are still fans out there who support their favs and who go to store opening day to get their favs album. Again, when you invest so much time and money into an artist and it’s not reciprocated you can’t but help feel frustrated. Thank you.

  12. Nowqd Reddibut it ash trjoan ivy blobukz Need UK timely Ukuno eremixi September 25, 2016

    Seem like she ain’t gonna release nada at all

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