Cassie Signs With Epic Records

Published: Thursday 1st Sep 2016 by Sam
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Epic Records continues to beef up its roster with R&B flavor.

For, L.A Reid‘s latest acquisition is none other than ‘Me & U’ maven Cassie.

Full story below…

The reveal came during the MTV VMAs, when the singing fashionista arrived on the white carpet.

As we reported, she confirmed that her new Detail produced single ‘Make Up’ will be arriving soon.

She added, in a separate interview with Billboard, that the track will be the first release from her newly signed deal over at Epic Records. Her music will be co-serviced through Bad Boy, who recently moved to the Sony label for distribution.


Save for a few mixtapes, Ms. Ventura has largely been dormant musically since ‘Me & U’ and ‘Long Way 2 Go’ scorched the airwaves a decade ago. Hence, there’s no denying that this is nepotism at its best — given her relationship with Diddy.

Still, all that aside, we’re interested to hear what she’s been cooking up.

Sure, she debuted as a model with a mic, yet given how many of them have gone on to carve out legitimate careers in music, it’s only fair she’s given a chance too? After all, as far as that lane goes, she truly is the original.

Your thoughts?

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  1. LB September 1, 2016

    LA Reid needs to be stopped

    • maurice September 1, 2016

      LA Reid hires and fires these heifers as soon as their albums flop.
      BUT… LA is best pals with Diddy, so I doubt he’s going to do Cassie dirty like he did Tamar and Ciara, by dropping them after their albums bombed.
      Cassie, slay me! It’s about time.

      • Tori September 1, 2016

        @maurice is this flat coke your pouring supposed to be tea? I do agree that he did Tamar and Ciara terribly but Ciara willingly left the label, he said out his own mouth, he didn’t even want to leave. And he also confirmed that Tamar is still signed to Epic Records and that she’s recording a new album, straight from his mouth. He didn’t neither of them.

    • candice September 1, 2016

      @LB I really like your pic, who’s that?

    • Dunn September 1, 2016

      U know dang on well Diddy got her the deal because he doesn’t want her to leave him after they just had that domestic violence situation happen last week !! He is a sugar daddy lol

  2. BEYSTAN_ SINCE 1997 September 1, 2016

    Cassie girl, save it and save us from this disaster! You are beautiful & should remain on Diddy’s arm as a me never of his harrem! You girls with basic talent kill me taking these 5-10 year breaks in between albums. You are not Sade boo, go back to being a kept woman or become a full time model. Nobody is checking for Cassie.

    • andrew September 1, 2016

      you nailed it! couldn’ say it betta “basic girls taking 10 yrs break..” LOL

    • Denise September 2, 2016

      I am. Noone forces you to listen to her music. Which rocks btw. So stop the hate, bully!

  3. IG @ MIXEDBOY September 1, 2016

    If Ciara, Britney (current), Tinashe can, why can’t Cassie?? ?

    • The Infinite One September 1, 2016

      Because enough is enough! Save us Lord and spare our ears we need singers. She can’t even dance.

      • RyanEl September 1, 2016

        Enough is enough? Last time I checked no one will be forcing anyone to listen or buy her song so idk why yall hating, just stay ignoring her and let her live and do the music she wants. She def has people interested if her mixtape was any indication..

      • RyanEl September 1, 2016

        Oh and she can bust a move, just watched her on the new Honey movie and she def still has some flow – better than a lot of current pop stars with hit singles who do nothing on stage that shall remain unnamed here cuz Im not tryna hate or start somethin..

    • Hillary September 1, 2016

      It’s unfortunate imo that Ciara, Britne , and Cassie have all had at least one successful era but Tinashe has struggled to make waves despite the fact that she can perform better than all 3 of them. Tinashe writes her own material as well as others’ material, performs choreography like an expert, and despite her “basic” vocals she’s still able to slay the national anthem. Aquarias alone is a better album than the latest material of the other girls and it came out 2 years ago. RCA is really wasting an artist that still has the components once needed to make it in this industry. It’s a shame.

      • ShadeHa September 1, 2016

        Lol Cassies CLASSIC album produced entirely by Ryan Leslie (hell, even her mixtape) is better than that Aquamarine trend hopping album lmao

      • Credits September 1, 2016

        Yeah Tinashe has a little something and I mean that in the best way possible. While Her singles are trash, the other songs on Aquarius actually showcase her talent. But then she releases songs like super love and her sound is clearly
        in songs like ‘bated breath’ ‘ bet’ and ‘cold sweat.’

      • Hillary September 2, 2016

        @ShadeHag LMAO! CLASSIC???????? And you have the courage to mention Ryan Leslie as if he is a legend in the music business. The last radio hits he produced were well… Cassie’s… in 2006… Girl please, you have some nerve to call Aquarius a “trend hopping” album when RockaByeBaby was appealing because it had up-to-date production. We already know Cassie’s non-creative, basic a** can’t be experimental or innovative because she tried it with “King of Hearts” and it flopped worse than any of Tinashe’s singles and even failed to chart in Europe when that’s where the sound came from… They gassed that song as her first single and when it was reaching for the charts with T-Rex arms they decided throw on the Bad Boy box set as a bonus track. Aquarius was ranked #3 by Rolling Stone in the Best R&B albums of 2014, #3 by Billboard as well, and #19 out of the 46 Best Albums of 2014 by Vibe… I tried to find accolades for Cassie’s debut album and there weren’t any… I looked nearly everywhere. And lastly, the first week sales for that album weren’t much better than Tinashe’s debut when it sold 100k first week in a time when people still bought albums and Ciara was opening with 330k and Beyonce opening with 540k first week. And this was also an era when R&B was still popping. I hope this new single is Cassie’s best material to date because I’m unsure of how it will be promoted since your girl can’t perform live and admits it herself. After that 106 performance I wouldn’t perform again either if I were her.

  4. Dev September 1, 2016

    So basically she’s signed to Bad Boy with distribution via Epic so Epic didn’t sign her as they’re just doing distribution. Phew!
    It will be interesting what a now 30 yearly `Cassie will bring out. Will she target her music to young people or grown folk, personally she needs to get those wafer thin vocals and no stage presence into gear… but i guess when sugar daddy if funding your life and career you wont really have anything to worry about

  5. Tom September 1, 2016

    Epic is the flop label.

    Every artist who goes there either flops or doesn’t get their album put out.

    • RyanEl September 1, 2016

      They’ve been better lately… but yea. As long as she actually gets to put some music out, its a win for the fans thatve waited a long time.

  6. RyanEl September 1, 2016

    I love Cassie and her music so some of yall need to chill and save the shade this time around. Shes releasing new music cuz she wants and feels like doing it, she certainly doesnt need to do it considering her Diddy link as already mentioned, plus she certainly wont be harming nobody or “snatching your faves spots” so if you’re not interested why keep wasting energy hating? She def has a lot of people interested that truly enjoy her voice and material so I’m very happy she’s finally coming back (for those of us that appreciate her)! C’mon Cass, plz give us that album you’ve been promising for the past decade!!!

    • Sam September 1, 2016

      An opinion isn’t “hating” just like the opinion you are making.

  7. Johnny Gill Nicole Scherzinger Brian McKnight September 1, 2016


    • #JACKIE September 1, 2016

      Funny because Me And You is more iconic than ANYTHING NOcole has TRIED to do over the past decade LMAO!

      • Johnny Gill Nicole Scherzinger Brian McKnight September 1, 2016

        @tacky, maybe in your own little twisted world.

        Besides, you’re a stan of ciara the flop, so your opinion holds no value.

      • I stan for talent September 1, 2016

        @jackie Nicole stay on your mind I see

      • #JACKIE September 1, 2016

        If Ciara is a flop, what the FXCK is NOcole? Kii.

      • Johnny Gill Nicole Scherzinger Brian McKnight September 1, 2016

        IDK…a talented flop?

        Along with Jhud, Keyshia, and others who flop who have actual talent.

        Maybe if people actually bought music today.

        Besides Nicole’s last album was only released in the uk. Her first album killer love did well in the uk cause that was a pop album. But she never had an album in the us so that’s not a fair compairason.

        Where as Ciara’s had flop after flop after flop album in her country.

        Ciara’s tried r&b, pop, urban pop, trap-n-b, nothing is working for her, she’s just not a good artist.

        Even I like a few ciara songs but she’s just too dull and boring.

        All I’ll say is ciara and her three stans, all on the comments section of tgj better be blad the girl can dance her a*s off because without those dance moves there would be no ciara!

        #Nicole stay on your mind #stay mad

        Go support your flop fave!

        Bye Felicia!

      • Jay-Z the Illuminati Kingpin September 1, 2016

        Nicole and Ciara both my flop go hard but especially Nicole!

  8. #JACKIE September 1, 2016

    Cassie has no vocals but she’s gorgeous and her music usually slays. I’m here for it.

    • Johnny Gill Nicole Scherzinger Brian McKnight September 1, 2016

      Wow that sounds like a great description for Ciara, well until the “her music slays” part.

  9. Kels September 1, 2016

    You mean to tell me her br couldn’t get her a deal, ugh their relationship irks me because he won’t marry her

    • RyanEl September 1, 2016

      Wut? She’s been signed to her bfs label for the entire past decade…

  10. Jackx September 1, 2016

    Can’t wait, rockabyebaby slayed
    Loving the hair too

  11. Jamie September 1, 2016

    Passing deals out like Halloween Candy.smh

  12. Tim Brown September 1, 2016

    What a joke at this point. She really has not had a major release in a decade. She cant afford breaks like she’s Sade or Barbra Streistand. There are artist that could get on that roster, not this! Her moment has passed. Her Quincy Jones was Ryan–pretty sure she wont work with him again. It’s tragic when artist think they can survive on their own merit without said producer who gave them their most commercial sucess overall, you leave some of these artist alone in a studio and they either come out with a classic or Frank did or a Ciara-Jackie album…

    • ShadeHa September 1, 2016

      Ok Mr. Know It All, now show me your resume with the list of current successful chart-toppings acts you’re managing. Ch…. everyone’s a top class executive ONLINE nowadayas………

    • Credits September 1, 2016

      How do you know Cassie will never work with Ryan again? Is there bad blood?

  13. Nowqd Reddish tran ivy blobukz Need UK timely Ukuno eremixi September 1, 2016

    Good for her let see how it turn out for her music career This will be her second album right since she’s working on it

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