Shots Fired! Future Blasts Ciara In New Song ‘How It Feel’

Published: Saturday 10th Sep 2016 by Sam

The flames of shade continue to rage between Future and Ciara.

Once engaged to be married, the pair these days find themselves engaged in legal tussles and lyrical lashings.

The latest of the latter comes in the form of Future’s new song ‘How It Feel.’

Unleashed today, the fiery track features lines like:

“I made you, b***h. B***h you weren’t nothin’ before me. I gave you fame on the ‘Gram. I put you back on them charts. We gave you b*****s some hits.”

It’s a brazen move by the single rapper, given that his newly married ex has cited his defamatory lyrics in court proceedings.

In any case, take a listen to the song (which was moulded by ‘Body Party’ producer Mike WiLL Made It) below...


The cut appears on Future and Mike WiLL’s upcoming mixtape ‘Ape Sh*t.’

Your thoughts?

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  1. YOOSONDALOOSE September 10, 2016


    • Ughhhh September 10, 2016

      Mother of your fûcking child!

    • baddiebeymyfav September 10, 2016

      What is this negro smoking? ? Only thing he made with CICI is a baby. He ain’t did nothing else. CICI has been poppin wayyy before nephritis aka future came along. He is delusional and still pressed she dumped him for better. LOL

    • Miguel September 10, 2016

      Ci seems so sad on that pic. Actually rih and ci found a way to escape losers… Still waiting for bee to do so.

      • Miguel September 10, 2016

        Plus this song should be accused designer’s panda plagiarism

      • Rihboy September 10, 2016

        ????? ! His money is keeping bey! And his ” status” in the industry! Or it’s a paid arrangement! Because I really cannot see how she can want to wake up to that not let it near her. Mk ultra at its finest! Poor thing probably under a spell!

      • BEY>RIH September 10, 2016

        @Frihboy Bey is worth $450 million and is more successful and famous than him. She doesn’t need his money, and she could have any man in the world but she is staying with her husband because he is the father of her child. They’re fighting through the hardships.

      • baddiebeymyfav September 10, 2016

        @ Riboy

        Don’t be stupid! You know Your fav Rhigoat has history of giving it up to Ooogly ass men. Her black like TAR hideous EX in babados and that jungle junkie named Travis. Act like you know bxxtch.

    • FAF September 11, 2016

      It’s been over two years

      U cheated
      She has more money than u

      No thanks

  2. Yoncé The Great September 10, 2016

    No lies told but Future can keep that. He has a son with her and hopefully doesn’t lose his relationship with his son in the “future” for keep disrespecting the mother.

    • BEYSTAN_ SINCE 1997 September 10, 2016

      No lies told…. Ummmm how did he make Ciara when she had 4 albums out and sold nearly 10 million prior to world even knowing what a Future was?

      • Jay September 10, 2016

        I stand behind & approve this comment.

      • FAF September 11, 2016

        Over 8mil albums over 30mil records ww

        Body party is only gold

        I bet is platinum

  3. Queen Barb September 10, 2016

    I don’t even use Sierra Mist but she was way more popping before and after him. What a loser ?

    • Nancy grace slays September 11, 2016

      Biiiiiiiiiiich!!!! Im thru with u!

    • FAF September 11, 2016

      Ur fave uses her that will suffice !!!!

  4. Sandra September 10, 2016

    He needs to move on, he cheated and got caught and she left.

  5. J-Mar September 10, 2016

    F*** this bastered

  6. Cough Cough September 10, 2016

    She’s sold waaaay more than him, has more awards than him, has a 100% better stage show than him and has waaaaaaaaaay more money than him. He made who? Lol. Them southern hood rats are the most delusional in the country.

    • john bieber September 10, 2016

      in a different era, when music was still selling

  7. Suicide Blonde September 10, 2016

    Ciara’s biggest mistake, he’s trash, she was too good for him, well, at least something good came out out this, her baby, she keeps on shining.

    • Bey&Rih September 10, 2016

      Girl you finally got some up votes without being dragged to the pits of hell. Keep it up! ????

  8. iLoveMusic September 10, 2016

    Future is so lame & washed… In what way did he make Ciara? She was successful long before him, & she’s continuing her success after him. He needs to be figuring out how Desiigner took his own sound… & charted at #1 with it. Where is Future’s #1 solo single? & In all honesty, Ciara made Future… that’s why he won’t leave her be.

    • LmfaoHoe September 10, 2016

      Exactly, disrespects the mother of his child but says nothing to Desiigner whom like you mentioned has his similiar style (though its his natural voice lol) his first debut single “Panda” hit #1 and has out charted Future’s entire singles discography alone and likely albums too.

  9. TRUTH SERUM September 10, 2016

    Trash personified!! Chile please.

  10. TeamCici September 10, 2016

    Future needs to just stop already! You’re a grown man,act like one! Sies man,totally uncalled for!!!

  11. It Was A Perfect Delusion September 10, 2016

    Wow Future you hit a new low. Ciara is happily married not worried about you move on.

  12. BEYSTAN_ SINCE 1997 September 10, 2016

    Meanwhile Ciara is with her HUSBAND & her child (which she has majority custody of) not giving a single F**k! Future you are the loser, always have been the loser, and will remain the loser!

  13. MISHKA September 10, 2016

    Well he’s right on one thing:

    Ciara is a helluva woman. She has always been able to carry her career as a solo RnB/pop act. Effortlessly at that.

    Somehow, somewhere down the road, a lot of people, well almost everybody, forgot how unique and trendsetting Ciara was until motherhood brought her back to where she belongs.

    Ciara was always in the top 5 solo black females of our era. So yes we thank Future for bringing her back to her throne. But by Future I mean Baby Future, not this thug a.k.a Drake’s minion a.k.a the angry version of Desiigner.

    Ciara’s been on since a decade Fewchild. She will be around forever. You didn’t bring her back, sir. Motherhood did. Boi Bye.

  14. Indie September 10, 2016

    What a sad attention seeking fool, go feed the rest of your 100 kids from your different baby mama’s waste man! Ciara been huge since Goodies! She may not have the biggest selling albums but every album has spawned atleast one massive single so she has always been consistent! She gave him notoriety by dating him, he is delusional!

    Now she’s got some body better than him she’s on a different level of class , regularly seen with the president and his wife for dinner with her husband, his not on her level so he needs to crawl back under the ghetto rock he came from, TRASH!

  15. Just Dumb September 10, 2016


  16. Everyone’s A Critic September 10, 2016

    I can’t wait for Future to become the past! B**** ass n****

  17. Danzou September 10, 2016

    Let me ask yall a question…who said this was about Ciara? He’s worked with SOOOO many other artists than ha so if anything assuming he’s talking about ha is shade in itself.

  18. B_Roni September 10, 2016

    But the Gag is… He not talking about her and he was talking about another female celebrity he was with while he was with her. I would fall out if he said that lol.

  19. #JACKIE September 10, 2016

    He’s so pressedt ewww I’m over his b*******.

  20. Tori September 10, 2016

    If he put her own, what happened to putting on his other baby mamas and side chicks since he think he out here saving b****** careers? The problem with his theory is that Ciara ALWAYS has a hit single but her albums don’t hold up, even the album he produced on under performed so what the f*** is talking about? But I’m going to say he’s talking about Ciara and someone else to because clearly that fist half is not about, just look over that lol. But then he says “you b******”, could it be Russell? Lmao.

    • LmfaoHoe September 10, 2016

      Lol true, but hell Russell has more bread than him. Also just like what happened to T-Pain will happen to Future too, n**** gonna be called Past real soon. Dessigner is an obvious sign his time is about to be up.

  21. Bey Is Grown September 10, 2016

    Smh, he is lame.

  22. Bitchpleaseeeeee September 10, 2016

    Emmmmm, shouldn’t Ciara be saying those lines???????

  23. XYZ September 10, 2016

    Is he serious? He became famous because of her, not the ofher way around. Never saw his horse face before she’s been with him

  24. OMG Logic!!! September 10, 2016

    What charts? They got together in like 2013 not 2004.

  25. Lea September 10, 2016

    Ciara should have never left her group 3LW…They were kinda cool #NoShade

  26. Kels September 10, 2016

    Somebody everybody is calling irreverent needs to be in Future’s mouth to get some kind of recognition. How that feel my dude

  27. 4everBrandy_Ci September 10, 2016

    I’m over this bitter mofo and his STUPID antics. Grow up mister because your ex moved on and UPGRADED to bigger and better things. Ciara has this pressed ex of hers upset of the FACT she’s the established artist. Her name alone is what gets him PRESSED. He needs to bond with their son and start having healthy relationship with him. Or else the little one will see what kind of STUPID parent he is. Ciara is unbothered by this stupid mofo and she’s living with her husband and child. He needs to STOP and let her be.

  28. BEY>RIH September 10, 2016

    Tell him BOY BYE!! Ciara been poppin since ’04 when Past was working at a local Burger King in College Park. Ciara still poppin with her beautiful, CLASSY & RICH family. Future you are trash!!!!

  29. Stan Police September 10, 2016

    OK, gotta call it like I see it. This dude is a b**** ass n****. FIRST, where is his Grammy? Where is his VMA? Ciara has a Grammy, Soul Train, Kids Choice, multiple VMA’s, and more ALL before she med dude. PLEASE show me where ANY of Future’s albums have EVER went PLATINUM- I’ll wait. Non existent. Ciara has experienced success that he has not reached yet. He’s riding high now, but every dog has their day. TRUTH

  30. Fancy BISH September 10, 2016

    CHILE, I am LIVING for all these comments….ya’ll DRAAAAAAGGED Miss Future to the depths of hell lol…I couldn’t hit the agree buttons fast enough…SCREAMING!

  31. Nowqd Reddish trjoan ivy blobukz Need UK timely Ukuno eremixi September 10, 2016

    He gotta be talking about his other 3 baby mama’s instead of his ex-fiance cici princess Wilson. Or someone else that he is working with

  32. dydy972 September 11, 2016

    Keep going future, keep going , you are giving Ciar

  33. dydy972 September 11, 2016

    Keep going future, keep going , you are giving Ciara more receipts to get full custody of baby future one day

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