Lady Gaga: Label Picked ‘Perfect Illusion’ As First Single

Published: Sunday 18th Sep 2016 by Sam

Lady Gaga launched herself back into the media stratosphere with comeback single ‘Perfect Illusion.’

Billed as the first taste of the singer’s fifth studio album ‘Joanne’ (due October 21st), the track topped the iTunes tally in over 60 countries upon its release last week.

In the time since, its lost a little steam – leaving some worried about her prospects. Others, however, are quick to note that the song’s video is around the corner; hence so too will be the natural lift it lends by way of VEVO streams.

The growing debate has left many wondering about the back of the campaign; what’s to come? What do the other songs sound like? Who’s calling the shots?

Interestingly, Mother Monster gave a inkling as to the latter in a new interview.

See what we mean below…

Speaking on iHeartRadios On Air With Romeo show overnight, the 30-year-old revealed…

“Perfect Illusion was chosen as first single by my record label, we did it together as a team.”

Interesting. Kinda.

See, on the one hand, even the most hands-on artists still answer to a label. After all, it’s the latter who foot the bill of recording and market the product accordingly so as to make the right financial returns. Viewed this way, there’s nothing particularly shocking about her statement.

Still, it does make one wonder: what else is on the buffet table of tracks ‘Joanne’ will have on offer? Was the strategy to lead with something edgy and placate the public with something familiar with follow-up singles?

Stay tuned to find out!

Your thoughts?

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  1. The kpop guy, Matt ~ September 18, 2016

    Interscope is a mess

    • Ughhhh September 18, 2016

      Girl bye! She is trying to have an excuse just in case this messy ass song flops even more after the video. You are no longer a newbie artist and I am sure you have a huge say in what singles you want to be released because if lady Gaga didn’t have her musical freedom I am sure she wouldn’t even release an album. Yea labels can be difficult but at the end of the day you co-wrote it and you sang ever last bit of that messy ass tune. Get out of here. Just giving her stans receipts to attack the label after this shît flops! You’re not fooling anyone, except your delusional gays.

      • Yan Souza September 18, 2016

        She’s not really free tho. She wanted AURA or VENUS to be lead singles of ARTPOP, but the label forced her to release Applause. Then she wanted VENUS to be the 2nd single, but the label decided to go with DWYW because of the iTunes sales of the song.

    • Flop Like Gaga September 18, 2016

      This song is garbage. Embarassing to be a Monster. A tragic flop of the millenium. Her last Number One was in 1976… ???

      • BritneyB*tch September 18, 2016

        Flop Illusion #50 on US Itunes ?????

  2. Kwinzy September 18, 2016

    Hopefully they release a buzz/promo single before the album drops ’cause I’m already over Perfect Delusion.?

    • The Truth September 18, 2016

      Never on my repeat list. Perfect Illusion sucks…it sums up her career quite nicely. Her creative juice is getting dry. Time to quit or move to Vegas!

    • BeyHiveMilitary September 18, 2016

      Follow Mariah..when the lead single it a promo single … ?

  3. truthtea September 18, 2016

    Is that her way of saying she doesn’t like it either? Did her label also choose that tacky album cover too?

    • Leo September 18, 2016

      Her album cover OMG…like an instagram photo. She has lost it big time. ??

    • Tyler September 19, 2016

      Excuse..excuse. She thinks she is untouchable and very talented. Her stuff..mostly Madonna’s old melodies. She is just repackaging it?

  4. IG: code_rex2.0 September 18, 2016

    Lol, Rihanna is suppose to be the talentless industry puppet, but there have been numerous reports of her grovelling, begging and fighting for what has gone on to be hits even when her label and “handlers” were not giving her their backing. Yet we are suppose to believe the the mighty gaga is being dictated to? Even katy has a strong say over what she puts out. No one has time for blame games. It’s terrible song period. Stop shifting blames and get back to the drawing board.

    • Meme September 18, 2016

      I honestly believe Gaga is getting pressured to conform this era. There is no room for error this time around. You can tell she doesn’t have full control. Although I love everything in the campaign so far, it’s does come off forced.

      • IG:code_rex2.0 September 18, 2016

        All the pop girls get pressure to deliver after their Last outing. Expectations are even higher when u take more than 2 years to drop ur material. Everybody is switching it up and pushing themselves, Just ask Bey, Rih, JB even taylor Swift pushed herself with her last work. Gaga is far too talented for that perfect delusion mess. If she can’t handle the pressure that comes with her job then she needs to get help. Label or not, she is not a newbie and stories of her getting bossed around by her label is not a good look.

    • ronnoc September 18, 2016

      Years ago (I think during BTW era) Gaga said that she doesn’t mind the label picking her singles because she loves all her songs equally. She’s not being “dictated” to

  5. Meme September 18, 2016

    While I think for new artist, the hand picking of songs by record labels work but for establish acts like Gaga, they should be in control. I feel like this whole time down music/image is coming directly from label heads, and they don’t always know what’s best. Case and point, Rihanna had to fight for Work because her label didn’t want island music on anti. Work essentially saved Anti.

    • pablo alboran September 18, 2016

      Not a Daddy GayGay trying to shade Anti sales with that glitch and accident leak on Tidal. Despite it, it is still one of the best selling albums of the year with 0 discounts so far unlike some girls. Daddy Gaygay would be lucky to do half of its sales worldwide and probably would set the record for the biggest drop in second week sales.

    • Truth September 19, 2016

      Labels are full of f******. They dont kno ?

  6. Surprise..(DEC 2013) September 18, 2016


  7. The Kpop Guy, Matt~ September 18, 2016

    regardless, it will still sell more than Aunti first week. #460

    • Surprise..(DEC 2013) September 18, 2016

      Anybody will outsell CANTI first week….well, maybe CIAR…….NVM

    • FASHION_ICON ~ Anti&Lemonade September 18, 2016

      Everybody outsold Anti 460 opening week (a mistake) so what is your point exactly ?
      Lol yeah keep listing all the fails and mistakes of all the other artists to save gaga face’s when her fall gonna be confirmed.

      • The Kpop Guy, Matt~ September 18, 2016

        No, i am simply reminding everyone that people say gaga flops, which might be true, but people think she flops the hardest when in fact, the year artpop came out, Mariah flopped the HARDEST. and IF gagaz flops again, they’ll pretend ANTI never happened. i am simply keeping it fresh

    • pablo alboran September 18, 2016

      From 460 to 545,000 (US). Let’s hope Joann won’t set the record for the biggest drop in second week (something she did before).

      • The Kpop Guy, Matt~ September 18, 2016

        rebel heart was actually a bigger decline

    • iSpeakTruthNoFallacy September 18, 2016

      This comment is the perfect example of how so many people don’t understand the music industry. Yes, first week matters; however, longevity matters more. From 21 Pilots’ Blurryface and Rih’s ANTI to Chris Stapleton’s Traveller, how an album fares throughout the year is what deemed to be the most important. Stop trying to find just anything to make up for Gaga’s disappointing return

  8. FASHION_ICON ~ Anti&Lemonade September 18, 2016

    Well so Gaga is not in charge of her career ?
    And she peek Mark Ronson as executive producer so he’s gonna choose the song and put his vision under lady gaga names just like Britney Spears.
    Even Rihanna is more in charge of career, was the only exec producer of her album and been fighting over the years with the Disturbia video for exemple even work …

    So what is the point of being so talented but don’t have a word to say on your career ?
    Gaga please come harder next time…i am losing all the credibility i once gave you .

    • The Kpop Guy, Matt~ September 18, 2016

      because Fri has been the industry for over 10 years, with 8 damn albums???????

      • FASHION_ICON ~ Anti&Lemonade September 18, 2016

        Gaga 8 years with 4 albums…but let’s not forget she was the biggest thing then…not adele with 8 years and 3 album is in charge much more adele..
        Not at Rihanna fighting back in 2008 for Disturbia taking the charge of her sound with Rated r ect..
        But b**** every body screams that Gaga is more talented and all but she’s not even in charge of her career than Frih lol .

      • pablo alboran September 18, 2016

        THE FAME


  9. Slaylor Swift September 18, 2016

    Single flops blame label.

  10. The Kpop Guy, Matt~ September 18, 2016


  11. truthtea September 18, 2016

    Plot twist: Christina releases her new music in November and makes a huge comeback to the top of the charts!

  12. pablo alboran September 18, 2016

    Flop! It fell under Needed Me and Rise on Itunes lol

    • Ughhhh September 18, 2016

      You should go back to the generic TGJ avi. The only look you a serving is 6 filters to look semi decent.

      • The Kpop Guy, Matt~ September 18, 2016

        thats not six filters. its the first snapchat filter which gives you a SLIGHT tan

    • Wash yo mouth pls September 18, 2016

      A gift? You trying to kill our eyesight?

      • Wash yo mouth pls September 18, 2016

        Mark is a perfect example of a person you’d find behind a troll account

    • Abel Minaj (Arianator Barb) September 18, 2016


    • FASHION_ICON ~ Anti&Lemonade September 18, 2016

      Well i don’t know if it’s me but i find him kinda cute he’s not bad looking at all

  13. Natalie September 18, 2016

    Yeah blame the label instead of your bad choices and inconsistent artistry. Maybe she should record another album with Tony Bennett. At least most of that audience has bad hearing.

  14. Annalise September 18, 2016

    DEATH!!! Mark looks like young thugga, Sweet Brown and Bernie Mac all in one ??. And I can’t at him always making comments about dark-skinned people and Talbout being mixed when he’s so dark. At nighttime all you see is his eyeballs and teeth ?

    • The kpop guy, Matt ~ September 18, 2016

      Bítçh! Not Sweet brown

    • stardom September 18, 2016

      Loooool at his self hatred

  15. KingBey September 18, 2016

    “Perfect Delusion” is a FLOP. Gags is done!

  16. Anonymously September 18, 2016

    Man smh she should’ve went for having Timbaland or Pharrell or even Kanye to executive produce her album smh if she move in that urban pop side, she’ll win….becus honestly the cheesy pop n rock stuff isn’t really selling…even Adele keep that urban soul pop feel ….gaga too established to be making the wrong strategic moves

  17. Big Monster September 18, 2016

    Perfect illusion is a perfect delusion. That’s my perfect conclusion.

    • Ughhhh September 18, 2016

      Congrats you can rhyme. Dr. Suess wannabe ass ?

  18. GeorgieBoy September 18, 2016

    The fact that you sissified coons are calling this a flop when your favs are no where on the top 50…… That’s a joke. A Rihanna Stan, a Ciara Stan and a Bey Stan all had single releases the same year. None of them charted but all of them yelled flop to Gaga. Right…….

    • pablo alboran September 18, 2016

      Needed Me is top 10 on Hot 100 this week though?!

  19. Kwinzy September 18, 2016

    I’m gonna be honest… I still love homegirl but it dawned on me Gaga has this formulaic way of writing her songs. So much repetition in PA it gets tired after a while. Plus the production doesn’t help enhance the song. All I know is she better come hard for single #2. No ballads! Something upbeat. And girrrl she better slay AHS this season ’cause the first episode was NOT the business

  20. Ty September 18, 2016

    Yes the song is not the best but why all the hate… Lady gaga has massively humbled herself in the last few years and is clearly trying to stay away from all the drama and theatrics.I feel like people are not even giving her a chance just bashing her left right and centre for past mistakes.

    • Bye Forever September 19, 2016

      Flop after flop..enough already!

  21. Sam September 18, 2016

    Lets be honest, if artists made all of there songs single worthy than whoever picks the song its guaranteed to be a hit.

  22. Mary September 18, 2016

    Tragic flop…out of itunes Top 10 after 1 week.

  23. Rosie September 18, 2016

    So you’re telling me that after 4 albums, Fad still doesn’t have complete control over her era?
    On top of that, this basically means that this is the most radio friendly sound on the album. This critically panned mess that is about to fall out of the top 50 on iTunes (not a typo). What a joke.
    Like I said, Joe will be lucky to do BADLANDS numbers first week.

    • pablo alboran fan September 18, 2016

      Halsey is a flop too.

      • Rosie September 18, 2016

        And yet John still will be lucky to sell half as much as her album.
        CHARTDROP isn’t even certified platinum yet BADLANDS is. Fad doesn’t even have enough streaming power to get an extra 300K in SPS. Even Bryson Tiller’s album did. Welp.

  24. Karma4Monsturd September 18, 2016

    Joanne era—–> Elusive Chanteuse !

  25. QueenOfBubblingGaga September 18, 2016

    This era is a done deal! Everything about her is just a mess and tacky. The poduction is lame, and lazy.

    She has peaked, y’all. Nobody is checking. She hasnt delivered after Born This Way.

    RIP ?

  26. FC/JC September 18, 2016

    Kiiii, Dragging Markiesha for blood in these comments! I live!

    • Bye Gurllll September 19, 2016


  27. Truth September 19, 2016

    Her songs are mediocre to begin with and she has peaked. The GP are tired of her. She is overexposing herself. Jazz album, acting, award shows…etc. Her fault!

  28. Nowqd Reddibut it ash trjoan ivy blobukz Need UK timely Ukuno eremixi September 22, 2016

    Alot of people like the song so it not that bad

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