Did Lil Wayne Just Retire?

Published: Saturday 3rd Sep 2016 by Sam

It seems Lil Wayne‘s legal wrangle with former comrade Birdman has taken its toll.

The long-running dispute has at times been volcanic, while at others appeared like it was cooling.

Yet, following another outburst this week, Weezy took to Twitter moments ago to throw the towel in.

See what we mean below…

Writing to his 27 million fans, the 33-year-old said….



The whole episode defines unfortunate.

Still, we imagine a resolve of some sort is much more likely than Wayne truly retiring. After all, how many rappers have touted that word only to -re-emerge armed with more momentum than ever?

Your thoughts?

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  1. 100believedat September 3, 2016

    @liltunechi is g.o.a.t always and forever. #numbers dont lie

    • Jamie September 3, 2016


  2. Reality September 3, 2016

    Let’s be real, it’s not like he would be missed.

    • Jamie September 3, 2016

      Your mom at your funeral…

      • Reality September 3, 2016

        Say that shît to my face! I bet you won’t!

    • September 3, 2016

      you are really delusional, and the internet really prove how stupid people can be.

    • Jamie September 3, 2016

      Address, book my flight, and I’m there. Trust!

      • Hannah L. September 3, 2016

        That would mean logging off dumb ass

      • Reality September 3, 2016

        Cedar Park, Texas 78613
        Let me know when you get to the airport, I’m in a 2015 Acura RLX Black. I’ll be waiting.
        Since you can talk trash behind a computer screen be a man and come see me.

  3. well well September 3, 2016

    this thing is over a year old?

  4. LISA LEVINE September 3, 2016


    • Weezy Tha Goat/ Zayn is ? September 3, 2016

      Truffle Butter and Only dropped last year.

  5. Weezy Tha Goat/ Zayn is ? September 3, 2016

    I hope this isn’t true? Anybody that signs with Birdman Sandusky in the future is an IDIOT. If he’s wiling to treat his biggest money maker like this that means he will do the same to any of his artists.

    • Career Ender September 3, 2016

      Bad man is evil

      • Weezy Tha Goat/ Zayn is ? September 3, 2016

        He truly is like how can u treat the person who has been most loyal to you like this? I’m a firm believer in karma so I’ll just give it to God and hopefully Wayne does the same thing.

  6. Coolness September 3, 2016

    Can someone please provide a brief breakdown of what the issue is between Birdman and Lil Wayne? I do feel bad for him though. No one should feel trapped by their profession if they truly love it.

    • Mark111?️?️?️?️?️?️?️?️?️?️?️?️?️?️?️?️?️?️?️?️?️?️ September 3, 2016

      Basically Wayne is on his last album on the label and if he goes, so will all “his” artist. Hint the only sellers on Cash Money. So if Birdman never release the final album, Wayne stays in his control.

  7. Mark111?️?️?️?️?️?️?️?️?️?️?️?️?️?️?️?️?️?️?️?️?️?️ September 3, 2016

    He’s not doing well heating wise. Chris Brown mentioned it during his rant Sunday. This whole time Young Money was just Cash Money, lol. If Drake and Nicki’s boss is not getting paid, and then they’re not either. Don’t you clowns read your contracts, and or were you just “family we are” the it? The fact that he was free and signed a NEW contract with the Cater 2 or 3. How sad?
    The very least I Jay-Z and Eminem bother retired and came back. It’s a cheap way to become great. Oh well, I rappers come and go, out of his peers, he had the best run.

    • Stephy September 3, 2016

      What the hell is with all that s*** after your damn name…?Just put “Mark” and keep it moving

      • Mark111?️?️?️?️?️?️?️?️?️?️?️?️?️?️?️?️?️?️?️?️?️?️ September 3, 2016

        22 doves. I do what I want. Here, you can use these for Mariah. ???

      • Wash yo mouth pls September 3, 2016

        What does the 22 doves represent? Your age? Aaliyah? Your body count?

    • Coolness September 3, 2016

      what did CB say about Wayne in his rant?

  8. B2B September 3, 2016

    I still say publicity stunt. Much love to Wayne tho!!

  9. Career Ender September 3, 2016

    Oh noo
    As much as I used to drag him, this is sad 🙁

  10. Jackx September 3, 2016

    The carter III is a classic

  11. Stephy September 3, 2016

    Good. Ooooh, I really hope this is true and not a publicity stunt for attention. I would cry tears of joy knowing I don’t have to hear that nonsense he passes off as music clogging the airwaves 24/7 anymore….
    I remember during the height of Lil Wayne’s career…….Got damn, I hated him! Ooooh, I remember around 2004 – 2009, all the lil nigglet wannabe thugs would try to dress & act like him. Even would mimic that ugly whinny monotone voice of his… Drake used to do it A LOT during the beginning of his career. He made it cool for the ugly gremlin short stocky looking dusty burnt black n****’s to be acceptable & cute. Chile…. Thank God those days are OVA!
    Anyways, with all that being said… I must RESPEKT Lil Grimlens accomplishments. Without a doubt, he’s one of the most influential & successful rappers of all time. But he won’t be missed outside the hip hop ghetto/wannabe ghetto college white corny by default wigga’s communities.

  12. Mar September 3, 2016

    The sad thing is after all the accolades and millions of records he has sold, he doesn’t have the freedom to walk away. Whatever contract he signed is obviously a horrible one. He’s been too successful and in the game too long to be in this situation. Birdman ain’t keeping it 100. How do you do all these interviews saying that everything is love and still have this go on? I’m ready for this Wayne interview. Not sure if he’s bold enough to go against the label “That” publicly. F*** the tweets, it’s time that he fights back with a media run.

  13. 2bad2bme September 3, 2016

    The industry is so messy…How can you blackball a huge artist such as Lil Wayne. I also find it f***** up that Drake and Nicki Minaj (The biggest rappers out right now), whom Lil Wayne put on does not speak up for him and have his back. I don’t know EVERYTHING in this situation is sooooo fishy and no one is saying anything!

  14. #JACKIE September 3, 2016

    Kii. Label s****.

    • Mark111?️?️?️?️?️?️?️?️?️?️?️?️?️?️?️?️?️?️?️?️?️?️ September 3, 2016

      Right? It really shows that Ciara “asking to leave” TWO labels is BS.

      • #JACKIE September 3, 2016

        Ciara is currently working on an album that WILL be released. Lil Weazel’s album has been locked in the vault for like two years now. Has Anti outsold Lemonade yet?

      • Ayyseify September 3, 2016

        Lol clinging to Beyoncé? Why is that? Can’t use Ciara stats?

      • #JACKIE September 3, 2016

        Ciara didn’t release an album this year, but Beyonce did. ?

  15. Kyle September 3, 2016

    Sad. The industry can be so hard & cold. That’s why always think twice about entering make sure you read contracts KNOW WHAT YOUR DOING!

  16. MsYonce September 3, 2016

    This is sad

  17. Elijahh the Pharaoh September 3, 2016

    Well publicity stunt idk. But to throw an opinion since it’s in the atmosphere sure. Defenseless more thank likely, him trying to figure out a way around CM, is difficult especially an engine such as that .I can only imagine being mentally drained s*** an album preparation,marketing,touring etc…is draining imagine being close with the CEO and your album isn’t being put out any time soon. Mentally draining. Lil Wayne aka Tunechi is the Greatest rapper Alive. He surpassed platinum albums, billboards,numbers ones all the good shyt. As Birdman builds RG he still doesn’t have artist who can surpass Lil Wayne’s Accolades… At least as of yet.Which makes since to keep him and the Carter album at least till Birdmans artist of RG show that they can keep up with Wayne and surpass. Is it likely to happen…Yes will it happen we will see. But as a business man it’s business regardless of friendship and relationship. He’s not going to let go of his biggest Artist period till another artist shows that they are more worthy to let Wayne go period. So let’s all cheer root on those Rich Gang guys lmao if we want Wayne to return with the release of his last album on CM n let him endure his on adventure in music entertainment. He’s still young too. Rich Gang turn up so Wayne can be set freeeeeeeeee real shyt Lols.

  18. Molly #TheMostRelevantBitch September 3, 2016


  19. JunHoe September 3, 2016


  20. Nowqd Reddish tran ivy blobukz Need UK timely Ukuno eremixi September 4, 2016

    Clap clap clap nice if it true

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