Tinashe Covers NYLON / ‘Joyride’ Album Still Set For October Release

Published: Wednesday 21st Sep 2016 by Sam

Tinashe cuts a striking figure a-front of NYLON magazine’s October issue.

The month is symbolic in that it’ll bring with it the release of the starlet’s sophomore album ‘Joyride.’ This despite the underperformance of its latest lead single ‘Superlove.’

Inside her feature, it’s revealed that the singer’s team are still pinning down a definitive date for the LP, although the frame remains within the length and breadth of next month.

Time will tell how that goes.

For now, NYLON nabbed a number of interesting quotes and non-verbal articulations.

See what we mean below…

Speaking on why she doesn’t want to leak tracks, she offered

“But how is that going to help me? It’s just going to come out and then it’s gone, and then I don’t have the support. No one’s going to be booking me for TV performances, [the label is] certainly not going to help me with my next one,” she says with a chuckle, possibly trying to downplay her exasperation over the delay.

She added on the downside of fame…

“I’ve always been so confident in myself, but there’s so much doubt now in my mind because of what I’ve gone through—so many setbacks, push-backs, album delays,” she says. “It’s just kind of shaken my belief system. But I still believe, at the end of the day, I’m going to find some way to succeed and be happy. So yes, absolutely. This year is going to be a great year.”

The feature adds that the 23-year-old didn’t want the Chris Brown assisted ‘Player’ – which will now not appear on the album – to be available as a duet exclusively. She adamantly pushed through the idea of a solo rendition being serviced. For what it’s worth, the song only managed a #3 peak on the Billboard Bubbling Under Chart and Brown subsequently took aim at Tinashe on social media after she unfollowed him.

In other ‘Joyride’ news, confirmed track titles now include ‘Stay The Night’ and ‘Contest,’ both of which join ‘Superlove’ and the recently released ‘Company.’

Your thoughts?

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  1. Trainwreck September 21, 2016

    Shine Sweet T shine

    • FC/JC September 21, 2016

      Shes giving “Gag bytches, I do have a neck!”

  2. SailorMoon September 21, 2016

    What’s this her second 6th album? Biggest flop of all time.

    • 4everbrandy_Ci September 21, 2016

      She’s “the biggest flop of all time” but these flop manages to get booked and continues to hustle. I don’t get the mentality of you backward thinking BITTER one dimensional stans. This shouldn’t be about album sales or popularity. It’s about CONNECTING with people. Tinashe already has a fanbase that support her including myself. It’s not like you’re going to get her album to begin with. Tinashe has you PRESSED. Hehehehehe!!!!! My Queen slays period!

      • SailorMoon September 21, 2016

        Well I almost connected with the w**** until I found out she was another bandwagon black girl who trashed And turned there back on Rihanna after he beat the s*** outa her! I cannot forgive the dumb girls who blamed her for his behavior! Tunashitt will flop and never get on and I’m happy!

    • pat September 21, 2016

      Poor thing. i kinda like her, but She’ll flop harder than usher and ciara.

      • 4everBrandy_Ci September 21, 2016

        We haven’t seen the sales yet? No but y’all envy mofos like to tear down someone who is doing something productive with themselves. Usher and Ciara are established artists but their issue is the way this record business is set up now they have to hustler and grind consistently for their albums. Ciara’s “Jackie” didn’t sell as much and Usher’s “Hard II Love” isn’t selling nowhere near 100k. He’s at the 30k mark but it’s frustrating to see a few black artist not getting the support they need. Tinashe is another talented artist and she will get the shine she deserves. People need to go out and buy albums because this generation seems to think downloading and streaming is going to help a lot of these artists. But really buying an album is worth every penny.

    • JOHNVIDAL September 21, 2016

      No shade to this girl but I´ve seen a couple of her fans trying to come for Lady Gaga´s success… I mean 🙂

      • SailorMoon September 21, 2016

        Gaga is a talented fad who did the most to become popular and sabotaged Christina Aguilera in media. Rihanna is a traditional rags to riches success story. Bye geezer!!

  3. Paulo September 21, 2016

    she looks pretty as usual. should’ve never worked with Corny Crap Brown but both versions of Player are hot.

  4. Jamie September 21, 2016

    She bores and annoys me.

  5. Annalise September 21, 2016

    Looking forward to it. I would’ve just released it as a buzz mixtape and then release a completely new project straight afterwards like Chris did. I’ll definitely listen eitherway.

  6. Jackx September 21, 2016

    Can’t wait. I hope it’s just as good as aquarius

  7. Chileplease September 21, 2016

    Pretty girl, but If I saw her on the street I wouldn’t recognize her

  8. 4everbrandy_Ci September 21, 2016

    No matter what Tinashe deserves to have her OWN lane. I’m tired of the lack of supporting our talented black artist are getting. There’s no official release date BUT the album will release in October. I’m saving up my coins because I know for SURE I’m getting my ass up that day in purchase Tinashe’s new album. She’s dedicated in her craft and I really respect that about her. Regardless of the stuff she’s been through she STILL continues to move forward. She’s remarkable and for some people that don’t what to see another woman artist have her shine is the issue. Tinashe is the real deal and people need to wake up and realize she’s in her OWN lane. I see you Tinashe! #SlayQueen #TeamTinashe

    • Jackx September 21, 2016

      yesss you are 100% right!!

    • SailorMoon September 21, 2016

      Whatever did Tuna-s*** think all that when she was making fun of Rihanna in 2009? No!I was almost a fan of hers up until I heard about that situation. The h** making fun of a bonafide star while she can’t get even get in the door. I’m living for her failure!

      • 4everBrandy_Ci September 21, 2016

        She NEVER shaded Rihanna. You’re just a piece of s*** with NO morals whatsoever. You want this woman to fail but that just shows your IGNORANCE. Bye! I clocked your BUM ass. #StayPressed

  9. Tricky Stewart September 21, 2016

    Me and The Dream wrote/produced the whole album, we can’t wait for you guys to hear it! We wrote the songs in just one day and Tinashe recorded them the next day. So the album is finished but we’re still looking for a release date.






    • chileplease September 21, 2016

      lmao. so i guess we shouldn’t expect too much considering the entire thing was done in two days? chile…

    • Annalise September 21, 2016

      Chile bye, this isn’t really Tricky Stewart. Why would one of the top music producers be on TGJ of all places. But on the offchance it is, I’ll be cute since you’re my third-person connection to Queen Bey ???????

      • Chileplease September 21, 2016

        Lmao right

  10. Tricky Stewart September 21, 2016

    We usually write all our albums in a day. It’s just releasing it that takes time. And this time we got it right. Tinashe will sell, she won’t flop like Electric Red, Ciara and Nicole Scherzinger did, because this time we brought our A-game! And It’s fun catchy pop-r&b similar to the style of Ciara but better.

    • SailorMoon September 21, 2016

      How much did you charge for those tracks? I can’t imagine this girl having anymore money!

  11. AmbeRussell September 21, 2016

    she was n a very fcuked up situation. the pr firm i was at represented her and the things going on behind the scenes with songs was really messed up and how she had to wait to use her songs and couldnt do anything but just wait until it was a ok to use songs for the album. producers wanted bigger names for songs she already had plans on using. shady business.

  12. Tricky Stewart September 21, 2016

    Working with Tinashe was very hard. We had to lower the keys of the songs so she would be able to sing them, we didn’t know she couldn’t hit high notes before we went in. Then we had to simplify the lyrics so she could say them. We had to calm down on runs, because we forgot that tinashe can’t do them. We’re used to working with power houses like Beyonce, so it was very different. Tinashe vocal range is like Janet meets britney meets ciara meets aaliyah. Not pleasant on the ears. But she needed an album so we just threw a lil sompin together, just fun music like ciara’s basic instinct.

    Even ciara was capable of more runs than Tinashe when we worked with her. Tinashe just sits there with that confused look on her face…it’s sad. She be like “Trick, you know I can’t sing that, that’s to hard, I can’t do complex melizma and effortlessly ulter the dynamics throughout my range!”

    • TurkeyNoodleSavage September 22, 2016

      Child … Will you STFU already ? !

    • Annalise September 22, 2016

      EYE AM CRINE!!! ????

  13. Hillary September 22, 2016

    I cannot wait for the pre-order link to purchase this album. I have been waiting so long and rooting for Tinashe the entire duration. 2 years ago I previewed Aquarius and I can remember being shocked at how good the album was when I was expecting an entire album of club songs like “2 On.” RCA releases the songs that they feel will get the most airplay as singles, and unfortunately for Tinashe, those songs never show her maturity as an artist and vocal versatility. Aquarius probably would have sold more if consumers had been shown that the album was one of the top 5 R&B albums of 2014. The primary singles that supported the album were “2 On” and “All Hands On Deck,” which would imply an album of hip-pop dance. People are more likely to spend money on an album that is cohesive and stimulating for the emotions, rather than an album of club songs that they feel they will only occasionally be in the mood for. RCA did the same thing to Jennifer Hudson, Miguel, and even now Usher. RCA does not know how to market R&B artists. They release the most pop-friendly songs of the album to top40 radio and pop stations instead of sending R&B singles of the album to urban radio stations. Tinashe and the other artists probably would have been better off at Def Jam, Atlantic, or Columbia.

  14. Nowqd Reddibut it ash trjoan ivy blobukz Need UK timely Ukuno eremixi September 23, 2016


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