Zayn Cancels Dubai Concert / Cites Anxiety

Published: Tuesday 6th Sep 2016 by Sam

‘Pillow Talk’ may have topped the charts, but Zayn Malik has been all sorts of mute ever since.

The former One Direction member looked to have the music world at his feet upon the release of his #1 debut. However, his promising prospects look to be crumbling under the pressure of performing live.

For much of the year, the 23-year-old has been absent from stage – after cancelling a number of dates due to anxiety.

The latest episode has left fans in Dubai disappointed.

Full story below…

Malik had been set to play the One Night Only concert on October 7th, but released a statement informing that he wouldn’t be.

His reason? “Extreme anxiety.”


Thomas Ovesen, CEO of event organisers 117Live, told fans:

“Whilst disappointed not to be hosting the planned Oct 7 Dubai concert, we appreciate Zayn’s honest apologies and wish him all the best for the future.

We will be looking forward to sharing more of Zayn’s plans with his Middle East fans when we have such information and will now get the ticket refund process started. See you all at our other events at the Autism Rocks Arena.” [Source]



Wonders never cease.

What a time to be alive indeed. For we live in an era where a performer’s biggest hurdle is…performing. It’s seismically shocking.

Sure, anxiety is no joke. And, to some degree, our sympathies are with Zayn.

Yet, why must the music industry adhere to such different rules?

After all, it’s not acceptable for a teacher to not teach. Or a pilot to not fly. So why should an artist be afforded the chance to keep turning in these long sick notes?

Making the whole situation more baffling is the reality that there was no dynamite demand to warrant him debuting before addressing his issues.

It’s like instead of actual artist development, the plan was to simply “pop into the studio…microwave a decent album…and see what happens.”

He has potential and it’d be great to see it realised, but for now things are not looking good.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Kwinzy September 6, 2016


    • Shae September 6, 2016

      HES A MESS…and should be fired. He has performed all over the world and now scared???? Boy come out the closet and get coins or go work at Walmart

    • Shae September 6, 2016


  2. TJ1991 September 6, 2016

    Anxiety is no joke i suffered with it a couple of years ago, He should not agree to do these concerts though until he’s 100 % ready as it’s not fair to keep letting people down.

    • Hmmm… September 6, 2016

      Same. A part of me wants to tell him about himself but the other part of me knows exactly what it feels like. It got to a point where I could not do my job and I had to quit, so I was kind of in the same situation as him. My doctor told me I could either see a specialist about it or I could just learn to live with it. I wasn’t down with the whole spill my guts and pop some pills to make it stop, remedy. So I just decided to live with it and find natural ways to deal. If Zayn doesn’t find something to do about his anxiety, he might need to start shopping for a new profession.

      • TJ1991 September 6, 2016

        I didn’t want to go down the pill route either so i ended up going to cbt therapy it took a while but it really worked, You’ve also got to WANT to help yourself it’s very easy to be comfortable and stay safe all the time. I honestly think if he just went out on stage once on his own that could break a lot of his fears down.

    • NAHH September 7, 2016

      I agree but he smokes a lot of weed and the dumbasses doesn’t know that contributes to anxiety !!!

  3. Stephy September 6, 2016

    Chile… I’m not gon’ drag him because I work with people that suffer from extreme anxiety but baaaaaaaybeeeee… These new breed of pop stars are a mess. So unprofessional…

  4. Indie September 6, 2016

    Keeping him in Prayer, and total respect for his honesty, much better to acknowledge an illness than be forced out there and end up doing drugs like Amy Winehouse and many other artist who relied on cocaine to even get on a stage, Robbie Williams admitted this years ago, easy to make fun of him but Anxiety is no joke! I hope he overcomes it in the future, people love him his only 23 and he has many years ahead of him, but his team need to accept that his not ready for a full concert and stop forcing it

  5. Danzou September 6, 2016

    I’m not holding punches. He needs to quit. You know how many people would love his spot? N**** get it together. I understand that anxiety IS a m*********** however you’re a PERFORMER. QUIT.

  6. mr.m September 6, 2016

    This whole new generation of singers are A MESS!
    No identity no originals no real performers
    Thank god i was born in late 80’s …
    so that I wetness the last generation of realness
    Xtina, JT, Beyonce, Jlo, old Britney (no shade).

  7. BEYSTAN_ SINCE 1997 September 6, 2016

    Boy really? You picked the WRONG industry to be in to constantly have these anxiety attacks. I’m assuming he was able to hide it better back when he was in “One Direction” but, now that he is solo and it’s all eyes & the spotlight is solely on him the pressures of being a solo artist and the level of expectation has risen to the surface. I feel bad for him but, I can only imagine the stress he is causing his record label, manager, and these concert promoters. He better pull out while it’s still safe because eventually these scary attacks will cost him a lawsuit!

  8. Danzou September 6, 2016

    Not to bring astrology into this but he’s a Capricorn I think and they tend to be really big p******.

    • Hmmm… September 6, 2016

      “Not to bring astrology into this but…”

      *proceeds to bring astrology into this*

      • Danzou September 6, 2016

        Lol shut up

      • Bey&Rih September 6, 2016

        Right! LMAO!

      • Hmmm… September 6, 2016

        Lol, I had to.

    • Tori September 6, 2016

      First of all, I’m a Capricorn and I don’t know who the f*** your calling p****…sit the f*** down. If he has personal problems and need to find another career, SAY THST AND WALK AWAY like everybody. Why did you bring such negativity to this, why did you single out millions of ppl as “p******” because he has a problem? Have you gotten of your s***** ass to perform anything lately?…is there thousands of people waiting to see you?… Oh, okay. And what do you do besides sit on here trying to make your flop ass favorite artists work when not just TGJ but the general public doesn’t give a s***? Yeah, okay. You’re a f****** mess.

      • LmfaoHoe September 6, 2016

        You better tell em @Tori

      • Danzou September 6, 2016

        Lol why do yall always think yall gotta come up with the best come backs? Lol are you that hurt over an astrology joke? My moonis in Capricorn and astrology is never that serious to write an essay over on a blog. Yall always think “ooh yeah I read him to filth” lol shut up

      • Danzou September 6, 2016

        And it’s sad because tori I liked you but now you on my s*** list h**. Typical Capricorn getting emotional over nothing.

      • Tori September 6, 2016

        No what’s “sad” is that I’ve never gave a damn about you. No one’s getting hurt or emotional, you’re just a smart and that’s mainly why no one on here likes you. I was trying to give you a good comeback, or even trying to “read you for filth”, not my style. As you gave your sorry as joke, I gave my “filth reading” reply, since there’s a reply button and you obviously was looking for attention. Only a really desperate and lonely person would have a s*** for ppl on a blog. I am yet praying for you!

      • Tori September 6, 2016

        No what’s “sad” is that I’ve never gave a damn about. No one’s getting hurt or emotional, you’re just a smart ass and that’s mainly why no one on here likes you. I was not trying to give you a good comeback, or even trying to “read you for filth”, not my style. As you gave your sorry as joke, I gave my “filth reading” reply, since there’s a reply button and you obviously was looking for attention. Only a really desperate and lonely person would have a s*** list for ppl on a blog. I am yet praying for you!

    • Casual-T September 6, 2016

      Actually, astrology is instructive here. Zayn Malik is a Capricorn with Pisces rising and a Virgo Moon. He means well, but he really does suffer with anxiety. For the astrologically minded, he has a rolling conjunction of the Sun-MERCURY-URANUS-Neptune all square Jupiter and opposite MARS. Mercury/Mars/Uranus makes it hard to calm down. He needs to continue therapy, but he also needs to learn to meditate and find a sense of inner peace.

      • Danzou September 6, 2016

        THANK YOU CASUAL. THANK YOU. LOL on this website they try their hardest to shade me but I see you know what you’re talking about. Like I said Capricorn tends to be super soft underneath their personality and your chart read backs me up. I knew what I was talking about. @tori this is literally a BLOG I could care less who likes me lol once again IT’S NOT THAT SERIOUS BABE. Stop trying to outsmart and find fault in everything I say and you wouldn’t be so pressed. Why are you praying for me? I mean thanks but THIS IS A F****** BLOG. KEEP YOUR PRAYERS TO YA SELF IT’S NOT THAT SERIOUS LOL.

  9. Coolness September 6, 2016

    Not to be cynical but am I the only one who saw this coming? When he cancelled his appearance at the Capital FM Summertime Ball three months ago, I knew this Dubai gig was in jeopardy. Zayn has said that he doesn’t really care about being a pop star and it shows in his elusiveness. However, his team booking high-profile shows with potentially large turnouts say otherwise. I think there is a disconnect somewhere. I empathise with him suffering from anxiety but perhaps there was a misread on his part on whether he was ready for a solo career and dealing with fan expectations. I say he should retreat, work on curbing his anxiety and the come back out with a line-up of intimate performances in small venues to build his confidence because things aren’t looking good for him right now.

  10. #JACKIE September 6, 2016

    He needs to retire and work on his health.

  11. Chileplease September 6, 2016

    Not like he does anything on stage worth watching anyway.

    • Suicide Blonde September 6, 2016

      Exactly, I don’t get his appeal.

      • Danzou September 6, 2016

        He’s just extremely attractive. That’s all. He should just be a model f*** it. The sad part is that he has potential but hey. The only thing I don’t like so far is that he pandered to black people with they faux r&b album. It wasn’t bad tho.

    • Joenysmith September 6, 2016

      All you saying that what he does is not worth watching. F*** there arevsome people who like artist that just stand and sing cause you for those kind of artists its all about the music and not the gimmicks,the pyrotechnics and other things that can be distracting.

  12. Infinitt September 6, 2016

    His solo career has been totally underwhelming. They thought that they could blow him up like George Michael/Bobby Brown/Beyonce/JT, but instead he’s middling by like Nick Jonas.

    • StarXavi September 6, 2016

      At least Nick is touring and performing on huge stages. This boy’s solo career will probably never real jump off unless he gets it together….a la Nicole Scherzinger (no shade I love her)

  13. 2bad2bme September 6, 2016

    It’s crazy how he didn’t get any VMAs but his music was bumping when it first came out and he was rolling with the album. Anyway, anxiety is something serious and one of the causes is alcohol. I hear he drinks a lot so maybe that is the root!

  14. Dev September 6, 2016

    Anyone with any reasonable mind will understand this although disappointed. Giving interviews down the phone and posing for magazines is different from singing in front of thousands of people….alone.
    I think it would be best if he works on himself and records his second album and hopefully combat the anxiety before it’s release.
    Although it has been known that smoking cannabis can make you anxious and he is known to be a bit of a stoner.

  15. Cbeylive September 6, 2016

    One thing I don’t like cancel already made plans when you know you wasn’t ready in the first place.
    All that s*** he talked about being held back by 1D and yet if it wasn’t for them his scary ass wouldn’t have been able to stand on stage for 5 mins.

  16. Jamie September 6, 2016

    I stan for him. However, I’m confused because it’s not like he hasn’t been on stage before. He’s a grown man. He can pose for magazines, but can’t sing songs on stage. Be a model then. I’m done! I regret purchasing his album.

  17. J September 6, 2016

    The best thing to do at this point is record another album and release a new single next summer. Cause this era is done. I wanna say his career is as well because people have short attention spans but I think that working on his anxiety and dropping a new single next year would be best. That way he can schedule smaller performances until he’s better. But ultimately it’s up to him and I don’t think things are looking up.

  18. Stan September 6, 2016

    He doesn’t wanna be a pop star anyway. He just wants to make good music.

    • lolhart September 6, 2016

      Didn’t want to be a pop star, but entered the X Factor which is all about disposable pop with no substance and joined One Direction by choice. Okay…

  19. cocobutta September 6, 2016

    Well as long as peeps fully coined back including booking fees then it’s for the best.

    Dear Sia please borrow your wig to this Zayn yout so he can get himself coined up with bigger show appearances.

  20. Meme September 6, 2016

    There are recording artist and then there are performers. Zayne is a recording artist. Nothing wrong with that.

  21. FC/JC September 6, 2016

    Wait, Somebody has to explain to me how this shitt works.
    HOW TF fo you cancel an event a month ahead of time, due to unforeseen Anxiety!
    Bittch is he expecting an anxiety attack on that exact date?

    Im so confused as to how that works, Honestly, clueless. Because it sounds like the worst “Dog Ate My homework” excuse to cop out.

  22. keepit100 September 6, 2016

    Im lost, he left 1D so he could get his moment and shine, but now he has discovered his anxiety makes him fear the solo path? Who’s managing this kid lol i would drop him..

  23. jt September 6, 2016

    If any of you really think he’s suffering from anxiety, you’re quite naive.

    Cocaine is a hell of a drug.

  24. Junior in Jamaica September 6, 2016


  25. Nowqd Reddish tran ivy blobukz Need UK timely Ukuno eremixi September 6, 2016

    Sad world but keep him in prayer hope he get treatment for that

  26. OMG Logic!!! September 7, 2016

    Giving me Colton Haynes teas.

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