Beanie Sigel: “Homosexuality Is Sickening To Me”

Published: Tuesday 11th Oct 2016 by Sam

Fresh from Beanie Sigel‘s much-publisized beat-down, the rapper has hit the promo rounds to massage his masculinity and salvage his dented reputation.

However, he looks to have caused even more damage following disparaging remarks he made about the LGBT community.

Sigel’s venomous words were spewed during an interview on The Breakfast Club this morning.

See what he said, on National Coming Out Day,  below…

Already on-edge for unknown reasons, the Hip-Hop star randomly spouted the following after spilling on his feud with Yung Joc:

“Things are going too far. Even in the media and television, this homosexuality sh*t is at an all-time high…and it sickening to me. I shouldn’t have to explain to my son why two men is on primetime television kissing. Nothing positive or good comes out of that.”

Watch here {video will auto-play from point of comment}


There’s not enough keystrokes to stress how problematic Sigel’s stance is. So, we’ll just park this right here…

Your thoughts?

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  1. ShakaZulu October 11, 2016

    Who the f*** is he?? And who cares about what he thinks ?

    • keepit100 October 11, 2016

      It’s always the bum a** rappers that nobody knows that are so “woke” and all knowing *rolls eyes

    • LISA LEVINE October 11, 2016

      HE is the problem with society and the black community today. What two men or women do in there bedroom is NONE of his business. THE BLACK COMMUNITY NEEDS TO WAKEUP.

    • ? October 11, 2016

      Wow the gays are pressed

    • ClapBackSeason October 11, 2016

      Can’t no washed up closet queen, make me feel some type way. He’s the type to get pumped and dumped by a t***** and then cry because he’s conflicted. Pull up old YouTube videos of him queening out… there are plenty! #GirlBye

      • Brent Christopher October 11, 2016

        “t*****” is a very derogatory term. it is completely inappropriate.

    • tikklzzz October 11, 2016

      lol not because something is popular that means it is right. The gay agenda is real and its adding to the corruption of core values which are missing from society. Disgusting.

      • Danzou October 11, 2016

        The gay agenda isn’t real you f****** idiot.

      • tikklzzz October 11, 2016

        right, that’s the reason why they have organized pr-gay education in schools to corrupt people’s kids so that the new generation can conform to their ways. stfu. It’s real.

  2. 2bad2bme October 11, 2016

    Why do people get upset at the truth. It is WRONG. It’s not natural because Homosexuals can’t reproduce kids and that is mankind’s purpose. God made man for woman and woman for man. Just because you have a natural urge to be with the same s** does not mean it is right. Just as a person may have a natural urge to kill people, it’d not right!

    • DC3 FOREVER October 11, 2016

      But you’re gay tho…. So I don’t get your point

      • 2bad2bme October 11, 2016

        Actually not

      • teacher October 12, 2016


    • Paulo October 11, 2016

      so dumb and stupid that you can’t even proofread your own paragraph… first you say it’s “not natural” then you say it’s “natural but f*** that”. guess what? computers and the internet are not ‘natural’ yet here you are making a fool of yourself in it! a lot of s*** that is unnatural is done by society and “God-fearing” hateful idiots on a daily! go have a chat with Jesus and log the f*** off dumb-ass b****! as a Christian what makes me sick is people using the name of God and faith to justify their backwards ways and prejudiced behavior.

      • 2bad2bme October 11, 2016

        I said it’s not natural but if you have a natural URGE! There is a difference!!!!

    • ShakaZulu October 11, 2016

      How do u compare being gay to killing people ?

    • livelovelaugh28 October 11, 2016

      Did you just compare gay people to murderers?

    • Kris October 11, 2016

      First and foremost…. you’re a closet homosexual. Secondly, how do you say it’s not natural but then say if it feels natural… like what the nonsense! 3rdly, I think it’s sad that you’re a closet homosexual. You’ll get through life so much smoother if you come out. Suppressing your natural you will create a monster.

      Beanie… don’t come for the gay community. I may be straight but I stand with the gay community. You wouldn’t have to explain to your kids why two men or women are kissing if you didn’t raise them to be close minded.

      • 2bad2bme October 11, 2016

        You don’t know me just because I use a Beyonce AVI

    • RihNavy October 11, 2016

      You make the hive look terrible. And to think I thought you were likable and had some good godamn sense.

      • 2bad2bme October 11, 2016

        I’m not apart of the Hive she is not my religion

      • Rima October 11, 2016

        Can’t wait for the rest of the hive too see this.

    • CT October 11, 2016

      I suppose those people who are barren or infertile are purposeless huh?

      • Danzou October 11, 2016

        @CT no not purposeless but they are still suffering from a mistake. They weren’t INTENDED to be infertile.

    • Christian October 11, 2016

      Girl Shut up. If all the gays were straight we’d be even more overpopulated than we already are. We’d be burning through our fossil fuels faster than we are now and contaminating the environment the way we are now. Your bible was written by prejudiced white men 2000 years ago. Your bible doesn’t think too highly of women or anyone who’s not a straight white male so no thank you. I personally think homosexuality is nature’s population control. I’m no scientist but that’s MY opinion. My other opinion is that you’re a religious nutjob.

      • 2bad2bme October 11, 2016

        I’m not a closet homosexual because I do not commit homosexual acts. Also it has already been discovered if everyone who has ever lived on the earth was still alive we could all fit in the state of Texas standing side by side. The problem really is people like you. I never stated that there was anything wrong with the person, I said the act is wrong. Just as a person who kills someone, the act of doing it is wrong not just because you think about doing it or wanting to indulge in the sin is wrong. We are all imperfect so we are going to have these different desires. It’s what you act on. Nothing against a person. You dont know me.

      • Rima October 11, 2016

        You’re GAY!!!!

    • ByeJay October 11, 2016

      You sound dumb doesn’t mean it’s right ???? You don’t even know wtf is right or not you had to be taught that being gay is wrong

    • Rima October 11, 2016

      You’re a Beyonce stan for GODSakes you’re GAY.

    • Gregory D October 11, 2016

      That makes NO SENSE what so ever. A PLETHORA of heterosexual people aren’t able to have children as well. What’s your explanation for that. Also, people having the natural urge to kill is a mental defect which is not the same thing as sexual orientation. When u people try to equate sexuality with a mental illness, it only makes u uneducated so don’t do it.

      • 2bad2bme October 11, 2016

        It’s not a mental illness it is committing SIN!

    • LAlaLAla LOVE ME October 11, 2016




      • LAlaLAla LOVE ME October 11, 2016

        2bad2bme- VANITY is also a sin honey and with a screenname like that; you seem to be covered all over with it….


    • Cbeylive October 11, 2016

      He one of those f*** boys you never let boink for free

      • Wayno October 11, 2016

        T R A D E

        G A Y 4 P A Y

    • ? October 11, 2016

      But you are a power bottom though

    • Jay October 11, 2016

      …it’s natural within animals though, so…

    • Jin October 11, 2016

      People say things about straight people all of the time. You are with the wrong person, you act too stuck up, you should do this..or you are doing this wrong…you are not living right…you should not eat red meat…your chest is too small…ect…

      They get so mad when one person disagrees with them, because deep down they know its not sound. They want everyone to agree so they can feel better about what they are doing. Sadly this is America and people are not going to agree on everything. They are forcing it and falling to people who manipulate them for votes, album sales, and free press…meanwhile these people are getting richer while they are still sad deep down. They are aggressive and controlling. The world does not work that way. Ignore Beanie if they dont care…but they do…

      1 Corithians 6:9-10

      And then you were washed….God knows we all fall short but he loves us and asks for us to trust his word. Instead of judging them, its wrong…

      Beanie as a father has a right to voice his concerns over any sexual things seen on TV for young children…no matter who is up there kissing, ect…all kids are told to close their eyes lol…Pray for the world…for Jesus loves us and this we know!! harsh words will hurt people more instead of loving them!! Treat people with kindness and respect..not hate!

    • Wut October 12, 2016

      ”Homosexuals can’t reproduce kids and that is mankind’s purpose”

      Yeah that’s exactly the reason why I hate infertile people and people who chose not to have kids… Bye Felicia

    • Justin October 12, 2016

      Did you just compare homosexuality to murder?

      Lol Bye, Girl!

    • teacher October 12, 2016

      i hope one of ur kids is gay so u can gain some compassion. being gay is beautiful and having more diversity can only help. being a close minded idiot is only going to make the world worse

  3. Money October 11, 2016

    It’s HIS opinion. Y’all can stay mad because everyone doesn’t agree with your lifestyle.

    • Paulo October 11, 2016

      that’s the thing though – it’s not his lifestyle he’s not entitled to have an opinion and point fingers. if this wasn’t about sexuality but about ethnicity instead you wouldn’t be defending this “opinion”.

    • Sasha October 11, 2016

      I totally agree. Y’all need to learn the difference between “spewing hate” & disagreeing with someone lifestyle/opinion. To every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.

    • Weaveney October 11, 2016

      Far too long have bigots been using their “opinion” as an excuse to hate. His opinion is also unfounded and uneducated – using religious dogma as an excuse for your hatred is frankly lazy.

  4. S****** Blonde October 11, 2016

    Let’s be honest here, LGBT people are very smart, I think the reason God make them face all this discrimination is because they are so damn special, think about it, philosophers, painters, poets, politicians, and 90% of actors musicians are gay, not to mention all the historical figures, the world was built by men who liked men, ancient Greek culture comes to mind. On topic, f*** this nobody.

    • RihNavy October 11, 2016

      That’s probably the most beautiful thing you’ve ever said in years. #LithiumStan

    • JOHNVIDAL October 11, 2016

      He truly is nobody and I´d be ashamed of myself if I were so ignorant.

    • RoseDutch October 11, 2016


  5. #JACKIE October 11, 2016

    Typical ignorant, closed minded rapper. Kids need to be exposed to the WORLD so that they won’t be so judgmental.

    • RihNavy October 11, 2016

      But…you judge everyone on this site sus. Wyd?

      • #JACKIE October 11, 2016

        Girl bye how can I judge a bunch of faceless fonts? Stay pressed ugly!

    • Rea October 11, 2016

      I’ve seen you use homophobic slurs though…

    • Queen Barb October 11, 2016

      Come on Jackie I’ve seen you call people f.a.g.s

      • #JACKIE October 11, 2016

        And so have most people who commented on this post so what’s your point daughter?

    • Amerikkka’s Most Wanted ~ Tyler October 11, 2016

      Girl stawp!! You and your alias Molly the Maid are the most HOMOPHOBIC people on this site.

      • #JACKIE October 11, 2016

        Girl DROWN in a tub of Clorox. The Molly thing is sooooo old and dated. Come at me with something new sis.

      • Amerikkka’s Most Wanted ~ Tyler October 11, 2016

        So you admit it, you’ve made HOMOPHOBIC remarks… Now all of a sudden you wanna be an advocate for the Gay community.

      • #JACKIE October 11, 2016

        I’m not advocating shxt you fake ass Marcus Garvey. Get outta my replies and go follow behind Molly like the PRESSED little lapdog you are.

  6. pat October 11, 2016

    when u’re irrelevant… you get the luxury of stating your just as irrelevant opinions….no endorsements to lose here folks…

  7. keepit100 October 11, 2016

    I dont have an issue with somebody disagreeing with my lifestyle, when your asked about something you yourself dont associate with, keep your mouth shut, that’s why somebody knocked him out. people these days feel to obligated to voice their opinion on things that aren’t their buisness

  8. Gay Is Disgusting October 11, 2016

    Did he say anything wrong? It’s not his fault that yall can’t produce a child together. Gays also brought
    A I D S/ H I V worldwide to the demographic. So its you guys faults to why innocent people are dying once you go back to your wife who has yet to find out you’re gay.
    Dressing up as a woman and imagining that you’re a woman but can never ever do half the things that a real woman can do is also disgusting and an act of mental disorder. F&ck yall wit dat bs!
    Why yall f8ggots mad?

    • RoseDutch October 11, 2016

      somebody mad ??

    • Danzou October 11, 2016

      This ladies and gentlemen is obviously a gay person projecting his hatred of himself from the closet.

    • Bwash October 11, 2016

      spoken like a true closet queen

    • Mc90 October 11, 2016

      We are sorry that your father did this to your mother but you don’t need to take it out on everyone else ?

    • fdf October 11, 2016

      straight people cant produce either and for the record at the end of the this year men will be able to have babies god keep on doing it for us

    • Lo October 11, 2016

      Wrong the government brought H**/A*** to the world! How the f*** it just randomly pop up. Ignorance is not an excuse but you definitely need to educate yourself! Homosexuality has been around since the Secret Band of Thebes do your research! It’s people like you who give America a bad name. Who are? No one is allowed to judge but God! And if it’s a mental disorder why is it not medication to help it? Talk about stupidity personified! Ignorance is bliss not an excuse. Educate yourself h**!

    • teacher October 12, 2016

      what ur talking about isnt about GAYs its about LIARS. anyone can spread H** if they lie to eachother. u gotta fix urslelf.

  9. LetmeSpill October 11, 2016

    Last time i checked all americans have a 2nd Amendment right to bear arms so why is it that when a black man has a picture with guns he is a thug? He is simply exercising his american right!

    Homophobia is corny however, similarly to racism we simply need to educate people that hate isn’t needed as oppose to demonising people for their views..,… White people aren’t demonized for being racists

  10. Danzou October 11, 2016

    Well It’s true. Homosexuality IS wrong however people shouldn’t be discriminated against because of it. Homosexuality is extremely controversial seeing as the actual act of s** is the choice but the urge is not. You might not wanna hear it but opposite s** is what was intended for any non asexual species to live on. That’s something that should be taught to high schools for s** Ed. Not national television. The root of heterosexuality and homosexuality is s** itself which children shouldn’t be concerned with either way.

    • Chileplease October 11, 2016

      But who are you to say what’s right and what’s wrong? Your entire comment is ignorant just like beanie’s.

      • Danzou October 11, 2016

        That’s the problem. You’re getting so offended and your emotions are clouding your vision. Homosexuality is not INTENDED. This is purely scientific. That does not mean you don’t deserve to be loved and married. However, if I were, for example, blind at birth. That’s obviously not intended. I’m supposed to have vision the same way homosexuality is SUPPOSED to be heterosexuality. But if that doesn’t happen then OK fine but don’t pretend it’s what was intended and right because it isn’t.

    • Paulo October 11, 2016

      so you don’t wear condoms? do you only have s** for reproduction? do you m*********? you’re a hypocrite and an idiot. and science would say otherwise since plenty of species, some pre-dating the human race, have presented homosexual behavior. but I’m with you on the last line tho.

      • Danzou October 11, 2016

        Paulo people use condoms because they don’t want STDs. I’m not speaking from a religious point of view so m*********** is non factor to me in this discussion.

    • keepit100 October 11, 2016

      EVERYBODY STOP WHAT YOUR DOING, god himself has commented on this post with his all knowing certainty, we can all sleep now because this random internet loser has told us whats right and wrong.. go screw yourself.

  11. Danzou October 11, 2016

    However I’m sick of this “gay agenda” narrative that mostly black men are spewing. I’m willing to bet any money that he’s watched lesbians and jacked off then turned right around and bashed homosexuals. Most homophobia stems from other things like sexism and misogyny because especially black men say stuff like “oh two women is different from two men” which completely nullifies their point.

  12. Danzou October 11, 2016

    At the same time this is HIS opinion and that’s OK. He’s obviously trash but hey.

  13. XoMoDe October 11, 2016

    Sorry, but I basically agree with him. Homosexuality is a biochemical neural abnormality. A brain glitch, if you will. If you believe in evolution and procreation, how can you not believe homosexuality isn’t a mistake? Does that mean they shouldn’t be treated with basic civility? No. But it also doesn’t mean a civil society has to embrace and normalize their sexual proclivities, or treat it like it’s an equal equivalent to heterosexuality, because it isn’t.

    • Chileplease October 11, 2016

      Show me a published scientific journal that states this. Oh right, you can’t. It’s your ignorant made up opinion based on nothing but something you came up with in your head.

      • Chileplease October 11, 2016

        Also, that’s the exact type of thinking that white people used to justify racism. They said other people were “biologically less than human”. Some made up nonsense with no scientific basing.

      • Danzou October 11, 2016

        Lol He isn’t making up anything. Homosexuality, whether you like it or not, is an honest mistake. Just like intersex people. We’re supposed to be born with either a penis or v*****. Some people aren’t and that’s OK however is still a mistake.

      • Linear October 11, 2016

        Comparing being gay/homophobia to being black/racism is not only offensive, but is also a weak deflection and an automatic voided point.

      • Chileplease October 11, 2016

        @linear. I’m not comparing human rights to anything. I’m saying people used their own made up science to justify what they thought was right vs wrong

    • teacher October 12, 2016

      oppression leads to all kinds of crazy s***. JUST LOOK AT KANYE. let people live and worry about yourself. its really not that deep. there are SO many different kinds of people in the world theres no reason to judge.

  14. Dez October 11, 2016

    Who cares what BEANS ole’ washed-up a** has to say. He’s not relevant and can’t even take a punch!!

  15. Molly October 11, 2016

    That sad part is if he died by the hands of the cops his fellow black brothers that are gay would have his back.

    • Bwash October 11, 2016

      THIS S***

    • Gay Is Disgusting October 11, 2016

      While A I D S are on their back.

      • B&B October 12, 2016

        @Gay Is Disgusting

        I can respect you disagreeing with homosexuality. But now you being hateful. That’s when the line is crossed, in reality. Every gay man does not carry am s**. For you to just throw that out there is very disrespectful. But you want to speak on morality. Its backwards…

  16. Queen Barb October 11, 2016

    Who cares what this irrelevant flop has to say?

  17. Paulo October 11, 2016

    for all the “scientists” on the comments section… 1 – plenty of species before the human race have presented homosexual/non-heterosexual behavior and are clearly not extinct. don’t come here mixing rights which are inherently SOCIAL (such as marriage) to biological theories which ARE YET TO BE CONFIRMED. there are theories as diverse as the one which states that heterosexual fertility genes could have created homosexuality on the opposed gender. so much for your normative Darwinism.

    • Danzou October 11, 2016

      Plenty of species being homosexual doesn’t make the act of homosexual s** RIGHT. Plenty of species also eat their own young as well as have s** with their own young so miss me with that “plenty of species” crap.

      • MUSICHEAD October 11, 2016

        @Danzou, here’s what I need you to understand: U have made some good points supporting your argument and 10 yrs ago I might have agreed with some of them. But for many people, homosexuality is not a choice, it is who they are whether for psychological or physiological reasons. I compare it to the abortion issue. Unless you are a woman, you have no right to decide or have an opinion about what she decides to do with her womb especially when it affects HER body. The same argument can be made for sexuality. If it is not hurting you or anyone else, why have such strong opinions about it? If you don’t agree with homosexuality, don’t be one. But for those who choose to be or have no choice but to be homosexual, let them live and keep your judgements and harsh or even hurtful opinions to yourself. It is the Godly thing to do.

      • DTG October 11, 2016

        People are allowed to have a general opinion (even if it’s a negative one) on subjects that don’t concern them. No one b****** and complains about the pro-gay or pro-abortion opinion someone who isn’t gay or a woman, but people DO wanna get bent out of shape if it’s one that’s not pro-whatever. Can’t have it both ways. People don’t get to silence those who they don’t agree with. If Lady Gaga can loudy rally in support of gays, then Beanie Sigel can express his disdain. THAT is equality.

      • Danzou October 11, 2016

        Music Head, you have completely missed the point and have chosen to pick out what I say to prove your point. I never said homosexuality was a choice. I said the act of gay s** is the choice. I never said you were condemned to hell. I never said you were even a sinner. My point of view isn’t religious. What I am telling you is that homosexuality is not intended. If it was then you’d be able to have children. I know your feelings are hurt but it’s the truth.

  18. Abel October 11, 2016

    Sickening is a black person saying this type of disgusting things. Let’s get back to the 50’s when being “black” was sickening for most of the society.

    Shut up, u stupid b****!

  19. #Nicole Nation October 11, 2016

    It’s true. That stuff doesn’t need to be on T.V. in the first place. There’s nothing wrong with two gays being in love but they don’t need to put it on TV for the whole world to look at. Boosie said the same thing, he doesn’t want his kids seeing that.

    Then again, there is a lot of stuff that shouldn’t be on TV, so why only come after homosexuality.

    • SBC19 October 11, 2016

      Basically that. IDGAF what you do behind clothed doors and with who but when you decide to expose me to that gay sh!t in public or on TV/movies, we got a problem.

      • SBC19 October 11, 2016


      • keepit100 October 11, 2016

        Your a sensitive titty baby, and if your that uncomfortable its because your daddy touched you, or because your scared someone will see you get on hard lol. any straight person that is mentally healthy and content with his sexuality wouldn’t be worried unless somebody did something inappropriate toward you. You can sit around and be salty all day nothing will change, you’ll just be salty while everybody is living their life.

      • keepit100 October 12, 2016

        Your a sensitive baby, and if your that uncomfortable its because your da**y touched you, or because your scared someone will see you get too excited lol. any straight person that is mentally healthy and content with his sexuality wouldn’t be worried unless somebody did something inappropriate toward you. You can sit around and be salty all day nothing will change, you’ll just be salty while everybody is living their life.

    • Paulo October 11, 2016

      shut up. it needs to be on TV just as much as any other type of positive and loving behavior. exposure to different sexualities is not going to “turn” a straight kid but will show a non-straight kid that there’s a place in the world for them.

      • SBC19 October 11, 2016

        It’s not “loving” behavior tho, it’s disturbed and degenerate behavior.

      • Paulo October 11, 2016

        no. “degenerate” is feeling like you can push your conservative and close-minded agenda onto the whole world and “disturbed” are those who are bugged out by safe and healthy sexual activities who have nothing to do with them.

      • Paulo October 11, 2016


    • Mc90 October 11, 2016

      Yes because murder, guns, drugs, racisim, r*** and heterosexual s** are all PG ? Let’s show kids that and forget that having LGBT community on the TV can be relatable to some viewer or another. Teaching kids of any age, race or background that being gay is bad only causes mental problems later in life

  20. The Legend Called Missy Elliott October 11, 2016

    I don’t know why y’all pay the so called “straight” men dust. A hit dog will holler. Those the make a big deal out of it will be the first ones trying to suck a d*** on the low. Three biggest self hating h*** on this thread. Have several hundred seats on a big black d****.

  21. Rima October 11, 2016

    Wow these comments.
    All of a sudden the hive isn’t claiming “Gay”

    • The Legend Called Missy Elliott October 11, 2016

      I don’t care about talk. Call me gay whatever. Just don’t call me a broke, multiple baby having never getting married, trash box. We secure over here. Your approval is not needed.

      • teacher October 12, 2016


  22. DTG October 11, 2016

    When they start indoctrinating elementary school kids with that “Wendy has 2 dads” story time crap, I got to say hold up. It’s one thing to have to tolerate it as grown folks, but now pro-gay propaganda is being imposed on little kids AGAINST their parents will and that’s not cool.

    • Mc90 October 11, 2016

      What happens if someone in that class has two days or two moms…. what do we do then?

      • Mc90 October 11, 2016


    • keepit100 October 11, 2016

      Oh noooo, pigs will fall from the sky, and people will be marrying animals next right? STFU, people need to see that life isn’t as black and white as people like you make it out to be. Not to make kids gay, or tell them what lifestyle they should live, but to embrace EVERYBODY regardless of how different they are. You sound like a radical idiot. so much hate and stupidity, stop making homosexuality about your personal feeling..

  23. Kylla Williams October 11, 2016

    Everyone thats upset over his judgment should never come on here and judge ANY artist. U all sit on this blog daily spewing ur hate wishing death on anyone that isnt ur fave just to condemn this man about his views. If u feel this strongly about ones opinion and feels he shouldn’t express how he feels neither should u.

    • 2bad2bme October 11, 2016

      Thank you! They are doing the same thing people did to them in school. Telling folks they are in the closet and gay but when it was done to them they wants to cry homophobic. SMH

      • Danzou October 11, 2016

        @2bad right. They always calling usher and Maxwell queens but get mad when these same celebrities don’t support them.

      • 2bad2bme October 11, 2016

        @Danzou Cuz they confused. The whole situation is a confused mess!

  24. Trina October 11, 2016

    So many nasty comments out here !! Why are some people so mad about gay stuff being on TV and all? If you don’t like it, don’t watch it and shut the hell up.

    • keepit100 October 11, 2016

      Preach, welcome to the generation of people that think its cool to blast everybody who doesn’t live life like they do, and try to change everybody’s opinions instead of living in peace. #hopingforbetterdays

  25. keepit100 October 11, 2016

    Some of y’all with these conspiracy theories and wack ass opinions/ ideas, if your not gay, your not qualified to speck on homosexuality, nor do you understand it #mindyourbuisness

    • Danzou October 11, 2016

      Then you’re not allowed to speak on legal issues since you’re not a lawyer.

      • keepit100 October 11, 2016

        Because obviously this conversaiton was about being a lawyer.. stfu

  26. MUSICHEAD October 11, 2016

    Who cares? This washed up rapper has every right to his opinion. It is okay not to agree with homosexuality, especially if it conflicts with your moral or religious beliefs. However, disagreement does not mean you have the right to slander or condemn. If you don’t like homosexuality, don’t be a homosexual. The end!

  27. Reality October 11, 2016

    I always laugh when people say “gays can’t reproduce” So what about the woman who has fertility issues? Or the man who has s**** issues? Technically they can’t reproduce either. So are they any less human? And what about all the heterosexuals out there having s** before marriage? The Bible says sin is equal and not one is greater than the other. Wrong is wrong in God’s eye. Some people love to cherry pick the Bible to fit their needs. The Bible is complete package that should be followed and accepted from Genesis to Revelation.
    “Ye without sin cast the first stone.”
    As we have seen, the person who is always fussing about homosexuality is the one who is on the DL and fighting their own conflictions.

    • Bonnie October 11, 2016

      But to live in a thing and say it’s OK is were it differs I Na be working on not lying but homos except this is ok

    • john October 11, 2016

      But to live in a thing and say it’s OK is were it differs I Na be working on not lying but homos except this is ok

      • john October 11, 2016

        I may be

  28. Sharp October 11, 2016

    Once upon a time white people said the same thing about seeing blacks tv…

    • Danzou October 11, 2016

      So then these two are obviously unable to be compared right?

    • Amerikkka’s Most Wanted ~ Tyler October 11, 2016

      Don’t do it.

    • Anna October 11, 2016

      NOT the same thing, dumass. by far!

      • Sharp October 11, 2016

        How are they not the same thing?
        Prejudice is Prejudice

      • Anna October 11, 2016

        You risk belittling one or the other by comparing the two.

      • RihNavy October 11, 2016

        Kiiii! DRAG MOTHA

  29. Jason October 11, 2016

    You’re a non Muthafucking factor, b****!!! Speak of your relevance…. *Crickets… I hate this old learned nonsense! You need to teach your son that people come in all forms and orientations. ?

  30. Jamie October 11, 2016

    I don’t give the slightest fukkkkk. Wouldn’t offer him the azzz at my lowest point in life, but Danzou on the other hand, can get it all day long!!!!

  31. RihNavy October 11, 2016

    Wow…this post surprisingly blew up

    • 2bad2bme October 11, 2016

      Cuz of me! They got in their feelings

      • RihNavy October 11, 2016

        I’m sorry, sis, I don’t use trash.

      • 2bad2bme October 11, 2016

        @RihNavy I’m not your sis what is wrong with you people!

      • Danzou October 11, 2016

        @2bad I HATE when they call me sis lol I don’t get it.

      • Anna October 11, 2016

        Marsha/Dyykezou you’re one of the gurls tho hunny, when they call you sis it’s completely justified.

      • RihNavy October 11, 2016

        @Annalise, GATHA HA! 2Fat2bBad & Lil’ Dickie are pressedT!

      • teacher October 12, 2016

        why u proud to be living through a screen. go outside. maybe then ud open ur eyes and see people arent all just like you

  32. CommonSense October 11, 2016

    Ewww… They know homosexuality is straight up sick but they wana force their lifestyle on everybody like they’re the only ones with rights. Gtfoh with this ffuucckkery

  33. fdf October 11, 2016

    its funny that alot of people saying reproduce but god didnt say have them kids out of wedlock that’s fornication and god dont like that and you will go to hell for that

    • Danzou October 11, 2016

      Regardless of religious beliefs, having children is a specific phenomenon. Two men or women can’t reproduce therefore it isn’t right.

      • keepit100 October 12, 2016

        so should we start stoning women with fertility issues, or straight couples that decide that don’t want kids? STFU idiot

  34. fdf October 11, 2016

    and god never said that being god was a sin not once in the bible in Leviticus when it said it was a abomination while there is lots of things that are abomination eating fish and pork having kids and not married all and the reason for these things is cause it was for the iraelites it was there custom i wish people would learn the history around the bible first before they go quoting scripture

    • 2bad2bme October 11, 2016

      I wish you would too because eating certain foods was under the mosaic law which Jesus died for so that we do not follow CERTAIN things as the Israelites did.

      • Danzou October 11, 2016

        And even still scientifically, homosexuality is wrong. Period.

      • Blue Ivy Rod October 11, 2016

        what science?

      • Danzou October 11, 2016

        The same science that got you here n****. nine months inside of a woman. That science. stop trying me.

  35. Wayno October 11, 2016

    Did someone steal Beans “cakes” behind bars…?

  36. J_E_Mini October 11, 2016

    Man f*** that queen. P**** just got knocked the f*** out, now he comments on something that he know nothing about. Step ya jaw game up fuckboy. Your music career is in the toilet, and you took an L. The funny part is that this f** had to take some d*** while in prison. But they consider that prison…not gay lol

  37. So!!!! October 11, 2016

    It’s his opinion. There’s a few people left who actually believe what God said. That’s why I refuse to have kids for the world to completely gross them out. #nastyasses

    • 2bad2bme October 11, 2016

      Right and that is why the world is a complete mess because it is not up to man to direct his own step!

    • keepit100 October 11, 2016

      Because obviously the bible is the exact word of god.

  38. RICHIE_RICH October 11, 2016

    To each its own. I’m GAY and proud. I can care less what the next person thinks.

    We live in a society where thing are different. ????

    • Eldela October 11, 2016

      Really, you can?

      • RICHIE_RICH October 11, 2016

        Yup, I do everyday ‼️?

  39. Blue Ivy Rod October 11, 2016

    you have every right to voice out your opinion, however, your hate is a social construct. There is no evidence proving that being apart of the LGBT community is wrong or ungodly.

    Also what people fail to realize if you can “choose” to be “gay” then you can also choose to be “straight”. if the point of marriage is to only procreate then how come you are able to impregnate single women or women in same s** relationships? If the point of life is to just breed and raise the next generation then by that logic every married couple should be able to or should have kids, if the world could only support 1 billion people and with the amount of gays, childless couples or people who are single living on the earth accumulates to 7 billion then wouldn’t your knowledge be flawed because the world will be in peril and would not be able to sustain that many people?

    Sometimes you really have to sit down and see the world for what it is and that’s a place where different species can coexist and thrive like an ecosystem. there needs to be balance, or else the way of life breaks down and starts over again

  40. LaVert Foote October 11, 2016

    Everybody has a say about homosexuality and sins.
    Well let’s talk about the heterosexual and there sins
    Baby’s out of wedlock
    Women having baby after baby and have of them don’t even know who the father of there child is.
    Lets talk about the women who aallow there boyfriends guys that they hardly even to watch there children and they m***** the baby or have murdered the baby cause they wouldn’t stop crying.
    Women on the DL
    Men on the DL
    Pastors on the DL and those who have been exposed as s**-offenders.
    Judges on the DL and some who have been exposed as s**-offenders.
    We hear about this on the news everyday all over the world.
    No one talks about this.
    So if your going to talk about it talk about everything.

    • Sharp October 11, 2016

      Preach!!! ? ? ?
      They don’t want to hear the truth!!!!

  41. tikklzzz October 11, 2016

    The gays are so emotionally unstable its not even funny.

    • RICHIE_RICH October 11, 2016

      Oh yea ,please explain how? The gays aren’t the ones with the issue?

    • teacher October 12, 2016

      u ever think thats because they have people like this fool and you telling them who they are is wrong every day of their life. id be pretty unstable

  42. FC/JC October 11, 2016

    When will the gays learn to pay these type of comments, especially from ugly a** straight men, Does it really have that much of an effect anymore. Chile, the lgbt will always be a target, grow some thicker skin and leave comments like this in the dust, it is his opinion. Not everyone can be forced into agreeing with the homosexual lifestyle.

    • keepit100 October 12, 2016

      its not about getting anybody to agree, you can’t disrespect an entire group of people and thinks it’s cool because its just your opinion, years ago it was just white peoples opinions that black people were animals and should be enslaved. funny how some opinions should be kept to ones self..

  43. Smile! October 11, 2016

    Point being – love conquers all. Not everyone is going to agree with you but guess what – that’s their f****** problem – let them lose sleep over it while you’re being happy!

    Do you and if you aren’t hurting anybody then that’s all that matters.

    • OQRAM October 12, 2016

      It’s not all that matters. There’s right and there’s wrong. And homosexuality is wrong. We’ve become a society that wants to coddle people who have been on the receiving end of mistreatment to the point where we’re blatantly overlooking the problematic aspects of what they do and who they are. Gays shouldn’t be targets of abuse, but they shouldn’t be endorsed either.

      • keepit100 October 12, 2016

        We’ve become a society that tries to dictate everybody else lifestyles, and judging everybody as if god wants us to be his personal jury of who is living their life right and wrong, if everybody minded their own business, there’s be less problems

  44. Justafan October 11, 2016

    Hilarious coming from the only person Janet ever regretted collaborating with due to his stance. Meanwhile, we ALL know he loves his lollypops…..

  45. Smile! October 11, 2016

    I find it ironic that black people can be the most judgmental yet in the Bible it says having slaves is okay.

    Are we going to pretend we didn’t see that?

    • CommonSense October 11, 2016

      God freed his people from bondage through Moses! Where in the bible did God rejoice in slavery?? *roll eyes* you are so pathetic.

    • Anna October 11, 2016

      I’d really like to hear which scripture says this firstly. Secondly let’s not go off on a tangent and generalise/demonise a race based on a 100+ comment section on a blog of all places.

      • RihNavy October 11, 2016

        @Annalise, GATHA HA! 2Fat2bBad & Lil’ Dickie are pressedT!

      • Danzou October 11, 2016

        @fagnavy not as pressed as you commenting the same thing more than once. You’re gay and that’s ok. However, when you suck a d*** you are wrong for it. Gather that h**.

  46. fresj October 11, 2016

    LMFAO!!! I can’t believe you guys fell for these trolls/TGJ staff fluffing the comment section up.
    If you’re gay,be gay. Don’t let some stupid book that goat fuckers wrote,who didn’t know a tenth of what we do now stop you.Most Christians don’t actually know a thing about their religion.Their literally parrots.
    This man promotes murder and crime, has done multiple stints in prison,flooded neighborhoods with drugs, terrorized families in his own “hood”sold poison to his own people and he’s concerned about gays?Now he’s concerned about what kids are seeing? I grew up in Philly I know all the stories, most were true.He should still be in prison.
    He hasn’t had a career in almost a decade, I don’t even know why he’s being interviewed other than being knocked out by Miss Meek’s crew.
    Life is much too short to be concerned about what people think about. I still find it troubling that in 2016,people are still letting a 2000+ yr old book,that’s been modified and changed dictate their life.

    • Danzou October 11, 2016

      OK but even outside of religious beliefs it’s still wrong. Strip away the religious and spiritual crap and it’s still gonna boil down to one thing…you weren’t meant to suck another guys c***.

    • Kiii October 12, 2016

      Thank you! I found it suspicious that all these homophobic biggots were coming out of nowhere, im pretty sure they do the same thing on BLM posts. Anyway you’re right it’s mf’s that do the worst stuff talking about homosexuality is sin but his whole life is a sin. He needs to worry about his musty a** not going back to prison

  47. RihNavy October 11, 2016

    @Annalise, came to slay bih!

    • Danzou October 11, 2016

      A***-ease isn’t slaying anything but his own insides every time he gets plowed by a man. Get a life navy. TGJ isn’t getting you any closer to the happiness and validation you so truly crave.

      • teacher October 12, 2016

        ur really fantasizing about it. u wanna get ur insides plowed?

  48. cocobutta October 12, 2016

    Lord if everyone could reproduce this planet would blow up due to over population.

    I thank my gay friends for not bringing no rugrats to the world to fk up my environment more.
    Mother nature is not here to bless the earth, she comes as a reaper with her in land hurricanes, tsunamis, major storms and earthquakes to take out people.

  49. Thando October 12, 2016

    Religion is the problem. It is the genesis of all hatred, bigotry, evil and intolerance. Bigotry (the art and act of unprovoked hatred) is the lubrication for ALL religious intercourse. Whether it be misogyny, racism, homophobia or the ilk, the root cause of all of it is the poison of the pulpit. Without religion good people do good things, bad people do bad things, it is only with RELIGION that good people do/say evil things.

    This is a fact of human history. All slaves were anointed with a Bible when they arrived on the shores of America, why else do you think Christianity is so ingrained in African-American culture? Why else do you think that Black men make up one of the most homophobic groups in America? The answer is religion. The most evil minds are found at the church/mosque/synagogue.

    Black people are the most homophobic people on Earth, along with all Catholics, the KKK, Arabic nations and or Muslims. For Black people hating a gay person is not only a cultural duty & responsibility, it is a virtue.

    Its not shocking that this Sigel primate is sickened by homosexuality. Sadly no amount of education can heal a mind that’s been destroyed by religion because the toxin of religion are stronger than death. Any education you give to a homophobe is wasted energy, because religion has already irreparably corrupted their mind.

    So, the words of a homophobe are meaningless BUT if they dare put their filthy hands on you, you make sure that you send them to the cemetery where all vermin belongs.

    • OQRAM October 12, 2016

      That was a long-winded rant of nothing. Be quiet. And what makes you so tough? If someone puts their hands on you, perhaps it will be you who winds up in the cemetery after it’s over.

      • keepit100 October 13, 2016

        stfu your mad because the post is right i hope you end up in the cemetery

    • teacher October 12, 2016

      u cant solve hate with hate. GROW UP

  50. Delroy Dussard October 12, 2016

    I’d like to no what himself and other homophobic twats are planning to do to help our fellow Haitians every time I hear these people banning on about what’s right and makes me want to know how Christian they are how they feel doing videos with girls pretty much pimping themselves out what does he say to his kids about that and how many charities he’s supports

  51. nico October 12, 2016

    Im gay i really dont care about that hate my life is too complicated I dont want more drama in my life my family dont know my lifestyle I cant tell them they are really religious at the end of the day I have two boyfriends one is my first love second is the best thing ever heard not many people know im gay even all thoses years in relationship im really hot myself as a black man I dont care lol ? I was heterosexuel until my 20 age I dont want get back with a girl just to have kids or satisfy family people life is already difficult thoses dramas cant even affect me im over I dont look gay that’s why girls continue to rise around me Im a man and a b**** so im proud yes ?☺? see you soon in us only if you choose right president

  52. Kiii October 12, 2016

    The ignorance & homophobia in these comments. Yikessss

  53. e Nowqd Redv dibut it ash trjoan ivy blobukz Need UK timely Ukuno eremixi October 12, 2016

    Who is the heck is He

  54. Willie October 13, 2016

    Now, I don’t know if he is religious or not with his comment. If he is then he should know there are no little sins & big sins. All sins will take you to hell W/O forgiveness.

    If he can explain to his son about 3-somes he sings about then explaining two men kissing shouldn’t be a problem. Be the man you say you are. Let’s not agree to an interview & then skirt around questions with philosophical mambo jumbo.

    The world may not be what he wants it to be, but it is what it is. I wish rap/hip hop would go back to positive messages, but everyone is too busy dissing each other. Build up our people first… spread love & acceptance within our community. Build up the black man & woman. As long as the rap/hip hop games/battles & wars continue, so will our outlook on life.

    Black men be man & raise your boys to respect themselves as a people & everything else around them won’t matter nor distract them. You can’t wave guns on an CD cover (props or not) & expect peace in the valley. You can’t expect others to value our lives when we don’t. BANG, BANG, YOU’RE DEAD!!! The LGBT community will take care of itself (it did get a president to acknowledge it)… meanwhile, the rap & hip hop culture was busy disrespecting the black women W/O thought of how it would affect the children.

    No daddy at home? Who were the black boys to emulate? Daddy out turning tricks? They saw the pain their mamas when through… Daddy behind bars? Who’s there to tell them what a man’s suppose to do or be?

    …Baring false witness against the sisters… She tried to trap me by having a baby… Yes, she did that! She made you go all the way up in her WITHOUT a condom & deposit a s**** that would turn into your offspring some 9 months later. Oh, yes, you have a lot to be sick about concerning the LGTB community for. Ya’ll scream about not wanting to be disrespected. Who has really been disrespected for the love of the almighty dollar?

    Watch your baby boys… When they are in 3rd grade, the forces start to work keeping up with the discipline problems at school with every write up. This is how they tabulate how many prisons they are going to need to build in the future. Now, on the other hand, They may just convert the FEMA concentration camps (Google them) to the new prisons. Now, isn’t that something to think about?

    If you have a child who turns out to be gay, what then? will you turn them out into the streets? Will you take them out of this world? If your man child goes to prison, he will be in the largest LGTB community, but it won’t be so nice…”What goes on in Vegas, stays in Vegas.”… Not pretty at all… Good rhythm, rhyme, beats, syncopation, sells… Now, let’s try the lyrics! Explain to your son everything that needs explaining so he will know regardless how sickening it is to you. Put on your big boy drawers. Ignorance is not bliss in this day & time…


    • keepit100 October 13, 2016

      Somebody here is officially woke.

  55. keepit100 October 13, 2016

    i automatically know somebody is a pathetic hypocrite, when they make a statement about how homosexuality makes them sick, then raps about having a threesome with two women. I’m sure god approves as long as it’s women and in the privacy of “mens” bedrooms.

  56. Caleb October 13, 2016

    He’s been saying this for years. It seems it’s the only time he’s really able to make any headlines.

    “I shouldn’t have to explain to my son why there are men kissing on tv.” There’s a lot of things much worse you could be worried about having to explain to your son, like why there are so many people incarcerated in the supposed most free country in the world, why there are millions of homeless people and folks in poverty in the richest country in the world, and we could go on and on.

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