#Beyhive Continue To Drag Ann Coulter On Twitter For Slamming Beyonce

Published: Friday 14th Oct 2016 by Rashad

We thought political commentator Ann Coulter would’ve taken a note from the unforgiving wig snatching afforded to Trump advisor Betsy McCaughey earlier this week by Beyonce‘s beloved fan base The Beyhive.

In case you missed it, McCaughey took to CNN to slam presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton for supporting Bey (more on that here).  Apparently Coulter’s the one who missed it as she, just a day after McCaughey’s Instagram page was flooded with bee emojis, took to Twitter to incorrectly slam the Grammy-winning singer for offensive lyrics:


There’s only one problem:  Beyonce didn’t actually utter those words…Nicki Minaj did. Needless to say, the stings are unrelenting and are continuing as we speak.

On Twitter:

cxzx asd xx c x z


On Instagram:


We’re sure Betsy is thanking Ann for taking the heat off her.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Queen Barb October 14, 2016

    What a dumbass white b****.

    She deserves this dragging and more.

    • surprise..dec.2013 October 14, 2016

      She sure does…..where in the hell does Beyonce boast about sexual assault. What a fool she is along with that other idiot that on CNN saying “THE RED LOBSTER” line was equal to randomly grabbing pussycats?????????

  2. Tori October 14, 2016

    You know I don’t even think they fully listen to Beyoncé. First the Hilary lyric f*** up now the Nicki Minaj lyric f***…like if you really wanted to drag Beyonce over bad/s** driven lyrics, Partition, Drunk In Love, Naughty Girl, Blow, Bootylicous… Like how do you get it wrong? Twice? LMAO, it’s like they’re trying but not really.

  3. King B October 14, 2016

    LOL. Y’all not gonna drag Miley? Madonna? Gaga? THESE PEOPLE SELL S**. How bout watch any of Gaga videos or Madge or watch Miley’s touring videos. I don’t care if Hilarry do not listen to or support them but they are a million times worse than Bey. Oh, I forgot that they are a flop.

    • Max October 15, 2016

      Madonna is a flop?

  4. B2B October 14, 2016

    I wonder so Bey be at home like “Finish her!” ??? I don’t get why they’re trying to bring Beyoncé into this debate! You b****** will not MJ her!

  5. LmfaoHoe October 14, 2016

    This ugly b**** needs to sit the f*** down. This is a prime example of you should think before you speak, b**** didn’t even know her facts. Soon as I read that tweet I knew from the jump Bey ain’t never said some s*** like that before or now.

  6. cocobutta October 14, 2016

    Any h** who need attention brings up Beyoncé..
    These heifers want that Piers Morgan drag coverage from the hive as he trended.

    I see through the smoke and mirrors.
    Those b1tches need to flush their toilets instead of filling it with extra shhiiittt

  7. Weezy Tha Goat/ Zayn is ? October 14, 2016

    This dumb h** is just trolling for some attention. I still LOL at her impression on Boondocks.

  8. e Nowqd Redv dibut it ash trjoan ivy blobukz Need UK timely Ukuno eremixi October 14, 2016

    Someone better tell that white chick to shut her dumb a** up and keep it moving

  9. blue October 14, 2016

    do the hive not have lives? I at least understand this woman’s view and what she was going for, don’t agree with it and again neither bey nor Michelle are running for presidency but that’s what happens when you name a celebrity as a role model

    • surprise..dec.2013 October 14, 2016

      That WOMAN u are tying to defend is a MASTER RACIST TROLL who basically says anything for attention. That is her brand…i bet she just googled “BEYONCE P**** LYRICS” to try to justify SEXUAL ASSAULT of women in those trump tapes. What Beyonce does or sings does not appropriate sexual assault or even makes note of it, therefore there is no correlation whatsoever. NOTHING SHE SAID MADE ANY SENSE, SHE IS A TROLL THAT NEEDS TO BE ELIMINATED FROM THE FACE OF THE EARTH.

      • BangBang? October 15, 2016

        Damn! Spit that venom! lol ?

    • Amerikkka’s Most Wanted ~ Tyler October 15, 2016

      You sound like a f****** c***. Why are you defending that Trump advocate?

      • Anna October 15, 2016

        SCREAMING!!! U betta drag him like you dragged Tasha

    • Hmmm… October 15, 2016

      You’re actually retarded. Stephen King oh so eloquently stated that Trump and his administration appeals to stupid people. That’s why Trump got so much support. And that’s why you “understand” this raging racist’s point of view. Because you’re stupid, easily manipulated, and ignorant to contextualized concepts. I’m not gonna repeat what @surprise has already spoken, even though I’m sure you didn’t get it. I’ve said this before. Political and/or racial issues are reserved for the educated. Don’t worry though. I’m sure TGJ will post some sort of hot topic that’s more on your level soon.

  10. Fancy BISH October 15, 2016

    Donald has the RNC in the dumps, and these BASIC heffas are going plum crazy lol…the desperation is REAL.

  11. Danzou October 15, 2016

    White becky strikes again.

  12. BangBang? October 15, 2016

    Fainted! B**** you should have keeled over and died!! Make me ?

  13. Lea October 15, 2016

    Typical broke, jobless bums with nothing else to do. What a filthy fan base!

  14. Mariah Carey October 15, 2016

    The Republicans are finished. All hail the incomparable Ms. Clinton dahhhhhhhling!

  15. Jamon October 15, 2016

    Didn’t TGJ already report this. We get it, Beyonce fans & TGJ defends her. Forget what she says. I’m sure by now she doesn’t care what y’all have to say. She’ll probably be using theither cyber bullying against Beyonce next.

  16. HONEY G October 15, 2016

    When I say honey, you say G

  17. bad October 15, 2016

    beyonce role model really!!!hmmm ..now we all know what the world is turning to

  18. Terny October 15, 2016

    And somewhere Beyoncé’s shaking her head wondering why her fans had to be ghetto couch potato ? hoodrats on welfare always on the offensive instead of classy respectable fans like Mariah’s Lambs who are grounded in the fact their fave is supreme and don’t need to go on a rampage… Poor yonce.. Ki

    • kiiii October 15, 2016

      Lol classy respectable fans? Have you seen how the twitter lambs went off on Miley and Demi. Nothing classy and respectable about the stuff I read

  19. Don’t even October 15, 2016

    No lies detected. Doesn’t Beyoncé sing about giving head in a limo? Being a typical black stereotype singing about red lobster for getting good d***?

    • Surprise..(DEC 2013) October 15, 2016


  20. FC/JC October 15, 2016

    Literally making these bytches famous for free…. when will the Hive learn?

  21. JuJu October 16, 2016

    Buhhh I luv Ann Coulter too… I don’t agree with her on many things, but I just love how free and unfiltered the woman is, she’ll be the last person in the universe to care about the beyhive when she insulted Mexicans, a whole nation and she is still doing fine. I don’t see the drag here. Besides, Beyonce is not running for president… yet.

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