Chart Check [Billboard 200]: Britney Spears’ ‘Glory’ Slips To #200 In Less Than 2 Months

Published: Saturday 22nd Oct 2016 by Rashad

While the likes of Drake, Beyonce, Rihanna, and Adele continue to enjoy top 30 success months and months after the debuts of their respective albums, pop princess/once bonafide seller Britney Spears can’t exactly boast the same.

In fact, since its moderate #3 debut on charts in September, the project – christened ‘Glory’ – has failed to live up to its namesake as it has been on a continuous freefall since (a haunting fact considering some of the industry’s top critics indicated it’s easily her best album in years).

With sales of less than 175,000 SPS to date, the buying public doesn’t mirror the sentiment apparently.

For, fast forward to this – the 7th week of its availability – and peruse of pop charts reveal the set has dropped over 60 spots and is one position away from falling out of the top 200 all together! Ouch…

Billboard 200 This Week

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  1. Rima October 22, 2016

    Where’s Lemonade though?

    • Kate October 23, 2016

      she has two diamond status albums and yet to release second single.
      Rihanna, Beyonce and Drake can have 5 more albums but still couldn’t outsell Britney’s discography. 🙂

      • hoy tengo ganas de ti October 23, 2016

        Too busy slaying her TODAY. S****** is a huge flop last 10 years. Good Girl Gone Bad and I Am Sasha Fierce outsold Blackout + Circus + Femme Fatale + Britney Jean + Glory combined if you want to talk about digital era when they released close to each other.

    • CommonSense October 23, 2016

      Omg! After all is said and done… When we look at BB200 top 25 Album we see ADELE RIHANNA DRAKE even KANYE… Where is BEYLOW???

      • Danny Beys October 23, 2016

        Selling more physical copies than all of those of which you named.

  2. GEEZUS October 22, 2016

    Sucks giving that there are some bops on the album. Hope they give her an official 2nd single to promote

    • Rima October 22, 2016

      Lemonade is out of top 25? ??

      • HailLegendBeysus October 23, 2016

        Keep humble bitxh! Joe Dirt is about to suffer the same fate! While Anti and Lemonade will remain RELEVANT on BB200!
        Im sure perfect delusion is out the Hot100 this week and Million Flops will be out by next week! ?

      • Mark111 October 23, 2016

        Joe Dirt. ? ?

  3. Fancy BISH October 23, 2016

    Still an ICON’s Britney, BIIIITCH lol

    • Jemina Nelson October 23, 2016


  4. Jackx October 23, 2016

    It’s far than Joanne tho.
    hope they release a second single soon

  5. Mark111 October 23, 2016

    Shows that Anti streaming strength isn’t easy to come by. This will be Gag Gag’s Roseanne is 5 weeks.

    • HailLegendBeysus October 23, 2016

      Poor Rih is being outsold by Halseys 1 YEAR OLD album! ???

      • King B October 23, 2016

        Deep down inside, I know the Slaves wished Auntie is selling more in pure sales. I mean, after the “I don’t want to hear artist can’t sell album” b******* and now they are celebrating streams more than the Hives when DrIL and 7/11 slay the chart. No matter how they tryna spin it, pure sales>>> streams. Hence the reason why its always in bracket. Anti sold 500k (1.4 Mil SPS).

      • JOHNVIDAL October 23, 2016

        King B
        Of course everybody knows real sales>>>streams. Everybody knows it and they know it. Streaming has saved soem particular type of artists.

      • CommonSense October 23, 2016

        Hold up! Didn’t BeylowRihanna released an album recently? Fetch a magnifying glass then make like Dora and go search for LemonFADE on the relevant BB200 chart! We can’t find it! @HailShyyt

      • Girl October 23, 2016

        B**** poor rih, you need to be feeling bad for Beyoncé cause I don’t see her album in this list meanwhile after Danm near 10 moth anti is still seating pretty in the top 20.

    • Mark111 /.\ October 23, 2016

      Halsey who? bc the thing I know only sold 200K to date. Streaming means nothing? I gues Apple is speanding billions for nothing I guess. I don’t see your girl’s album on this list. Someone didn’t last long…

  6. Mark111 October 23, 2016

    ? > ? ? ?

  7. Lourdes October 23, 2016

    Can’t spot Lemoflop on top 25 tho. Lol while ANTI, 25
    and Dangerous Girl stand firm on top 25.

    • Mark111 /.\ October 23, 2016

      I mean they say she have longevity… that what they say.

      • HailLegendBeysus October 23, 2016

        Um… she does. Self-Titled spent its 33 month on the 200 and hasn’t once left the chart. When will any of frihs 926281719 albums? Lemonslayed will do the same. It’ll also be back in the top 25 at 21 once this weeks charts are updated. Wi probably shoot passed auntie once it’s released to Spotify and Apple in April next year. Just wait and see. Keep humble like the fad stan.

      • Mark111 /.\ October 23, 2016

        Where’s Minute-maid?
        *Brings up a whole other album*
        That’s cute, but where’s her 2016 release on this list? I can’t find it. Once an album leaves the top 40, no one cares. lol

  8. Hills October 23, 2016

    Who stan this cringeworthy princess with no pipe? Ya’ll need a grip. Basic bishes.

    • Jay December 31, 2016

      She, nor anybody else, claimed her to be a “vocalist”. Not everybody needs to scream, shout, holler, and yell to be able to sell a song. Everybody don’t do that. Everybody can’t do that.

  9. Mo October 23, 2016

    Im shook

  10. Indie October 23, 2016

    Did Britney make a great album? Yes thats all she can do, albums don;t make money no more thats why artist don;t send as much profit flying around the world to promote them like they used to. I would love to see Brit Brit promote this album properly but her residency pays her millions yearly, home girls gotta eat! lol, Notice how all artist release the album and then are on tour literally the week after now, cos that’s where the money is at! what would be nice if in Britney’s time off she just like 10 music videos lol and released them through out the year

    • King B October 23, 2016

      SHE PROMOTED IT LIKE CRAZY. But not everyone’s is Beyoncé. A 30 second cameos is enough to send RTW back to top 30, A 69cent discount is enough to send Halo to top 30. A bit of album discount is enough for 4 to reenter iTunes top 30. She doesn’t need Carpool Karaoke nor performing on 4 different slot at the VMAs. Oh, and flop Tidal charity concert boost her album too.

  11. King B October 23, 2016

    The Rihanna stan is getting cocky. I thought he left this site and never coming back? Lemonade already outsold BEYONCÉ’s carbon copy, I mean Anti in pure sales by three times. I expect to see the album to stay in the top 20 until next decade. As for Britney stan, Diamond album means nothing, look at Usher and Norah and your fav. Meanwhile, Beyoncé effortlessly sell albums, singles, tickets and dominate the streaming site. That’s not all, she has the impact, power, acclaim and awards. Your favorite either has that or this but not all of these COMBINED.

    • JOHNVIDAL October 23, 2016

      I agree with part of your comment. But I think you´re wrong in one thing: a diamond album DOES mean soemthing. It means a lot. Even if you don´t have that kind of success ever again, it does mean a lot.

      • King B October 23, 2016

        Yeah. The way the haters drag Bey as if the Diamond album can make them immune to flopping.

  12. King B October 23, 2016

    2016 is a GREAT YEAR. The Slave,Cutters and the Robotney Stan were dragging Bey back in 2011. And now, none of their fav can sell more than 4. Beyoncé’s star power is getting bigger and bigger. Every week, she has 3 albums charting. I Am… Sasha Fierce spent it’s 130++ Weeks, Beyoncé 144 weeks. Your fav wish they have this longevity.

  13. JOHNVIDAL October 23, 2016

    I don´t think it is nice to single out Britney Spears, especially at this stage of her career. Why did you need to do such thing? Many albums suffer that fate. If I have to give my opinion on her as an artist everybody knows I think she is talentless and the only thing she could do was dancing and performing 10 and 15 years ago. But I´m not a hater waiting to destroy people or throw personal attacks. This wasn´t nice and wa snot needed. You guys stan for charts and not music.And I´m talking about Sam among others.

    • POETRY October 23, 2016

      You can say this a fuxxqing billion times but these full of hatred ratchets chart slave are here to stay. They lived charts, sleep charts, eat the fuxxqing charts. I mean The Chainsmokers is a legend for staying long enough with #1 spot on BB100 with their super basic a** song if that is how we view the quality of music.i mean even beyonce doesnt have #1 hit song that stays 100000 weeks at the no.1 spot on BB100.

      • JOHNVIDAL October 23, 2016

        Thanks for yout sanity. More people like you are needed in this site. You should see what they are doing once again in the SNL Gaga post. Charts chart charts, nothing about her performances which is the topic (and which were great). At the end of the day most of the comments come from a couple of people under 10 different user names. They all say the same and write the same. Appalling and retarded.

    • Janet October 24, 2016

      Omg, I say the same thing. This whole site is full of the same 8-10 @ssholes who talk constantly about Beyonce or Rihanna, even on other artist posts. The writers are pathetic. Its just a really negative place that I rarely visit these days. I dont know why everyone is so angry over music/artists, but these folks need help.

      • JOHNVIDAL October 24, 2016


  14. myloyaltybelongstoriri October 23, 2016

    lol,the hives have resulted to past glory,I can’t deal.hives r just mad that Anti is pissing on lemonade

  15. hoy tengo ganas de ti October 23, 2016

    This b**** has been a flop in entire digital era sans a couple of songs. Her best selling album in that period was Circus (a huge comeback according to her fans) and it was outsold by albums like Hard Candy by Madonna, Talk That Talk/Unapologetic by Rihanna, Beyonce by Beyonce and others. Her fans can only cling to her sales from 100 years ago when everyone and their mamas were selling those numbers (Celine, Shania, Eminem, Backstreet Boys were outselling her too) since it was peak of albums sales.

  16. Erica October 23, 2016

    It’s crazy how Britney gets attack she could’ve easily got a number 1 but that’s not what she aims for, she release in a week where the competition was stiff, plus her sales for the first week was still good to say this her ninth album & people stream now and don’t buy, y’all definitely trying to attack her cause y’all prefer Gaga and don’t won’t all the negative ? feedback she’s getting , but it’s cool her 2nd single hasn’t been release she still has time to turn around this era

    • Jay December 31, 2016

      Slumber Party was technically her 2nd single.

  17. FASHION_ICON ~ Anti&Lemonade October 23, 2016

    I need to relisten very carefully Views to get the hype surrouding this album..cause i don’t get it.

    That said being a streaming force is not that easy after all…last time I checked streaming and vevo/youtube views add money to an artist so it’s almost the equivalent of actual sales.

  18. Citi October 23, 2016

    Yall keep talm about sales like your job pays you for it. Britney. Dont. Care. Plus her first and only single so far was slow and didnt catch on, so selling over 100k first week is pretty good for an artist 18 years in with no hit single. Hopefully she releases one of the many fire songs on the album as a second single. If she was irrelevabt, MTV, Billboard, and AMAs wouldnt be so thirsty to book her.

  19. Michael October 23, 2016

    FLOOOOP – I can’t believe GloRIP could flop harder than Jeans haha – This is THE FLOP OF THE YEAR – No, no, THE FLOP OF THE DECADE.

  20. LOL October 23, 2016


  21. Casual-T October 23, 2016

    This isn’t surprising at all. It’s time for Britney Spears to transition to something more mature. I’m not exactly sure what that means for her, but career-wise, she’s kind of aged out of pop radio, plus she didn’t have the kind of hit to reignite interest there.

  22. Bloop October 24, 2016

    I hate that Britney’s album is doing so poorly. It’s a great album and deserves to be doing at least Ariana numbers. But I’m still gonna bop to it so oh well. *shrugs*

  23. StarXavi October 24, 2016

    She needs a new single. Hopefully it will be “Just Luv me”

    • Jay October 24, 2016

      It’s “Slumber Party”. They’re already shooting the video for it.

  24. e Nowqd Redv dibut it ash trjoan ivy blobukz Need UK timely Ukuno eremixi October 24, 2016


  25. Jasmine October 25, 2016

    I disagree with the critics stating this album is “her best album in years.” I think a good album has hit singles and I think this album is lacking that.

    Promotional plan = put out “Make Me” single / video and do 3 to 4 performances (MTV Awards and 3 tv shows). So in essence, her team put all their bets on “Make Me” being a huge hit without a backup plan.

    Her team should have jumped on board with streaming and put out at least 2 singles and videos before the album dropped. No hit single, no hit album.

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