Dawn Richard Reveals ‘Redemption’ Album Cover, Tracklist, & Release Date

Published: Friday 7th Oct 2016 by TGJ Team

2016 has brought with it a plethora of new album releases.

Now, Dawn Richard (or DAWN, as she’s asking to be called these days) throws her name into the mix by unveiling the striking cover, release date, and additional details surrounding her highly-anticipated third solo offering, ‘Redemption.’

Peep the artwork above and head below where the project’s official tracklist and retail date await…

The Hearts (Dawn’s fandom) rejoiced as the former Danity Kane singer shared the LP’s songlist today via Instagram:


‘Redemption’ is billed as a major contrast from the current projects that have been released this year, as Richard embraces and dabbles in the hyper-electronic beats of EDM.

Currently available on iTunes for pre-order, the third and final instalment of her album trilogy,  will be available November 18th 2016.

Speaking on the project and what fans can expect from it, the 33-year-old explained:

“I spent more time on this album than any other era because I wanted it to be special. Not only will this album have a Vinyl and Digital release, but I’ve custom made a USB Necklace that will contain the album, Virtual Reality content, Table Book Photography, and more. You will be able to WEAR the album and take it with wherever you go. I wanted to speak on self discovery. What it means to be black. To be a woman. To speak on gay rights. To speak on black crimes. To talk about sexual discovery. And to find redemption in having a voice to do so.
Thank you for standing in this movement with me. For fighting in each era and growing with me. You have a heart for life.”

Your thoughts?

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  1. cocobutta October 7, 2016

    USB Necklace that will contain the album, Virtual Reality content, Table Book Photography, and more.

    What a creative heifer she is and this the sort of sh1t DK could have had if Aubrey didn’t want to always compete with the mind of D?WN.
    Should have been a beast of a team. Nose makes her look so different on front cover but back you see more of the Dawn we know.

  2. FC/JC October 7, 2016

    She no longer interests me, nor does she promote her music long enough to keep my interest. she also releases too many projects too close together… i cant differentiate between her albums, as they all look and sound the same

    • Fun October 7, 2016

      She doesn’t release too many projects together. Her last official album was in January 2015, almost two years ago and as an indie artist she likes and has the freedom to just release random music for her fans.

      There is no way GoldenHeart and Blackheart sound the same. You are a hater.

      • Credits October 7, 2016

        She released that Iinfared project, that ‘wake up’ and ‘Cali sun’ song as well.

    • Dee October 8, 2016

      You’ve never heard her album then.

  3. Kitty Puurrzz October 7, 2016

    Ever since she physically attacked Aubrey i stopped supporting…. She truly was the toxic that ruined Danity Kane.

    • Fancy BISH October 7, 2016

      Chile please, Dawn clocked Aubrey one good time upside the head then left out the door…it’s not Dawn’s fault that Aubrey felt the Earth move..felt her wig shift…got her world rocked…and she’s STILL feeling it lol

      • Fun October 7, 2016


    • Tyler October 7, 2016

      You stopped supporting, yet your here to comment? FOH with that Aubrey b*******. Aubrey is a b**** and deserved more than she got. Be happy and carry on

      • Mc90 October 8, 2016

        I don’t know how people can say they still support Aubrey – she showed her true colours on Celebrity Big Brother by preparing food for other contestants while spitting in it. DISGUSTING! DAWN all day any day!

  4. #Nicole Nation October 7, 2016

    I’m not into EDM

  5. Hotel October 7, 2016

    So far I am loving Renegade, so I am looking forward to this. Already pre-ordered it btw. I am happy what she released last summer did not make it, cause I hated all of them.
    Dawn is doing big things and she stayed employed and working more than the rest of the DK members.

    She is blessed.

  6. Sophie October 7, 2016

    YASSSSSS and she was on Rosewood last night, while some other DK member stay washed up on the reality tv circuit and dating greasy men to earn a check. Poor dat.

  7. 1mcluver October 8, 2016

    I’m here for it!!! can’t wait, already blasting renegade!

  8. J October 8, 2016

    Ready to hear the album, seems like she’s been promoting it forever. But not sure why she released so many songs that aren’t even on the final album…

  9. ?Yellow Diamonds? October 8, 2016

    Love love love dawn!!!!! And I already coped this on iTunes slay!

  10. e Nowqd Redv dibut it ash trjoan ivy blobukz Need UK timely Ukuno eremixi October 8, 2016

    This her debut album and it nice

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