Grammy Predictions: Rihanna To Be Overshadowed By Beyonce?

Published: Friday 7th Oct 2016 by David

Rihanna may see her LP ‘ANTI’ struggle to compete with Beyonce‘s ‘Lemonade’ at next year’s Grammy Awards.

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In a piece named ‘Who Has the Most to Gain (And Lose) at 2017 Grammys?, Billboard breaks down their predictions for next year’s ceremony on February 12th.

Via ‘Billboard’:

WHO: The VMAs-honored singer, who released a No. 1 Billboard 200 album (Anti) and No. 1 Billboard Hot 100 single (“Work”) in 2016.
ISSUE: She has won eight Grammys, but never in a major category.
UPSHOT: Hard to see her lapping Beyoncé. What does a good girl gone bad need to do for proper recognition of a record-smashing career?

Kanye West
WHO: The rapper who released The Life of Pablo in February (and tweaked and revised it for weeks).
ISSUE: He has won 21 Grammys, but — as he’s quick to remind us — none in the album, record or song of the year categories.
UPSHOT: Drake dominated airplay, and Chance the Rapper got the critical love. West could be left hanging.

Do you agree?

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  1. Everyone’s A Critic October 7, 2016

    But really A Seat At The Table should overshadow both!
    I’m rooting for Life of Pablo

    • Bwash October 7, 2016

      A seat at the table might very well slay at next years grammys.

    • Um. October 7, 2016

      I’m here for A Seat snatching some Grammys but TLOP? Mmmmmm… Ion know about all that. Not his best…

  2. LOL October 7, 2016


    • Bwash October 7, 2016

      I see yo momma aint collected her public aid check yet to take you shopping at the piggly wiggly for dem good groceries

    • BEYSTAN_ SINCE 1997 October 7, 2016

      Just like Samsung wrote check so Anti could actually sell because we know it wouldn’t have sold s*** if let up to the general public lol!

    • Baddiebeymyfav October 7, 2016

      Aww someone is b*** hurt that their fav isn’t recognized in any significant categories. ? Poor Rhitrash is such an unwanted/unfavored nonsinging mountain Billy goat. ?She doesn’t deserve any recognition from anyone. BEyonce is the TRUE QUEEN ?? of the Grammys. #MOSTAWARDEDINGRAMMYHISTORY! Svck on that it BXXTCH!

      • Jamon October 7, 2016

        You have 11 artists who have more Grammy’s then Beyonce and 5 who are tied with her. The female with the most is Alison Krauss (27 Grammy’s). George Solti has the most, with 31.

  3. SMH October 7, 2016

    They’ll all be overshadowed. This was Drake and Adele’s year.

    • BEYSTAN_ SINCE 1997 October 7, 2016

      Child please Beyonce will definitely get a a hefty amount of nominations. People said the same thing about the VMA’s & BET awards and she cleaned house at big award shows. Beyonce is the queen of the Grammys so I don’t know why you guys acting brand new.

      • Um. October 7, 2016

        @BEYSTAN Already the most nominated, Beyonce could very well snatch the female Grammy record from Alison Krauss. Maybe not this year, but there’s no doubt she’ll do it. She’ll get close with Lemonade, but she could easily do it with one more album.

      • SMH October 7, 2016

        And she lost out of AOTY last time to Beck, so what’s your point?

      • OMG Logic!!! October 7, 2016

        When did the VMAs and BETs start meaning anything? Even in the days of Michael Jackson, those were always the “fun” awards that no one took seriously.

      • Girl_6 October 7, 2016

        You can’t be Queen or King of the Grammys without winning


      • Wayno October 7, 2016

        This is like a Dec story right?

    • Um. October 7, 2016

      Chile bye, critics shatted all over VIEWS and 25 was a basic album filled with 21’s leftovers.

      • SMH October 7, 2016

        And both Views and 25 outsold the sh*t out of that overhyped overrated lemonade mess, so what’s your point?

      • Um. October 7, 2016

        Lemonade: critic reviews>>>>> Sales
        Verdict- overrated

        Views and 25: critic reviews<<<< Sales
        Verdict- not overrated??? ???
        Lmaooooo, You have the brain functionality of a 6 year old. <— my point.

      • OMG Logic!!! October 7, 2016

        Sweety, reviews can easily be bought. Album sales cannot.

      • Um. October 7, 2016

        Album sales can’t be bought… Wooowwwww. I’m gonna let you think about what you just said.

  4. ???????Chile, take this “Itty Bitty Piggy” to the market and make sure you hold her hand while crossing the street!??????? October 7, 2016

    I hate to say it, but there can only he ONE nomination to represent the R&B genre in the “Album of the Year” category and I’m almost positive that it won’t be “Anti”, especially since Solange’s release is eligible too. However, I STILL see “Anti” being nominated for the other R&B categories and hopefully even winning at least one of them. Janet’s album has been overshadowed for a while, so if she can come out with at least one nomination, I’d be happy.

    • IG:code_rex2.0 October 7, 2016

      Anti & Lemonade would fit into the contemporary category rather than RnB

      • ???????Chile, take this “Itty Bitty Piggy” to the market and make sure you hold her hand while crossing the street!??????? October 7, 2016

        Contemporary is a category? Since when? There’s contemporary R&B, so maybe that’s what you’re referring to. Country, Pop, Rap/Hip-Hop, Rock/Alternative, and R&B are usually the genres represented in the “AofY” category.

  5. King B October 7, 2016

    25 – Adele
    Lemonade – Beyoncé
    This Is Acting – Sia
    Blue Neighborhood – Troye Sivan
    (inserts some random album title)

    I really wish these albums are nominated this year. But well, the Grammy’s will always nominate unknown albums. Sia deseve a pop vocal album this time. I hope Bey can snatch AOTY and ROTY. And Adele, SOTY. I know this is impossible but could Troye win BNA?

  6. Fancy BISH October 7, 2016

    I’ve heard every shade to Lemonade…Kool Aid, Lemon Pledge, WHATEVER…the only Lemon Pledge that Bey will be using is when she’s cleaning house at the Grammys…DUST BUNNIES lol

  7. ???????Chile, take this “Itty Bitty Piggy” to the market and make sure you hold her hand while crossing the street!??????? October 7, 2016

    I think under the exception for this year’s nominations that Bey would be okay with Solange getting the R&B nomination for the “Album of the Year” category instead of her. It would truly solidify how much Bey is proud of her growth and mainstream acceptance/appeal.

  8. Bwash October 7, 2016

    #BEYINSPIRED. Honestly, if rihanna wants an ode to a smashing career she needs to take the time and get her performance skills perfected. Give us sickening choreo, give us nice mixes to the songs, a break down, a cool set, video display or something…hell give us a standing performance with really good vocals or acoustics. The thing is people have to come realize that rihanna is a smoke and mirrors artist. Sure, she may be winning in the number one hits department but when it comes to it she cant seem to stand toe to toe with the biggest and best in the game…aka BEYONCE (even sevyn, tinashe, gaga, dawn richard) Rihanna is a totally different artist and has carved her own lane for sure but she needs to be able to slay in her own right. She expressed that she doesn’t feel the need to be who everyone wants her to be so she uses that as an excuses to be lazy. Therefore no one is ever checking for a performance from you. Just churn out hits and keep looking cute for the gram and keep releasing fashion collections. Even rih herself said in her gq article “im setting things up so i dont have to tour the rest of my life” that doesn’t sound like and artist who lives and breathes for what she does. Its a job to her…thats it. She clock in and clock out.

    • ???????Chile, take this “Itty Bitty Piggy” to the market and make sure you hold her hand while crossing the street!??????? October 7, 2016

      You didn’t like the “How Deep is Your Love?”/”We Found Love” mix? I thought it was innovative and the choreography she served for the live performances were cute and carefree.

      • Bwash October 7, 2016

        I did actually. I thought it was a cute look. IMO, cute and carefree performances is exactly why shes not getting the shine she deserves as a performer. Madonna’s performances at the height of her success were not cute and carefree, they were daring, sometimes raunchy and innovate. I feel like rihanna isnt up to the challenge so she takes a “f*** it” stance. Still love her tho, but if u wana be remembered as one of the best you gotta be able to go head to head.

    • IG:code_rex2.0 October 7, 2016

      I think the Biggest problem fans and critics have alike, is the need to compare everyone to Bey as far performances goes. Bey is not the best singer or dancer out there, but she knows how to assemble and put out a show. So everyone and her peers has been judge and critiqued using that yard stick.
      Rih has proven numerous times that she can actually sing, so I don’t see how her ability as a singer is being called to question in 2016. She might not be able to give ground breaking performances like Bey, but she has managed to carve her own lane. I don’t see anyone comparing Pink to Bey, who happens to be Bey’s peer. If Taylor who can’t command a stage or sing half as better as Rih can constantly walk off the Grammy stage with the major awards, why should Rih be any less deserving?
      Yes I agree that she could be a force in the industry if she dare push herself a lil more, but trend has shown that she is her own woman and works at her own time and pace. Which seem to have been working just fine. 8 Grammys is no joke people.

      • Bwash October 7, 2016

        I think the public’s and critics fascination with Beyonce is that shes essentially the last “diva” type artist we have left. Shes the only one left that sings live (most of the time) and dances, and gives us looks, stage production, and glamour. She gives us the allure and mystery of a star that doesnt diminish the work she has done as an artist. We lack so much today. People feel that for rihannas success level she should be alot better. I would say its a safe assumption. Sure there are “better” performance than beyonce…but their now the most successful at this point in time. She is. She sets the standard whether alot of people like it or not. Im sure it was the same for every artist when michael jackson was at his prime, or madonna, or prince, whitney, diana, etc. I feel that rihanna has great moments but her lack of pushing herself is whats going to cause her to go down a forgotten road. Look at Britney spears for example.

      • IStan4Rihanna. October 7, 2016

        What on earth are you talking about?


        1) Rihanna is a “Pop Icon” whom has been in the industry for 12 years and she is just as much relevant and significant to popular culture as she was when she first debuted with her 2005 summer-hit “Pon De Replay”. A woman who is inarguably one of the best-selling acts of her generation and of the new millennium as a whole; a woman who dominated the digital era when it was at its peak and has now effortlessly transitioned into the streaming era will not be “forgotten” anytime soon.


        2) Your semi-comaprison with her to Britney Spears is absolutely inane. In overall album equivalents, Britney Spears’ has sold more than both Beyoncé and Rihanna put together yet she nor her career is a fraction of what it used to be, in spite of still being popular, and why is that? It certainly had nothing to do with lack of artistic growth or “pushing herself” to new heights because albeit she was never a critics favourite she still remained a commercial power sans. her new album.


        3) Beyonce’ is Beyonce’ and Rihanna is Rihanna. They are both two completely different artists whom are in completely different points of their life and are making music that is subjective to that. For all of what they are or may not be, their is a reason why they are both constantly compared and pitted against one and other as the only consistently commercially successful Black female artists of the last decade. Objectively speaking, we know that Beyonce’ is the more “talented” singer and performer of the two – she always has been and towers above the majority (not all) of her peers in that aspect – but what exactly has she set the standard with and who has she set it for exactly? If anybody has set the standard for recent times it would be Adele or even Taylor Swift but as successful White women they aren’t nearly as compared as Beyoncé and Rihanna because it isn’t necessary.


        If I were to be technical their are more talented Black female dancers in the industry right now who are better than both Beyoncé and Rihanna = Tinashe etc. Their are more creative, innovative and artistic Black female artists in the industry right now who are better than Beyoncé and Rihanna = Dawn Richard, Janelle Monae etc. Their are more gifted Black female vocalists in the industry right now who are better than Beyonce and Rihanna = Ledisi, Jennifer Hudson, Fantasia etc. Their are more in-depth Black female songwriters in the industry right now who are better than Beyonce and Rihanna = Jill Scott, Chrisette Michelle, Jasmine Sullivan etc. and yet NONE of these women cannot and will never have a fraction of the success or status that wither Beyonce or Rihanna have. I wonder why that is?

      • IG:code_rex2.0 October 7, 2016

        I think Rihanna is Rihanna, Just as Bey is Bey. The girl didn’t do a 360 in terms of sound and image just to go back to doing things that woukd earn her the “Beywannabe” title that a lot of girls that came with and after Bey are getting. A lot of artists are struggling to make a comeback, while new artists are struggling pop off. But with Rih, she has never skipped a beat in cementing her title as a hit making machine. She is in the business to make good music that people love. That infact is a talent, just as owning and commanding a stage is Bey’s area of expertise. These girls have their strength and weaknesses and I think it’s time everybody starts recognising that. Like I said earlier, Rih might not be that good a singer and command a stage like Bey does, but she slays hundreds of pop girls both old and new in that department. So judging her shows with Bey’s standard is quite the stretch. Bey goes all out production wise, whilr Rih has always been a minimalist.

      • Bwash October 7, 2016

        Funny how these children want to bring up the fact that rihanna is one of the best selling artists of all times. Okaaaaaay???? That means what? Hell kidz bop damn near sold a billion copies. WHATS YOUR POINT? Rih is Rih and BEY is EVERYTHING. Dont get upset, just like sports fans critique and talk about stats we can do the same. Personally, im a HUGE rihanna fan. She had to go to great lengths to get out of beyonce shadow…but that could be because of the fact that she was signed by her husband so those type of comparisons were inevitable for any female artist he works with. Millions of records sold doesnt make you talented. Just like being able to dance in 50 inch heels doesnt make you the best performer on the planet. The thing is, if your not trying the public wont try. Rihanna will sell a billion singles but her albums stall….act like you dont know if you want. Hell i think lemonade wouldnt have sold well if she didnt do all of these ridiculous event releases. Facts are facts. Rih is going to go the route of B spears. Pop icon one day, american horror story the next. #Beyinspired #hoeislife #loverihbutdontbemad #icanperformbetter #shedoesntwantit #shenothungry

      • Bwash October 7, 2016

        im a huge fan of the dawn’s janelle’s i think its great that we have these amazing black artists who think outside the box and bring something fresh and exciting. The public doesnt have to eat it up cuz they have loyal fans that do. like me!

  9. IG:code_rex2.0 October 7, 2016

    Clearly this post was designed to start a stan war.
    Anti by far is a more cohesive album. Lemonade is equally a strong record, but I feel the deciding board would blow in Bey’s direction because she seem to be the more recognised artist. Rih would be overlooked no doubt, but I see her walking away with something. The competition this year would be strong no doubt, cos u have Adele, Bey, Rih, Drake, Sia and possible Kendrick and a bunch of unknown people going in.

    • Bwash October 7, 2016

      I look at stan wars the same I do about people bickering about sports stats and politics. Its just instead of athletes, we have entertainers.

  10. SWISH October 7, 2016

    lmao the real funny thing is y’all care about the grammys more than the actual artists do

    • Bwash October 7, 2016


  11. truthtea October 7, 2016

    I’m just waiting for Bey’s neurotic beyhive to launch all these stupid petitions when she doesn’t win. Like they did with Beck.

    • Bwash October 7, 2016

      we neurotic because we support our fave? some of these lessors can learn a thing or two when it comes to building a 20 year strong brand base boo!


  12. BEYSTAN_ SINCE 1997 October 7, 2016

    Sounds about accurate.

    • Bwash October 7, 2016

      YOU BETTA STAN!!!!

  13. pat October 7, 2016

    Solange honestly had the best album of the year sonically IMO.

    • Sheeno October 7, 2016

      Yes all around.

    • Metzo October 7, 2016

      This is not true

      • Bwash October 7, 2016

        its a great album. “Best” is open to interpretation based on ones taste. Excellent album though, production, lyrics, visuals. Epic masterpiece

  14. Beyoncé, the most overrated artist alive October 7, 2016

    Beyonce doesn’t need anymore grammys. Save some success for other folks.

    • Bwash October 7, 2016

      If you were doing well at your job, and kept getting rewarded and paid extra….would you say “no thanks, ill save some SUCCESS for the other folks”



  15. Bwash October 7, 2016


    • ???????Chile, take this “Itty Bitty Piggy” to the market and make sure you hold her hand while crossing the street!??????? October 7, 2016

      How did you feel about the “Pop My Trunk” choreo?

      • Bwash October 7, 2016

        I F****** LIVE FOR IT! I love how its fresh, precise yet carefree and slick. Im here for the breakdowns. I DONT WANT MY FAVE TO BE HUMAN or relatable. I want a f****** BEASTLY DEMON OF A PERFORMER. SHOW US WHY YOUR WERE GIVEN THIS POWAAAAAHHHHH!!!

        Personally i felt she should have added more upetempos to the set list from the bday era, i noticed she didnt performer 6 inch also….what was that about. THAT SONG IS A STADIUM KILLER. She performed damn near every song from self titled on her MRS carter world tour. Wonder if it has anything to do with the rights to the music and whoever wrote it.

  16. Beyoncé, the most overrated artist alive October 7, 2016

    She has the potential to be the most awarded female artist in music in that field. I just wish she would stop. There’s no shame in that. If she retired today, she could say with confidence that she had a great career run.

    • orangejuice October 7, 2016

      so she should stop because of your little comment. Chile please, and being that you dedicated your name soley to her, she isnt stopping anytime soon…….this is where you GAG darling (mariah carey vioce)

      • Beyoncé, the most overrated artist alive October 7, 2016

        Quiet, you trash.

      • orangejuice October 7, 2016

        right after you, low life

      • Beyoncé, the most overrated artist alive October 7, 2016

        Suck a dîck love.

    • Bwash October 7, 2016

      Die slow…but remember #Beyinspired

      • Beyoncé, the most overrated artist alive October 7, 2016

        Drink a bleach cocktail, fąg!

    • Bwash October 7, 2016

      You first….

  17. Sheeno October 7, 2016

    Solange delivered. I love love love the album. I see her at the next year Grammy for sure!.

  18. orangejuice October 7, 2016

    if they want viewers then they will nominate bey, Solange, and Rih. I really want SOLO to get best R&B grammy and Bey get AOTY.

    The grammys are shady as hell to say the least. Rih dominates the charts but most of her grammys are from features in the rap category so i dont even think she cares

    • Sheeno October 7, 2016

      We the people need to get solange there. We need to spread the word because she’s truly is a super star who needs to be recognized more.

      • orangejuice October 7, 2016

        too bad the public doesnt vote. its the music industry people. i really want bey and solo to win a grammy that night. it’ll be major!

      • Bwash October 7, 2016

        i streamed her album when i was sleeping so she could get the extra spins she needed.



  19. Briano October 7, 2016

    And that still won’t change the fact she is a copycat fraud who lied her way to the top….as she has lip synched her entire career and passed it off as live singing and basked in the undeserved praise if being able to sing live while doing choreography in heels…… Lies

    Beyonce, in the end, will be remembered for what she is a calculating manipulative dishonest woman pimped by her dad, her husband and her label for a buck and ‘fame’ and used to erode and destroy and bastardize the image of the black woman

    And of course through her pairing to jayz to legitimize drug culture thus helping ensure a staedy stream of waste/profit for the their handlers

    They are the lowest scum a Grammy, Forbes can never change that

    • orangejuice October 7, 2016

      Becky is that you

      • Paulo October 7, 2016


      • Mr.StLaurent October 7, 2016


    • Ty October 7, 2016

      You actually believe all that bs you typed ???

  20. Killian October 7, 2016

    To be honest in cohesiveness I think rihanna and beyonces album really cut it but in overall quality of production and sound as well as putting the viduals into display lemonade takes the crown,solange put on a good show too and so did all conquering Adele ..I feel Beyonce should get a major win this year but there really will be a lot of surprises at the grammies I can just feel it.

  21. D October 7, 2016

    Well what really bothers me with the Grammhs and this is no shade towards Beyonce is that they always seem to choose one black woman to represent and they go with that person. I mean it’s almost like ok we don’t want to award too many black people so let’s choose one and go with that. I mean look at all the blck people who have very few Grammys comparative to the blacks that do like beyonce. I mean no way in this world someone like Whitney Houston or Mariah Carey shouldn’t have a thousand Grammys. I mean no offense they would sing miles around B. So I think at end of day Grammys can’t mean too too much. Especially for blck artists.

    • Metzo October 7, 2016

      I thought everyone already knew this?… Beyonce has had no major competition in the RNB category for most of her solo career. Around 2004 her biggest one was Ashanti, years later it was Alicia keys snatching. It’s important to note that she has lost a few Grammys to Mary J blige and Alicia Keys so it’s not like she always wins.. Alicia has had 14 Grammys.

      Beyonce having 21 Grammys is not reflective of her being better than Mariah Carey, or Tina turner or Whitney, it’s indicatif of her being better/more acclaimed than her peers.
      Also, She has only won in one major category: Record of the Year for Single Ladies.

      • orangejuice October 7, 2016

        yes, I AM…..SASHA FIERCE should have been nominated and won in the pop catergories. Even rihanna other 7 albums should have been in the pop categories but what do they do, stick all the black girls in the R&B categories and GIVE mediocre swift the AOTY

      • JOHNVIDAL October 7, 2016

        Wasn´t her only main win for Song of the Year and not Record of the Year? Honest question.

  22. Ty October 7, 2016

    Let’s be honest hear anti was never really going to do anything big at the Grammys regardless of Beyoncé and lemonade… I definitely see Beyoncé getting aoty and roty… Adele will do good aswell solange will be a dark horse and drake meh I don’t see him winning anything major.

    • Yandi October 7, 2016

      Thats b*******!! If Adele and david bowie wasnt out, Anti would have SLAYED!!

      Anti Should get ALOT of recognition, but it won’t…. AND THATS TIRED!! But what appeases me the most, is THAT LEMONADE WONT win Either (NONE OF THE MAJOR 4).
      david Bowies gonna get AOTY
      ADELE WILL get ROTY & SOTY!!

      SAD 2 say, beyonce probably will clean in the R&B CATEGORIES, WITCH is tired!!! ANTI IS BETTER than lemonade! I Dont care what ANYONE says!!!

      Rihanna will take her Normal wins, DUO and collaborations etc.

      • orangejuice October 7, 2016

        baby learn how to use witch and which correctly and stay pressed

  23. Anne October 7, 2016

    The Grammys are unpredictable at times. Lemonade is an obvious shoo-in for AOTY, but who knows. Despite Adele and Drake being bigger sellers, Lemonade is still a strong seller AND is clearly more critically acclaimed, impactful and cohesive then the other contenders. It is also overall more thought provoking–it has been studied and dissected due to all of the messages and metaphors. As for Anti, I’d be surprised if it was nominated for AOTY because they’re just too many other more obvious contenders. Anti reminds me of one Beyoncé’s older albums that fell short of AOTY, a good body of work that fails to come together in a cohesive manner because its a group of potential hits that stand alone as opposed to songs that compliment each other to present a story. Each song on Lemonade is like a piece of a puzzle that completes a story. I think Beyoncé has covered all of her bases this time and has presented her best AOTY contender thus far. Just when you think she can’t top herself she proves everyone wrong. Hopefully the Grammys will do the expected this year and award Lemonade AOTY.

    • IStan4Rihanna. October 7, 2016

      1. Adele is the only formal ‘big’ sales artist of the last two years. Drake is not a big ‘seller’ by any means – ‘VIEWS’ has sold 75% of its total on the basis of streaming both domestically (in the USA) and internationally; a format where Rihanna’s album ‘ANTI’ is also the second-most streamed album of the year (behind ‘VIEWS’) and is the most streamed female album of the year altogether. In terms of chart stability and peaks, Rihanna and Drake are the most successful Black artists of the year but what does that matter.


      2. If we are to go by your logic, are you then comparing ‘ANTI’ to ‘I AM SASHA FIERCE’ because prior to ‘Self-Titled’ that was her first “Album of the Year” nomination ever at the grammy’s. In addition, ‘ANTI’, overall, is a much better reviewed album than ‘I Am…’ also. Furthermore, ‘Self-Titled’ was the most acclaimed album (by numbers and scores) of 2013/2014 and she still lost her second AOTY nomination to Beck so what does that say?


      3. ‘ANTI’ could very well score an ‘Album of the Year’ nomination alongside ‘ANTI’ as it is still one of the best reviewed and performing albums of 2016 – it is top 5 on most critics lists – ahead of ’25’ and ‘VIEWS’. The difference with Rihanna is that she has never truly been a “Grammy” favourite in terms of winning power (she has over two dozen nominations) and that is where the skepticism come into place.

      • orangejuice October 7, 2016

        ANTI is not gonna get an AOTY nom. Not trying to be shady but i dont think they take her serious yet. The voting guys, they see her as a cute face and hits. Hell britney spears has) 0 grammys. and that still is puzzling to me

      • Anne October 7, 2016

        Thanks for the correction-I checked and you are right. Although I was right about Adele, Drake is NOT a big seller at all. But I still stand behind my overall point as far as Lemonade covering all of the bases and in my opinion deserving AOTY over other widely expected nominees like Adele, Drake, etc. You are also correct in assuming that I especially had “I am Sasha Fierce” in mind when I made the Anti comparison. Although “I am” was highly acclaimed it just was not as cohesive, thought provoking, metaphorical, and profound as Lemonade in my opinion. Anti similarly falls short in comparison to Lemonade in my opinion.

      • Datredd23 October 7, 2016

        Who knows Loud did receive an AOTY nomination

  24. Metzo October 7, 2016

    I’m 90% sure Beyonce will win AOTY and ROTY.
    She is long overdue an AOTY and should have gotten it last year instead of Beck.
    Lemonade is the most critically acclaimed female album of 2016 and the most talked about album of the year. Formation had everyone dancing and made cultural impact so i can see it snatching ROTY rightfully so. Adele will definitely win SOTY for “Hello” and Rihanna might get best Rnb performance for Love on the Brain with her and Solange battling for RnB album.
    Bey is snatching Contemporary, Long form Video, Direction and a couple professional categories.

    Overall, I predict 3 nominations for Rihanna, 1 nomination for Solange, 8 nominations for Adele, 6 for coldplay, 4 for David Bowie and 10 nominations for Beyonce.

    • ???????Chile, take this “Itty Bitty Piggy” to the market and make sure you hold her hand while crossing the street!??????? October 7, 2016

      Sis, I bet everything that “Formation” is definitely getting nominations for both Record of the Year and Song of the Year. I wish the Grammy’s committee still nominated live vocal performances, though.

      • Metzo October 7, 2016

        live performances categories no longer exist?

      • MMaster Splinter Hole October 7, 2016

        At least, I haven’t seen a live performance category exist since the “B’day” and “Good Girl Gone Bad” eras.

  25. Kiki October 7, 2016

    Definitely, rihanna is not loved enough. No one even takes her seriously aside from her fans

  26. MsYonce October 7, 2016

    I’m sorry but the Grammys are very unpredictable you can’t really call anything. I’m pretty sure Adele will get AOTY. Lemonade is to BLACK for the Grammy committee just like they gave Taylor over Kendrick. No one is winning AOTY over Adele. As for ROTY and SOTY well there’s so many songs that COULD get a nomination. However I have a feeling Hello could snatch both just like Rolling In The Deep did but we’ll see

    • Metzo October 7, 2016

      I actually have a very good feeling that this is the year Beyonce will finally win AOTY. Yes the Grammys are unprectictable but Lemonade has raised the bar. I can’t even see 25 winning over Anti let alone Lemonade

      • Rima October 7, 2016

        Raised what bar? Its easily Bey’s most forgettable era.

      • Um. October 7, 2016

        Forgotten by whom? Billboard sure hasn’t forgotten about it. Neither did the VMA’S and neither will the Grammys. It seems that you believe your opinion is relevant… Don’t know how that happened…

      • Metzo October 7, 2016

        @rimjob bye girl. U just a bitter hater

      • Rima October 7, 2016

        Forgotten by the GP. Lemons made no impact and is getting outshined by a Jamaican billy goat vocaless flop and by her own sister.

      • Um. October 7, 2016

        Never mind the specifics, How is that relevant to the Grammys? And since when is popularity indicative of quality? Child, Sitcho ass down somewhere.

      • Rima October 7, 2016

        Lemonade is hype not quality.

      • Um. October 7, 2016

        According to whom??? You? I thought we talked about this. There you go again thinking your opinion has merit.

    • Um. October 7, 2016

      I feel like Beck winning AOTY could easily be justified. 21 winning? Fine. Justified. Even Basic ass Taylor Swift, I can see how her album had appeal to the committee, even though I still don’t think she should’ve won. I see the appeal. I can even see why Hello would win something big. But 25??? FVCK no. Hell, Even ANTI should win over 25. If Adele takes AOTY for such a generic, repetitive, lethargic album, it could only be attributed to her melanin deficiency. There’s no way in hell.

  27. IStan4Rihanna. October 7, 2016



    1. Adele is the only ‘big’ sales artist of the last two years. Drake’s current album is not a big seller by any means – ‘VIEWS’ has sold 75% of its total on the basis of streaming both domestically (in the USA) and internationally; a format where Rihanna’s album ‘ANTI’ is also the second-most streamed album of the year (behind ‘VIEWS’) and is the most streamed female album of the year altogether. In terms of chart stability and peaks, Rihanna and Drake are the most successful Black artists of the year but what does that matter?


    2. If we are to go by your logic, are you then comparing ‘ANTI’ to ‘I Am Sasha Fierce’ because prior to ‘Self-Titled’ that was Beyonce’s first “Album of the Year” nomination ever at the grammy’s. In addition, ‘ANTI’, overall, is a much better reviewed album than ‘I Am…’ also. Furthermore, ‘Self-Titled’ was the most acclaimed album (by numbers and scores) of 2013/2014 and she still lost her to Beck so what does that say?


    3. ‘ANTI’ could very well score an ‘Album of the Year’ nomination alongside ‘Lemonade’ as it is still one of the best reviewed and performing albums of 2016 – it is top 5 on most critics lists – ahead of ’25’ and ‘VIEWS’. The difference with Rihanna is that she has never truly been a “Grammy” favourite in terms of winning power (she has over two dozen nominations) and that is where the skepticism comes into place.

    • Metzo October 7, 2016

      What are your predictions?

      • IStan4Rihanna. October 7, 2016

        “Album of the Year”:


        Beyonce: Lemonade
        Rihanna: ANTI
        Adele: 25
        Radiohead: A Moon Shaped Pool
        Paul Simon: Stranger to Stranger


        Unfortunately, I do not see either ‘Lemonade’ or ‘ANTI’ winning albeit I’d love for wither woman to win; Paul Simon will most likely win as she’s a certified legend in the industry and is now of far age and there’s a high chance the Radiohead will if he doesn’t considering their multiple nominations in the past and having not won.


        A Black female artist hasn’t won in this category since Lauryn Hill and I do not see that changing anytime soon, as pessimistic as that sounds.

    • Anne October 7, 2016

      @ IStan4, See my reply above.

    • ? October 7, 2016

      Nick cave and the bad seeds – Skeleton Tree might be one to watch

  28. Rima October 7, 2016

    Both will get slayed by Adele.

  29. Jamon October 7, 2016

    First TGJ throws another jab at Rihanna. Clearly billboards article wasn’t only about Bey and Rih. Another thing, it is far too early for Grammy predictions, especially with John Legend, Bruno Mars, Mary J. Blige, Gaga, Alicia Keys and othersee dropping albums. Currently, everyone is talking about Solange album, so she could possibly overshadow her sister. Y’all are talking about Bey getting ROTYOUR and SOTY, for what song? None of Lemonade songs were big hits. She may get AOTY nomination, but she is also up against some very talented/critically acclaimed artists. This is not the MTV music awards where fans pick. Honestly Adele is everyone’s biggest contender, as of now. Everyone thought Beyonce’s last album was going to win album of the year, even some critics. Pharrell even won over her in the R&B category.
    I honestly don’t have respect for the grammy’s, especially the way the screwed Mariah Carey, Janet Jackson and Whitney Houston over the year’s. No way should Beyonce and Rihanna have more Grammy’s then either of them. They’re catalog and sales are amazing and basically speak for itself. Back in their time, it was quality music and very stiff competition, between some very talented artist. The quality is so low now, they just give them away,ie. TAYLOR SWIFT winning AOTY twice!! Smh

    • FabGlam October 7, 2016

      I believe the deadline for next years Grammys have passed. Alicia, John, Bruno, MJB and Gaga probably won’t be eligible.

      • Jamon October 7, 2016

        You’re right about the deadline. I think it’s the end of September. I forgot about that.

    • BEY>RIH October 7, 2016

      Formation was one of the biggest songs of the year in terms of impact. It was successful too.

      • IJamon October 7, 2016

        The biggest songs were “Hello, Work, One Dance, can’t stop the feeling, cheap trills, this is what you came here for, 7 years, work fron home, sorry” and a few others that were bigger then formation.

  30. FabGlam October 7, 2016

    Anti will win Best Urban Contemporary album like Unapologetic did. IMO “Work” should win SOTY, but she isn’t a Grammy favorite so I don’t see it happening. Lemonade will garner the most noms and Bey will win most of her categories. I hope she will finally take home AOTY but unfortunately it will probably go to Adele. Is Solange eligible for next years Grammys? When is the deadline?

    • Jamon October 7, 2016

      She released it right on the deadline, September 30th

  31. Rima October 7, 2016

    Lemonade is easily the most overrated album of the year. No hits, no memorable songs, just selling out her community and husband for a check.

    • orangejuice October 7, 2016

      shut yo ass. She been singing bout stuff like that since forever and i wish i could forget it but i cant cause everybody keeps talking about it.
      now if you wanna chat about overrated album, sis lets discuss Views by Audrey

  32. FASHION_ICON ~ Anti&Lemonade October 7, 2016

    Adele will win AOTY, not only because of her major sales but also because she is seen like the latest real vocalist talented by the GP and without forgetting she is White…don’t forget the hype 25 received.
    Also don’t forget how taylor swif won aoty.over kendrick lamar. It’s the grammy.
    For sure Beyoncé will win some grammy’s but i don’t see her win many because of the black thing.
    Rihanna will win just one or two imo.
    Solange will be snubbed…
    Each times some talent artists are ignored.
    But definetely this years grammy will be interesting to watch.

    • JOHNVIDAL October 7, 2016

      I think your predictions are pretty accurate. If Beyonce didn´t won album of the year for “Beyonce” she´s definitely not winning it with Lemonade. The Adele thing: well, maybe we get a surprise, hype and sales were crazy but after the first couple of months she´s not made that much of an impact. Grammys could surprise us with that one. Although yes, Taylor Swift having TWO should be enough reason to let a real vocalist like Adele have two too.

  33. HailLegendBeysus October 7, 2016

    Sips Lemonade…. ????
    Anyway multiple Bey fan pages are reporting that Beyoncé will be honored at Brazil Carnival next year! They have pics of over 600 male and female dancers auditioning in heels! Lol! Bey really needs to go do some shows for Brazil!

    • Paulo October 7, 2016

      YES SHE DOES. it’s actually a Beyoncé section within a parade dedicated to Black Music. I know she’s been formally invited but I’m not sure if she will show up but she definitely should. we made her tear up the first time she toured here with I Am… Yours she knows how hard we ride for her COME GET OUR COINS QUEEN

  34. JOHNVIDAL October 7, 2016

    How is this news and how is the competition between Beyonce and Rihanna? Adele for example says hello! lol
    Now seriously, when has Rihanna been a serious candidate for grammys? Never. Yes she has a few irrelevant ones given during a time grammys are not the same. Just that. Beyonce is definitely a bigger competitor than Rihanna at this obviously (she has only won one in the main categories anyway I believe, and that was for the songwriters cause if I remember correctly it was Song of the Year, which goes to the songwriters). Beyonce´s albums are being taken so much more seriously than Rihanna´s. Like I said, it´s not like there aren´t more competitors anyway.

    • HailLegendBeysus October 7, 2016

      It’s competition between the two because they will most likely be facing off in the same categories more than Adele and Bey. Adele and Bey will most likely only be seeing each other in some of the Big 4 categories. But you’re right Rihanna has never been a strong contender for Grammys as a solo act.

      • Datredd23 October 7, 2016

        She has over 2 dozen nominations though at least her work is recognized she has 8 Grammies she’s fine a Grammy is a Grammy who are we to judge it’s worth lol

      • Um. October 7, 2016

        2 dozen noms with 7 albums and 1937266372 features? And most of her Grammys are from her features. When it comes to the big pop stars, especially within the amount of music she has, Rihanna is not a strong Grammy contender.

      • JOHNVIDAL October 7, 2016

        Rihanna and Katy Perry are not serious grammy contenders. Get over it.

    • IG:code_rex2.0 October 7, 2016

      Rihanna is a strong contender this go round because ANTI is by far one ofe her strong albums artistically, the other would be. Rated R. Unlike Rated R, ANTI is well crafted and themed.showed significant growth, not just as an artist, but as an individual. This is the record that she put out that can stand toe to toe with any release in a musical calender year.

    • Datredd23 October 7, 2016

      She has more Grammies then Gaga and Mariah are you little mad or big mad? Lol

      • Um. October 7, 2016

        Gaga has half the amount of albums as Rihanna and no where near the amount of features. Rihanna has twice the amount of albums but has 8 grammys and Gaga has 6?? Death! And death at the Mariah comparison. Lmao, Frihanna gets nominated in the same categories as Flo Rida and Carly Rae Jepson. ? I’m sure if Mariah’s circumstances were the same and she spent her entire career singing hooks for rappers, she’d have similar results. Are you stupid or are you stupid?

      • JOHNVIDAL October 8, 2016

        He IS a stupid hater.

  35. Datredd23 October 7, 2016

    Anti should definitely be nominated for album of the year its impact in pop culture this year has been undeniable already streamed over a billion times and has set the platform for other artists on how to be a streaming force very indicative of the times and very relevant she had everyone singing her hooks and she had the 2 biggest hits by female artists this year!

    The Anti art and cover shoot was beautiful and different and Antidiary was unique and new never before has a mainstream act given away that many copies for free it was a different methid and has shaped the way we stream albums and how artists of the future can get money from streaming !

  36. Blue Ivy Rod October 7, 2016

    Lemonade should defintely get a grammy for either Formation or anything to do with visual or direction, Rih should get a grammy for her single or album of the year and Solo (who i hope cleans house) should get album of the year/direction, creative direction or whatever else to do with album. I rather Chance get grammies than Drake, Drake did not put any effort in this album at all and i was highly disappointed

    • Amerikkka’s Most Wanted ~ Tyler October 7, 2016

      Why does Anti deserve to win Album of the Year?

      • Datredd23 October 7, 2016

        It deserves to be nominated being an unbiased Navy I believe she is not ready yet to receive AOTY that should either go to Adele or Bey but she does deserve ROTY for Work by far

      • Blue Ivy Rod October 7, 2016

        Because the album was a great album and she deserved to be nominated for it, beyonce’s music was lacking but the visuals were beautiful and made the music easier to understand. Don’t get me wrong, Lemonade was a great album too but compared to the other two it wasn’t as popping (Anti & SATT).

        I am being unbiased

      • Amerikkka’s Most Wanted ~ Tyler October 7, 2016

        Beyonces music served a purpose. The album had a message behind it. Anti did not

      • Blue Ivy Rod October 7, 2016

        Okay this is coming from a biased Beyonce fan, Okay Rih’s album did have a message which was ANTI. the whole album clashed with the charts because it wasn’t like the other pop albums. For getting number 1, to be in the top 5 for over 6 months, to get a #1 single with a dancehall inspired track, to have most of her singles or songs to crack top 20 plus to be streamed over 1 billion times for a non pop album? Not to mention the impact her era has had on people. I never met one person who disliked ANTI, everyone keeps it on their rotation. LEmonade which was a beautful album crafted by Beyonce is nothing without the videos. If you didn’t see the visuals then it would not have been received well. The music fell flat, it wasnt as good as her Beyonce songs and hardly made any impact except the west to east coast of the states. Beyonce did great but next time she shouldn’t try copping out of making a “pro black” album. Instead it became a mockery of their marriage, no one even talked about the black history she presented within the songs. That is not impact that is people taking their marriage problems as the forefront. Solo made a pro black album and she didn’t have to make videos like Beyonce did to get her point across. I’m proud of her for that

      • Amerikkka’s Most Wanted ~ Tyler October 7, 2016

        Lemonade touched the black lives matter movement, feminism, and marriage. What message did Anti promote ? Serious question….

      • Blue Ivy Rod October 7, 2016

        Love, self acceptance, FEMINISM and strength! It wasn’t cohesive bro, no matter what you say no how many times you refute it, Lemonade wasn’t as good as many other albums and was a watered down version of ASATT. If you don’t agree then cool but I do not care to debate with someone who only knows Beyonce and listens to no one else, hell even life of PAblo was better than Lemonade (not by much though)

      • Amerikkka’s Most Wanted ~ Tyler October 7, 2016

        Lemonade wasn’t good according to YOU but the critics and general public seem to think otherwise. Btw when has Rihanna ever talked about feminism in her music? She doesn’t stand for anything with a purpose.

  37. Datredd23 October 7, 2016

    Rih should at least definitely receive Record of Year by far for work! I mean she had the damn president singing work work work. Look at the impact it had on pop culture and she sticked true to her island roots and introduced platois to mainstream radio and now island sounds are everywhere on music ! It will be a damn snub if she does not win this! If single ladies could win it then work can right at 28 when Bey received her biggest Grammy Award for ROTY

    • Amerikkka’s Most Wanted ~ Tyler October 7, 2016

      It’s not platois is patois and mainstream music has been familiar with that island sound since Bob Marley

      • Datredd23 October 7, 2016

        Oops sorry auto check but yes but since Bob Marley who has been really doing it and is a mainstream act? Let alone female

      • Amerikkka’s Most Wanted ~ Tyler October 7, 2016

        Sean Paul made it mainstream long before Rihanna even came i8n the scene. He’s still doing his thing now

      • Datredd23 October 7, 2016

        Wait back in 2004-2006 almost a decade ago he was relevant but like I said what mainstream female act has done it? Ever since Rude Boy Rihanna has been pushing reggae island influenced music

      • Amerikkka’s Most Wanted ~ Tyler October 7, 2016

        Rude boy isn’t even reggae…It’s dancehall INSPIRED. Which is funny seeing as how neither one are a part of her culture

      • Blue Ivy Rod October 7, 2016

        Tyle.. ONE DANCE is dancehall inspired, not rude bwoy. That was a Dancehall/pop influence. If you’re not from the Caribbean then don’t try to correct people who have grown up and been around that type of music.

      • Amerikkka’s Most Wanted ~ Tyler October 7, 2016

        Girl bye! Rude Boy is NOT reggae. I know what tf I’m talking about. My dad’s Dominican im around carribean people all of the time.

  38. Theman October 7, 2016

    Adele should definitely get album of the yr. she just has that classic sound to her music. Beyonce’s album was good, but the visuals were better. Rihanna & Solange’s albums are better. One of them might snatch Beyonce’s AOTY nod. Solange should get best r&b album & Rihanna should get best contemporary album. They’ll probably nominate Drake. Also, Adele’s album does not sound like her last one. She just has this great sound to her music. Beyonce’s album was aight. But Rihanna is more cohesive.

    • Amerikkka’s Most Wanted ~ Tyler October 7, 2016

      Lemonade tells a story. How exactly is Anti more cohesive?

      • Blue Ivy Rod October 7, 2016

        Lemonade wasn’t cohesive, I think its how she arranged some of the songs but it didn’t flow as well as Anti, not to mention Anti almost every song on there was strong and not a “filler” type track. She did well with it and deserves AOTY nod and win for it. Solo deserves it too that album was perfection and probably in the top 3 for releases of 2016

      • Amerikkka’s Most Wanted ~ Tyler October 7, 2016

        You still failed to explain how Anti is more cohesive. What’s the story behind Anti? How does a song like Work relate to Needed Me? Meanwhile, songs like Hold Up and Sorry play off of each other

      • Blue Ivy Rod October 7, 2016

        Her album was about accepting how things are and working becoming a better verison of herself. She will push boundaries and not be bound to the expectations of others but only her own. That is cohesive, what does becky with the good hair have to do with civil rights or slaves committing suicide in the sea? IT WAS NOT COHESIVE. Solo was and out of the knowles deserves that AOTY award. Plain and simple, Beyonce doesn’t deserve that nod or win for that album , now visuals and art? Yes give it to her because she worked hard ot make it visually stunning but the album wasn’t as much as success as her peers nor was received well by most of her fans ( they were bored and confused by it). It is what it is.

      • Amerikkka’s Most Wanted ~ Tyler October 7, 2016

        How did you get that type of message from Kiss It Better? S** With Me? Needed Me and etc. Because i didn’t lmao.

      • Datredd23 October 7, 2016

        Anti was an amazing album to start it off with consideration was brilliant it set an Anti like mood and tone followed with blazing love hits and bops the album was about putting work in a relation and failing therefore Work and The after effects of a relationship with needed me! With amazing ballads such as Close to You and Love on the Brain

      • Amerikkka’s Most Wanted ~ Tyler October 7, 2016

        Anti wasn’t amazing in my opinion. Wasn’t deep enough for me. Seemed like a made for radio type of album. Or at least that’s the vibe I got from Work. Maybe it’s hype overshadowed the album as a whole but Idk

      • Datredd23 October 7, 2016

        Ok you didn’t care for the album but she did produce a different and unique album no one can say she didn’t take risks and introduce new sounds and personas the videos did not match the greatness of the songs that’s why I don’t thinks she will win album of the year but in my opinion she deserves a nom based off the reception and dominance Anti had this year

  39. Theman October 7, 2016

    Rih’s album, Chance, Adele & Solange…… Then you have factor in Bowie & RADIOHEAD..

    • BEY>RIH October 7, 2016

      Your very delusional if you think Anti or ASATT will be getting AOTY recognition over Lemonade.

  40. Datredd23 October 7, 2016

    At least all the Stan bases can agree that JOHNVIDAL is the most annoying and outdated posters on here

    • Blue Ivy Rod October 7, 2016

      It’s not like we don’t understand the talent level of today’s artists have gone down but how could you compare sales from pre internet/streaming to the digital age where most want to only listen to their fav songs instead of paying an albumfor one song they like. I think the only reason they are complaining is because his faves cannot compete with the new sounds and sale requirements

      • Datredd23 October 7, 2016

        I know right like lay off a little who are you to critique?! Lol but is all b*** hurt when someone says something about Gaga like she’s the pinnacle of music or something um no dear

  41. Rosie October 7, 2016

    There’s been so many good releases this year that I think Anti will be snubbed in the AOTY category. 25, Lemonade, and Blackstar are all locks and Radiohead will probably get in too. 5th slot will likely go to Views because of how massive it is in streaming, but many are thinking Coloring Book will take it instead. I can definitely see that since the Grammys changed their rules right after its release just so it can be eligible.
    Anti is a very strong contender in the Urban categories and will probably with there, even though that area is extremely competitive this year.
    I’m actually excited for this year’s nominees. Usually the Grammys are a mess but this has been a great year for every genre except top 40 so I hope they don’t mess it up. Even though SOTY/AOTY will be a mess as usual.

  42. Briano October 7, 2016

    Musically, anti is the superior album and it deserves aoty

    Rihanna doesn’t need validation though, she knows it and many everyday people do too I just want her to continue to chase good music not titles and unearned accolades

  43. Briano October 7, 2016

    Beyonce does not deserve any nominations truth be told but when it comes to beynonsense its all fantasy including these so called vocals

    • Amerikkka’s Most Wanted ~ Tyler October 7, 2016

      Lemonade will get an album of the year nom. Anti won’t

    • BEY>RIH October 7, 2016

      Not a rihgoat stan shading Bey’s vocals… I’ve seen it all!!

  44. Datredd23 October 7, 2016

    Another post to hate on Rihanna we know she’s one of the top artists out that’s why everyone wants to see her fail they can’t comprehend how long she’s lasted and how relevant she still is after 12 years.

    • Wayno October 7, 2016

      REVELANT WITH 14 #1s

      when was the last time your fav. hit #1 on the HOT 100?


  45. OMG Logic!!! October 7, 2016

    Adele and David Bowie. The rest of the basics can fu ck off.

    • BEY>RIH October 7, 2016

      Of course you wouldn’t support black artists to recieve the big 4 nominations.

  46. Jamon October 7, 2016

    Let’s recap, The Beyonce album was critically acclaimed, buy lost to Beck for AOTY and Pharell for Contemporary R&B. Everyone predicted Drunk in Love was going to get nominations for SOTY and ROTY, but it didn’t. My point is the grammy’s are unpredictable and our/the critics opinions don’t matter. I honestly seeing the AOTY going to someone like David Bowie. His album as been the best reviewed, he pasted away, and has been snubbed by the grammy’s for decade’s.

  47. BEY>RIH October 7, 2016

    Yall got to be crazy if you dont think Lemonade will be AOTY nominated. Its quite obvious Lemonade, 25, and Blackstar will be nominated. The ones up for discussion are Anti and A Seat at the Table. Tbh i doubt they will score a nomination for aoty but it’s possible.

  48. La Perra October 7, 2016

    Rihanna Anti is a more stronger cohesive album than Beyoncé’s try hard album. Bey is Bey and she will try and outshine and have top production while Rih is Rih and she takes the more carefree minimalist approach. They are two very different artist doing MAJOR things and Rihanna is better at Beyoncé at a lot of things… while Beyoncé blows Rihanna out the water in other things. They both are great at their strengths. This s*** is getting old…
    I hope Rihanna wins and gets recognized for her body of work with Anti. It’s one of the most streamed and illegally downloaded album for a reason!

  49. Briano October 7, 2016

    I hate reading the mentally ill hive post about music

    It’s not about message its about music

    Musically, anti is superior, period.

    I’d people could be honest Beyonce is ridiculously overrated and you can’t even call the noise she makes music

  50. Briano October 7, 2016


  51. FC/JC October 7, 2016

    Solange so smart for releasing at the last date for Grammy submissions. She needs to be a multiple winner that night!

  52. e Nowqd Redv dibut it ash trjoan ivy blobukz Need UK timely Ukuno eremixi October 8, 2016

    Let see who win

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