That Grape Juice A&R: Christina Aguilera’s Eighth Studio Album

Published: Monday 31st Oct 2016 by Sam

Welcome to the latest edition ‘That Grape Juice A&R‘, the ‘TGJ’ original feature which sees us switch critic for creative and weigh in on the directions of our staple acts.

Who we’ve set our Evan Lipschutz-sized sights on this time? Christina Aguilera.

Since debuting in 1999, Xtina has established a success narrative that would theoretically make her an icon even if she were to never release another song.

And while that’s impressive in itself, we’re eager for new music from the 35-year-old. Especially in the wake of 2012’s ‘Lotus’ – which was was a solid album, but a diabolical “era.” Indeed, that campaign was characterised by minimal promo and questionable performances whenever they did occur. The end result, unsurprisingly, saw the LP become her worst selling yet.

Recent years have seen Aguilera assert that fresh material was on the horizon, but four years on, the ‘Lotus’ follow-up is still notable in its absence.

Is she being a “perfectionist” or is she stuck? Who knows, but if the latter we’re here to lend a helping hand.

Meet us below…

Using 11 reference tracks pulled from artists from all walks of life, here sits a tracklist compiled by TGJ that- for us- would make the perfect Christina album…now.

Theme: Big, Soulful, Analogue, Radio-Friendly

1) Jessie J, Ariana, Nicki – Bang Bang [Listen]
2) Leona Lewis – Fire Under My Feet [Listen]

3) Fantasia – End of Me  [Listen]
4) Rihanna – Diamonds [Listen]
5) Alicia Keys – Fire We Make [Listen]
6 Lady Gaga – Dancin’ In Circles [Listen]
7) Adele – Send My Love (To Your New Lover) [Listen]
8) Pink – Try [Listen]
9) Christina Aguilera – Just A Fool  [Listen]
10) Adele – All I Ask  [Listen]
11) Leona Lewis – Thank You [Listen]


Do you agree with our picks? What would yours be?

Your thoughts?

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  1. King B October 31, 2016

    Idk why it takes forever…

    • ? October 31, 2016

      Give us Stripped 2.0 and then she’ll be back on top. I need urbanTina!

  2. BuyGLORYONitunes October 31, 2016

    Cannot wait!

  3. Wonder Woman October 31, 2016

    Although her next album will flop just like everyone else who debuted with Pink and Beyoncé I’m really her for her
    Your Body is one of my favourite songs released in 2012
    Say something, Release something…..

  4. ???????Chile, take this “Itty Bitty Piggy” to the market and make sure you hold her hand while crossing the street!??????? October 31, 2016

    She looks absolutely gorgeous in that photo above. I wish her much success, including a next solo, monster-sized hit that generates more impact, influence, and critical and commercial success than “Say Something”.

  5. xtina fan October 31, 2016

    I don’t know why she takes years between albums. If she at least promotes it properly & not just tweet a link like she did with Lotus than I will be happy. She normally gives us 20 songs which I love about her but I hope she has some great writers & producers because I really want it to be great regardless of the sales.

  6. Meteorite October 31, 2016

    I actually don’t want another “Stripped” album. Just because you can’t recreate that kind of magic, and we’ve seen other artists try and recreate former success and have seen them fail. So why still pigeonhole Christina to that? She said before the end of the year on Ellen so I’m thinking perhaps she’s release the album by thanksgiving or on or around her birthday in December. But I’m ready!!!

  7. Theman October 31, 2016

    Pink ”Just Like Fire’. Adele ‘Send My Love’ Ariana ‘Side By Side’ Adele ‘All I Ask’ Selena Gomez ‘The Heart Wants What It Wants’ LG ‘Million Reasons’ Rihanna ‘Love On The B’ Meghan Trainor ‘No’

  8. Sharp October 31, 2016

    The only songs from that list are; Diamonds, Fire We Make and All I Ask. I really want to hear that big ballad from her in like a Mariah/Celine style. I also want that bass and urban sound from her like Beyoncé. Yet, while keeping the maturity of Adele/Mariah. All while maintaining an R&B/Soul flow via Teena Marie. I want a lot from her and its hard to get it when she takes these massive breaks in between albums.

    • Sharp October 31, 2016

      Correction: I do like “End of Me”

  9. J October 31, 2016

    Ariana Grande’s latest effort had a few cuts that reminded me of Xtina from back in the day. “Touch It” sounds like an updated version of something from the Stripped era. “Dangerous Woman” too. If she goes in a soulful, urban route I’d be very happy. Lotus was not good to me…

  10. Reality October 31, 2016

    Hmm… well according to Da Internz (from 2015 mind you) they said her sound “caviar ratchet”
    and none of those songs listed above sound “ratchet” to me and then going based off of her “Fire and Fun” tweet from 2015, my guess would be that she’s going for more a Beyoncé (2013) sound?? But at the same time I’m a little nervous because if anyone remembers the leaked track list
    “Blonde” then they’ll know that “Change” was on that list and that song was a single for Pulse…
    So IDK at this point

  11. Jasmine October 31, 2016

    Christina’s albums flop because she puts out concept albums instead of personal albums. People felt Stripped was personal so it did well.

  12. JT October 31, 2016

    WTF are you idiots even trying to say here?

  13. Trose October 31, 2016

    No no no to your list Sam that track list is BORING. She needs something current a Lil ratchet dirrty…still with great vovalue moments and harmonies Ala “on our way” from back 2 basics. I would like her BEYONCE 2013 self titled to be a blueprint. That piece was pop..urban…all the above…maybe add at leaSt 2 “I am beautiful” ballad moments but keep it young. ..that list of songs makes her old and BORING.let’s keep it fun too.

  14. MusicFan103 November 1, 2016

    She needs to make a contemporary R&B album with Pop, Hip Hop, and Rock influences. Sorta ‘Stripped,’ but more leaning to R&B. She needs to stay away from an electro Pop sound, clearly it does nothing for her as a lead artist in 2010s.

    Hell even a Soul based Pop ballad filled album would reach more people than her past two studio albums, which were not terrible but the GP didn’t care for it.

    I also would say she needs to stop appearing so lazy. Tour the world. Show the world the star she was 1999-2004(maybe till 2007). She just comes off so entitled and as if she doesn’t have to work for her success. Yes you are on The Voice periodically but get your ass up and tour. In an Adele world, we are going to need something more than once a week appearances on TV ever other year.

    Both Christina Aguilera and P!nk need to give us some modern day (meaning this decade) full length R&B albums. Kelly Clarkson is even giving us one. Come on ladies.

    • tROSE November 1, 2016

      YES TO EVERYTHING YOU SAID!!!!!! EVERYBODY WANTS TO beELECTRO POP ugh…. im one of the few who HATED “Love Your Body” it was too SWEET, give us some Fun soul Rnb tunes with catchy hooks!

      • MusicFan103 November 1, 2016


    • Nate November 1, 2016

      And low key though, Christina smashes R&B. Some of her best material on all her albums are her r&b/soul records that she/label refused to release… She needs to jump the ship of pop.

  15. We Nowqd Redv dibut it ash trjoan ivy blobukz Need UK timely Ukuno eremixi November 1, 2016


  16. XYZCO November 2, 2016

    WOW @ that diabolical list of tricks! HAHAHA!

    And even bigger WOW @ Lotus being described as a solid album. Let’s be real y’all, that record was a TRAVESTY. Miss Christina is hands-down one of the greatest vocalists of all time…she also produced Stripped, which is up there with your Miseducations and your Emancipations. It’s a contemporary masterpiece. Back to Basics was dope, and the original Bionic tracks that were recorded before all the label interference (Little Dreamer, Monday Morning, Birds of Prey…) showed that the album could have been epic. She is capable of greatness. Lotus even had WHACK ASS VOCALS. This woman is a legit siren. A vocal Goddess. HOW CAN SHE MAKE AN ALBUM WHERE EVEN THE VOCALS ARE BAD?! I just don’t get it!!

    She just needs to go back into whatever creative head space she was when she recorded Stripped, Back to Basics and the original version of Bionic and record music that is honest and that she is passionate about and loves. Otherwise she is ****ed because her career and her legacy will NOT survive another Lotus fiasco. AND LISTEN TO YOUR FANS GIRL! No one wanted a cheesy-ass, commercial dance pop album from you. No one wanted a country ballad with bloody Blake Sheldon. No one wants to see you relegated to singing hook on a Pitbull song.

    WE WANT SOUL. WE WANT R&B. We want you to WRITE again. Go urban, go soulful. Be original, set trends like you used to. Don’t chase them. AND BRING THE VOCALS. You are probably the ONLY singer today that is mentioned in the same breath as your Mariahs, your Whitneys and your Celines. Patti Labelle, Etta James and Aretha have all said you are one of the greatest vocalists of all time. You have the potential to kill it; SO BRING IT THIS TIME AROUND XTINAAAA!

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