He’s Back! Bruno Mars Announces New Single ’24K Magic’

Published: Monday 3rd Oct 2016 by Sam

Bruno Mars is back!

The chart-topping talent has officially tossed his name into the 4th quarter mix by announcing his long-awaited new single.

Christened ’24K Magic,’ the cut is the first taste of the crooner’s third album and is due much sooner than you might think…

Taking to social media moments ago, the 30-year-old revealed the cut’s cover and confirmed that it’ll land on Friday:

Excited to announce 24k Magic, out this Friday!! You can call it my first single, but I call it the invitation to the party.#24KMagic ???


’24K Magic’ will be the first taste of new material from the star since Mark Ronson’s 2014’s blockbuster ‘Uptown Funk.’

Armed with that momentum, as well as the buzz accrued from both of his Super Bowl showings and his sophomore set ‘Unorthodox Jukebox,’ it’s Mars’ game for the winning.

Your thoughts?

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  1. #JACKIE October 3, 2016

    Bruno has come to SLAY

    • ? October 3, 2016

      Block that Gaga Bruno

      • JOHNVIDAL October 3, 2016

        Both are super talented. Why you mad? lol Do u even enjoy music and life in general? 🙁

  2. #JACKIE October 3, 2016

    24SLAY Magic

    • Mariah Carey October 3, 2016

      24K magic… Ciara would know all about that wouldn’t she dahhhling! Oops I mean 19K, my bad!

      • #JACKIE October 3, 2016

        Is Moo still mixing champagne and Percocets while strutting around in a thong baring her long flat ass?

      • Mariah Carey October 3, 2016

        Dahhhling! don’t even try it with me. You’re ash and I’m lotion. Deal with it! You’re a total flop and your mother probably wanted you as much as my mother wanted Alison dahhhhling!

      • JOHNVIDAL October 3, 2016

        Mariah when is your album going to be ready? is 2017 even a possible horizon? Cause I´m waiting babe! 🙂

      • #Nicole Nation October 3, 2016

        Jacky being positive for once, why you people got to ruin it?

        I only come for @#jackie when she steps out of line, there’s no need to bring Ciara down here, save that for the next MC post where #jacki tries coming for “mooriah”

        “ThatGrapeJuice?” Na, more like “ThatBeefJuice!”

      • JOHNVIDAL October 3, 2016

        Nicole Nation
        I agree.

  3. Kwinzy October 3, 2016

    It’ll be interesting to see what two of MJ’s biggest influences will bring to the table in the same quarter – come through Bruno & Abel!

    • Fancy BISH October 3, 2016

      The Weeknd’s Starboy debuted at #3 in the UK, and it looks like he’ll vault into the Top 5 of the Billboard Hot 100 on this week’s chart…Bruno is coming for wigs, weaves, extensions and fades lol…I’m excited for both!

      • JOHNVIDAL October 3, 2016

        Hey Fancy!
        I don´t know if you´re a long time commentator or not (too many people here, and few that deserve one´s attention) but you´ve been getting my attention lately. You seem to really like talent and to be here for music and sane comments. Some of your favorite artists? 🙂

      • Fancy BISH October 3, 2016

        Hey JOHNVIDAL! I LOVE so many artists…here are some of my favorite songs of all time, in no particular order…
        1. Tina Turner – What’s Love Got To Do With It
        2. Peter Gabriel – Red Rain
        3. George Michael – One More Try
        4. Al B. Sure! – Nite And Day
        5. Toni Braxton & Kenny G – That Somebody Was You
        6. Human League – Human
        7. Sade – Smooth Operator
        8. LL Cool J – Around The Way Girl
        9. Peter Cetera – Glory Of Love
        10. Prince – Purple Rain
        11. Depeche Mode – Lie To Me
        12. Madonna – Live To Tell
        13. Richard Marx – Heaven Only Knows
        14. DeBarge – Rhythm Of The Night
        15. Mary J. Blige – You Remind Me
        16. Tammy Lucas – Is It Good To You
        17. Guy – Groove Me
        18. Pet Shop Boys – West End Girls
        19. Lisa Stansfield – All Around The World
        20. The Deele – Two Occasions
        21. Ralph Tresvant – Sensitivity

      • JOHNVIDAL October 3, 2016

        Yaaaasss bish! I knew it. Real music lover.

  4. HailLegendBeysus October 3, 2016

    SAM!!! Where is this post with The Huffington Post clocking Roc Nations claim that fRih is the second best selling female artists and best selling Black female artists of all time!?!?!
    Once all record sales are updated, the Best-selling female artist list will be placed in this order.

    Madonna (400 million)
    Mariah Carey (300 million)
    Whitney Houston (300 million)
    Celine Dion (300 million)
    Britney Spears (260 million)
    Rihanna (260 million)
    Janet (200 million)
    Beyonce (190 million Solo/270 million total w/Destiny’s Child)
    Lady gaga (190 million)
    Taylor Swift (180 million)
    The Best-selling female artist of all time is: Madonna

    The Best-selling black female artist of all time is: Mariah Carey/ Whitney Houston *too close to decide.

    • JOHNVIDAL October 3, 2016

      What the hell is that joke of a list? At this retarded rate they will say Rihanna or Taylor Swift are the best selling females of all time, as if their singles sales were comparable to Madonna or Celine´s epic album sales. Just no. And I don´t need anybody to tell me albums don´t sell now. Anybody with a mind understands it´s not only that. It´s easy to perceive Rihanna or Katy Perry or whoever are nowhere near Madonna, Whitney or Michael´s global superstardom. Just no. Everybody who has lived a little bit of that knowns it.

      • HailLegendBeysus October 3, 2016

        Um, this is an updated list using TEA and SEA for all artists.
        Also Rihanna’s single sales have surpassed Madindaurs and yes ACTUAL SALES not sps. The woman has sold over 100m singles in the US alone. No other artists has ever done that not received a certificate or 100 million platinum certifications, just saying. As far as albums go. Rih, Taylor, Adele nor my fav will ever catch the greats. But in all honesty i really ain’t upset with this list because they used TEA and SEA for all artists to level the playing field. Although SPS will never hold the same merit as actual sales.

      • JOHNVIDAL October 3, 2016

        I think you miss the point. If singles sales had been the only thing that was selling like hot cakes 30 years ago, then Madonna wouldn´t have “only” sold 100 million cheap 0.99cts digital singles, she would have sold like 1 billion singles. Seriously, no, it´s not comparable. Rihanna has kind of struggled her whole career to create anticipation around her new albums to begin with. Are you going to compare that to Madonna or Whitney houston´s phenomenons??? Maybe… you know nothing? 🙂 Taylor is a sales force right now, that´s true, however, she´s not such thing worldwide at all. So she cannot be anywhere near that group either. And so on… To be honest the biggest star these last few years (female) is Beyonce, and of course, the only real global sales force: ADELE.

      • HailLegendBeysus October 3, 2016

        Lmao do you even read what I write? You’re arguing as if I ever said singles and fRih streams hold the same merit as a sold ablum. This is why so many ride you off as nothing more than a pressed commenter. You’re making a huge argument over nothing. I simply left info that was into regards of so many Slavi members saying Whóréanna was the 2nd best selling female artists and best selling black female artist.

      • JOHNVIDAL October 3, 2016

        Hmm… and I KNOW that! What are you talking about? You left that list here to be discussed, didn´t you? I left a comment about the list. Not about you. You were the one opening the door to the possibility of Rihanna being so big and selling so many more singles than Madonna after my first reply. That´s why I replied again. Just be nice and learn to discuss things without trying to fight all the time with basic come backs. Learn from some of your “fellow hives” in this blog.

  5. Rima October 3, 2016

    Johnvidal I know you’re a fellow monster but gosh you’re so annoying.

    • JOHNVIDAL October 3, 2016

      I´m no fellow anything. I defend Gaga when I have to cause I love talent and talent provides me joy. But I´m no damn retarded monster or whichever stan base there is out there. Now that you stick your nose for no reason I´ll tell you this: Gaga would be better without fans like you, or any artist for that matter. Only focused on hating, charts and bandwagoning 🙂 I don´t know why so many people in here still dislike truths being talked about.

      • Rima October 3, 2016

        You think Gaga deserves b*** hurt bitter fans like you though? You’re so annoying old and tired.

      • JOHNVIDAL October 3, 2016

        Not interested in an absurd Gaga debate. All I´m saying is all I´ve seen you do here is attack other people and other artists. Nothing else. I don´t doubt you like Gaga. But seriously, Gaga is moving on from fans like you in case you didn´t notice. You better embrace ALL the talent out there or just bandwagon to the top singles artists out there. Cause she´s clearly going in a different direction now. The fact you are like those little trolls in here that think someone who likes real artists, even if yes, they are older, means one is older, is so retarded. My first favorite artist was Tina Turner when i was 4 years old. So hmm… yeah, maybe it is cause I´m not a basic fanboy? Good luck hating on everybody else here. I´m waiting for the day Lady Gaga and Lana del Rey do a song together and you and that other pathetic hater @Rosie have a stroke lol Grow up and enjoy life!

  6. Career Ender October 3, 2016

    come thru King. Drake who?

    • JOHNVIDAL October 3, 2016

      Drake is nothing compared to Bruno. He´s nothing worldwide compared to him. And his music is so uneventful.

      • Career Ender October 3, 2016

        preach some more. Bruno is the only artist that can take old style songs and slay with them modernly e.g. His last album

      • JOHNVIDAL October 3, 2016

        Definitely. The only big male with quality commercial stuff.

      • CodeRed_Monica October 4, 2016

        Drake is a rapper though so what is your point?

  7. Career Ender October 3, 2016

    the more artists release the more ‘other overated artists’ are gonna continue to descend dowm the best selling albums of 2016 and doen the BB200
    and I’m here for this

  8. Career Ender October 3, 2016

    you better bring the uptown funkness Bruno, we can’t wait

  9. Career Ender October 3, 2016

    some artists embrace their music and talent. they don’t scrape out their eras being afraid of flopping

  10. Career Ender October 3, 2016

    I wonder how it will feel like if you stan for your fave cos they slay a certain chart
    when the slayage stop what you gon stan for?

    • JOHNVIDAL October 3, 2016


  11. dee October 3, 2016

    I’m here for him. Very talented singer, songwriter, and performer. Hurry Friday!

  12. Career Ender October 3, 2016

    and then you have some stans that stan for their faves cos they’re hot, they have bulge pics on the net, they take shirts often, they have good hair colours
    they wear beautiful gowns that everyone, they rock boots/heels better than Asa Akira and Pinky
    smh . sad pathetic individuals

  13. #Nicole Nation October 3, 2016

    Slay Bruno!

  14. FC/JC October 3, 2016

    YES BRUNO! Come to dominate! Daddy im ready!

  15. Nowqd Redv dibut it ash trjoan ivy blobukz Need UK timely Ukuno eremixi October 4, 2016

    Good for him

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