Kanye West Throws Jabs At Jay Z / Says He Didn’t Receive A Visit After Kim Kardashian Robbery

Published: Thursday 20th Oct 2016 by Sam

Kanye West is sounding off again – and this time it’s mentor / collaborator Jay Z that’s in his firing line.

During the most recent stop of his ‘Saint Pablo Tour,’ the MC seized a sizeable segment of the show to vent about his frustration with Jigga.

Full story below…

Purposely playing the intro of their 2011 smash ‘N**as In Paris,’ Yeezy stopped the music and proceeded to pop all the way off.

He told the capacity crowd that there would not be a sequel ‘Watch The Throne’ – his joint album with Jay.

Ye’ elaborated saying that the politics surrounding Apple, TIDAL, and their differential in percentages K’O’ed a collaboration between he, Jay and Drake. 

Even when the idea was being entertained, West revealed that HOV cited respect for Meek Mill (Drizzy’s foe) as another reason why he would not take part.

But the drama cuts deeper than music.

West explained (and complained) that while his friend called to ask how the family was doing after wife Kim Kardashian was robbed, he didn’t receive a visit.

Ensuring he aired all the length and breadth of the laundry, the ‘All Falls Down’ rapper rounded off by revealing that their children have never played together.

Hear all below…

Do folk not own cell phones anymore? Surely this wasn’t convo for the public domain?

As with most things Kanye these days, a mess.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Rima October 20, 2016

    Jayz and his fugly wife are fake and jealous that Kim and Kanye are more relevant than them.

    @Hailbeysus What’s tea today?

    • Amerikkka’s Most Wanted ~ Tyler October 20, 2016

      I swear all of your comments are drier than a Popeye’ s biscuit. You tried, but ultimately failed….again.

      • Ughhhh October 20, 2016

        I like Popeyes’s biscuits. Add some honey! Bomb!

      • Amerikkka’s Most Wanted ~ Tyler October 20, 2016

        The honey definitely helps the dryness

      • October 21, 2016

        We all know from the get go that jay-z doesn’t like kim kardashian and was disappointed when Kanye marry her, they didn’t even go to the wedding, you know kim always be doing things for press and that robbery could have been a pub stunt.

      • Baddiebeymyfav October 21, 2016

        Ughhh dragggg it… YASSS!?

    • Baddiebeymyfav October 21, 2016

      No thirsty bxxtch, it’s the other way around. Kanye is only crying like a little bxxtch cause his biggest idol (Jay) isn’t kissing he and his wife fake cakes. I hope Jay and Bey continues paying them dust and never allow Blue around that stinky fraudulent family. Fawk kimye forever and you too!

  2. Cocoa October 20, 2016

    Someone get this man some tissue for his issues.

  3. Chileplease October 20, 2016

    A phone call isn’t good enough?

    • Amerikkka’s Most Wanted ~ Tyler October 20, 2016

      Was the robbery even real?

    • Jay October 20, 2016

      I guess it wasnt .. lol how ignorant .. who gives a crap .. the brotha went out his way to call and didn have to do that .. Kanye think ppl suppose to kiss his ass .. but dont forget jay and Bey came to support when his mother died! SELFISH .. the robbery was staged anyway

  4. Amerikkka’s Most Wanted ~ Tyler October 20, 2016

    Why would Jay work with Drake when he reps Apple music, Tidal’s biggest rival??? Plus, Meek Mill, like Kanye, has a contract with Tidal. So…..

    • Maurice October 20, 2016

      why would Rihanna be on Drake’s album when she’s signed to Jay Z and reps Tidal though?

      • The Voice October 20, 2016

        Does Rihanna own Tidal, no, Jay does. So why would he work with competing companies product.

      • The Voice October 21, 2016

        Even though she has a share in it.

      • Danny Beys October 21, 2016

        This is why Jay Z is worth millions and you’re not. You don’t get it.

  5. truthtea October 20, 2016

    Can’t stand Kanye and Kim. Fake a$$ Jay and Bey wannabes!!!

  6. Yonce’s houseboy October 20, 2016

    Kanye is such a whining queen.. Ugh

  7. LetmeSpill October 20, 2016

    Please so they could do him like they did Taylor Swift Kanye needs to leave that woman no good will come from their relationship.

  8. @ASAPicon October 20, 2016

    Hunny, Kanye i love you down, But get over it… why you crying to your fans, Everyone knows JayZ is a d***** bag. But he had you wrapped around his finger baby boy, This is what happens when DL relationships start to crumble. get over it henny.

  9. FASHION_ICON ~ Anti&Lemonade October 20, 2016

    He’s a Kardashian now…Kardashian are known to seek attention everywhere…
    Kanye maybe you are friends with Jay but Jay have better things to do than visit your wife… he is probably in the studio working and have been following is wife during the fwt…be happy that at least he called you to ask about Kim…phone and social network were created for this.
    Real friendship died deal with it and stop waiting for things that will never happen…maybe jay was scared to have cameras on him since you and your family in law live with it

    • The F*** u mean? October 20, 2016

      U are so stupid, why would Kanye ever be happy to get a phone call when such a horrible thing happens. Brothers call each other and visit each other for smaller things.

      I actually come to like and respect Kanye through the recent years. He is a man who believes in what he says, he seem like a good father and great husband for Kim.

      And I have never understood why people hate kim.k that much, the girls all over the world are so jealous I swear.

      So many girls gets f*****, dumped, cheated, and f***** and still don’t get anything.
      Pick the right d*** chicks, that could make u.
      Although I never seen Kim k no that way, just being honest

      Also If my wife was robbed and my so called “brother” didn’t even visit I would feel some type of way too.

      And for the so called drake record ( I don’t ever like that overrated s***)
      I hope jay was sincere of meek mill and didn’t say that to lie.

  10. The kpop guy, Matt ~ October 20, 2016

    I also don’t get why the Kardashians get so much hate. Hate for what? It’s not their fault the world likes watchin them. Last time I checked, E! Is a tv station you can change over from if they bother you that much. Watch Total Divas instead

  11. Chasin Time October 20, 2016

    So are y’all not going to post in Azealia?

  12. #TeamTinashe Stan October 20, 2016

    The Kardashian’s are the ULTIMATE social climbers. Anybody that is HOT right now or appreciated heavily on they will definitely find their way to snag a photo with them for their own social gain.

    • #ispeakfacts October 21, 2016

      @ TeamTinashe

      Exactly! Jay& Bey will never allow Kanye and Kim to use them at their expense! Even though Jay & Bey will cling on to other folks who is popping for the moment for relevancy!

  13. MsYonce October 20, 2016

    Annoying as hell!! When you hear something bad happens the first time you do is pick up the phone and call.what more does he want?? Is Jay suppose to leave his wife and daughter on tour an go all the way to LA cause Kim was robbed like bye Kanye.

  14. MsYonce October 20, 2016

    “Come to my house and bring Blue ” n**** Jay don’t owe you a damn thing

  15. MUSICHEAD October 20, 2016

    Umm…Beyonce don’t want her baby around the Kardashians. She don’t even wanna be around the Kardashians. Jay told him not to marry that silly ho.

    • Amerikkka’s Most Wanted ~ Tyler October 20, 2016

      Right! I wouldn’t want my child around an ex pornstar either

  16. Rudy October 20, 2016

    Beyonce and Kim K are like night and day. Kim is all about photo op’s, social media and drama whilst Beyonce is all about her music and enjoying life OFF camera. I’m sure Jay Z respects his wife’s wishes when it comes to North and their marriage/brand.

  17. #Nicole Nation/J. Cole October 20, 2016

    Oh grow the f**** up, kanye!

  18. The Voice October 20, 2016

    I hope J doesn’t respond to his punk ass.

    • The Voice October 20, 2016


  19. Hmmm… October 21, 2016

    Kanye is just mad that no one fell for that robbery story like he and Kim wanted. Jay and Bey are right to keep their child as far away from that family as possible. And I’m tired of Kanye crying for attention all the time. He’s like a jealous girlfriend.

  20. Noooooo October 21, 2016

    Shut up Kanye! Before you end up like Damon dash. No one knows when ur wife and her fake family are lying or not/ half the s*** her and her family do is for publicity. Don’t throw side remarks at jayz because he wants no part of her knob sucking ass. Marry u a damn black women if u want some black friends.

  21. cocobutta October 21, 2016

    He’s like a lost child always calling on Daddy Jay Z. Just handle your business and your wife Kanye Pest!!

    Don’t get it twisted Jay can DASH you just like he did to Dame.

  22. Tru.dont1234 October 21, 2016

    Cmon Ye marry a black woman if u want black friends n get a grip no one wants to be around the lame family he gonna end up like Dame what a waste

  23. Brazen Beauty October 21, 2016

    When I first read this article in Vanity Magazine, my heart went out to the West family for the simple reason, friends are not loyal. Jay Z, and Beyonce have placed a wedge between their friendship since Kanye married Kim. As far as I am concerned, who a person marries, and dates, is their choice. Kanye has done nothing but support JayZ and Bey through the years. During that concert this past weekend at Barclays Stadum,, I was truly appalled at the way Nicki slandered Kanye about his choice to marry out of his race. Then she had the nerve to use excessive profanity while tellng people to VOTE. Her overall usage of profanity made her sound like a no class WANNA BE SOMETHING SHE IS NOT. Its funny, you can have all of the money in the world, and stil have no class. People are so quick to judge, who in their right mind would say someone staged a robbery? Now that pictures from a surveillance camera has been materialize, after viewing the tape, the robbers did not give me the impression they were French. Who ever they are, it would not surprise me if the whole thing was a plan set up by Kanye’s so called demonic brother. One thing for sure, the hip hop and music industry can be brutal. If a so called close friend of yours does not attend your wedding, and your children have never played together, he is not your friend. One thing for sure, karma will definately be the deciding factor for the disloyal fake friends. Lets keep it real, Jay Z and Bey will never be friends with anyone they cannot control.

    • weSlay October 21, 2016

      No one is ready for your 4 page letter and it wasn’t enclosed with a kiss x

  24. Brazen Beauty October 21, 2016

    When I think about it, Jay Z has screwed so many people during his so called climb up the mega money ladder. Remember, whatever a person does to someone else, they will eventually do the same thing to you. In this world, you have got to be careful who you look upon as a loyal friend. One thing I know for sure, when you dig a whole for someone, you had better dig one for your self. Its just a matter of time. Just because you and your wife have an association with the FLOTUS, please dont look down on others, as to say you are a better person because of your association. The thing that puzzles me, people place so much time and effort in making the money, but dont invest in the process of facilitating knowledge, skills, values, beliefs, and habits. Education is one of the greatest investment a person could ever acquire. If you cannot articulate, or hold a conversation with the best of them, then all of that money you have acquired will always make you reliant on someone else’ intellect to handle your business.

  25. Paulo October 21, 2016

    what a mess… starting from Kanye exposing his dirty laundry with a friend publicly like that and ending with y’all pressed b****** slutshaming Kim K for no good reason

  26. Del October 21, 2016

    Lawd Kanye…Jay did pick up the phone and call him. Jay is a busy man and may not have had time to “drop by” and check on him and Kim. The fact is he did call and check on his friend, showing concern for him and his family’s well-being. Also, just because he and Jay are good friends doesn’t mean Kim and Bey or their children have to be. Bey is a busy woman and may not have time to dedicate to forming a relationship with the West’s. Plus, Jay and Bey seem like they are chill and Kim and Yeezy seem like they are on turn-up all the time. Maybe their energies don’t match, IDK. Kanye should have addressed his “brother” privately. Now all he is going to be asked by the press in the near future is this incident. Maybe Jay can team with Taylor Swift for a diss record against the West’s for retaliation.

  27. Chile Please!!! October 21, 2016

    I’m so over Keyona West…she always going off like a lil queen! I really wish she would put her big girl bloomers on & pump like a true diva! Girl bye!

  28. #JACKIE October 21, 2016

    Jay Z thinks he’s better than everyone. I really can’t stand him. He’s nothing but an old tired leech who uses folks until he no longer needs them. Most of his business ventures FAIL too. Ugly camel. I’m not the biggest Kanyetta fan, but he has a right to be hurt!!!

  29. Sherrele October 21, 2016

    Shut up Kanye West!!! Cry baby

  30. e Nowqd Redv dibut it ash trjoan ivy blobukz Need UK timely Ukuno eremixi October 21, 2016

    Lol kanye west will be fine

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