Lady Gaga’s 2nd ‘Joanne’ Single Confirmed

Published: Saturday 29th Oct 2016 by Sam

Lady Gaga has a ‘Million Reasons’ to be elated this week, following the chart-topping success of new album ‘Joanne.’

The potent performance of the LP at retail has been bolstered by the popularity of “promotional” song ”Reasons.’ Indeed, as reported, the track  topped iTunes after a spirited performance on ‘Carpool Karaoke’ – an appearance which gave a lift to every song performed.

Now, its success has seen Team Gaga seize on the moment and make an interesting switch.

Details below…

High-octane cut ‘A-YO’ had been earmarked for a mainstream radio release next week.

However, realizing the clear potential for ‘Reasons’ to become “the” smash that has thus far eluded the LP, the song has now been ordained the official single. As such, it’ll now be the song sent to airwaves. [Source]


Smart choice.

We maintain Gaga has a viable hit on her hands with ‘Reasons,’ hence it’s wise to not allow anything – including her favorite song ‘A-YO’ – to get in the way of that.

With Fall upon us, so too is ballad season; which also highlights why the climate is quite literally right for her to service this song.

Snatch that smash, Stefani! Let’s just hope radio keep it cute and get on-board.

Your thoughts?

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  1. ? October 29, 2016

    It will flop

    • Kiah October 29, 2016


  2. Tori October 29, 2016

    I think A-Yo had a much better chance of becoming a hit. It seemed like a lot of ppl didn’t really like A Million Reasons when it first came out and not too many ppl like it now. This seems like a bad idea.

  3. R.I.P October 29, 2016


  4. Kiah October 29, 2016

    She bought her own albums now she’s going to buy her own singles even though they will just end up flopping?

  5. RhiRocks October 29, 2016

    She can get a top ten hit with million reason so good choice on making this the 2nd single as she will promote this song at the AMAs .

  6. RihRih October 29, 2016

    She has no talent, her album will flop second week and her tour will be forced to downgrade from arenas to bathrooms

    • Sam January 22, 2017

      Gaga has no talent? LOL b**** go slit your throat in a public bathroom cause thats what you’re worth.

  7. Meme October 29, 2016

    I’m kinda indifferent. I feel like if they are able to rush our a video and have another big televised performance to take advantage of this window of opportunity, it can be a big hit. Otherwise it will quickly slide down the charts.

    AYO and Dancing are honestly the only songs I see being smashes because they are the closest thing to old Gaga which we are longing for.

    • JOHNVIDAL October 29, 2016

      Yes but those two songs are far from the best songs on the album quality wise. They don´t make it to top 5. This is the right decision. I mean hello! it is the one that went #1 on itunes after her two tv appearances after all, not A-Yo.

  8. Urrghh October 29, 2016

    Her third back to back flop has arrived???

  9. Ex Little Monster October 29, 2016

    She’s still flopping even with tons of promotions behind her kii what an epic flop

  10. Meteorite October 29, 2016


  11. cocobutta October 29, 2016

    I liked that track on SNL so think a good choice from selections I’ve heard.
    Is there anything more single sounding than that?

  12. Kwinzy October 29, 2016

    Should’ve been Dancin’ in Circles since there’s reggae fusion wave going on in the industry. She needs a video with some dope choreo. A-Yo doesn’t cut it for me. I honestly think Gaga’s on ha Carrie Underwood to target the country demographic this go round.

  13. Rima October 29, 2016

    Great choice!

  14. Mase October 29, 2016

    It really was the smartest decision. A-YO and Dancin In Circles will become singles at some point. Especially around the Super Bowl, she can have a couple of top 10 hits from this album. Stop saying she’s flopping we clearly know she isn’t.

  15. MusicFan103 October 29, 2016

    Lady $0.69 with brand new music. Such a shame. Oh how the mighty have fallen. The only reason they selected it was because of its iTunes performance. Lets hope its staying power is at minimum twice as long as “Perfect Delusion.” That would make it stay on top for 2 weeks before plummeting.

    It actually is a good song, but it needs a vocalist like Kelly Clarkson or so to really sing it. Not a theatrical voice like Gaga.

    If “A-YO” had performed better on the charts it would have been selected as the second single, they waited. Still she is burning through singles faster than her ‘Born This Way’ era which has 5 in like 8 months or so. A damn mess.

  16. ???????Chile, take this “Itty Bitty Piggy” to the market and make sure you hold her hand while crossing the street!??????? October 29, 2016

    This track reminds me of “MANiCURE” a little. Really cute lyrics, a fun beat, and a great radio appeal. She just might have her next hit, folks.

  17. Mark111 October 29, 2016

    For her, her team and her fans to not care about charts, they are doing the most to do so.

  18. King B October 29, 2016

    She should release Million Reason instead! I don’t really like A-Yo

  19. JOHNVIDAL October 29, 2016

    The right choice obviously. I mean it is #1 on itunes, why should they choose a different one now? Smart. The song is touching some people, especially after listening to the live performeances. It was among my instant favorites from the album and one of the best no doubt (Joanne, Come to Mama, Sinners Prayer and Hey Girl are the other ones). I wanted for this song to have success, it deserves it. And now that it will be officially a single, if it gets enough success, it may be a candidate for next years grammys as record of the year and things like that. It has that type of mood and the right elements for that.

    • Killian October 29, 2016

      Yes everythong is right except nominated for “record of the year” puhlease lets not get ahead of ourselves here ..btw you seem to really know a lot about good music i like your comments

      • JOHNVIDAL October 30, 2016

        Oh thanks 🙂

  20. @ASAPicon October 29, 2016

    Shes not listening to her fans, why hasnt she made “Dancing In Circles” a single yet? And I havent even heard it, but thats what majority are liking.

  21. We Nowqd Redv dibut it ash trjoan ivy blobukz Need UK timely Ukuno eremixi October 30, 2016

    Good for her

  22. Casual-T October 30, 2016

    This was an obvious move. Remember Beyonce and End of Time, and Gaga and Do What You Want? Why fight the flow?

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