Watch: Ciara Covers Michael Jackson & Diana Ross At Revlon Launch

Published: Wednesday 19th Oct 2016 by Sam

As reported, Ciara was unveiled yesterday as Revlon‘s new Global Brand Ambassador.

Celebrating the gargantuan gig, which will see her front several campaigns for the cosmetics giant,, the 30-year-old took to the stage at the New York City launch.

Saluting her idol Michael Jackson as well as Diana Ross, CiCi jammed to ‘Rock With You’ and ‘Love Hangover.’

Peep her performances after the jump…


There continues to be murmurs as to why Ci isn’t moving around these days. Is the Wilson family expanding? Take from that what you will.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Just Dumb October 19, 2016

    Ok C????

    • Baddiebeymyfav October 19, 2016

      Ok I like CICI and I am happy for her new Revlon contract. BUT, her singing voice svcks! The way she butchered micheal Jackson’s song was terrible. That performance was just….sheesh!?

    • ? October 19, 2016

      Poor MJ is rolling in his grave right now because of this mockery of his work.

    • FAF October 19, 2016

      It’s funny cuz I was on twitter dragging someone last night about critiquing her mj cover and I thought they were referring to the bet 2010 heal the world cover that’s proof that I as a fan don’t even get to see her before haters watch her s*** #hatersarethebiggestadmirers

      • FAF October 19, 2016

        Bc i hadn’t even seen this until this am thanks tgj

      • ? October 19, 2016

        I didn’t watch it, I just know it will be a mess.

  2. Kwinzy October 19, 2016

    Girl just say ya speech, give face and sell they sh*t. You know it’s a vocal struggle when she gotta stand still to catch that deadbeat vibrato. ???

    • FABD October 19, 2016


  3. XLP October 19, 2016

    Dear Ciara…please keep giving me Goodies 2.0 era. Im rooting for you. 2017’s budget for your album is looking up. Beautiful. NOW BRING THAT UPTEMPO HEAT ON THE TRACK WITH A LINGERING CHORUS

  4. Lake Erie October 19, 2016

    Gone head CiCi!!!! Lol!!! I can not wait for the new Era to start!

    On another note, IDK lol. Based off this video, I can’t really say she’s pregnant. But she’s definitely definitely putting on a little weight. In which loOKs sexxy AF on her but her face has always been slightly toned in way for some years now and before baby Future came so IDK. …. Then shes been covering her belly in every pic as of late, wearing baggy clothes etc…lol. All her move abouts just reminds me a lot of the way she acted prior to revealing baby future. Lol. Only time will tell. If she is, I’m happy for her!

  5. Lake Erie October 19, 2016

    But then again, like the saying goes…. a sign of weight for some is a sign of contentment. So she’s probably just in a extremely happy place in her life right now…. her husband on his sh!t…

  6. pat October 19, 2016

    Is Rihanna the only one from this generation with a catalog strong enough to perform their CURRENT HITS?

  7. Stephy October 19, 2016


  8. kiiii October 19, 2016

    Ay…. what can I say

  9. MUSICHEAD October 19, 2016

    According to eonline, sources have confirmed that she is pregnant. She certainly looks like it to me. It’s perfect timing too since she’s not promoting an album right now.

  10. FABD October 19, 2016

    No. Btw, that nose job and upper lip filler is superb, she looks good.

  11. ???????Chile, take this “Itty Bitty Piggy” to the market and make sure you hold her hand while crossing the street!??????? October 19, 2016

    Very cute and full of substance, as usual. That’s just the “Go Girl” slaying vocals once again. This actually reminds me of when Taylor covered “Bette Davis Eyes” and “Drops of Jupiter”.

  12. #ispeakfacts October 19, 2016

    Chillllld… wtf is this! The shade room commenters is dragging her vocals!

  13. JuicyLipps October 19, 2016

    Ciara needs to concentrate on her modeling gigs

    The minimum wage would have to go up nationwide for her to achieve silver status

    but hey…she still pretty

  14. cocobutta October 19, 2016

    Rock in those vocals but she looked nice.

    Stick to your own material gurl where you sound best as covers not ya thang

  15. Datredd23 October 19, 2016

    Where is the post about Rihanna’s updated song certifications in the US?

    Work 4x platinum
    Needed me 3x platinum
    Love Song 1x platinum

    She now has over 110 million sold units in the US!

    • YGJ October 19, 2016

      Nobody cares about streaming plagues.

      • Danzou October 19, 2016

        Evidently the RIAA does h**

    • Girl October 19, 2016

      They don’t like to show case any of the Rihanna’s accomplishment in this site, instead it’s a story about this flop, flopping.

  16. YGJ October 19, 2016

    Nobody cares about streaming plagues.

  17. Rudy October 19, 2016

    Idk why Ciara gets so much heat. She sings so much better than Rihanna and just as good as Beyonce. Her vocals stay on fleek and she is gorgeous with sick dance moves. She needs to be the #1 chick in the game.

  18. Danzou October 19, 2016

    Jackie about to be so mad at y’all lol. but honestly she has a great time tone she just has no control. If you listen to “you can get it” or the evolution album in general she CAN sing. She just needs eat training and better breath control. Every since I bet she’s been a little better at holding notes it into somewhat of a belt.

    • Keywords October 19, 2016

      Partner, a lot of people have questions for you regarding your hate for white men in the JUSTINE TIMBERLAKE post.

      • Danzou October 19, 2016

        Ok? I have a lot of questions too concerning white supremacy, structured oppression, and systemic racism. So I will answer y’all questions when y’all answer mine.

  19. lolhart October 19, 2016

    Long Hangover was okay but she should have stayed away from Rock with You.

  20. Cupid October 19, 2016

    She really should work on improving her craft. Her dancing is getting sloppy and her voical need work. She hasn’t improved at all!!

    • J October 19, 2016

      Thats because she no longer cares. Janet and Rihanna can sit and sing a song on pitch better then Ciara. Ciara actually has a voice that if worked on would be pretty good. Everything needs renovation..the dancing, huge lacefront wigs, and those vocal chords….

  21. FC/JC October 19, 2016

    Ok, the singing was tragic, But Im happy for her, she looks like a million fuckingg dollars, and shes getting cosmetic cointZ…. so slay

  22. #Nicole Nation/J. Cole October 19, 2016

    When Ciara talks about her “goodies”, we can be certain that she isn’t referring to her amazing vocal chops.

  23. e Nowqd Redv dibut it ash trjoan ivy blobukz Need UK timely Ukuno eremixi October 20, 2016

    She looks nice

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