M.I.A. Under Continued Twitter Attack After Claiming Rihanna & Beyonce “Stole” Her Sound

Published: Wednesday 16th Nov 2016 by Rashad

If rapper M.I.A. wanted to make sure she lived up to her namesake after her final album, released earlier this year, she has done it by infuriating not one, but two of the most dedicated fanbases in music – Beyonce‘s #Beyhive & Rihanna‘s #Navy.

Taking to ‘Q Magazine’ the Brit-bred femcee adds Queen of Pop and ‘Give Me All Your Luvin’ co-star Madonna to the mix of her aim:

 “I’m fine with Madonna or Beyonce or Rihanna being ‘inspired’ by my work, but I would like them to then go, ‘Yeah, this immigrant who came out of nowhere influenced us, so maybe not all of them are fucking terrible.”

She continued stating:

 “They go, ‘Yeah, maybe me stealing the stuff says she’s all right. She should be thankful we’re stealing it. Beyonce comes from the school of Michael Jackson-ness. Where the family built an entire world to support you. From when you were a child. I never had that luxury.”

 Needless to say, the backlash was so heavy it prompted the ‘Paper Planes’ rapstress to offer a clapback:

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M.I.A. clapped back at the madness:


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  1. Meme November 16, 2016

    Beyoncé? Really girl? Beyoncé music sounds nothing like MIA. Matter of fact Beyoncé doesn’t even have a “sound” or an esthetic…her music be all over the place. As for Rihanna, she style is dark and island kissed. MIA is a complete knock off of island music…so if she thinks Rihanna stole her sound then sure. #reaching

    • Amerikkka’s Most Wanted ~ Tyler November 17, 2016

      Huh? Actually, Beyonce doesn’t have a consistent look AND sound. She’s been rnb/pop from the very beginning. Rihanna’s the one who’s all over the place. She’s nothing more than a trend hopper with a lack of vocal talent, to be completely honest.

      • Amerikkka’s Most Wanted ~ Tyler November 17, 2016


      • Meme November 17, 2016

        Trend hopper. No sweetly, actually Rihanna is the one who sets the trends and everyone else including your fav fellows. Rihanna has been the front runner with sound and image for a decade now. Lolol. Beyoncé might sing r&b music but she doesn’t have a “sound”. Genre and sounds are different things. Both solange and Alicia keys both sing r&b but their sounds are distinctive and completely different. The only thing Beyoncé has consistently done in her music and sing ghetto lyrics and do that slow singing ghetto slurring crap she does.

      • Amerikkka’s Most Wanted ~ Tyler November 17, 2016

        No, Rihanna doesn’t have a distinc look or sound. First she was island, then she was Pop, RnB, EDM, and Idk what direction her current album is going musically. She changes her hair style and sound every era just to stay afloat.

      • Beyonce’s Baby November 17, 2016

        ok sis dont do rih. she’s poppin and right now you sound like M.I.A ; a hating b****. Rihanna is doing different styles and s*** because she’s trendy and jiggy, if Queen was to change her hairstyle like rih you’ll probably be sucking the stinger bby.. ??

      • no lie November 17, 2016

        Said no lies tho, sad that these days fanbase are over the top, just blinded by the one artist and no knowing where they influenced and get inspired, if you see concert back in the day rihanna sang paper planes and bey and rih used similar video effects and dance moves,, come up with research yall before arguing,,

    • no lie November 17, 2016

      Jayz and kanye rih know that MIA is a true artist and genius inspirer..

    • Be Gone B**** November 17, 2016

      too f****** bad, M.I.A is kinda new compared to them, yes shes been out for a minute but bby gurl there is just some you cant compare too.

  2. Hillary November 16, 2016


  3. Sahsa_T November 16, 2016

    DRAG HA!!!

  4. I AM ME November 17, 2016

    Real artists are getting sick and tired of these industry puppets. The music industry is about to crumble right in front of our eyes.

  5. Jay November 17, 2016

    Does she know the history of african slavery??? Or how the jacksons were poor? Or rihanna growing up poor too? Oh betcha she didn’t know beyonce had financial struggles in their home too. THEY SOUND NOTHING LIKE HER. They actually sound like Atlanta imo. Dont mess with The Jacksons man. We all brown so what she talmbout?

  6. Surprise..(DEC 2013) November 17, 2016

    MIA….MIA..MIA (IN MY BLACK CHYNA DRAGGING WENDELL VOICE) You need to shut the f*** up and focus on whatever career (if any) she has left..She does have a point, but naming Beyonce, Madonna and the Barbadian girl will not do her any good. Why the hell is she comparing herself with Beyonce and crying about her lack of ‘Luxury’?? She is not unknown and has or had some fame, her name is recognisable to some extent……To suggest that Beyonce has not had to work her ass off to get to where she is, yes she may have had support, but Destiny Child did not become famous overnight, they were dropped by labels before making it big and as a solo artist Beyonce does not sit around doing nothing, she works hard for her money…Also, they are so many artist that come from the ‘SUPPOSED SCHOOL OF MICHAEL JACKSON..NESS’ that have yet t amount to anything or have any type of relevance. I tolerate Frih and i respect the GRANDMADONNA, but even i now they are not lazy and they work hard for whatever they have all acheieved…P.S DIDN’T OLD-LADYDONNA ACKNOWLEDGE THIS CHICK AND OUT HER ON THE BIGGEST STAGE OF ALL ONLY TO TRY TO CAUSE CONTROVERSY BY FLIPPING THE MIDDLE FINGER LIVE IN FRONT OF 114 MILLION PEOPLE??? SIT DOWN SOMEWHERE SIS….

    • Surprise..(DEC 2013) November 17, 2016

      Lmao..a few errors but i just had to get this chick the f*** together..P.S, i do think she’s talented and beautiful but keep Beyonce’s name out ur mouth.

  7. Mya young November 17, 2016

    Wtf is she smokin on lol
    That h** needs to gone somewhere with that dumb s*** lol

  8. Mark111 November 17, 2016

    Her music is trash. But I don’t get why she Diss blacks for Arabs struggle. Other people of color wants us to speak for them while they can be just as racist as Whites. Like Monica said on The Real, a lot of people that never used the term minority before, now realize they are one. They can put in the decades of fighting for themselves.

  9. Mark111 November 17, 2016

    I see only the pest are bothered. Such an insecure fan base. ?

    • Amerikkka’s Most Wanted ~ Tyler November 17, 2016

      Yet the Nazi’s mentioned Beyonce’ s name FIRST……
      If you come for Bey, we’re coming for Frih. It’s that simple

      • Mark111 November 17, 2016

        Like I said, insecure pest.

      • Um. November 17, 2016

        Because they’re pressed, Tyler. Shift the attention to Beyonce as fast as you can because we all know that if either of them have a sound remotely similar to MIA’s, it’s Cheatanna. Beyonce’s is in a different stratosphere and her signature sound is reminiscent to 60s and 70’s jazz-funk and soul. There’s no argument.

  10. Shakila November 17, 2016

    She didn’t lie tho. One of them chick is well known for stealing.

    • Mark111 November 17, 2016

      Beyonce is well known for it, I don’t recall Rihanna jacking anything from her.

    • SMH November 17, 2016

      Make that 2. Madonna is the Queen of plagiarism lawsuits.

  11. IStan4Rihanna. November 17, 2016

    Why is turning into yet another off-topic “Rihanna vs. Beyonce” debacle?


    JESUS CHRIST! This site has completely been dead for a week + but the moment these two are mentioned, they break there heels running to throw petty shade and drag at the quickest opportunity.


    Anyway, M.I.A, I respect you and actually own your music but please… STFU!

    • RICHIE_RICH November 17, 2016

      It’s so stupid to compare the two successful black women.

  12. TerryB November 17, 2016

    She’s beyond delusional. None of those 3 artist she mentioned even sounds like her musically. And then to mention Madonna lol……Legendary artist don’t steal from flops who haven’t been relevant since 08

    • Mark111 November 17, 2016

      Oh please, Madonna is queen of hopping on the latest pop girl D or beefing with the latest pop girl.

  13. Kwinzy November 17, 2016

    I done nailed this bishes coffin ever since she said black lives don’t matter. This same ho also stole the dancehall/ragga sound from Jamaicans with that Lucky Gon Gon or whatever it’s called s***. She ugly and fadin’ and salty af. Like pick a struggle bish.?

    • Paulo November 17, 2016

      Bucky Done Gun is a sample from Brazilian music – baile funk, which is heavily inspired by Miami bass. try again.

  14. King B November 17, 2016

    Even if you have an entire world to support you, if you don’t work hard you will still flop.

  15. cocobutta November 17, 2016

    The things you do to gain attention so you’re not as your name says M.I.A !!

    She played this tactic before. Guess adding Madge and Rihanna to the mix will make 2 hour relevance go longer.
    This is the curious case of alternative thirsty thotting by doing something to get dragged and try trend as topic.
    I?? you miss MISSING IN ACTION ?

  16. November 17, 2016

    well if she needed press well she got it, whatever the reason for this she got press wanted it are not.

  17. no lie November 17, 2016

    Said no lies tho, sad that these days fanbase are over the top, just blinded by the one artist and no knowing where they influenced and get inspired, if you see concert back in the day rihanna sang paper planes and bey and rih used similar video effects and dance moves,, come up with research yall before arguing,,

  18. Erik November 17, 2016

    Who cares! Beyonce has been stealing since Destinys Child. We all know it. She isn’t a “Creative” type. Doesnt change the fact that she is one of most talented performers of this generation..

    • Suicide Blonde November 17, 2016

      Best comment on Beyoncé. I don’t know why it is so hard for her fans to get this, she’s talented when it comes to sing and perform but she’s not a creative artist, nor a songwriter, this is not even something to be ashamed of, not everyone is gifted in every department like Prince was.

  19. Suicide Blonde November 17, 2016

    Those three couldn’t be more different from her as artists.

  20. Paulo November 17, 2016

    maybe her exact examples were not accurate but it’s sad that people are completely missing the point she was making which is that mainstream tends to suck up trends coming off-center then toss the artists/people away. she’s talking about something deeper than stan wars yet even after Trump’s election this is all the stans wanna talk about… SMH

  21. Justafan November 17, 2016

    Hold on, didn’t Madonna feature MIA on her song though???

  22. Countesses85 November 17, 2016

    Madonna Rih and bey sound nothing alike she just want press that’s all I can’t name one song sounds alike she’s reaching too far Mia get lost leave all three alone sorry ur jungle tune did nothing for you I like some songs but if u going to go at them at least have recites

  23. SMH November 17, 2016

    Once again, beyonce fans are in their feelings and having meltdowns when the truth is told. If only they were intelligent enough to realize that if something isn’t true then it wouldn’t bother you.

  24. Rima November 17, 2016

    These two are always being accused of stealing ?

  25. iSpeakTruthNoFallacy November 17, 2016

    She’s so lame. She’s always running her mouth about how something is unfair. B*tch wake up, the industry you’re in is unfair. Sometimes you just have to continue to grind and work harder. You act like you’re some Michaelangelo when in reality you’re a Ronald McDonald. Your music is heavily influenced from EVERY damn black genre around the world yet you don’t hear us saying sh*t about you appropriating us! Oh and if you were really that dope, brown wouldn’t be that hard to market

  26. Xo November 17, 2016

    why do these artists keep doing this to themselves? #RIPMIA

  27. flawda November 17, 2016

    What sound? She clearly stole hers from Jamaica.

  28. We Nowqd Redv dibut it ash trjoan ivy blobukz Need UK timely Ukuno eremixil November 18, 2016

    She should be a shame of herself.

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