Uh Oh! Country Music Fans Vow To Boycott CMAs If Beyonce Performs

Published: Wednesday 2nd Nov 2016 by Rashad

Damn!  Before Beyonce could even yell out her first “yee-haw” at tonight’s CMA’s (Country Music Awards), the ‘Formation’ diva is seeing detractors express their disappointment for her inclusion in the night’s ceremony.

Indeed, nearly 9 months after her show-stopping performance at the Super Bowl caused a commotion and ignited the #BoycottBeyonce movement, some country music fans have taken to social media to announce their intent to boycott the show if she is there.  Branding the singer a “cop hater” and “anti-law enforcement,” tuck in below to see the troubling scene:

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This isn’t the first time the songbird has ruffled the feathers of Nashville residents.  Read more on that by clicking here.

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  1. meme November 2, 2016

    And they have every reason to. Shes a big ole opportunist

    • Ughhhh November 2, 2016

      This Daddy song gives her permission to perform country? Lol she better not mess with these country fans, they are worse than her beehive!

    • Misha November 2, 2016

      No thanks I won’t be watching

      • Hey there November 2, 2016

        So you won’t be watching because of ONE person? That ONE person has that much control over your life??? Lmaooo you’re not a REAL CMA fan.

    • Molly November 2, 2016

      I refuse to watch a glorified stripper on a respectable awards show

      • Gia November 2, 2016

        Hate much??? You’re just mad because she looks better than you, has mdre money than you, is successful and talented and a woman with beautiful melanated skin!!! Sit down somewhere with your hate, it’ll make you older!!

      • Greg November 2, 2016

        What you jealous because you a trailer park stripper, lol

    • Anna November 2, 2016

      Didn’t RihWHÒÓRE try to do country too and she still flopped and was ostracised by country music fans? Does that make ŠTDhanna an opportunist too ?

      • blue November 2, 2016

        first person of color on the CMAs stage, LOUD still best selling album by a woman of color…

      • Ughhhh November 2, 2016

        @blue you’re a dumbass. She is not the first person of color on the CMA stage. There are several Black Country stars. Darius Recker is one of them who will also be performing tonight and has been on that stage several times before. Stop giving Beyonce accolades she hasn’t earned.

      • Ughhhh November 2, 2016

        @blue and neither was Rihanna. And FOur Five Seconds isn’t country

      • BEY>RIH November 2, 2016

        LMAO, did this bítch say Loud is the best selling album by a woman of color? Whitney, Mariah, Janet, Beyoncè, Alicia Keys etc. all have multiple albums that have outsold Loud by millions. The navy are truly tragic.

    • danyboo6 November 2, 2016










      • lmfao November 2, 2016

        You’ve listed exceptions. Eminem is the only white name recognized by blacks in US rap history, it’s predominately black, though garners listeners from all ‘races’ and one of the biggest genre in term of $. Blacks are killing mainstream music too, believe it or not, you guys are present EVERYWHERE – in movies, music, politics, even USA president is black, time has changed and we don’t complain when you use softare that let you loop and put a song out, made by white people,use medicine invented by white folks to cure diseases, cancer treatments. Most of nobel prize laureates are white too, we don’t brag about it back and forth. Let’s start appreciate eachother and stop this bs. Mass media do you guys wrong, 3rd WW is coming mark my words. 😀

      • danyboo6 November 2, 2016

        @lmao The ones who are complaining and making an effort to boycott are the white country music fans not us.. Clearly black platforms i.e. the bet awards have awarded Eminem Adele Justin beiber with awards named to praise black culture. I can list many white artist that have used black innovations and black people to propel them to fame. As far as im concerned youre other mentions are nil. Science language medicine music math and everything that has been used to make those softwares and patent medicines were created by black people before there was anything called a white race. The current climate we live in that makes you so comfortable to say what white people accomplish is because of previous war so know what you’re talking about before you come for what i say.. The earth is slowly dying because of what white people have done and the goverment powers that be. We could live in harmony and appreciate each other but white people live in fear because what youre ancestors and current white brothers and sisters have done. Dont be so cocky when you dont know what youre talking about.

      • Dawn November 3, 2016


    • Ladylike November 2, 2016

      Shut the hell up. Atleast Bey can sing. I cant believe any black would support this racist stuff these trolls are saying.

  2. Suicide Blonde November 2, 2016

    Please let her perform, I want to see her trying to play a guitar in front of real country musicians.

    • Surprise..(DEC 2013) November 2, 2016


      • Del November 2, 2016

        If he is racist then what does that make you stupid negro???????

      • Anna November 2, 2016

        You really could’ve kept this troll account @SuicidalÀSS ???

      • blue November 2, 2016

        madonna is not country and not once did he mention madonna or compare her to beyonce…

    • Anna November 2, 2016

      Who said she was playing a guitar dumass? Bey doesn’t rely on stunts like your fave ?Didn’t your fave perform in a wheelchair and mock disabled people just to get attention. BYE SuicidalBüm!

    • Ladylike November 2, 2016

      Suicide you have been racist for years. Do you like anybody black??? You are a gay whos jealous of Beyonce.

  3. Bb8345 November 2, 2016

    Those white racist asshole will stay mad

    • LmfaoHoe November 2, 2016

      Racists muthafuckas that’s all it is.

  4. GAslickmouf November 2, 2016

    I hate to admit,but Beyonce can do anything she wants

    • Anna November 2, 2016

      She’s GROWN ?

    • SMH November 2, 2016

      Lmao. Apparently she can’t.

      • BEY>RIH November 2, 2016

        But she’s doing it. You think these Trump supporters are stopping her? LMAO you must not know who Beyoncè is…

      • Bwash November 2, 2016

        Girl if you dont know who Bey is…ask somebody

  5. Arthur November 2, 2016

    All the hate came from white racist people. We don’t need to say nothing else.

    • King November 2, 2016

      Most definitely

    • Ladylike November 2, 2016

      I agree!!!!!! It is a whole bunch of dirty racist whites who wish America can be divided the way they still desire. Whites are so man a black woman is on top.

    • iSpeakTruthNoFallacy November 2, 2016

      Who would ever thought that the girl from the islands would sing make a country song on her album before the girl from Houston Texas…

      • BEY>RIH November 2, 2016

        I thought this site was lame to you nazí members. I thought you hœs we’re leaving. I guess yall missed the hive and our winning fave too much. ☺️

      • blue November 2, 2016

        not the CMAs and not a country inspired song.

    • Wonder Woman November 2, 2016

      October 31, 2016 at 12:46 pm
      LB says:
      LMAO Who cares , see why nobody in the navi is
      visiting this stale site anymore, because of
      irrelevant sh!t like this. Navi flight is real.

  6. Wonder Woman November 2, 2016

    I bet they rather have Gaga
    I don’t see black people complaining when these white Biitches and negro’s be performing on the BEY I mean BET awards
    I hope she performs daddy lessons, I haven’t checked for them ever since Taylor jumped ship

  7. Beyhive November 2, 2016

    Wow She is a legend. These racists are really pressed.

    • blue November 2, 2016

      she is a legend because some people are hating on her? #logic

  8. Wonder Woman November 2, 2016

    And that pic……

  9. Zsa Zsa November 2, 2016

    Who cares what a bunch of Facebook trolls think? Beyoncé will come and slay and they are seething about it.

    • LmfaoHoe November 2, 2016

      They made cause a black sista is about to outperform their favs n be the talk of the night along with the week ahead to come.

      • LmfaoHoe November 2, 2016


      • King November 2, 2016


  10. Jj November 2, 2016

    I hate Beyoncé but she sings better than all the country artist

    • blue November 2, 2016

      oh child…

    • BEY>RIH November 2, 2016


  11. Max November 2, 2016

    ? at those trump supporters

  12. B2B November 2, 2016

    KNOW YOU THAT BIH, WHEN YOU CAUSE ALL THIS CONVERSATION…AND YOU CAN STAY MAD. I HOPE B CATCHES A WIFF OF THIS. ANGRY B IS THE BEST B! NICE OF CMAs to show unity and togetherness. Shout out to them and BET as well as they have always displayed togetherness for all shades of skin.

    • blue November 2, 2016

      what exactly has the CMAs done here to be congratulated? this is the same reason they had rihanna, and justin timberlake on… they are trying to keep viewership up by reaching out to a new audience lets not act like they even considered her stand on police brutality.

      • B2B November 2, 2016

        B**** my comment has nothing to do with police brutality f*** all that. I am talking about unity and togetherness. Us as a people coming together despite differences, just as people. I am congratulating CMA on bringing B, an R&B artist, who has been slandered by the media this year. She was even brought into the Presidential debate. F*** Rihanna and JT idgaf what they did or when they did it. Dont see neither of their names in the subject line. If you want to talk about you watching the CMAs or what B is performing or wearing then fine. But anything else BYE Blue.

    • BarrzOverEverything November 2, 2016

      Please, I can’t with the”BET Awards” that s*** be super rigged?

      • B2B November 2, 2016

        Says you… I dont care about who wins what. BET supports unity among all people. You’ve seen JB, Tori Kelly, Iggy and even Sam Smith, just to name a few, at the BET awards within the last decade.

  13. Fantasia Stan November 2, 2016

    She will be on stage wearing next to nothing and flapping her smelly thighs like the w**** she is???????

    • Me November 2, 2016

      Stupid hater. U mad or nah. Bet u fat n ur thighs stick together

  14. Del November 2, 2016

    No thanks I don’t have time to watch trash

  15. TRUTHTELLER November 2, 2016


    • Me November 2, 2016

      Well she bout to take over the cmas too. So what that say stupid racist b****.

  16. Sasha November 2, 2016

    If I wanted to watch a monkey performing I’d go to the zoo, no thanks she can keep this performance

    • Bwash November 2, 2016

      drink bleach. Die slow

    • Me November 2, 2016

      Does ur job know u r a racist piece of s***. Hope u don’t have children teaching them dumb s*** that will get them f***** up. Stupid piece
      Of trash

  17. LB November 2, 2016

    OMG I love this!!!!! Get these racists mad B!!! Beyonce the most controversial and hated entertainer alive. Gurl even knows it cuz she sell “Boycott Beyonce” t-shirts. Cant wait to see those hateful seething racists boo Beyonce

    • blue November 2, 2016

      “Beyonce the most controversial and hated entertainer alive”

      do we just pull titles out of your asses now? is that the new thing?

      • Wonder Woman November 2, 2016

        November 2, 2016at 2:38 pmblue says:Votefirst person of color on the CMAs stage, LOUDstill best selling album by a woman of color…

      • blue November 2, 2016

        needed to add this decade at the end of that, but those are facts.

      • Me November 2, 2016

        Haha u mad ducking hater

  18. SMH November 2, 2016

    Lmao the cluelessness in all htose FB posts is hilarious.

    …but seriously, she has no business performing at the country music awards; she’s not a country artist nor is she nominated. Adele didn’t perform at the BET Awards or the Soul Train Awards, and she sells 10x more albums than beyonce. SO what is she trying to accomplish here, other than being a new-generation opportunist.

    And I don’t expect any of her brainless bees (or whatever they call themselves) to understand this.

    • blue November 2, 2016

      CMAs is trying to expand its viewership, and its promo. also whats wrong with an artist reaching out beyond their normal fan base?

  19. Keegan November 2, 2016

    Hmmmm Rihanna performed with NO BOYCOTT AND PRAISE

    • Briano November 2, 2016

      Because she was there with the right intentions not for attention

      Tina and Matty failed, they raised a monster, an uneducated inarticulate colorstruck greedy monster

      • blue November 2, 2016

        what are bey’s intentions? cause im pretty sure they closely line up with rihanna’s at the time.

      • Beez November 2, 2016

        It’s so funny how people see racists and bigots attacking Beyoncé’s character and the whole time all yall wanna do is bash Bey to raise up Rihanna. First off, you sound really insecure in your own fave and second, Navy should be defending Beyoncé. Yall better stop letting these white racists put you in a box and limit you! Wasn’t country music invented by black people anyway?

    • blue November 2, 2016

      thats because this has less to do with race… notice how most of the post dont bring up her race even it was a factor but that she to them is a “cop hater”.

      rihanna has more of a “black” image and they welcomed her.

  20. Briano November 2, 2016

    Beyonce only gets attention from her controversies NOT her crap music

    She needs to sit her tail down she is nothing but the product of two greedy colorstruck knnegrows who worship money more than morality

    She is not the next mj, she is Beyonce the lying copying theiving colorstruck legacy stealer (or a wannabe legacy theif)

    She’s better be lucky the Jacksons have class if another family …she would not keep they name in her mouth

  21. Shady J November 2, 2016

    I not a Beyonce fan but I will at least take up for her when it comes to these white trash box racist ass b****** trying to come for her being asked to perform at CMA is very huge for her no other female artist hasn’t been ask to do that so you red necks have several seats.

  22. Rima November 2, 2016

    Good she’s such a fraud.

    • Stand November 2, 2016

      Girl your fav is the definition of fraud, so just stfu.

    • Ladylike November 2, 2016

      Shut tfu I bet you look rough in the face. Most bey haters do.

  23. MsYonce November 2, 2016

    Lmaoo all these people saying they won’t watch will be tuned in. Get them mad bey!!

  24. Briano November 2, 2016

    Beyonce is a racist all that yellowbone talk is total racism perpetuated from within

    And you black people who support that are either uninformed, self haters, racist

    But that yellowbone talk is vile, unacceptable, racist, disrespectful and I could never support anyone who down talks my people in any way shape or form.

    • King November 2, 2016

      B**** shut your stupid Ass up everybody on this post have something bad to say is white folks rascist all started from the wet dog smelling white man

  25. new November 2, 2016

    Lol Trump fans smh

  26. Briano November 2, 2016

    She and her yellowbone ignorant behind is a set back for the black community (as intended)

    It may take 2 decades to recover from the death combo of materialism, greed and colorism, promoting drug cylture they have pumped,
    Classless vile pieces of trash, jay and bey

    • Mr Lou November 2, 2016

      Stupid ass lost white trailer trash

    • BEY>RIH November 2, 2016

      “promoting drug culture they have pumped, classless” you literally described rihanna.

  27. LmfaoHoe November 2, 2016

    All those white racists b****** need to cool it. First of all nobody hates all cops except the crooked ones that misuse their powers. Bey can’t sing? b**** please Bey ain’t no Whitney or Mariah but she delivers vocals ??

    • blue November 2, 2016

      different audience, different style of singing…

      • BEY>RIH November 2, 2016

        @blue the point is Bey is a top tier vocalist despite the audience or “type of singing”. If Carrie Underwood performed at the Bet Awards I wouldn’t say she can’t sing because she factually can just like Beyonce. (Bey is the better vocalist)

  28. DC3 FOREVER November 2, 2016

    See it’s the white people that hate it

  29. RihYonce November 2, 2016

    Those racist white folks just mad because Beyoncé did country better than the actual country singers. The queen will put on a show. When will people realize Beyoncé can do WHATEVER tf she wants ?

  30. .:: Centurion ::. November 2, 2016

    Ya’ll better let that opportunistic serial trend-hopping latina-wannabe called Beyonce perform at the Country Music Awards ???. Anyway, jokes aside, I’d love to see her perform, hell even play an instrument or two, in front of REAL musicians who dont have journalists & bloggers on payroll.

    • .:: Centurion ::. November 2, 2016

      Should be interesting. I’m actually here for it.

      • HailLegendBeysus November 2, 2016

        A mess! Talking to yourself ?!

    • Britney stan November 2, 2016

      I want her to perform so she can end her career and get dragged on twitter

      • BEY>RIH November 2, 2016

        Unlike Britknee, nothing can end Bey’s career.

  31. Dylan P Birks November 2, 2016

    Not here to say Beyonce shouldn’t be allowed to perform because honestly it isn’t as deep as those fans we’re making it.She is on her way to overexposure tho. On a sidenote however, there have been other black R&B singers that have performed at the CMA’s and there we’re no complaints. I will say I do feel some people just like to hate on her just to use her name.

    • BEY>RIH November 2, 2016

      She has barely promoted this era, if anything its “underexposure”.

  32. Britney stan November 2, 2016

    Yes Beyonce end yo own career.

    • BEY>RIH November 2, 2016

      Bítch she is not Britney.

    • Surprise..(DEC 2013) November 2, 2016

      BRITNEY can advice her on how to do that….

  33. Britney stan November 2, 2016

    No one boycotted rihanna in 2011 though haha bye fleeyonce.

  34. HailLegendBeysus November 2, 2016

    LMFAOOOO!!! Slaygend Yonce once again got these muricans inner racist coming out!
    Also why is the Slavi talking about playing instruments? What instruments does Riherpes play exactly?

  35. ty November 2, 2016

    Oh please they will all be tuning in to watch then Jump on social media and write dessertartions, angry tweets and Instagram comments either way Beyoncé wins ?? dead at these trolls on this site hating beyonce so much they will co-sign obvious racists undertones just because it’s beyonce ??

  36. HailLegendBeysus November 2, 2016

    LMFAOOOO!!! Slaygend Yonce once again got these muricans inner racist coming out!
    Also why is the Slavi talking about playing instruments? What instruments does Rihérpés play exactly?

    • B2B November 2, 2016

      pop that pwssy

    • BEY>RIH November 2, 2016

      I heard she plays penís pretty well.. ?

      • HailLegendBeysus November 2, 2016


      • Beyonnaise November 2, 2016

        Sounds like RiRi is the reason your parents separated? Poor child

    • Beyonnaise November 2, 2016

      Her püssy is an instrument and you will deal.

      Meanwhile your fave is a gold digging, money-hungry, empty and shallow robot.

      But she’s a dancer? Gurl that looks like a hairy cockroach on crack. Tragic.

  37. Fluffy November 2, 2016

    Good they better boycott I can’t stand this burnt match

  38. Blue Ivy Gorrilla November 2, 2016

    The camel better take it easy with his cheque book he still has the Grammys to bribe

  39. Jasmine November 2, 2016

    I think she does not need to perform there. She was not nominated for any awards and is not a Country artist. Let country musicians and fans have their night. Beyonce is too greedy for attention, money, and fame.

    • B2B November 2, 2016

      1. she mad a song that has country influence.
      2. she is said to be performing with country artist.
      3. how is she attention hungry exactly? She is a music artist and honestly she is just giving music lovers something to enjoy. She really does not mean any harm. She just wants to perform her music.

      • Jasmine November 2, 2016

        “She really does not mean any harm.”

        A Beyonce stan would never be able to grasp the full picture because they cannot see beyond Beyonce’s behind…so I am probably talking over your head. I’ll explain it in a different way. The top country artists do not go on the BET Awards when they record r&b and hip-hop songs out of respect and not wanting backlash.

        When you make comments like “she is just giving music lovers something to enjoy” it proves that you are delusional. You are annoying music lovers when you perform and they don’t want to see you. If you want to watch Beyonce then go to one of her concerts or watch her perform at the mtv awards. If she gets booed tonight it is nobody’s fault but her own and her greed for attention. Overexposure is not a good thing.

        Let country musicians and fans have their night out of respect since country musicians do not interrupt the BET, NAACP, Soul Train, and Trumpet Awards.

      • B2B November 2, 2016

        @jasmine you sound stupid as F***! Who doesn’t want her to perform other than internet trolls??? Dixie Chicks performed her f****** song on tour all summer to in front of country music fans! That’s wtf y’all dumb ass don’t understand! Y’all acting like she put a gun to someone’s head! And country artist perform at the Grammys, where Beyoncé is very well know.

    • WhosBad November 2, 2016

      With all due respect shut the h*ll up. It has nothing to do with the genre of music she makes and everything to do with her being black and her views on black politics(calling her a cop hater). Now we won’t divulge into the fact that BLACK slaves greatly influenced folk/country music but let’s get into the whole last part of your comment.”Let country musicians and fans have their night out of respect since country musicians do not interrupt the BET, NAACP, Soul Train, and Trumpet Awards.” So you mean to tell me white people want a part of their culture untouched but they don’t mind hopping on and supporting damn near ALL these mainstream white artist making black music beats and records((hip-hop/r&b/Soul and even these pop songs with all these rappers being given verses) our fashions and hairstyles? LOL the jokes write themselves and I notice it’s a trend for people who abnormally dislike this woman, to try and praise something plain out wrong (this rage is obviously racially motivated) because you want to drag her with it and than have the audacity to try and turn the moral card on those supporting her. Disgusting.

      • Jasmine November 2, 2016

        Everyone is entitled to their opinion and I stand behind my opinion. I feel you misread what I wrote and twisted it to your fit a racism and anti-cop agenda. I did not write or imply any of that. That is what you want to read from what I stated. Believe it or not I like Beyonce and I respect her hustle. You took my comment where I said “I think she does not need to perform there” and negatively twisted it to fit your own agenda. My comments are limited to the topic of overexposure so please leave me out of your race baiting agenda!

      • Jasmine November 2, 2016

        Everyone is entitled to their opinion and I stand behind
        my opinion. I feel you misread what I wrote and twisted it to your fit a racism and anti-cop agenda. I did not write or imply any of that. That is what you want to read from what I stated. Believe it or not I like Beyonce and I respect her hustle. You took my comment where I said “I think she does not need to perform there” and negatively twisted it to fit your own agenda. My comments are limited to the topic of overexposure so please leave me out of your race baiting agenda!

        The reason I stated “let country musicians and fans have their night out of respect since country musicians do not interrupt black awards shows” is because artists on Beyonce’s caliber do not need to be used. The CMA Awards is using her for her ratings without even giving her an award. Beyonce should have at least received a CMA nomination if she is going to perform. Country musicians do not get nominations on black award shows so you don’t see them trying to perform on black shows. What Beyonce is doing is being greedy for attention, money, and fame and she does not have to be at her level of stardom.

      • WhosBad November 2, 2016

        You named NOTHING but BLACK award shows and than go on to talk about how country artist which is a predominately WHITE genre don’t perform at those BLACK award shows so in return Beyonce a BLACK woman shouldn’t perform at the CMAS and I’m race bating and twisting your words? Joke of the day. Also anti-cop? Where did I even mention my views on cops at all anywhere in this comment section? Just because a black person speaks the TRUTH on race relations between black and white people and history of our relations does not mean they hate you. The sooner you all learn that we need to accept the problems in order to fix them the faster we as a society would be able to get over racism, but instead you would rather participate in bigotry than hide your hands and cry wolf. How sad.

      • WhosBad November 2, 2016

        Also your logic is poor. ALL artist promote their music, that’s not only good business sense but why would you not want to open up your music to a broader audience EVEN more so when you have a song on said project that is of the genre they obviously watching to hear? If she got up there and performed formation I would understand what you are saying but Daddy Lessons is very country influenced song and fit the mood and the genre being honored so you having a problem shows you have a problem. You can sit here and talk all this mess about liking her all you want, giving me a full blown “but I have black friends” tea ,at the end of the day your stance makes no sense which is why you yourself can’t even properly justify it.

      • Jasmine November 2, 2016

        Again, I want NO parts of your racism agenda. My comments are limited to artist overexposure. I view Beyonce as a huge superstar that deserves nominations and / or awards at the award shows she performs at. She is the number 1 entertainer in my book currently when it comes to live shows. Stop trying to negatively twist my words to fit your race baiting agenda. Everything is not about race. I find your “but I have black friends” to be very offensive. I never identified my ethnicity so do not make assumptions. I respected your opinion so there is no need to comment back on a disgusting level. We are talking about separate issues so I am not sure why you felt the need to respond to my comment in the first place.

      • WhosBad November 3, 2016

        I addressed the overexposure part of your comment and I also addressed the racial tone of it. It’s not my fault you’re too dense to understand the bigotry of your own thought process. Secondly how am I twisting words that you literally typed and everybody reading this can see for themselves that you indeed wrote exactly what I said you said.Again instead of getting mad at me for pointing out the ridiculousness of what you are saying maybe you should examine and accept what you’re saying is ignorant. Secondly you’re sitting her bashing this woman for doing nothing wrong but going to an award show and not being what everyone else is there.Even though she showed DUE respect to the genre with her performance and song choice because she is BLACK and makes “BLACK” music(rather you want to admit it or not) you feel like she should not be there and you think trying to save face with compliments is someone how your saving grace from look like an idiot when it’s not. It’s no different than somebody sitting up hurling racist insults just to turn around and use the line “I have black friends”. That line had nothing to do with YOUR ethnicity it was used as an example of a hypocritical mindset so I didn’t assume what you where you just don’t comprehend well. Nobodies race bating but you.

      • Jasmine November 3, 2016

        There is no reason to resort to name calling. That is taking comments to a disgusting level I refuse to drop down to. I did not call you “dense”, “idiotic”, “hypocritical”, or assume you are “mad at me” over a difference in opinion. Anyone that would take my simple
        comments regarding overexposure and twist the meaning of my words to imply I’m subliminally addressing racial issues and that I am “bashing” Beyonce is too emotional and has their own agenda (which should not include me). Any comments I make are my honest opinion and I never write with malice. I make my opinions clear and plain and there is never anything implied that I do not
        state clear and plain. I find your comments towards me to be offensive and it is mean to attack someone because they do not see things your way. You are entitled to your opinion and I am entitled to mine. No names you can call me or arguments you say will make me agree with you and that is not because I am “dense” but rather because I disagree with your point of view. I end this by agreeing to disagree. Good day.

      • WhosBad November 3, 2016

        You find it disgusting me calling your thought process dense but have no problem calling a complete stranger greedy and making her motives seem sinister? You than go on to tell another poster on here that she can’t think clearly because she is in so many words kissing Beyonce b*** and now you’re trying to play coil and talk about accepting differences of opinions and being respectful? L.O.L You lost before you even started. You can sit up here with all your holier than thou and I’m above that try hard intellectual babble but your undergarments are showing dear. You have no logical opposition stance for your position in this debate and trying to deflect onto my wordage instead of the actual points I’m making isn’t going to change that.”Good day” indeed.

  40. HailLegendBeysus November 2, 2016

    Yas b**** boycott Yonce!!! We all saw how that worked for the tour! ?☕
    Oop can’t forget the Anti Beyoncé rally in NYC that no one showed up to dispite the city having 18m people lmfaooo!!!

    • Britney stan November 2, 2016

      Just stfu

      • HailLegendBeysus November 2, 2016

        Ummm… Im in a post talking about my Queen so why don’t you stfu and run along into a Knee post! Oh wait TGJ ain’t talking about KNEE seeing as the era came and went in 2.5 seconds just like hee career! Is Glory still on the charts? How about her singles?

    • Sebastian November 2, 2016

      that didn’t exist. Beyonce’s team made that up to make her look important. White people didn’t care about her music. They work, Beyoncé’s followers can’t relate.

      • BEY>RIH November 2, 2016

        Well the 2.5 million black people that bout her music our very supportive.

      • BEY>RIH November 2, 2016


  41. Snf November 2, 2016

    White ppl stay mad… ??? I love to see their feathers get ruffled… If she performs their racist, ignorant a**es will deal.

    • Sebastian November 2, 2016

      not -white- people. just people with great taste

      • LmfaoHoe November 2, 2016

        You sure ? cause everyone in that comment section is white.

  42. Sebastian November 2, 2016

    No one wants Beyondboring there. She should just perform at the BET tbh.

  43. Cindy November 2, 2016

    This is a night for COUNTRY ARTISTS and COUNTRY LOVERS. Beyonce is such an attention seeking w****. She makes my skin crawl.

  44. Theman November 2, 2016

    They probably wanted her to perform. She has mass appeal. They act like she’s performing for the entire duration of the show. Lol, they are bothered..

  45. Cindy November 2, 2016

    Somebody said New York has a population of 18m. ? Beyonce fans are SOOOOOOOO dumb ?????????????????????????????

    • B2B November 2, 2016

      They were probably referring to NY state and not city… 19m population.

    • Rosie November 2, 2016

      Or the NYC metro area, which is indeed over 18 million.

    • Stand November 2, 2016

      When you call someone dumb, but YOU’RE actually the dumb one. Just stfu.

  46. Sebastian November 2, 2016

    She wants to enter country radio next? or she will use race issues for self-promotion again? She should be smart since Pop radio dumped her long time ago…

    • BEY>RIH November 2, 2016

      You act like she needs either. She sells millions of albums and tour tickets without pop radio hits which some artists who are supposedly bigger than her, can’t do.

      • Sebastian November 2, 2016

        you said it, without hits. 2 million albums isn’t “millions of albums”. We are talking about Beyoncé here, not Adele.

      • MADONNA FAN November 2, 2016


      • BEY>RIH November 3, 2016

        2.5 million albums, is millions dumbaśs. And name another artist who has sold over 2 million copies of their album without a huge hit in 2016. Ya’ll hœs do any and everything to discredit her success such as comparing her to the only females who outsell her. Try harder because…

  47. MADONNA FAN November 2, 2016


    • B2B November 2, 2016

      Fun fact; BEYONCE 1st week sales in USA are more than the AVRIL LAVIGNE album total WW sales as of 2016. Both albums were respectively released in 2013. Point being Avril can no longer sell music, whereas Bey can. Both debuted solo albums in early 2000. Quicker you’re here, faster you GO 🙂

      • MADONNA FAN November 2, 2016


  48. Twinky November 2, 2016

    This Beyonce dragging! I AM LIVING!!! kiiiiiii

    • Sebastian November 2, 2016

      People making fun of Beyoncé, acknowledging that he’s an opportunist… that’s great

  49. HailLegendBeysus November 2, 2016

    So now Im seeing on Twitter

    • MADONNA FAN November 2, 2016

      H** HUSH!!!!!

  50. Truth November 2, 2016

    I guess all these racist pieces of shyt wanna Make America Great Again huh..

  51. HailLegendBeysus November 2, 2016

    Ummm… Im in a post talking about my Queen so why don’t you stfu and run along into a Knee post! Oh wait TGJ ain’t talking about KNEE seeing as the era came and went in 2.5 seconds just like hee career! Is Glory still on the charts? How about her singles?

  52. Amerikkka’s Most Wanted ~ Tyler November 2, 2016

    Its okay for all of these white b****** to perform at Black Award shows though right?
    F*** white America and all of the Uncle Tom’s who support them. This is some b*******

  53. IStan4Rihanna. (Caribbean Queen) November 2, 2016

    This is the most eventful TGJ post in months, sans several of the ‘Lady Gaga’ based posts.


    Beyonce and Rihanna truly do own this site’s readership scores.



  54. Amerikkka’s Most Wanted ~ Tyler November 2, 2016

    Ohh! And f*** the police too #BlackLivesMatter #StayWoke ✊✊✊✊

    • MADONNA FAN November 2, 2016


      • Amerikkka’s Most Wanted ~ Tyler November 2, 2016

        No, b**** you’re irrelevant .

      • MADONNA FAN November 2, 2016


      • Amerikkka’s Most Wanted ~ Tyler November 2, 2016

        Consider suicide h**. You’re not worthy!

  55. Briano November 2, 2016

    Beyonce fan s are white people, gay men, and dumb black people

    Haven’t you seen the footage of the sea if white people at her concerts, again Bey fans ate delusional a d psychotic

    This isn’t a race thing, it’s a Beyonce thing and many many many people are not feeling her s** danci ng and crap music

    • Amerikkka’s Most Wanted ~ Tyler November 2, 2016

      No, it is a race thing. These country fans dont want Beyonce to perform because she’s a Black Lives Matter supporter you f****** r*****.

    • Kiii November 2, 2016

      It is a race thing, I mean look at the trolls in these comments going out of their way to be racist. You sound look & sound dumb

  56. HailLegendBeysus November 2, 2016

    So now Im seeing on Twitter that Bey and The Dixie Chicks are going to be performing together!! LMFAOOO THE MELTDOWNS SOON TO COME!!! Beyoncé stays collaborating with the Talented and Legendary!

    • Sebastian November 2, 2016

      nobody remembers the dixie chicks

      • HailLegendBeysus November 2, 2016

        The country community most definitely remembers The Dixie Chicks. But what ever helps you sleep at night ????

      • Amerikkka’s Most Wanted ~ Tyler November 2, 2016

        You sound so f*** stupid. It’s the Country Music Awards….
        Of course they’re going to remember the Dixie Chicks, ya big dummy but congratulations. You just play ya self!

    • Britney stan November 2, 2016

      So she’s copy rihanna again…

      • HailLegendBeysus November 2, 2016

        Beyonce did a country collaboration in 2007Rihanna did a country collaboration in 2011so it’s clear who was inspired

    • Ladylike November 2, 2016

      Yes she does.

  57. Donal Trump Stan November 2, 2016


    • Rosie November 2, 2016

      Go back to Breitbart your retarded hick.

  58. Amerikkka’s Most Wanted ~ Tyler November 2, 2016

    Black Lives Matter doesnt = Police Hate. We don’t hate white people; black people do and should hate white supremacy. I think we need to quit acting like this is a two way street. BLACK people are being slaughtered. Black people don’t receive justice when we’re murdered. Black people are incarcerated at a disproportionately high rate (read “The New Jim Crow”). Black people are being mis/undereducated (read the “The Mis-Education of the Negro”, it’s OLD and still relevant). Black people do not own and operate a system of racial oppression towards any soul on this Earth. The reason that we are stating that #Blacklivesmatter (I personally say #ALLblacklivesmatter, because intersectionality is important), is because we’re the ones being treated as if our lives don’t matter.Truthfully, the ONLY way to stop this insanity is through revolution, but until black people stop acting so afraid and relying on marching and prayer SOLELY, it won’t happen

    • Kiii November 2, 2016


  59. #BlackLivesDontMatter November 2, 2016

    Can this piece of ghetto garbage just stay at home and not ruin the one good award show that’s not plagued by black trash and their music

    • Amerikkka’s Most Wanted ~ Tyler November 2, 2016

      Fake ass wannabe Donald Trump

  60. Kiii November 2, 2016

    Beyoncé bringing out all the racist trolls. Most country fans are straight up racist. They don’t like Beyoncé because she used her influence to address real issues that black people face in America and white people were bothered by the truth. It says more about them than it does about her. So I hope she performs and makes them racists angry.

    • Sebastian November 2, 2016

      no, they don’t like Beyonce because she’s an annoying opportunist, jumped on the race issues bandwagon and was irresponsible with her anti-police message

      • Amerikkka’s Most Wanted ~ Tyler November 2, 2016

        Anti police? You deserve a justified ass whooping. How is the Black Lives Matter movement Anti police?? We just want these officers to be held accountable for their ACTIONS. They’re commiting CRIMINAL ACTS but still aren’t facing CRIMINAL CHARGES. That’s what we have a problem with.

      • Kiii November 2, 2016

        lol SebASStian too bad she was involved with these issues long before she put out her own message. And her message was asking cops to stop unlawfully killing black people in America. How exactly is that irresponsible? You are very uninformed so I don’t understand why you keep commenting

      • Sebastian November 2, 2016

        @Amerikkka’s Most Wanted ~ Tyler. Exactly, irresponsible anti-police message. She never fully supported the movement, she just used the imagery for self-promotion in her music video. You can justify her, but that’s not how everybody percieves her message, she’s never clear because she doesn’t want to lose white people support.

      • Amerikkka’s Most Wanted ~ Tyler November 2, 2016

        Hold up! Stop the track let me state FACTS!!!
        You clearly don’t know what the f*** you’re talking about . Beyonce was supporting the movement long before Lemonade. She’s attended the march for Trayvon Martin, bailed protesters out of jail, aided the victims of Katrina, brought light to this issue- risked losing white fans and being black mailed- during the half time superbowl which is watched by a billion people, and using proceeds from her tour to help aid poisoned victims in Flint because of the water crisis. This what Beyoncé has done and we can see that. But you have a lot of fake revolutionaries, fake consious black people, who don’t lift a f****** finger for black lives matter movement, accusing Beyoncé of opportunism, when the only thing they’ve done is b**** behind a computer screen.

      • Sebastian November 2, 2016

        Tyler, with all due respect you’re unemployed and a Beyonce fan who doesn’t worth my time. Keep believing what you want, keep being a follower.

      • Amerikkka’s Most Wanted ~ Tyler November 2, 2016

        Ya mama!
        Do your f****** research next time. You’ve been served b****.

  61. #BlackLivesDontMatter November 2, 2016

    Negros like Beyoncé the baboon make me sick

    • Amerikkka’s Most Wanted ~ Tyler November 2, 2016

      I hope you drop dead tomorrow

  62. Kiii November 2, 2016

    Beyonce is trash I hope she dies on her way to the awards hopefully Blue Ivy is in the car

    • Rosie November 2, 2016

      I hope you die painfully soon instead.

    • Kiii November 2, 2016

      Stop pretending to be me you dumb racist troll

  63. Mark111 November 2, 2016

    Hahaha, remember when the pest use to Diss black shows and say Beyonce was too big and get White money? Karma.

    • Amerikkka’s Most Wanted ~ Tyler November 2, 2016

      Remember all of those self hating and racially offensive remarks that you made about darker skinned people ???

      • Mark111 November 2, 2016

        Nope. I remember you clowns making what I said out of something because you pest have nothing. They are going to trash Beyonce the next day. ? ?

      • Amerikkka’s Most Wanted ~ Tyler November 2, 2016

        February 4, 2016 at 1:17 pm
        King Mark111 /.\ says:




        The obsession! Noticed the only bitter Black girl on here was the ugly dark one and some guy with nappy, dry @ss hair? See when you’re good looking and a good person, you don’t hate. Just ask Slave_HIVe.


      • Mark111 /.\ November 2, 2016

        So where is the self hating and racially offensive remarks? I pointed out TWO people out of a video filled with Blacks. The only haters was a bald ugly dark skin girl and a black dude with nappy hair. So… Try again.

      • Rosie November 2, 2016

        But you had to point out that she was not only ugly, but also darkskin?
        And using black people’s natural hair texture in a negative way also doesn’t help.

      • Amerikkka’s Most Wanted ~ Tyler November 2, 2016

        What’s wrong with dark skin and nappy hair ? What does any of that have to do with being labelled “a hater ” ? Admit it already! You’re a c***, a SELLOUT. Stay woke dumb n****.

      • Amerikkka’s Most Wanted ~ Tyler November 2, 2016

        Exactly! Funny thing is, Ive seen Marsha’s pics and he looks a lot like the people that he was bashing. He’s a self hating Uncle Tom suffering from the Willy Lynch Syndrome.

      • Mark111 /.\ November 2, 2016

        There were other dark black people in the video. I can call them out as I please. I didn’t say she was ugly because she was dark, she’s ugly bc of her bad attitude. And dude hair was nappy and white = not combed nor washed. Save the “natural state” BS, no one’s hair is in a natural state. If so you wouldn’t brush or comb it. You clowns are so fresh to this fake pro black twitter mess that you don’t even make sense. There’s 2 other black mene in the video with nice hair cuts. The host was a dark skin black woman, there was even a crazy looking woman in the video, did she hate? No. The two haters clamed to not have heard Anti nor care about Rihanna, but had the most to say. Haters = Ugly #MovingOn

      • Amerikkka’s Most Wanted ~ Tyler November 2, 2016

        F****** self hater! C***! Uncle Tom! Uncle Ruckus! Willy Lynch! Sambo!

    • Ladylike November 2, 2016

      Mark go seek help because its obviously you dont even like your own people. Dirty bum. You are such a low life you stay downing your own race.

  64. Rosie November 2, 2016

    Who the f*** cares what these inbreds think? They cry about “libtards” and “SJWs” getting offended by everything but think Black Lives Matter is worse than the KKK and get scared at the sight of one non-white person in their neighborhood, kinda like what they’re doing now with Beyoncé performing at the CMAs. Let them stay mad, there’s 572929 other country awards they can support anyway.
    Between this and Trump very likely losing next week (his path to 270 is literally impossible without PA or FL, the former which he will lose for sure), whew. White conservative tears are delicious.

    • Britney stan November 2, 2016

      Kill yourself you worthless fat diiiikkeeee burn in hell beast!

      • Rosie November 2, 2016

        If only you spent as much time obsessing over your fave as you do with me, Glory might have sold more than 120K to date.

  65. ???????Chile, take this “Itty Bitty Piggy” to the market and make sure you hold her hand while crossing the street!??????? November 2, 2016

    Oh, please! Yonce can’t catch a damn break for nothing. The same racist and obsessed folks are the ones who MADE IT A PRIORITY to buy and stream the hell out of the new album WHILE ALSO spending an arm and leg on tour tickets to fill that NASHVILLE STADIUM. So, I ask, complain for what? You’ll be tuning in to see her anyway. ?

  66. Rosie November 2, 2016

    Speaking of white conservatives, the Iowa police shooting today? They automatically assumed the shooter was apart of BLM but it ended up being a Trump supporter.
    RIP policemen but kii @ the backfire.

  67. MsYonce November 2, 2016

    The rednecks are seething Lool

  68. FASHION_ICON ~ Anti&Lemonade November 2, 2016

    MF racist… we will watch it and make it trend.

  69. kwinzy November 2, 2016

    Yass!! Betty-Sue and Marilyn better grab on to they up-do’s real tight ’cause Queen Bey’s coming to snatch every last strain. Hair Club finna have they sales increased after tonight! Having these red necks turn blue & purple in uproar. Lololol! White ppl need to stop crying wolf whenever their bigotry is challenged. It’s amazing how political Bey is and still manages to get coin. Iconic.

  70. leveinard November 2, 2016

    I just want to see Beyoncé on that stage support by all black musicians showing all of the country musicians and fans who attend or tune in where their beloved genre originated from and how it’s linked to other genres.

  71. Be4Real2me November 2, 2016

    Since beyonce don’t take music serious and do it to be vindictive. She should do the “becky with the good hair” song. The song she made against the good white folks she crossed over once when she was all smiles for the camera before she came back black to format. bawhahahahaha

    • FASHION_ICON ~ Anti&Lemonade November 2, 2016

      You’re dumb the becky with the good song it’s an rnb song

  72. Becky November 2, 2016

    Well, I hope she try hard to win them back because I know she’s been frustrated after the album of songs she just made the for black people in “lemonade”. I heard she going to do a country sounding voice with their guitar sound playing a guitar. I hope she gets the opportunity to fit back in to get her shine back. White people are the ones who can afford to buy her music, you know. So this should change their mind and plus she looks white. So, I don’t think she is going to make that mistake again coming back.

    • kwinzy November 2, 2016

      Yo’ troll ass really tried it. Please backspace & CTRL/ALT/DELETE ya life.

  73. B&B November 2, 2016

    Wait when did Beyonce bash cops? She said stop killing us, if these white folks hot a problem with that…. They have all been exposed for their racism and prejudice views. Its sickening that no one really sees that. I mean, just call her a n!gger already!!!!!!

    • Sebastian November 2, 2016

      In her music video, where she desperately wanted to be relevant again after the Swift and Adele storms, she shows a police car drowning.. what does that mean to you? cops are parents, have families, have a job for a living..

      • WhosBad November 2, 2016

        HER drowning on the cop car which also was drowning in water (mind you the whole scene and the video was majority shot in NEW ORLEANS) was was symbolizing Katrina and our government who greatly failed the black victims of Katrina. The same way when the little boy through his hands up, the cops through their hands up. It was about police brutality not police hate and anybody with comprehensions skills can see that.

      • B&B November 2, 2016

        Thank you @ WhosBad. She drowned WITH the police car so for you to conclude that she’s saying fuckkk the police by drowning WITH the cop car TOO is clearly inaccurate. The message said STOP KILLING US and it was to THE POLICE FORCE, it never said “FUCKKK THE POLICE” and it is your racism that blocks you from seeing it from a perspective of compassion for the black race that is literally crying out for a change… Instead you continue to see us as gung-ho thugs, uneducated, & lazy non-human creatures…. Its a generational curse. If you’re racist 9/10 out of ten one of your beloved family members have embraced that behavior around you. It sucks to have to always explain this to people who try coming off offended at something a black person did without harming anyone or actually offending anyone in reality. Once again, the symbolism of her on the cop car sinking with it has nothing to do with wanting to harm police. That logic is stupid and you’re clearly prejudice and racist to even come to that conclusion. Thanks, I’m out.

  74. B&B November 2, 2016

    I want her to perform anyway so the audience boos and shows their racist faces and then maybe the CMAs will be protested against entirely. Lmao at the fact their hiding their racism by saying she hates cops and she’s a cop basher… To be such an intellectual race of people and so called superior, they sure don’t seem to fact check. Beyonce had a black panther theme at the super bowl, black panthers were people who proactively helpdd out local communities and defended our people from injustices they saw were going on by way of law enforcement SOMETHING WE NEED TODAY CUZ Y’ALL WHITE PEOPLE DONT GIVE A DAMN ABOUT US(majority of y’all not all of y’all)…. The black panthers didn’t go to white neighborhoods killing white men woman children elderly and unborn fetuses like the KKK and the average caucasion american who would INDEED get away for murdering a black man and even have law enforcement’s SUPPORT in the unjust killings…. Like Beyonce said ASK YOUR GRANDPARENTS!!!!!!!! Or even ypur great grands if you lucky enough to still have them with you!!!! Shame on America!!!!!

  75. HailLegendBeysus November 2, 2016

    I can’t at Beyonce trending higher than the CMAs on Twitter

  76. ilovemusic November 2, 2016

    surely people didn’t believe that Bey was going to let the Dixie go up there and perform her song without her. lol. Channing Tatum couldn’t even do a lip sync battle without her there lol. But seriously these racist ass people would eat this song up if it actually belonged to the Dixie Chicks. Now they have the audacity to be mad. SMH

  77. B_Roni November 2, 2016

    I like bey but her singing country is a mess. That’s me being a fan . She just don’t sound good to me singing that genre and I hate that daddy song she could have left that off and put done thing else on. But congrats. She can do whatever she wants.

  78. B_Roni November 2, 2016

    And please stop acting like baboons over Beyonce I’m a huge Rihanna Fan and I don’t act foolish when people talk about rih. I just witnessed an idiot get fired for calling someone a c*ntt at work earlier today because a girl said she didn’t like Beyoncé.

    • BEY>RIH November 3, 2016

      And people say Bey doesn’t have impact… LOL

  79. Deep November 2, 2016

    Lol when white ppl get mad man they be hateful in the social media post they be mad AF music is sound that belongs to NO ONE! America is a continent a piece of land just like all land that belongs to NO ONE humans love trying to own something SOUND BELONGS TO GOD

  80. @ASAPicon November 2, 2016

    This is larger than country music

  81. Credits November 2, 2016

    Welp, she did it!!!

  82. NiceWe Nowqd Redv dibut it ash trjoan ivy blobukz Need UK timely Ukuno eremixi November 3, 2016

    Those people go Ham at Beyonce carter Smh

  83. John Jones November 3, 2016

    1. I can’t imagine hating anyone so much that I would let their 4-minute performance keep me from watching a 3-hour show I claim to love.
    2. In this day and age, every businessperson, creative or corporate, is an opportunist. Society has a shorter attention span than ever and you have to jump at every chance to be visible.
    3. This all started because the Dixie Chicks covered “Daddy Lessons” in THEIR concerts, and everyone loved it. People assume Beyoncé elbowed her way into the CMA’s and it’s not the case. She was invited, and several stars tweeted how cool it was that someone from the pop world wanted to join in.
    4. Artists grow by expanding their horizons. In addition to the country-esque feel of “Daddy Lessons,” she also did a hard rock song with Jack White on “Lemonade.” This is how artists grow.
    5. We’ve officially spent more time talking about it than Beyoncé spent on stage. Get over it!


  84. Jinkyz Threads and Gifts November 5, 2016

    All that needs to be said is QUEEN BEY!

    Here at my female-owned, female operated independent clothing label, we celebrate powerful, outspoken, s*** women of any background, age, or orientation. Now we must “get in Formation” and rally together as Women to decide exactly which direction we want our country to go. Even if you don’t vote for Trump or Hillary, GO VOTE FOR SOMEONE!! and wear our exclusive Jinkyz Brand Satirical Presidential Campaign TShirts TO THE BOOTH!


  85. Cgnet March 3, 2018

    The CMA wants to take your guns. Jason Owens is a gay guy who bought a little boy. He owns the CMAs.

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