Frank Ocean Breaks Silence / Talks Bold Business Moves, Being An Introvert, Love, Sales, & More

Published: Wednesday 16th Nov 2016 by Sam

Frank Ocean and interviews are rarely used in the same sentence. However, an interview is exactly what the reclusive star granted the New York Times recently.

Speaking in support of new album ‘Blonde,’ the crooner made the rare chat count – expanding on topics such as his struggles with fame, feeling isolated by the people around him, record sales, his love life, and much more.

Peep excerpts below…

On His Professional Struggles Post Channel Orange:

It started to weigh on me that I was responsible for the moves that had made me successful, but I wasn’t reaping the lion’s share of the profits, and that was problematic for me.

I had, in the midst of all of this, this feeling of isolation Within my circle, there was a lot of places I thought I could turn that I felt like I couldn’t turn to anymore.

On Abruptly Leaving LA For London — With Just A Duffel Bag, A Hard drive Of Music, & Few Contacts:

I never thought about it [being anything to do with my sanity or escapism]. I always thought about it like, if your house is on fire, you need to get out of the house.

On Being Unprepared For Certain Gigs:

Certain moments were drawbacks for sure. Now I look at things differently, but at the time, yeah. Audiences in excess of five million people [on national TV]. I was always reluctant to do those things except in cases where they had this nostalgic significance to me. Like performing at the V.M.A.s, being tapped to perform at the Grammys — me saying yes to those things had a lot to do with how those things made me feel before I was actually in the business. And just wanting to be rubbing shoulders with those people and being seen at those places. I still was reluctant and sort of skeptical of those things because I questioned whether or not I was prepared.

On Dealing With Fame:

Sometimes I’m fascinated with how famous my work could be while I’m not so famous. Super-envious of the fact that Daft Punk can wear robot helmets and be one of the most famous bands in the world, while also understanding that will never be my situation. It’s too late. It’s hard to articulate how I think about myself as a public figure. I’ve gotten used to being Frank Ocean. A lot of people stopped me on the street when I hadn’t put music out in a while, literally would yell out of an Uber, “Frank, where the album?”

On Whether He’s Been In Love Since ‘Channel Orange’:

Not the lasting kind.

On Whether Fame Has Made Dating Any Different:

I think normal would be the word, whatever that word means, which is usually nothing. I’m in a very different place than I was four or five years ago with all that stuff. Different in my relationship with myself, which means everything. There’s no, like, shame or self-loathing. There’s no, you know, crisis.

On Monitoring His Record Sales:

I know exactly what the numbers are. I need to know. I need to know how many records I’ve sold, how many album equivalents from streaming, which territories are playing my music more than others, because it helps me in conversations about where we’re gonna be playing shows, or where I might open a retail location, like a pop-up store or something.

On If He Thinks His Numbers Add Up The Way They Should:

Well, we doubled ‘Channel Orange’ first week. I’m always gonna be like, “We could have done a little bit better.” I guess there’s a satisfaction that comes with looking at numbers like that, and I’m making, like, No Limit-type of equity, Master P-type of equity on my record. [Source]


Frank has a fascinating mind and story.

In many ways, “he” is beginning to engage us much more than his music – something we feel especially the case after listening to ‘Blonde’ (see: underwhelming).

Hopefully projects to come see him find a way to better align the the mystique of his character and approach to fame with material that adequately titillates. Much like he used to.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Mariah Carey November 16, 2016

    Let’s collaborate dahhhling!

    • Jamie November 16, 2016

      Bit<h you really think you're Mariah don't you? Well, ok girl. Gone head then…?

      • Mariah Carey November 16, 2016

        I am Mariah: The elusive chanteuse dahhling!

      • LISA LEVINE November 16, 2016

        Little too late, this CD came and gone. lazy promotional campaign from a new artist. He is over-rated

  2. King November 16, 2016

    He’s like one of those weird gay guys. Its cute tho I like his music but I sometimes don’t get gay from him.
    I get boy who still watches justice league and plays with a game boy

    • Toohotfortv November 16, 2016

      I understand what you’re trying to say but, it’s actually a bit problematic. Just as saying “I’m/he’s not like other black people”, as if we are all the same. Most gay guys that I know are far from the stereotypes that society and media cast unto them. You’re on this site so… I’m sure you’re aware of that; and if not, maybe you should get “out” more 😉

      • LISA LEVINE November 16, 2016

        The issue with the gays on this site, which probably make up 80% are full of flames and rainbows and hate. They either stand for Mariah/Beyonce/Ciara or Rihanna and verbally attempt to destroy one another instead of upbuilding one another.

    • Jamie November 16, 2016

      And can turn into a super

    • lucifer November 16, 2016

      Hmmmmmm…this is slightly ill informed, and on the verge of being offensive. Does ‘gay’ have a look? some people amaze me – just because a man is gay doesn’t mean he is always running around in fluffy boots and a unicorn mask sprinkling glitter behind him. And, yea! before anyone calls me out, I am gay, and I don’t fit the stereotype that ignorant people impose on us! Hillarious

  3. @ASAPicon November 16, 2016

    Hes boring, I dont get why people are into him….

  4. OQRAM November 16, 2016

    He’s disgusting.

  5. #JACKIE November 16, 2016

    He has no charisma. #Overrated

  6. Teflon Boy November 16, 2016

    People impose too much on him. He is just an artist after all.., but maybe because there is such a dearth of actual artists in the pop sphere that create their own music, blogs like this expect Frank Ocean to fulfil everyone else’s role, as well as his own w/ huge crossover records. Personally speaking ‘Blonde’ sounds like exactly the record HE wanted to make, it sounds intimate and anti-social and almost like a film score from an independent movie. #NoTeaNoShade but, for a blog that routinely hypes models with mics, I’m not surprised you were ‘underwhelmed’ by the lack of Capital Radio-esque hits on the album.

  7. XYZ November 16, 2016

    He’ll flop next time. His first week was based on hype, but the album felt quickly into oblivion.

  8. Credits November 16, 2016

    It sounds like he has found some solace in an overwhelming sense of fame. He’s not oversaturating, he released the music and let it speak for itself. It’s great, he pretty much still has privacy in his life.

  9. Gee November 16, 2016

    I do not get the Frank Ocean hype whatsoever but kudos to him for finding peace and tranquility within himself.

  10. Truth November 16, 2016

    I find him boring, pretentious and slightly creepy. And the way the social network generation exaggerates his music/talent and feigns being into him, just so that they can seem progressive, alternative or both is disingenuous and annoying. Frank doesn’t live up to, or deserve the hype he gets.

  11. We Nowqd Redv dibut it ash trjoan ivy blobukz Need UK timely Ukuno eremixil November 17, 2016


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