Hot Shots: August Alsina Debuts New Man-Bun

Published: Tuesday 22nd Nov 2016 by Sam

August Alsina‘s image has experienced a number of shape-shifts over the years and the latest sees him embrace the experimental even more.

The once “hard-edged” R&B singer rocked an altogether softer look when arriving at a post-AMAs party this week.


Sporting a majestic man-bun (which he paired with a red rose), the star’s ensemble was equally as eye-grabbing.

We’re all for self-expression and subverting the status quo, so good on him for not being bound by “rules” thatΒ see folk conform when they don’t need to.

Peep more of August’s sassy style after the jump…

Your thoughts?

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  1. LilKimKong November 22, 2016

    Young M.A more masculine than himπŸ˜‘

    • πŸ’Ÿ November 22, 2016

      Blaque people

      • Trollop November 22, 2016

        Try hard #begone

  2. steve November 22, 2016

    Lol. I can’t wait for his s** take where he is riding and gagging c****.

  3. joselinefan_xo November 22, 2016

    he’d be so bae if he gained 100 pounds… [email protected] look like a malnorished samurai master

    • Shade November 22, 2016


  4. BOOBIE November 22, 2016


  5. King November 22, 2016

    Patiently waiting for him to come out as a bottom.
    Its coming wait on it.

    • Belladonna November 22, 2016

      1. One You can look fem with out being Gay 2. Even if he is LGBTQ & fem that doesn’t make him a bottom. 3. Why must we let white people have everything can’t black people be just as unique & sexually free as other races?

      • THE REAL November 22, 2016


        Thank you sir for articulating my thoughts exactly after seeing the pics and reading these comments smh πŸ˜”πŸ˜“

      • Chile Please!!! November 22, 2016

        Ohh Squirrel go climb a tree for some nutz… all in your feelings protecting this WO-MAN! Alisha Alsina is coming for her 10’s honey, bottom in the making darling kitty kat!

      • Justsayin November 22, 2016

        Good job only ignorant people will call him gay or make front of his style then they wonder why we cant grow in our own community.

  6. Black power November 22, 2016

    He’s not even in the closet anymore. EVERYTHING he does screams twink

    • Trollop November 22, 2016


  7. Chile Please!!! November 22, 2016

    Yessss Sum Yung Gurl! Her bun is yanked, snatched, & pulled! He really queening out now……he was suppose to be this nikka from the streets & about that life…..ummmm hmmmmm….you about “THAT LIFE” alright! Looking like a ballroom gurl going for her 10’s! Ms. Alisha Alsina Kit Kat Kat Shawam!

  8. Teflon Boy November 22, 2016

    People are so insecure talking about another man’s wardrobe.., enjoy your baggy jeans, over sized t-shirts and fitted cap, you’re clearly tone dead and stuck in the 90’s if you think that’s the only way a black man can dress. Let the rest of us enjoy fashion.

    • Chile Please!!! November 22, 2016

      Obviously your a queen as well! Baggy clothes have NOTHING to do with this look….it’s all about him claiming to be this R&B thug…going from looking “Hood” to looking “C***”!!! Do the comparison from when he first came out up until now…he’s looking very ZESTY now!!!

      • therealist November 22, 2016

        You sound dumb as hell yo!!! Clothes doesn’t define the level of masculinity. I know some gay people who are about that life dumb ass. rather your gay or straight, you can still be street idiot and no you don’t have to dress like a thug. I know plenty of street mofo’s and they don’t wearing the baggy as clothes because they’ve done prison time and that’s the same image that f***** them up the first time jackass. Being gay doesn’t have a name, certain look and a particular face jackass!!! You need to drink a glass of stfu before you even think about speaking, better yet, your dumbass is in timeout. Lmao!!!

      • Chile Please!!! November 22, 2016

        Just die already! I got you MADD HAHAHAHAHAHAH!!! Aww you want some Animal Crackers & A box of Juicy Juice?? Don’t make me put you in the crib!

      • Therealist November 23, 2016

        Lmao, You sound hilarious son. Why the f*** would I be mad yo?? Waiting (jeopardy music playing in the back)lmao. This is social media, everybody has an opinion, I might not like your opinion but I respect it because Im grown as f***, but aleast you can have some brains to think logically instead of talking out of your ass. Sounds like you’re mad, telling people to die, but you can take your own advise and sick and a*** d*** and die m*********( Now that’s power)lmao, and those animal crackers that you are referring too, you can feed them to your mama, and maybe that will give her some time to think about birthing your disappointing ass. lol, and you can put your c****** in the can ass father in that crib that you are talking about. lmaox2, and for the record I’m never in my feelings, this is social media. Have several seats /_ /_ /_ DUMB ASS!! YOUR FUNNY!!!

      • Therealist November 23, 2016

        **Suck and a*** d*** and…..***

      • Therealist November 23, 2016


      • Chile Please!!! November 23, 2016

        Point proven…I got your panties on fire darling!! You left a long ass response that I dare not waste my time to read. FOH! Anyway girl!

      • therealist November 24, 2016

        lmao, Biblically speaking you have no point to prove to no man and again this is social media, so I’m gonna respond, its all fun and games yo, rather my message is short or long. I’m gonna say what I mean and mean what I say. Normally when people say mean things and get put in their places they feel some type of way, so please get out your feelings, we’re blogging (social media). Nothing you say can get my panties wet, as you put it because I love conversation and If I didn’t then I need to stay off social media and work on my feelings (food for the soul). LMAO. You’re very hilarious yo!!!! So if you don’t want a reply, don’t respond!!!

  9. Tori November 22, 2016

    I’m not saying he gay but…in the words of Marvin Winans & Twinkie Clark: I remember a time when women were women and men were men, but now you can’t tell a him from a her!

    • therealist November 22, 2016

      That clearly looks like a damn man to me!!!! smh, maybe you need glasses!!!!

  10. Starxavi November 22, 2016

    he looks cute…but I hate those pants!

  11. Lake Erie November 22, 2016

    Well… i guess it’s just hid swagger….. this is kind of normal to me now though…

  12. Jubilee November 22, 2016

    I want the government to erase the music industry!

  13. Cough Cough November 22, 2016

    He’s giving me Japanese MALE samurai with a hint of Jimi He drug, Andre 3000 and Lenny kravitz- -all masculine men, respectively. Anyone who can’t see that is probably from the projects, has not explored various cultures of masculinity and is clearly just plain out IGNORANT.

    • Cough Cough November 22, 2016

      Jimi hendrix****

      • Chile Please!!! November 23, 2016

        HAHAHAH! You fawked up trying to defend this Samurai Queen! You can have a sit the fawk down award too!

  14. We Nowqd Redv dimnobut it ash trjoan ivy blobukz Need UK timely Ukuno eremxil November 23, 2016


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