Kanye West Slams Beyonce & Jay Z In New Rant / Ends Concert After 3 Songs

Published: Sunday 20th Nov 2016 by Sam

“I been sent to give you the truth even at the risk of my life and career”

Kanye West is in full-on meltdown mode.

Fresh from endorsing Donald Trump and asking Black people to forget racism, the rapper has now taken aim at Beyonce.

During the Sacramento stop of his Saint Pablo Tour tonight (which he ended after just three songs), Yeezy began another rant. And we’re certain the Carters won’t be happy.

Find out why below…

Speaking to the exasperated crowd, Ye slammed Bey for “allegedly” demanding that she win Video of the Year at the VMAs if she were to perform at the show too.

He seemed especially irked by this because he was in the same category.

Bemoaning her “alleged” indulgence in industry politics, he reminded that he had been the one enduring career chaos after backing her video of the year loss to Taylor Swift in 2009.

He also asked Jay Z to “be a man” and call him because he still has not since his last rant.

Twisting the knife in even more, he said “I know you’ve got killers, don’t send them out to get me. Call me”

The bizarre moment was all captured on video. Watch here…

Clearly unpleased with the incessant moaning and abrupt end to the show, the entire arena chanted “f**k you Kanye”:

The hilarious irony in Kanye telling anyone to remember who they are. Pot meet kettle. Ridiculous man.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Mark111 /.\ November 20, 2016

    #Exposure We knew this, the numbers don’t add up to the hype.

    • King B November 20, 2016

      Hype? You mean the hype like most anticipated album of 2016 that end up selling 500k? (less than Meghan’s Title album)

      • Mark111 November 20, 2016

        Rihanna doesn’t have to rig her award wins. And bringing her into this won’t change the fact of Beyonce doing the most for a VMA. ?

      • Mark111 November 20, 2016

        So clearly she did that because even she knows that her videos are crap. If they weren’t crap, then this move wouldn’t have been necessary. Pest can’t argue this one. I knew she was insecured.

      • Bey Sting November 20, 2016

        So she basically forces award shows to give her awards by threatening not to perform? I’ve got to say. Tactics like this are shady but if one person learned more about black history because of that Lemonade performance it was worth it. That being said, Bey should be careful. There are more of them (new artists who may grow tired with her dictatorship) than her.

      • Amerikkka’s Most Wanted ~ Tyler November 20, 2016

        Rihanna doesn’t have to buy her own awards BUT she does have to buy her own albums tho right???

      • Kate November 20, 2016

        I hope someone will expose that Jay Z and Beyonce bought their own records on iTunes.
        By the way, they will be ended in Trump era!… and Kanye is a huge Trump supporter. 🙂

      • Sebastian November 20, 2016

        All the singles from Lemonade bombed horrible in the country and WW…

    • Maurice November 20, 2016

      Damn, he exposed Beyonce for always wanting to look cool.
      How u gone request to win an award just to perform. LMAO
      Kanye, go ahead, darling

      • Wisdom November 20, 2016


      • daclassyman November 20, 2016

        NOT BEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Sebastian November 20, 2016

        beyonce always wanted recognition. she’s obsessed with that. it is not a secret she $$ awards.

    • Max November 20, 2016

      Kanye also said he would boycott the Grammys if they bent the rules like they did I for Lady Gaga

    • King B November 20, 2016

      ‘Alledgely’. OK, whatever makes you happy. Meanwhile, there is proof that Rih buy her own albums 🙂 The “overrated” and “overhype” Beyoncé is unbothered with her US, UK, Australia, Canada Platinum-Certified album. We have artist with 10 number ones in Australia that can’t even go Gold (leaving the charts in 3 Months).

      • Cupid November 20, 2016

        Rihanna pitch a deal with Samsung to buy albums and distribute to her fans for free and you all run with it. Check the records Rihanna’s last two albums before anti sold more than Beyonce’s last two albums before lemonade without a deal!! Rihanna slayed the charts ALL YEAR!!! Radio is still spinning her records as if they were new releases! Get off her D

      • ?Yellow Diamonds? November 20, 2016

        Why do you girls keep talk about Australia like it matters lol.

    • Killian November 20, 2016

      Kanye is a b**** .end of story. Its really pathetic what drugs and an overinflated ego can do to one.

      • Wisdom November 20, 2016

        Thank you. HIM LIKE HIS B*** PLAYED WITH

    • ? November 20, 2016

      We already knew she did this! Just like her song writing credits!

    • BEYOU November 20, 2016

      I’m back as a Kanye Fan, hype or no hype will know all they others celebrities who kiss Beyoncé and jay z ass are faking about it..

      I’m always a fan of anyone who can spill the tea about this people Jay z is a killers and beyonce mother of all fraud. Kanye might be crazy but he is all about the truth.

      • Wisdom November 20, 2016

        You Just Jealous!

    • Lea November 21, 2016

      Ahhhhhhhh,finally someone clocked this b****, smfh!

    • Pat November 21, 2016

      But everyone wanted to come for Keri and Keyshia Cole for not bowing down to this dumb, illiterate, cocky b****. She’s a b**** and had been a b**** since her early DC days. Do some research people, her time is up!

  2. Mike November 20, 2016

    As soon as ‘Ye said that He would vote for Trump if he voted, I knew his relationship with Jay and Bey would never be the same. That Kris Jenner voodoo is real.

    • Wisdom November 20, 2016


    • Fancy BISH November 20, 2016

      “That Kris Jenner voodoo is real.” -Mike

      • Kanye Trump November 20, 2016

        I’m passing out!! ??that Voodoo is real hunty!

  3. ThatMessJuice.Flop November 20, 2016

    Kanye ain’t one to lie + Hold Up × Massive Flop = Win? I’ll leave it there

    • RoyalKev November 20, 2016

      Now Kanye’s is bible because he’s bashing Bey! I’ve been one of the few on these Kanye posts speaking positive of the man when just about everyone has been calling him crazy for way too long! Now Kanye ain’t one to lie! I can’t …

    • I can’t November 20, 2016

      Lmao, What? Kanye BLATANTLY lies. He’s all about aesthetic. Everything that comes out of his mouth is calculated and fabricated. I am a God. I am more influential than Beethoven, Steve Jobs, Picasso, the Apostle Paul. He also said he’s more popular than Jesus. And he also said that his career has surpassed Michael Jackson’s. Are these truths? “Kanye ain’t one to lie.” No, Kanye ain’t one to tell the truth. And remember when he said The Obamas call his house phone but then Barack when on Jimmy Kimmel and said that he doesn’t even have his number??? *Maury voice* THAT… Was a Lie.

      • Kanye Trump November 20, 2016

        Hahaha yassssssss!

      • Haters Gon’ Hate November 21, 2016

        Now those are receipts…… 😉

  4. Credits November 20, 2016

    Does he have an album coming out or something? It’s the only time he begins to talk sh*t.

    • Haters Gon’ Hate November 21, 2016

      No he’s using controversy to shift some more units. Oldest trick in the PR book. Remember: all publicity is good publicity.

  5. Yonce’s houseboy November 20, 2016

    Oh Kanye..one word.. Mess. U want the Queen soo bad it ain’t funny anymore. U and ur wife will forever remain our lessor

    • I can’t November 20, 2016

      I really don’t find this situation funny. Kanye’s jealousy of the Carters is actually alarming at this point. I’m concerned for his mental health because he is, very literally, crying for attention and I wonder what’s really wrong with him. He says he wants Kim to be his Beyoncé. And from his interviews back in the day, he either wanted Beyoncé or wanted to be Beyoncé. But Jay already had her. He claims that Beyoncé has pictures of Kim in the studio for inspiration. He claims Obama calls his home phone number but Barack shut that down. Then he says Kim is more influential than Michelle. He’s jealous of the Carters’ relationship with the Obamas. Then Remember, he got mad when Jay did Suit and Tie with Justin. He got mad because they don’t bring blue over to play. And this was after he realized nobody cared about Kim and her staged robbery. Kanye is OBSESSED with the Carters and it is extremely creepy and unhealthy. He’s jealous of the respect they get. He’s jealous of the relationships they have. And he’s jealous of the attention they get.

      • Fancy BISH November 20, 2016

        I know a good READ when I see one…flawless! lol

      • SoFresh November 20, 2016

        I see NOOOOOO lies! On point!

  6. Kiii November 20, 2016

    Lashing out at fans over some ignorant sh*t he said, typical Koonye. His attention seeking antics are so transparent and demeaning.

    • KellyRowlandArmy November 20, 2016

      okay speak on it !! he tried it

  7. Kelly Rowland November 20, 2016

    BYe KAnye you are done sis !!!

  8. King B November 20, 2016

    Thank God for this! From today onwards, Bey is no longer associated with him! Knowing Bey mixing with him (and The Katrashians) throw me up! And I bet the Navy are so happy with this!

    • ?Yellow Diamonds? November 20, 2016

      Why? Why would we be happy ?

  9. Navy November 20, 2016

    ok but did he lie though?

    • KellyRowlandArmy November 20, 2016

      Bold Faced Lie !!

    • Jason November 20, 2016

      He said, I heard! If his MESSY ass is really about that life he should name the source! I bet Beyonce already alerted her team to delete his presence from any part of her life. I used to love him, But dude is a f***** clown!! Him and Donald need to get stranded on a remote island! And take Kim’s inflated ass! North can stay.. she doesn’t deserve this! ?

      • SoFresh November 20, 2016

        Nope. Her not saint. Give them to khloe. She doesn’t have kids, on one condition, she has to stop this revolving door of men in her love life….better yet just let Kourtney handle it. She’s most fit out of everybody…even Kris exploitive ass!!!

      • SoFresh November 20, 2016


  10. KellyRowlandArmy November 20, 2016

    Kanye oh girl miss me, this is so tired and clearly a stunt move. Bey does not need to beg for awards.

    Tragic Kanye just TRagic

    • Wisdom November 20, 2016


  11. KellyRowlandArmy November 20, 2016

    Dear Beyhive ,

    The Rowlandstones (Kelly stans) got your back for this much needed dragging of Kanye. He tried the f***
    out of Bey and im not having it

    • Wisdomw November 20, 2016

      Me Neither. KOOOIN YE

    • Annalise November 20, 2016

      Yay 3 more people on our side ?

    • Dawn November 20, 2016


  12. Theman November 20, 2016

    Lol, Beyonce will do anything to make it appear as though she’s so humble. Kanye is delusional though.

    • KellyRowlandArmy November 20, 2016

      These are
      lies dont feed
      into it

      • Citi November 20, 2016

        But how do u know?? Are u friends with Bey??

      • Kanye Trump Is Gay November 20, 2016

        Kelly Rowland Stone I’m tired of her
        Mediocre a$$ she’s been serving cold art for years.

  13. Theman November 20, 2016

    He can’t tolerate other people’s power. He’s pissy because Jay ain’t hit em up yet lol….

    • Wisdomw November 20, 2016

      Down low. Kanye!

  14. I AM ME November 20, 2016

    First M.I.A now Kanye finally speaking some truths about those illuminati puppets. I hope Beydonkey and her Camel fall from grace once and for all.

  15. Mark111 November 20, 2016

    I’m glad that Rihanna was the first female to win Video Of The Year twice without rigging it. She won because her videos were just that good. ? ☕

    • MUSICHEAD November 20, 2016

      Let’s not forget about Rihanna getting the Icon award at the AMA’s. That was surely bought and paid for!

      • Amerikkka’s Most Wanted ~ Tyler November 20, 2016

        Rihanna even admitted it herself. “Call JAY up n close the deal. I still got my money!”

      • Mark111 November 20, 2016

        Making up rumors will not change Beyonce being exposed and cheating. You pest can keep trying, but no one is falling for it. This post has nothing to do with Rihanna.

      • BEY>RIH November 20, 2016

        So why bring her up?

        And what “proof” do you have of Bey rigging the VMA’s besides a rant from a person who claims he is more popular than Jesus? You dumbàsses are literally going off of “I heard”…

  16. King B November 20, 2016

    I’m glad that Beyoncé has 4 Multiplatinum albums without cheated on the certification. Her albums are soooo good that the GP likes it. 70,000 Australians and 300,000 British bought it.

    • marta November 20, 2016

      And still struggling to enter Top 5 albums sellers among her peers and the b**** has nerve to call herself a King/albums artist. Where are her multiplatinum albums in France, Germany, Ireland and other European countries? Never happened in her entire career.

      • King B November 20, 2016

        Oh wow! She’s big in the Netherland, France and other European countries you listed. Number one for 6 Weeks in Belgium says a lot about her starpower.

      • Wisdomw November 20, 2016


      • marta November 20, 2016

        She’s never had a big album in France, stop it. Her biggest is DIL with like 250k from 2003 (when everyone and their mamas were selling big numbers), even Talk That Talk and Unapologetic sold more than that and Loud outsold 4 + Beyonce + Lemonade combined (even though Beyonce performed twice at French X Factor, Rihanna never did). Rihanna has sold more albums in France than Destiny’s Child + Beyonce combined despite debuting in the digital era. Lemonade in only certified Gold in Belgium, she’s never had a multiplatinum album there (Rihanna did with GGGB).

        Loud alone has outsold all Beyonce albums combined from this decade in:


        and many other countries, so sit.

      • Amerikkka’s Most Wanted ~ Tyler November 20, 2016

        DIL has sold more than any album that Rihanna has ever released. She hasn’t had a mtiplatinum plaque since GGGB. Samsung had to assist her in doing that. Have a seat.

  17. Bey Sting November 20, 2016

    I think Jay Z is tainting Beyonce’s brand. She and Mathew have always been shady and sneaky (believe me I know since I’ve been a fan since 1998) but we didn’t hear about things like this back in the day because Matthew was in control. We all know she will only perform if she gets an award but we never stopped to think how it might make her look to other artists who may feel like she stole it from them. No lie, she needs to play her cards right because if this is true I get the feeling that the industry isn’t as supportive her as they used to be. Why aren’t her songs made priority a radio? She’s the biggest artist in the world next to Adele but isn’t guaranteed air play? It’s fishy. I suspect that there are people behind the scenes waiting for her downfall if what Kanye is saying is true.

    • King B November 20, 2016

      She had her downfall during her 4 era. However, the Beyhives are very loyal and they don’t jump ship when that happens. So, she wouldnt flop anytime soon.

      • Max November 20, 2016

        Girl shut up there was no downfall during her 4 era that album sold more than the popular girls at the time and won a Grammy. I’m sick of you people acting like that era was a flop

    • King November 20, 2016

      I agree with you .

    • RoyalKev November 20, 2016

      Just revisit history! Mainstream radio turned their back on MJ, Janet, Prince, Whitney and many others. It’s what happens to certain artists that have a steady commercial peak for a decade (usually their first as a solo star)!

    • Wisdomw November 20, 2016


    • Wisdomw November 20, 2016

      SO SAD

    • Pat November 21, 2016

      Are u serious, shes a f****** b****…That’s hurting her brand!

  18. LB November 20, 2016

    Basically if the Grammy’s announce Beyonce is performing, we know who paid for that Album of the year award

    • Killian November 20, 2016

      That’s the most stupid statement on here.

      • LB November 20, 2016

        Kanye already confirmed she purchases awards

      • Amerikkka’s Most Wanted ~ Tyler November 20, 2016

        Do you believe everything that Kanye says?

      • Blue Ivy Rod November 21, 2016

        Remember when Kanye said Taylor signed off on Famous but Taylor said he was lying but then ttea was released that he was telling the truth? Kanye isn’t known to lie,and now it has been confirmed that Beyonce does in fact purchase awards

    • RoyalKev November 20, 2016

      Bey performed at the Grammys in 2015 and lost album of the year to Beck!

    • Wisdom November 20, 2016


    • RihYonce November 20, 2016

      How & Beyoncé definitely appeared & performed at the Grammys several times & didn’t win AOTY. This is all a lie.formation was the biggest video this year it had a guaranteed win for the VMAS. MTV already released a statement saying so

  19. LB November 20, 2016

    She is such a cheat and fraud, why not let your work speak for itself. Disgusting behaviour; what else is new from the queen of thieves, smoke and mirrors.

    • iSpeakTruthNoFallacy November 20, 2016

      #YUUUUPP #Fraud #YouiSaidNoLies

  20. .:: Centurion ::. November 20, 2016

    “Beyoncé, I was hurt. I heard you said you wouldn’t perform unless you won Video of the Year over me and ‘Hotline Bling.'”
    Expose that trash King Kanye. We all know that old tired Destiny’s Child throwback høe buys awards.

    • mr.m November 20, 2016


  21. .:: Centurion ::. November 20, 2016

    When will that disgusting expired Parakeet pūssy høe stop cheating and buying her way to the top. Beyonce is so disgusting. She makes my skin crawl.

    • King B November 20, 2016

      I know right. Knowing singer buying her own albums make my skin crawl too.

  22. LB November 20, 2016

    Who goes that hard over a freaking VMA anyway, Beyonce is so extra.

    That fashion award is most definitely PURCHASED because ain’t nobody want to dress as tacky as her.

    That is in addition to her other paid for awards like that ASCAP song writers award.

    She failed to buy that Oscar, Jennifer Hudson pulled a fast one on her she was so mad she recorded an album in 2 weeks LOL.

    • Meme November 20, 2016

      But is anyone surprised though? Beyoncé is so egotistical

    • RoyalKev November 20, 2016

      Paid awards? Where hun? When did kanye state that Beyonce purchases awards? You saw an extended video or something? The clip I saw had Kanye speaking of Bey simply threatening to not perform!

      • RihYonce November 20, 2016

        & why ft would she perform if she losed. Plenty of artist do that

  23. MsYonce November 20, 2016

    Sure Kanye sure ! Only retarded people would believe this aka the navy and Beyonce haters. I mean how is Beyoncé not broke? 20 years in the industry people claiming she pays for everything how does she still have mone? Lmaoooooo

    • MsYonce November 20, 2016


    • Mr.StLaurent November 20, 2016

      Thinking the same thing.
      With all the awards people claim she bought, till this day, no receips, no real source.
      And she’s still freaking rich !

      So, how do you make money if you buy everything ?! ?

  24. MsYonce November 20, 2016

    A Grammy producer already confirmed a long time ago that she’s performing at the Grammys.. So if she loses AOTY again what they gon say lmaoo

  25. .:: Centurion ::. November 20, 2016

    Beyonce is such a fraud, but it’s understandable to some extent. Beyonce has no creativity, originality and no musicianship in that old manufactured corporate body.
    Beyonce is simply a label s****; she’s nothing more than a cash-fueled power grab devoid of any class, musicianship and personality.
    To those you don’t listen to her “music” or buy into her buIIshit, you are spared from listening to that garbage she calls music or stage theatrics. No wonder her own ear was bleeding a couple of weeks ago.

    • B2B November 20, 2016

      Meanwhile you Stan for a biitch that COULD NEVER! Rihanna is a bop, go look at Anti sells and tell me if I am wrong. Your girl selling less than Ariana Grande! F*** out here! All in all, the VMAs knew that Rih winning vanguard was not going to pull in views. No one even talked about Rih that night or the next day.

      • marta November 20, 2016

        Ariana is not selling more than Rihanna (her album has not cracked 1 million worldwide yet and it’s bombing hard in the US, not even 300k), her all albums combined can’t even outsell A Girl Like Me and she has yet to get a #1 single. And Rihanna was the most searched on Google after the VMAs and her performance was the most viewed on Facebook. Sit.

  26. LB November 20, 2016

    LOL the hive were swearing up and down about Lemonade being this uber black movement when it was written, almost in its entirely, by white men.

    She is a FRAUD. I’m sure there is more to come, there must be a reason radio is ignoring her.

    • iSpeakTruthNoFallacy November 20, 2016

      Radio isn’t ignoring her, the sh*t just sucks! Formation, Sorry, and Hold Up had exclusive radio deals, but her music ain’t hot. It’s that simple.

      • LB November 20, 2016

        LOL but the tabloids and blogs are all about how big she is, plus she got the radio avengers and still can’t get decent spins even on Urban and Rhythmic lol; it doesn’t add up

      • RihYonce November 20, 2016

        But How many unreleased versions of ANTI is floating around ? At least bey doesn’t drop 5 songs and scrap them as if they never happened

  27. LB November 20, 2016

    That Drake speach at the VMAs makes so much sense now, the one about artists that are REAL!!

  28. iSpeakTruthNoFallacy November 20, 2016

    Kanye is a psychotic f*ck…but did he lie though? I mean its obvious. How does a song made by Mike Will and Rae Sremmurd cant even get a radio spin? They got their #1 but Forfailure couldn’t even get last on the charts 3 weeks. So when she won video of the year, of course it was bought.

    • MsYonce November 20, 2016

      Well you have to vote for the VMAs which the hive did constantly

      • iSpeakTruthNoFallacy November 20, 2016

        Their voting is more rigged than the US elections. Hilary won the popular vote yet Trump won the electorates…

      • MsYonce November 20, 2016

        Oh shut up

    • King B November 20, 2016

      Y’all constantly says that ‘streaming is the future” but keep wondering why Bey’s singles don’t do well. I could say that your fav use payola or cheated to get free streams considering no ones buy her albums. Ask the Australians and the British!

      • iSpeakTruthNoFallacy November 20, 2016

        Your fave uses Payola like every other artist. Formation, Sorry, and Hold Up ALL had radio exclusive deals. #TryAgain

    • King B November 20, 2016

      Payola where? First she doesn’t have hit songs on the radio. The next thing she uses payola. Anyways, when is Anti will be certified Platinum is Aus? Never. The Global Superstar left the chart after 3 Months. 10 of her payola hit singles can’t help her score number one album there.

      • marta November 20, 2016

        When is Beyonce going to finally get a multiplatinum album in France? Loud – 410k, TTT – 250k, Unapologetic – 310k. Why is King still struggling to do it, isn’t she an album artist? What about Ireland? Germany? Poland?

      • ?Yellow Diamonds? November 20, 2016


      • ?Yellow Diamonds? November 20, 2016


  29. MsYonce November 20, 2016

    Beyoncé really hurt Kanye lmaooo I’m screaming

  30. iSpeakTruthNoFallacy November 20, 2016

    Oh and the HIVe really think that Lemonade is going to win Album of the Year at the Grammy’s HAHAHAHA. WE ALL know that award is going to the dead David Bowie.

    • B2B November 20, 2016

      As long as you know Anti won’t even be nominated we are fine.

      • DiSpeakTruthNoFallacy November 20, 2016

        Rihanna has ALWAYS received a Grammy for her efforts…Now worry what Yonce gonna do since now Trump was elected and her fake a** movement is over

    • BonBon November 20, 2016

      But why wouldn’t she just BUY the award since that’s what you’re up and down this thread accusing her of

      • iSpeakTruthNoFallacy November 20, 2016

        Because there will be, older, white, more successful artists and record execs er who are richer than her #DUUUUHHHHH

  31. S****** Blonde November 20, 2016

    So the rumors are true, Beyoncé manipulated the VMA’s, what a narcissist person, how can she feel good knowing that all that recognition is payed for by herself, she probably don’t care as long as she is praised in the new, her agenda is to make people believe that she is the greatest, that’s why i don’t like her, i hate artists like this, same thing with Gaga, but don’t get it twisted, Kanye seems to be the same type, he just mad because The Carters are doing the same, wasn’t Kanye asking people to stand up when Rihanna was performing, he literally forced the audience (the white audience) to show love for her performances. Today artists are a bunch of losers who doesn’t know how to earn respect and success without tricking people.

    • iSpeakTruthNoFallacy November 20, 2016

      You are 100% correct! She does have agenda like she’s the greatest artist ever. Meanwhile she doesn’t have at least one iconic turn to song.

      • RoyalKev November 20, 2016

        Huh? The woman accumulated 36 weeks at #1 on the BB100 with only 5 songs! She ranks #7 of all time … and she doesn’t have one iconic turn to song?

      • MUSICHEAD November 20, 2016

        Crazy In Love and Single Ladies are both iconic.

      • iSpeakTruthNoFallacy November 20, 2016

        Crazy In Love and To the Left to the Left were big hits don’t get me wrong, but they were big in a TSwift Shake It Off, Blank Space way. There’s a big difference between Bad Blood and Thriller. Yes, both are big hits, but only one of them made the world stop and defined an entire generation. She doesn’t have one. #SimpleAsThat

    • LmfaoHoe November 20, 2016

      This can’t be real or the case as this will prove how Rigged the industry truly are then !! then you would wonder why your faves don’t succeeded or hasn’t been co-sign/machine behind them.

  32. LB November 20, 2016

    Exactly, she got the radio avengers on her album and is literally FAILING to get radio spins from the top suppliers of radio content right now? Very suspect.

    The DJs don’t play that, they know her shady dealings.

  33. LB November 20, 2016

    Let’s not act like Madonna didn’t cheat her way to the top.

    That old rag has been deep throtting it for the old white men since True Blue. There’s no way she has made it this far based on her “talents”.

    • S****** Blonde November 20, 2016

      Madonna could be this and that but she earned her success and recognition the old fashioned way, letting the music speak for itself, Ray of Light was genuinely praised by critics, unlike Lemonade, all that praise was purchased by Beyoncé, that’s what I’m talking about, Madonna paid MTV to make a whole show about her like Beyoncé did this year, it was supposed to be Rihanna’s night and as opportunistic as Beyoncé is, she decided that she was going to overshadows her, poor Rihanna has to accommodate her performances in order to make room for Beyoncé’s 15 minutes show, don’t you see it?…..Rihanna could also be talentless but at least she doesn’t trick the public, like Madonna her accomplishments are genuinely given by the industry, they don’t pay for it unlike Beyoncé.

      • King B November 20, 2016

        Lmao. So buying your own albums for a multiplatinum cert is not a trick? Y’all should chill, he didn’t say Bey buy those awards. He said she wouldn’t want to perform if she didn’t win. Well, what do you expect? Bey is a diva. A diva is demanding. What makes you think she wants to stay there watching the boring show for two hours? I couldn’t even finish watching the show tbh, except for the time Bey performed or VOTY winner is announced. This kinda remind me of the songwriting controversy. NeYo said she co wrote. He didn’t say she didn’t write it at all, but the haters mistaken the story as she didn’t write it at all. However , Sia did mention about Rih didn’t attend the writing session, and yet her name is all over the writing credits on Anti.

      • MUSICHEAD November 20, 2016

        They have all paid for awards and played the political game, including Madonna. That’s the benefit of being on a powerful record label or having a big name. MTV gave Madonna huge exposure whenever she released albums in the 80’s and 90’s that most other artists didn’t get. It’s just the way it is.

      • Amerikkka’s Most Wanted ~ Tyler November 20, 2016

        Madonna isn’t genuine. She’s the biggest fraud since Elvis. They both had the complection for the protection to get the collection. That’s the only reason why they got away with it.

  34. .:: Centurion ::. November 20, 2016

    Beyonce is a desperate tired old THOT desperately trying to recapture her youth since her entire life she was worked like a s**** by her own parents for self-fulfilment.
    Daddy ran outta money and mommy, well, she was a dumb hairdresser with no education.
    I am honestly so sick of this fraudulent soulless empty-headed android that she really is.

    • B2B November 20, 2016

      Now analyze Rihanna from the dirt asss! I really wish I could see how you fuucking look! Like OMG I’m sure even he Navy would kiiii to see that face and body of yours.

    • BonBon November 20, 2016

      A married woman linked to pretty much 1 or 2 men is a thot…,yet the girl in your avi has a massive body count and mileage on her p****. According to Teyana Taylor y’know since we’re taking other celebrities word as gospel

  35. LB November 20, 2016

    Makes me wonder if Tidal lied about those streaming numbers for Lemonande, who am I kidding, of course they did.

    • BonBon November 20, 2016

      Sooo maybe Anti only did 60 copies and Tidal padded it with that extra 400

  36. MsYonce November 20, 2016

    He was mad when Taylor beag Beyoncé back in 09 now he’s mad that Bey beat him lmao I’m lost honestly truly. Seek help Kanye you keep ranting about Jay and Bey like get over it they don’t want to be your friend anymore

    • MsYonce November 20, 2016


    • #JACKIE November 20, 2016

      He considered Beyoncé a friend back then, but now all bets are off. EXPOSE HA Krazye!

  37. marta November 20, 2016

    Expose that lying, overrated h**! Exposed about writing credits, buying awards, fake pregnancy. Her life is so pathetic.

  38. MsYonce November 20, 2016

    When he said “Jay z call me bruh you still ain’t call me” I was on the floor????????????? lol Kanye makes me laugh I can’t ????

    • Kanye Trump Is Gay November 20, 2016

      And listen to all of these jealous lesser breeds angry because their artist come in at lower rank! God knows any Ciara fan should be hiding and laying low on this post knowing good well she will never be remembered as a legend. She doesn’t even have memorial music lol. Kelly is a lesser but at least she was attached to a fully successful group. Now on to Rihanna she can keep me dancing but God knows she can’t sing!! In history she will still be a poor mans Madonna. Rihanna is lazy and stiff!

  39. .:: Centurion ::. November 20, 2016

    It’s pretty obvious that Beyonce buys awards and her own music. Let’s look at the things Beyonce cannot buy:
    • TV Ratings (On the Run special and Lemonade short film flopped)
    • Fashion (House of Dereon, flopped H&M collection and flopped Ivy Park clothing)
    • Films (flop films, some of which went straight to DVD)
    • Collaborations (Music collaborations w/ Beyonce always flop)
    Where is the “star power” that we always hear from the journalists on her payroll media? She utterly disgusting.

    • iSpeakTruthNoFallacy November 20, 2016

      Bring out those #Facts. You spoke the truth and nothing but the truth

      • BonBon November 20, 2016

        I’d suggest you actually research Ivy Park. Google is free

    • Twinky November 20, 2016


    • Metzo November 20, 2016

      What about stadium seats? Can she buy those cause they’re always filled unlike the Empti Tour? Lmaoooo

  40. .:: Centurion ::. November 20, 2016

    It’s pretty obvious that Beyonce buys awards and her own music. Let’s look at the things Beyonce cannot buy:
    • TV Ratings (On the Run special and Lemonade short film flopped)
    • Fashion (House of Dereon, flopped H&M collection and flopped Ivy Park clothing)
    • Films (flop films, some of which went straight to DVD)
    • Collaborations (Music collaborations w/ Beyonce always flop)
    Where is the “star power” that we always hear from the journalists on her payroll media? She’s utterly disgusting.

  41. iSpeakTruthNoFallacy November 20, 2016

    The draggings this early Sunday morning are treacherous BEYond belief.

  42. Devan November 20, 2016

    Kanye….whats really going on Bruh. He legit having mental breakdowns at concerts…

  43. Twinky November 20, 2016

    I am loving this reading season on this beautiful Sunday morning. ☕☕☕☕☕☕☕☕☕☕ ??????

  44. Twinky November 20, 2016


  45. Yeezus stan November 20, 2016

    F*** Beyonce.

    • Amerikkka’s Most Wanted ~ Tyler November 20, 2016

      F*** Koonye

  46. iSpeakTruthNoFallacy November 20, 2016

    I hereby establish today, November 20, 2016 as a righteous day. The magnitude of this glory will go down in the history books as the day Kanye exposed Beyonce.

    • IStan4Rihanna. November 20, 2016

      You’re an absolute mess…


      But I love you. ?.

  47. LB November 20, 2016

    Kanye is on a roll tho, first he exposed Taylor Snake Swift, now he has exposed Beyonce Fraud Knowles Carter.

    Kanye is our insider man LOL.

  48. MUSICHEAD November 20, 2016

    For those of you who think Beyonce is suddenly “exposed”, let me tell you how the industry works:

    Outside of the Grammys (because that’s a completely different beast, award shows have to secure big name artists for the sake of ratings and revenue to recover their expenses. Veteran artists do not like attending award shows unless they are performing or in the early stages of promoting a record. For this reason, award show producers tell the bigger artists what awards they’re going to win in order for them to show up or they create a special award for them that is usually paid for by the artist or the record label. Mariah Carey, Janet Jackson and so many other big artists do this. That is why you never see the big name artists at the Soul Train Awards or NAACP awards because they do not have the kind of money or exposure needed to “bribe” artists to show up.

    • SMH November 20, 2016

      Except Beyonce doesn’t bring in ratings for her own specials or award shows, so this “exposure” of her fraud is accurate.

    • Lea November 21, 2016

      So basically she still pay’s for awards….Gul yall need to sit down somewhere!

  49. IStan4Rihanna. November 20, 2016

    My, oh my. I was not expecting to walk in here to see such brazen draggings so early this blessed sunday morning.


    Anyhow, it is currently 50*F here in London, England ; my tea is well stirred and I am sipping, darling. ?.



    • RihNavy November 20, 2016

      Girl DYEEEE

  50. Amerikkka’s Most Wanted ~ Tyler November 20, 2016

    Lol This is the same man who said he’d vote for an ex reality tv star who as ZERO experience in politics or the military to be president.
    He’s done! Stick a fork in him

    • Amerikkka’s Most Wanted ~ Tyler November 20, 2016


    • BonBon November 20, 2016

      The same man that claimed Kim would be bigger than Beyoncé. The same man that said Beyonce had pictures of Kim in the recording studio. Not to mention Kanye said the gay mans “I’m about to tell this lie but present it as fact” opening statement….”I heard…” <<<<that alone negates the rest of that sentence

  51. Amerikkka’s Most Wanted ~ Tyler November 20, 2016

    He only performed two songs and then cancelled the rest of the show. F***** up part is, those people didn’t even get their money back smdh

  52. RoyalKev November 20, 2016

    I’m done with this man! I’m so glad that the MBDTF album was the last Kanye West album I’ve purchased! This dude is talking about playing politics too much, but in the same breath mentions how the industry politics exist! He’s pretty much acknowledging that the game is dirty and people in power (that can afford to throw their weight around) are playing to win! Why not make demands when you’re fully aware of how much BS goes on (on the inside of the industry)?! This isn’t the 80’s, 90’s or 00’s, this decade is full of politics! There’s ageism (Janet, Madonna, Mariah, Alcia, Usher, Christina and many other older icons can’t have a breakout hit today the way Tina Turner did at 44 with ‘What’s Love Got To Do With It’ or Cher at 52 with ‘Believe’) and racism (Rihanna is the only black female artist of a certain caliber receiving heavy rotation on mainstream radio)! There’s so many isms involved in music today that it almost seems to be more of a business than actual art now! I’m confused because ‘Ye recently made an appearance at the 2015 VMA awards and spoke of how he fights for artists and how artists are being used to bring in ratings, but walk away empty handed after delivering noteworthy era! Now his views appear to be on the opposite end …

    Here’s what Kanye stated while receiving his 2015 MTV Vanguard award: ‘sometimes I feel like, you know, all this s*** that they (MTV) run about beef and all that … Sometimes I feel like I died for the artists opinion, for an artists to be able to have an opinion after they were successful. I’m not no politician bro! … and look at that… you know how many times MTV ran that footage again? …cause it got them more ratings! You know how many times they announced Taylor was going to give me the award? … cause it got them more ratings! … I still don’t understand award shows!!! I don’t understand how they get 5 people, who worked their entire life, 1) sold records, sold concert tickets, to come, stand on a carpet and for the first time in their life be judged on a chopping block and have the opportunity to be considered a loser”.

    What happen to fighting for that cause? Now the artists are playing politics too much? Really Kanye? Kanye has no consistency these days! He’s all about shock value now! He feels it necessary to embody this persona because his rants are taking on a life of it’s own and in his mind, even selling his music videos to the public (when it actuality Teyana did)! That’s why Ye’s always contradicting himself and what he supposedly stands for! The “Kanye rant” is starting to get very pretentious! Kanye’s playing up to something and maybe this is all driven by acquiring more fame and fortune for himself! Who knows?! His “conscious tirades” are just entirely self-serving now! I’m convinced that this guy might be running for president in the future! All jokes aside! It seems like the most outlandish personalities win office! It just may be his turn after the reality judge finishes his term! I wish he simply kept it 100 and just reiterated the fact that he’s sour about North and Blue not playing together or Kim getting a house visit after a robbery! I’d at least respect the honesty!

    • Amerikkka’s Most Wanted ~ Tyler November 20, 2016

      I was just confused as to how he could say that he would vote for Trump. When Trump’s campaign was literally being endorsed by the KKK’s official newspaper….Kanye has turned into a buck dancing c*** and the fact that he’s coming for The Queen makes me dislike him even more. With his punk ass!

      • RoyalKev November 20, 2016

        Yea, I see the transition! You can tell where all thi sis coming from! It’s quite sad! ‘Ye’s not at all the progressive I had perceived him to be! He’s an opportunists!

      • Amerikkka’s Most Wanted ~ Tyler November 20, 2016

        Back in the day he was screaming out “F*** Bush! He does not care about Black People”. Now all of a sudden, he’s a Trump supporter??? Unless you are a WEALTHY , white, male the Republican party isn’t for you. Since Koonye is n**** rich I guess he thinks that the rules don’t apply to him. He’s a lunatic.

      • RoyalKev November 20, 2016

        I don’t understand how one’s wealth totally blinds their perceptions of today’s reality! This man will surely find out in time that he’s only going to get so far pleasing others in a game that’s not meant for him to win! When he’s met with opposition down the line ( after all that he’s done to throw others under the bus) everything he did to kiss up and rub elbows will be forgotten! There’s too many names to list that thought otherwise!

      • Amerikkka’s Most Wanted ~ Tyler November 20, 2016

        Idk who’s the biggest Donkey of the YEAR Kanye or Wanye….

  53. King B November 20, 2016

    Where are you Navy when Sia exposed Rih didn’t attend the writing session and yet her name is all over Anti writing’s credit?

    • Amerikkka’s Most Wanted ~ Tyler November 20, 2016

      The same place they were when Rihanna as exposed for PURCHASING Anti’ s multiplatinum plaque

    • IStan4Rihanna. November 20, 2016



      Quote 1 – 2015. “They’ll entice me into a session by saying, “Rihanna will definitely be there” or “Kanye will definitely be there,” she explains, “but it’s hilarious because I turn up and, almost always, they never come”.


      Quote 2 – 2015. “I don’t think Rihanna will be using any of the songs I wrote for her this time around, her album seems to be heading in a different direction altogether but that’s fine – I love her regardless and she did say she is going to hold them until #R9”.


      Quote 3 – 2016: “I loved writing Sledgehammer with Rihanna. We started it in 2013 actually but both got sidetracked with our own projects. Two years later we came back to it for star-trek and I honestly think it’s one of greatest things we’ve both written”.


      1. Sia wrote “Cheap Thrills, Reaper and I’m Alive” for “ANTI” however neither song was used on the album.


      2. Sia has absolutely no writing nor production credits on “ANTI”.


      Try again, Sweetheart.

      • LB November 20, 2016



      • .:: Centurion ::. November 20, 2016


      • King B November 20, 2016

        They wrote Sledgehammer together? But I only heard Sia all over the song though. So much for her contribution. Listen to the demo of blank page vs the actual song.

  54. RoyalKev November 20, 2016

    Ok, if Bey’s threatening to not appear at award shows allows her to win awards obviously says a lot about her current status! You can’t be mad at that! Can’t other artists do the same? Don’t they have the same equal opportunity to draw ratings? Bey’s only one person, can’t the show go on without her? O_o Basically, they all want Beyonce at these awards and they want her there for a reason! It’s obvious that she’s a big asset because people don’t seem want to have ceremonies without her! This speak volumes tbh!

    • RihNavy November 20, 2016

      Delete your account. You stan for Monica & Brandy

      • RoyalKev November 20, 2016

        Stay focused sweetheart! You’re in the wrong post talking bout Bran and Mo!

        Delete your face! *Sheree Whitfield voice*

  55. .:: Centurion ::. November 20, 2016

    Kanye West is an A-list musician/artist. He obviously knows the “industry” and/or “industry politics”, so when he says Beyonce gave MTV an ultimatum or she won’t perform, it’s believable.
    That lie-about-your-age illiterate pornstār is such a disrespectful narcissistic trash. The level of disrespect Beyonce has over artists that inspired her and paved the way for her is appalling. Just look at this: https://twitter.com/musicnews_facts/status/770373593184276480

    • RihNavy November 20, 2016

      CentURINE pls, you’re a child mòléstèr don’t do too damn much

  56. Amerikkka’s Most Wanted ~ Tyler November 20, 2016

    Is it me or is Kanye’s neck catching the Benzino disease!!? It must be a Kartrashian side effect

  57. Yeezy Yeezy Yeezy November 20, 2016

    #FuckBeyonce and her entire ugly uneducated cheating family. The hive deserve this Beyonce dragging and Beyonce deserved a lifetime of suffering. Rot in hell b****.

    • Amerikkka’s Most Wanted ~ Tyler November 20, 2016

      Delete your pipi the frog looking ass outta here and tell Kanye to give all of those fans, that he ripped off tonite, their damn money back. Only performed two songs then cancelled the entire show. F*** outta here. Stupid dumb ass BEYotch

  58. Wonder Woman November 20, 2016

    Lol BYE
    He and his wife wish they were the billion worth Carters

  59. Justafan November 20, 2016

    Drama attention seeking queen

    • Wonder Woman November 20, 2016

      like husband like wife 🙂

  60. @ASAPicon November 20, 2016

    They knew Kanye was crazy and gave zero fux. JayZ let him get too close for business.
    And I have a feeling the Kardashians have it out for the carters anyway, since Bey wont associate with the lead Kardash.

    This is gonna be some good but messy drama brewing, I can hear the lyrics now.

    • Amerikkka’s Most Wanted ~ Tyler November 20, 2016

      Right! This about to be some Tupac/Biggie level beef. Not no weak Drake/Meek Mill s***.

  61. Wonder Woman November 20, 2016

    Bashing Beyoncé has now become a gimmick either to get 10-15 minutes of fame and or to sell albums
    and I gotta it’s suprising how its much more powerful than the Chris Brown fisted me gimmick and the album discount ($1/ $3) gimmick
    Kanye b**** lest not forget these people are not , never were your friends , you were just a lucky stan who got recognised by the gods you and your pornn star wife wish were

  62. fatusankoh November 20, 2016

    Yes sick dog Kanye haters you have beain after Bey for years to bring her down you are fake at Tayler for Bey you never care for Bey you hate her so much you are saying all this for you and your fellow haters to be happy you support trumps for the hate you have for Bey and jay you will never win

  63. Amerikkka’s Most Wanted ~ Tyler November 20, 2016

    I hate the new Kanye lol

  64. Mad Cause I’m So Fresh November 20, 2016

    Idk but, I feel like we could see a slander lawsuit

    I don’t believe that bs . Nxgga just mad that they cut him off

  65. brazio November 20, 2016

    I believe him….I already knew that fake side of Beyonce

    • B2B November 20, 2016

      But she doesn’t know you at all! Pretty sure you don’t know her. Never conversed!

  66. Indie November 20, 2016

    Koonye upset that Jay Z and Beyonce have disowned him, after he went on a rant just because they didn’t come ti see him when Kim got kidnapped! Jay Z called him thats nice than enough, when you try to pic battles with friends that are already there fr you, your just jealous of them all along and you’ve been waiting for the opportunity. Now that jay ad beyonce have disowned him for dissing them he wants to get there attention by pulling stunts like this.. His lost his mind man, he lost it a long time ago

  67. B2B November 20, 2016

    Why do people keep saying she purchased the award? Beyoncé brings the views and you know it. Look at how the CMAs used her name. I’m sorry but I don’t see the problem. Seems to me her team wanted to make sure she was winning before she agreed to come and perform. And that’s not a problem. She put
    Tons of money into the production of that performance. MTV could’ve said ok B that’s not gonna happen we will see you next year, but they also know where he $$$ at. The Hive shows up and shows out for the Queen.

    • King B November 20, 2016

      I couldn’t agree more. I like your comment. It makes sense. I wouldn’t waste so much time and money for an award show that I don’t even win. I wouldn’t just go there to accept Best Cinematography. Especially when the performance was perfectly Choreographed,perfect visual etc All this need money.

      • B2B November 20, 2016

        Exactly, she has better things to do than attend so if she does attend, bring a whole damn band accommodate her team, then guess what she better win!

  68. Mi November 20, 2016

    Kanye just pissed the Carters don’t füčk with him no mo after he wifed that ho

  69. #JACKIE November 20, 2016

    Wow! Beyoncé got DRAGGED in here!!

    • RihNavy November 20, 2016

      Sis, don’t

    • BEY>RIH November 20, 2016

      The bigger you get, the more they hate.

  70. B2B November 20, 2016

    Now for Kanye, he is doing the absolute most. Why is it okay for him to consistently stop shows early. The album was already garbage so I am confused as to what high he is on? He acts like J stopped giving him the diick or something and he is really turning me off. Don’t worry about Mrs. Carter she stays at the bank cashing formation world tour chicks hunni! N***** made but they broke tho? Still in debt biitch?

    • King B November 20, 2016

      They expect B6 to open with 200k after the boycott. Well, it didn’t happen. They thought these controversies will end B. Well, continue dreaming.

  71. Stephy November 20, 2016

    Chile….. *sips tea* lmfaoooo

    • RihNavy November 20, 2016

      BIHHH! I don’t comment anymore on here but Aunt Kanye about to get blackballedT

  72. B2B November 20, 2016

    Funny thing is, his b**** ass didn’t go on that stage because Julius would’ve whooped that ass! Kanye always in b**** s***; y’all sure he from Chi?

  73. Briano November 20, 2016

    Beyonce is a marketing ploy and her brand stays afloat on controversy and media manipulation

    I woukd not be suroised if she was behind this it gets her talked about and it was timed to undermine any award rihanna may win tonight

    Beyonce is a jealous mean spirited cheater fraud and shallow, colorstruck materialistic, thief, user who makes terrible ‘music’ that is never the focal point only for bs, she’s bs and that is why all the self made hype, titles etc


    • DiSpeakTruthNoFallacy November 20, 2016

      Daaaammmmnnn GO IN BIH…Tell us how you really feel. #Ethered

      • RihNavy November 20, 2016

        Guhl Etha this t***** ZZIIICK in your mouth. Gimme that THROAT

  74. Sherrele November 20, 2016

    @Briano , you just really hating! Just because you hear other people say negative things, don’t go off lies sweety. I hate when people assume s***, like stop it. Yall act like yall know these celebrities. Kill that noise!!!

  75. B2B November 20, 2016

    Fun fact; SELF TITLED has outsold all of Rihanna’s US albums in pure sales except GGGB(staled at ~2.8).

    I’m not impressed, all those forgettable hits…???? you biitches worried about VMAs when really you need to go purchase some CDs.

    Studio Albums in the U.S.
    2.8 million, Good Girl Gone Bad / 1.8 million, Loud / 1.4 million, A Girl Like Me / 1.2 million, Unapologetic / 1.15 million, Talk That Talk / 1.13 million, Rated R / 623,000, Music of the Sun

    – DIL : 5.1M
    – B’Day: 3.8M
    – IASF: 3.4M
    – BEYONCÉ: 2.4M
    – 4: 1.5M
    – Lemonade : 1.5M

    My b**** solid, guess she bought these herself too tho ???? ooou

    • B2B November 20, 2016

      Forgot Anti 573,630, which is giving MOTS numbers! That damn decline!!!!

    • marta November 20, 2016

      Listen to your own advice and go buy your favs albums so she can finally crack top 5 albums sellers among her peers. Britney, Xtina, Avril, Shakira, Alicia are still ahead of her without 365415416541654165 singles/cheap videos, re-releases and more promo than president himself..
      Fun fact about this decade:

      UK – Loud – 1.95 million >>>> 4 (620k) + Beyonce (450k) with and extra EP + Lemnoade (350k) + 4 The Remix
      France – Loud 410k >>>> 4 (80k) + Beyonce (120k) + Lemonade (60k?)
      Germany – Loud (3xGold) >>>> no certified album, outsold 4 + B + L combined
      Japan – Loud 135k >>> 4 (50k) + Beyonce (20k) + Lemonade (20k)

      I can go on and on.

  76. SMH November 20, 2016

    I find it hilarious that Beyonce fans accuse every artist in the business of buying albums and awards, but believe Beyonce is the only one who earned her albums sales and awards honestly.


    Sorry kids, Beyonce is not innocent. Her tea gets spilled constantly. Y’all just have your heads too far up her behind to see it.

    • Lake Erie November 20, 2016

      Truth ☕ lol

  77. B2B November 20, 2016

    DiSpeakTruthNoFallacy says:
    Rihanna has ALWAYS received a Grammy for her efforts…Now worry what Yonce gonna do since now Trump was elected and her fake a** movement is over

    Rihanna Awarded at the Grammys for what hunni? Rap sung Collaborations? ???? You can have that s***. Beyoncé ALWAYS comes and SLAY! Most awarded female of this generation!

    • iSpeakTruthNoFallacy November 20, 2016

      Beyonce does a phenomenal job at performing as she does in fact set a standard, but the Grammy’s is all about the MUSIC and nothing else. And her actual music of Lemonade simply wasn’t good and the radio performances of its singles show that. #TruthHurts

      • BEY>RIH November 20, 2016

        You know there is a difference between opinions and facts… You’re basically saying the Grammy’s reward good music, therefore we will have to wait until the upcoming grammy awards to see if Lemonade is a “good” album. We will also have to wait to see if Anti is a “good” album according to your logic.

  78. RihNavy November 20, 2016

    BAYBAAAAYYYYY. This post is GOODT! *whitney voice* AYYYMEEEENNNNN-T, praise el Christo.

  79. RoseB November 20, 2016

    First of all, Kanye why are you ranting to the world based on something you ‘heard.’ Did she say that to you? Who is your source? Beyonce does deserve to win video of the year, and so would you if you didn’t make s*** and classify that now as art. And if you weren’t nominated in that category, you would want her to win. That isn’t how support works, honest support. When you took your weak punk ass onto that stage, Beyonce owed you nothing. You wanted to kiss the bosses wifes ass and when they dont return the favour: they are not your real friends? Well kim and the kardashians aren’t your real family. Jay z married into a real family with strong black women and men that can lift him up. All the kardashians-Jenner clan is doing is encouraging your mental illness and arrogance. Your career and personal life is going to crumble, keep rubbing people up the wrong way.

    Beyonce is doing nothing more or less than artists at that height do. You want her to sit at your award, use her for promotion, perform and not get the highly coveted award of the night? Michael Jackson wouldn’t have done, and if she doesn’t – that’s fine – let her be and make money else where on the night i.e. another show or creating something special for her fans. I remember a few years ago Eminem didn’t come to a show here in Europe EMA’s I think, because he wasn’t getting an award – or is that ok because he is a white man?

    Beyonce is a strong black hardworking THE hardest working entertainer alive – I support any decision she may or may not have when it comes to things like this. Kanye, go sleep somewhere BOY.

    • B2B November 20, 2016

      BOOM! And there it is. Love it!!

  80. S****** Blonde November 20, 2016

    The dragging ???

    • RihNavy November 20, 2016

      DRAG your ass on top of this ZIIIICK. I know you Dutch and German boys love to secretly ride B**.

      • S****** Blonde November 20, 2016

        Lmao, I’m Swedish not Dutch or German ?

  81. RihNavy November 20, 2016


  82. Fatusankoh November 20, 2016

    Kanye is mad Jay don’t let him threw all the woman on him again stay all nite now that he is close with her wife he is mad he want them to splite so bad supporting trump he have always hate Bey and jay to be together he hate their success he is really one of their haters for so long be hideing it I have known this for long that mad Kanye is a hater

  83. November 20, 2016

    Kayne is full of it sometimes, but somethings he says like in this instance sound like the truth.

  84. Lake Erie November 20, 2016

    Lol! !! Yes indeed the exposure! !! Speak Kanye!! So many talented females out here not forefronted because she is always put first. She probably rigged those opportunities too…. Lemonade’s story was good. But the videos were far from VMA status… I hope people, celeb, and all media outlets take heed to what Kanye is saying and not over looking it like it’s just another rant of his. This needs to be heard…

  85. iSpeakTruthNoFallacy November 20, 2016

    Who knew that it took Kanye to diss Beyonce TGJ for the comments section to come alive again. Take notes Sam! What am I kidding this web traffic will keep her from eating Top Ramen next week.

    • IStan4Rihanna. November 20, 2016



      This site has been in remission for several months now, but not today…


      *Belts Sia’s “I’m Alive”*

  86. Mark111 November 20, 2016

    We know what happens when Beyonce don’t cheat or have daddy to do her dirty work for her, it’s called 4.

    • King B November 20, 2016

      US : 1,550,000
      UK: 600,000++

      US: 573,000
      UK: 100,000


      • Navi November 20, 2016

        Let’s compare 2011 albums baby!

        US: 1,200,000
        UK: 1,000,000+


  87. IStan4Rihanna. November 20, 2016

    @S****** Blonde


    You’re Swedish? Can you speak it?


    Jag’m hälften svenska och svart – Jamaicanska. Min mamma är svenska och min pappa är svart. Jag bor i London, England. Det’s där jag är född och uppvuxen faktiskt eftersom min flyttade hit strax innan jag föddes. Vad tycker du? Hur länge har kommit till webbplatsen? ???.

    • RihNavy November 20, 2016


    • S****** Blonde November 20, 2016

      Naturligtvis, jag talar svenska, är mitt modersmål, hur coolt att ha någon skandinavisk här. Jag har frekventerar denna plats för år nu, det var ett nöje att träffa dig.

      • IStan4Rihanna. November 20, 2016



        a. Det’s fantastiskt att ha en svensk här. Jag’ve besöker denna webbplats för minst ett år nu och jag aldrig visste att du var svenska.


        Anyway, i kontexten av det här inlägget, jag ärligt kan’t stå Beyonce, hon’s begåvade (utan tvekan), en fantastisk sångerska också och jag tolererar henne men hon bara isn’t min kopp te. För Rihanna, jag älskar henne som jag’m du’ve noterat.

      • S****** Blonde November 20, 2016

        Samma här om Beyonce, begåvad men tråkig och ibland till och med irriterande. Hur som helst, glad att veta att det är en karl svenska på denna sajt ?

  88. hushmoneyco November 20, 2016

    beyonce is somewhere rich af… not caring at all about the opinions of the next broke mf… so please .. stop getting worked up over somthin that has nothin to do wit yall…. the queen should not be disturbed if its not about family or money…

  89. Usual Observer November 20, 2016

    Kanye is giving me Judas tease. He is “exposing” and “calling out” ppl he was supposed to be so close to. Someone got into his head. Mark my words. I don’t put sh*t past those Kardashians. For him to be lashing out at Jay and Bey like this is weird. I smell envy.

  90. JD November 20, 2016

    DON’T MESS WITH THA POWER OF DA QUEEN ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? Iraq you’ll get slayed, literally!

  91. King B November 20, 2016

    US : 1,550,000
    UK: 600,000++

    US: 573,000
    UK: 100,000


  92. IStan4Rihanna. November 20, 2016

    @KING B.


    1. You’re comparing the sales of an album released in a 2011 climate (when the market was significantly stronger) to that of one released in a 2016 climate (where the market is significantly weaker)?


    2. Why don’t compare the sales of “4” to “Talk That Talk”, an album by Rihanna of which was actually released in 2011 and happened to outsell the former at that as well as produce two WW smash-hit singles (one of which is one of the best performing singles by a female artist of the 2010’s)?


    If we are to strictly go by your logic then it’s safe to say that “Lemonade” is a drastic underperformance when compared to “BEYONCE”, an album that was released in 2013.


    3. Ultimately, we are now in 2016 where an albums success is based on its SPS outake – on that note, “ANTI” is at 3M WW (1.5M – Pure Sales) and at 1.7M in the U.S.A. In addition, the album has produced two Hot 100 smash-hits and is well on its way to producing a third.


    For future reference, if you are going to try and “drag”, let’s go about it in an intelligent way. ?.

    • King B November 20, 2016

      If Lemonade is drastic, then what is Anti? A disaster? Lemonade only need 800k to match the sales from ST (Just in case if the Navy had lost their memories, Lem was uploaded on tidal for 48 hours). Unapologetic sold like 1.2 Million? By the rate at its going, it’ll take her another 30 weeks to reach half, I REPEAT, half of Una sales. That’s US. How do u explain the UK? From 600k to 100k, that’s not drastic? ST is 500k, Lem is 300k (ST has Brits). That’s UK. How bout Australia ? From Platinum to how much 40K, its there yet? Lets put sales aside, since its diff climate. How bout the tour? From Stadium to Arena? Grossing less than FWT+OTRT tour COMBINED with more dates. Last but not least, Rih is an icon, global superstar with 14 US NUMBER ONES, why does she relies more on streams than the washes up, fraud Beyoncé Knowles?

    • King B November 20, 2016

      Regarding the sales climate, 25 matched 21 sales, 1989 outsold speak now (that was released n even better climate), Lem will outsell 4 (with so much more promotion, properly release singles, talk show etc) The reasons why other artist couldn’t match their prev album sales are because they flop( as you can see the declines in the starpower, airplay, chart peaks, the ability to sell tickets etc) Oh, JB and Rih are neck to neck with their single success, but JB demolish her in album sales(JB might have more promotion, but Riri had 14 number ones, shud have larger star power)

    • Wonder Woman November 20, 2016

      Wheeeert? LMAO the null and voidNESS of this comment
      Lemonade 2016 has outsold
      A Girl Like Me 2007
      Unapologetic 2012
      Talk That Talk 2011
      Rated R 2009,
      Music of the Sun 2005
      Anti 2016

    • Briano November 20, 2016

      Because the b is smoke and mirrors and everything mediocre Beyonce has done has to be viewed through a smoky lenses or slightly manipulated to make her APPEAR to Bea contemporary of others she’s not and never has been

  93. Trumpland November 20, 2016

    All you hos on here were kissing Kanye’s ass 6 months ago!! Lol
    Everyone hates Beyonce and her pet camel. Even Solange!! They are the killary Clinton and kill Clinton of music.

  94. Briano November 20, 2016

    Rihanna is on set, she straight

    Diamonds ball, coming up

    She is rocking it.

    Meanwhile the tired PR antics continue

  95. King B November 20, 2016

    Wrong. It took Kanye to diss Beyoncé to summon the Navy to come back to this ‘trashy’ site that they claimed to boycott after the tragic album sales selling 573,000.

    Fun fact : 4 a.k.a the Flop album sold 425,000 in its second week. She didn’t need Samsung or smash hits. Don’t come to me with tonnes of promotion excuse when your fav perform four times only to have one album to reenter, outcharted by IASF(130 Weeks on chart)

  96. Briano November 20, 2016

    Anti is the superior album and rihanna the superior artist despite whatever the hive buZes about, her catalog shats all over that benonsense

    Sad what it takes to be talked about

    • Wonder Woman November 20, 2016

      Graciously sips your T
      Both 4 and Lemonade outsold every one of FRih’s album that isn’t GGGB or Loud they can try again
      That’s in the us of course

      • Wonder Woman November 20, 2016

        Ewww wrong reply

      • marta November 20, 2016

        No they didn’t, they only sold more than Anti and Music of the Sun, all other Rihanna albums have sold over 3-3.5 million each. Lemoande is ~2.6

  97. Nonya November 20, 2016

    Dear Kanye and the haters of King Bey on this post, I want to inform you that you all are apart the “H***” she did not come to play with and she is currently unbothered. All of the hate is only keeping her MORE relevant! “Say Her Name” “Say It”

    However what people failed to realize is that Kanye said “HE HEARD”. Heard doesn’t confirm squat unless admitted by the person accused. You fools believe anything you can take and run rather trying to get your lives together. Because hate or no hate, regardless she is still collecting a check and you still have to work a 9-5 40 hours a week doing something that you absolutely hate. Let’s be real here!

  98. IStan4Rihanna. November 20, 2016

    @King B.


    Once again, put on your thinking cap – are you able to do that or is it too much to ask?


    1. In terms of the music industry’s sales climate in 2016, “ANTI” is a success. However, any sane Rihanna fan will tell you that when compared to her previous album (“Unapologetic”) it is an ‘underperformance’ however this where context comes into place. It is completely illogical to compare the sales of album that was released in a healthier sales climate (2016) and where ‘streaming’, a metric of which has now completely overtaken digital sales, had not become the main form of music consumption.


    “ANTI” suffered from a severely botched release – millions of copies were given away for free in its first few hours of accidental availability and had already accumulated over 75M+ streams on ‘Tidal’ alone in that time. Of course all this is going to affect the overall commercial run of the album from a sales perspective both in her domestic market and internationally. Nevertheless, the album is only one of three to have sold over 500K units in pure sales from those released this year in the U.S – “LEMONADE” and “VIEWS” are the others of which stand at 1M + in pure sales – and one of three to have sold over 1M units in pure sales WW (the aforementioned two have also).

    2. How on earth is her having a arena/stadium tour, of which spanned only 76 dates, gross an estimated total of 120M+ (by calculations of the average gross numbers that have been released) a “failure”?


    3. Yes, Rihanna is a global icon and pop superstar and is, without a doubt, the biggest female hitmaker of her generation (thank you for noticing) and in spite of the disaster that was 2015 and early 2016 she has still managed to arguably have the biggest era by a female artist this year.


    4. If you aren’t able to accept that viability of ‘streaming’ in 2016 then that you are at fault because it is a format of which determines chart peaks, overall chart performances and successes the world over. For example, Drake’s “VIEWS” is at 1.35M in the U.S.A in pure sales yet is on its way to being certified 5X platinum (with a domestic SPS outtake of 4.35M). To you, is that simply a “success” or a ‘streaming’ determined success that shouldn’t be viable?

    • King B November 20, 2016

      And once again, how do you explain the floppage in the UK? UK includes stream as well right? And I’m not against streaming, why would I when my fav actually benefit some from it. You guys Navy however, make fun of Bey, when she outpeaked Rih with Drunk In Love and 7/11. Now all of sudden the Navy arguments is all about stream, stream and stream. We Beyhives actually don’t mind when our fav can sell and at the same time, one of the most streamed female artist WW. And I would like to remind you, one of your fellow delusional Navy member says he doesn’t want to hear that artist don’t sell album in X years anymore after he saw Adele had a great success with 25. All of these are coming from the Navy’s mouth, and what is wrong for me to bring em up again, huh? I like Rih. I own 3 of her albums. The constant dissing towards Bey no matter what she does annoy me (Mark, LB, Cent, Ispeakbs etc). Though some of the Beyhives are annoying, however they never hates on Rih 24/7 execept maybe Career Ender however she seldom comment).

    • IStan4Rihanna. November 20, 2016

      Well, in actuality, I do not “hate” Beyoncé either. I am actually one of the few “Navy” members on this site that openly praise and support Beyoncé; I own four of her albums ans have seen her in conceet twice. She is 1/2 of the two most successful Black music acts of the 21st century thus far (Rihanna and Beyoncé) and their impact, influence and starpower is quality unmatched.


      Furthermore, I always argue or debate from an objective, factual standpoint and am not afraid to do so. In regards to Rihanna’s commercial failures or underperformances (which are seldom), I will ever acknowledge them.


      Ultimately, the fact remains that ‘That Grape Juice’ is, by and large, a ‘Beyoncé fansite (I don’t think it’s illogical to claim such) and they are notorious for their constant undermining of Rihanna and her accomplishments and achievements and it’s frustrating to witness at times. Now, I don’t live vicariously through Rihanna, I am a major fan but am just that – Rihanna’s life has no bearing on mine and what she doesn’t or doesn’t do (etc.) does not mentally or emotionally affect me in the slightest but I can’t speak for everybody. There are both Rihanna and Beyonce fans on this site that take it all too seriously.

      • King B November 20, 2016

        Those four I mentioned are the delusional ones. You however always come up with a logical argument and never use any vulgar words or being rude, and I respect that, somehow I wish I could learn that from you 🙂 . It’s nice to argue when you don’t use terms like “Kool-aid”, “4lop”, “Beyfraud”, “Flopyoncé”. Some even crossing the lines calling Blue M***** or “Fatina”. I’ll stop leaving a reply. Have a nice day! Today’s “expose” is good to release some of your stress. Bye.

  99. Wonder Woman November 20, 2016

    The Navy is seething hunty and it’s not even funny…. half the hive is not even here, Half and a quarter comments are from the same tired commentators
    Rihanna <<<<<<Her Idol BEYONCÉ

  100. Navi November 20, 2016


  101. Briano November 20, 2016

    Beyonce is a fraud and that ‘sold out gimmick’ utilizing portions if the stadium don’t change that

    Her music, her image and her message sucks and the public has indicated such in their daily consumption patterns

  102. BEY>RIH November 20, 2016

    The hypocrisy of you hœs is disgusting. Always criticizing and mocking Kanye for being crazy whenever he rants or makes off the wall statements, but have him say ONE thing about Beyonce, and all y’all hypocrites come out the woodwork acting as if his statements are validated and the honest-to-God truth.

    Beyoncè’s power is immense!! ?

  103. BEY>RIH November 20, 2016

    And yall are going off a “I heard” rumor…
    “I heard” Kim’s robbery was made up..
    “I heard” Rihanna’s team used fake Beyoncè stories to increase rih’s popularity…
    “I’ve heard” tons of rumors about celebrities that are simply false until FACTUALLY PROVEN. Until Kanye comes up with a phonecall reciept of Bey telling him she demanded VOTY, this rant is simply void and Bey earned the award fair and square.

    • Ilovemusic November 20, 2016

      Thank you, and isn’t that award voted on?

  104. BEY>RIH November 20, 2016

    “I’m practicing my Grammy Speech. I’m not going to the Grammys unless they promise me the Album of the Year!!!” – Kanye the clown

  105. BEY>RIH November 20, 2016

    Navy say the Hive are dumb yet they claim Bey has been exposed off of hearsay ? Nothing changes smh..

  106. JUNGKOOK November 20, 2016

    Who is surprised?
    Now we all know how she gets her awards, just like we know how she “writes” her songs.
    I always knew that. She’s such a fake artist.
    She should’ve buy “The Fakest Artist of Our Decade” award.

  107. Rima November 20, 2016

    Wow Beyonce is pathetic she’s been buying awards and albums for years.

  108. BEY>RIH November 20, 2016

    Even if these allegations were true (which they aren’t) how come no one else bribes MTV?

    How come no one else uses their millions to buy their awards? These artists care about accolades just as much as Bey but they can’t bribe or buy awards. Why is that?

    Do people realise that they’re praising Beyoncé when they make these claims? ? Bey must be very powerful and rich if she can supposedly receive all of these awards without rightfully earning them. She must be on another level of power.

  109. Molly November 20, 2016

    Screaming everyone dragging Beyonce. ??

    • Lea November 21, 2016

      Just like the old days, lmfaooo! Am i the only one old enough to remember her being dragged on the regular right before bootylicous era? Noone liked that crazy fake b**** and we were in middle school!

  110. iSpeakTruthNoFallacy November 20, 2016


    If you have truly read my posts, I have never just hated Beyonce just cause. I have ALWAYS admitted to her greatness in terms of her performances and vocal ability. I have always commended the fact that she’s been able to sustain a 20 year long career. The problem with this Beyonce fan site is that I point out her inadequacies as well. Many of you pretend that she doesn’t have any while she has many.

  111. Molly November 20, 2016

    Death at the hive being more pressed over Rihanna than Kanye ? y’all make everything about Rih meanwhile ya girl got exposed big time!

    • Mark111 /.\ November 20, 2016

      They blame Rihanna for their low T cell count as well.

      • Molly November 20, 2016


  112. Datredd23 November 20, 2016

    Love on the Brain is coming !

  113. Keri Qween November 20, 2016

    Spill the tea Kanye☕☕☕☕

  114. HailLegendBeysus November 20, 2016

    SCREAMING at everyone on this blog feeding into this TRASH! This is nothing more than another calculated PR stunt from both Bey and Kanye. They’re using the obvious by feeding into the negative syaing that she “buys” her awards LMFAO! But notice how he said “I HEARD”, because he give no substantial evidence to any of these claims. He did the same thing for Taylor when she kept bashing her. Her music will climb back up numerous Itunes charts. Also she released Daddy Lessons to Itunes and Spotify last night! Hmmmm

    • Briano November 20, 2016

      Exactly, glad I’m not vthe only one that can see through it it’s pathetic what this thing has to do to push her garbage music

      • HailLegendBeysus November 20, 2016

        What the hell are you talking about? Riherpés stays using Fistopher Brown to promote her music. That’s the real sadness. I mean you gotta use your abuser to sell records… ?

    • Molly November 20, 2016

      She gotta do all that to sell a stale flop single? Girl this comment is a mess stop.

      • HailLegendBeysus November 20, 2016

        Never said it was for the Single. I said it was for her music in general. Reading is KEY! But i expect nothing from a coke addicted busted uo ass bussie power bottom that stays getting “money” by spreading them legs for 60 year old men.

  115. Briano November 20, 2016

    Exactly Molly they are obsessed and fixated on Rihanna I wonder why, cough insecure cough know the truth

    • Molly November 20, 2016

      Its pretty sad.

  116. Datredd23 November 20, 2016

    Anti total records sold > Lemonade total records sold

    Work is nearing 5x platinum
    Needed Me is 4x platinum

    Anti is at 3 million SPS worldwide after 1.4 million albums were given to fans

    Love on the Brain is now over 200 k copies sold I mean one on guys to shade Anti is pathetic at this point and all of you know it

    • BEY>RIH November 20, 2016

      All I see is singles and singles… How much did the album sell bítch?!?! Because I can guarantee you it wont be outselling Lemonade anytime soon. ☺️

      • Datredd23 November 20, 2016

        Anti is 3 million worldwide

        Rih owns her masters lol

      • BEY>RIH November 21, 2016

        The last time I checked, the album was stalled at 1.5M ww.. ?

  117. Mark111 /.\ November 20, 2016

    They say Rihanna bought her albums, so Rihanna owns Samsung now? Oh ok.
    Waits for Kim K to leak the audio of Beyonce begging for awards.

    • S****** Blonde November 20, 2016

      OMG that would be the best thing ever, don’t make me dream like that ???

  118. mr.m November 20, 2016

    DRAG THE M*****-YONCE, Kanye. YAS!!!

    I always knew that bish is buying everthing
    fake ass s*** h**.
    they even gave her 15min performance @ the VMA’s
    why??? gurl you’ve been EXPOSED!!

    FLOP. I’m sure she bought 98% of her album
    2k pure sales. LMAOOOOOO
    certificated: wood

    • Molly November 20, 2016

      You Stan Xtina tho

      • marta November 20, 2016


      • mr.m November 21, 2016

        At least I stan for a REAL artist honey
        THE VOICE.
        I don’t stan for a fake m***** lol

  119. Mark111 /.\ November 20, 2016

    It must sucks knowing that your fave Beyonce is a thief, liar and now crook. How sad, she will never be a legend now.

    • Surprise..(DEC 2013) November 20, 2016


  120. LB November 20, 2016

    Not the hive seething over Rihanna when it is Kanye who exposed their fav of buying awards.

    • Amerikkka’s Most Wanted ~ Tyler November 20, 2016

      So what! VMA Awards are a CRUMB compared to the population of Grammys that Beyonce has. So you can stay mad

  121. J. Parker November 20, 2016

    Lmfao Any other time Kanye rants he’s called all kinda crazy. Hell just last week with the Trump comment he got dragged. But now he comes for jay Z and Beyonce and all of a sudden it’s yep yep yep….he knows what he talking about !!! Lol lol and come next week when he rants about some other bs not related to Jay, he gonna be called all kinda crazy again lol I just can’t. funny af tho lol lol

  122. Amerikkka’s Most Wanted ~ Tyler November 20, 2016

    So according to him, Beyonce “rigged” an already rigged award show? I dont recall anybody complaining when MTV built the entire award show around Britney Spears. When she made her “comeback” after shaving her head bald and attacking a toyota, she SWEAPT the awards that year. Despite putting on the stiffest, drunkest, sloppiest performance ever she still managed to win over the likes of Alicia Keys, Beyonce , and etc .
    So this year, whether Beyonce actually did this s*** or not, the award show was “rigged” in the BLACK GIRLS favor for a gawt damn change. So if Beyonce said that she wasn’t doing s*** unless she won an award, she’s supposed to.

  123. Amerikkka’s Most Wanted ~ Tyler November 20, 2016

    You wanna talk about rigged? Your wife’s robbery was muthafuckin rigged b****!

  124. Cinnamon Girl November 20, 2016

    Kanye is right. That’s why I like Ciara. She owns her flops. She doesn’t have her label buying her albums, awards, etc

    • Amerikkka’s Most Wanted ~ Tyler November 20, 2016

      Ciara’s not even with a label …

      • ECinnamon Girl November 21, 2016

        Ciara is with Interscope Records now. Bloop

  125. We Nowqd Redv dimnobut it ash trjoan ivy blobukz Need UK timely Ukuno eremxil November 21, 2016


  126. Yu May 20, 2018

    He has not been same since his Mom passed. Mentally over-whelmed most times, he need understanding and true caring friends. If not, he is right, I say if u have any issues facing things like this. They were not friends to him anyway. anyway. He found out by mouth, from someone JZ was talking negative about him, when he thought that was his best friends. And admired, loved them. Hurting, painful hearts will many times, cause anger, and mental overload, from someone who trusted, loves. I know he is stressed, with that mess, Like handli ng too much. Remember, entertainment industry is evil in many ways. Something caused his start of behavior. He said about SLAVERY IN MANY WAYS TRUE. PEOPLE OF COLOR HAS ALLOWED ALL OTHER CULTURES TO DEFEAT THEIR LIVES YRS AS HE SAID…PEOPLE BEFORE MARTIN WERE STRONGER, IN MUCH WORST SITUATIONS THAN NOW. THIS CULTURE ALLOWS IT, SCARED, NON SUPPORTING, NONE TOGETHER ATTITUDES. WANT ANY GOOD FOR THEMSELVES, THEIR WILL TO DESTRUCT OWN ETHNICITY. RUN TO THE OTHER SIDE. DISRESPECTING, EGO, SELFISHNESS TO HELP THOSE IN NEED AND BE TRULY INVOLVED. THIS IS WHY THE WORLD IS DISENTIGRATING MANY WAYS.

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