Live Stream: Jay Z, Beyonce, & More Rock the House For Hillary Clinton Campaign

Published: Friday 4th Nov 2016 by Rashad

Cleveland State University’s Wolstein Center is playing host to the Queen Bey tonight as she and Jay-Z have taken to The Buckeye State to rock the vote in support of Hillary Clinton.

Joined by the likes of Big Sean, J. Cole, and more, if you weren’t among the fortunate able to attend the event in person tuck in below to watch:

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  1. J November 4, 2016

    Not working…

  2. king z November 4, 2016

    works for me! GO BEY!

  3. Pat November 4, 2016

    Anything to keep trump out. Im with

  4. Chasin Time November 4, 2016

    Are you guys going to post about Keke’s EP and Visual? It wasn’t good but still help promote the girl.

  5. Musika November 4, 2016

    #imwithher #NeverTrump

  6. HailLegendBeysus November 4, 2016

    The Queen killed it! Vote for Hillary everyone! Keep that trash Trump out of office! #RepublicansAreOver #ImWithHer

  7. J November 4, 2016

    Why was the sound off when Bee performed ? Even on this new link that was posted, the whole show is fine until Bee’s portion start. Just the beginning of Freedom and the end of Run
    The World. What kind of foolery is that ?!
    Anybody has a link with a fixed sound ?

  8. The Great Lacefronce. November 4, 2016

    I thought you had to know how to read in order to vote

    • Amerikkka’s Most Wanted ~ Tyler November 5, 2016

      I guess that means you won’t be voting then

      • HailLegendBeysus November 5, 2016


      • Anna November 5, 2016


  9. BangBang? November 4, 2016

    Love u bee ? ?????

  10. We Nowqd Redv dibut it ash trjoan ivy blobukz Need UK timely Ukuno eremixi November 4, 2016


  11. yolo November 5, 2016

    how long will beyonce and jayz be the main celebrity we hear about nun of the other celbritys get talked about as much as theam and some are legends we hear about beyonce evey day every when its time for some one new its been 20 years now what are we going to do vote for Hilary so beyonce and jayz will be in the white house and all over the place getting talked about all the time for a nother 4 years they are cool but its getting old love Hilary celbritys and the industry should try something new instead of doing that covering the face thing to make everyone look the same every one is beautiful no one person look good every one should be having there own s*** look its like im always seeing the same person

  12. Amerikkka’s Most Wanted ~ Tyler November 5, 2016

    Clinton is the lessor of two evils to be completely honest

  13. Meteorite November 5, 2016

    I read somewhere on the net that Christina was supposed to perform to help promote Hillary along with John Legend and others. Guess this wasn’t the event? Nonetheless always good to see Queen Bey!
    Go Vote America! I can’t tell you who to vote for, but vote wisely and be considerate in your thought process.

  14. RoyalKev November 5, 2016

    ‘Formation’ is shaping up to be my favorite track from ‘Lemonade’! It just sends me into orbit when B performs it! This era just might be my favorite one from Bey yet! The slay has been non stop since that visually stunning movie! The tour, award shows performances and everything Bey’s been standing up for is really putting a stamp on her artistry! I just getting too much life from King B these days!

  15. Briano November 5, 2016

    Propaganda to prop po DAT up

    • Amerikkka’s Most Wanted ~ Tyler November 5, 2016

      Rihanna never takes a stance

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