Monica On Reignited Brandy Beef: ‘We’re Both Great In Our Own Rights’

Published: Monday 28th Nov 2016 by Rashad

Over 18 years after the release of their history-making hit, ‘The Boy Is Mine,’ fans of R&B divas Brandy and Monica are still pitting the two against each other in online forums and more.

After B-rocka absolutely rocked the Soul Train Awards stage with a medley of her biggest hits(see that here if you missed it), some viewers found Mo’s absence alarming when the melody to the 1998 hit was played.  Afterward, as support rang through social media for the 37-year-old songstress, some thought to direct their attention to Mo for alleged “shade” detected during the Soul Train showing (from Bran).


Find out how Mo responded to the hoopla below:


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  1. Sahsa_T November 28, 2016

    Monica stay taking the high road while Brandy keeps embarrassing herself.

    • Molly #Stargirl November 29, 2016

      Honestly both are garbage like Tyler and basic bitcxhes like Annalise. Brandy is so overrated its ridiculous and I don’t even know monica outside of being one if Ciaras video hoeeees.

      • :/ November 29, 2016

        Wowwwww!! You must be 10 yrs old to feel this comfortable talking about Monica and Brandy like this. You legit know nothing.

  2. LmfaoHoe November 28, 2016

    Idk what to say other than Aaliyah, Brandy, and Monica music were soundtrack to my youth. Aside from blaming Brandy to a degree, it’s the fans fault. Keep throwing gasoline into a fire in hopes of tearing s*** up. I still see fan wars regarding Aaliyah and Beyonce smh too, two different type of women talented doing their own thing.

    • cocobutta November 29, 2016


  3. 2bad2bme November 28, 2016

    Monica the shady one. She always trying to let people see that she takes the high road and she apologized for hitting Brandy and how much she changed from being ghetto and messy. Like girl, just shut up.

    • Fancy BISH November 28, 2016

      Monica does that because she doesn’t want to have to take it to the McDonald’s parking lot lol…First Lady Michelle Obama takes the high road so she won’t have to open up a can of Whoop Azzz lol…don’t mess with people who constantly take the high road chile…those are usually the ones who know how to LAY HANDS…you know Monica and First Lady Michelle Obama look like they’ve never lost a fight IN LIFE lol…that’s why they keep it cute!

      • Remy Ma’s Maid November 29, 2016

        What a brilliantl point!

    • Lea November 29, 2016


  4. LAMB November 28, 2016

    Lord, it’s 1998 all over again. This is so tired. They just need to accept that they are two different people, and just because they are both singers that they are compatible as friends. They actually get along best when they don’t work together!

  5. #ispeakfacts November 28, 2016

    Monica you are a class act! Ignore the “HATER-S”

  6. Black power November 28, 2016

    So classy of Monica. She’s truly come a long way from the hood-rat she use to be. And no shade because I love me some Mo.. but I love how articulate, confident & wise she is now…. B-Flopa should take some notes

  7. Stay November 28, 2016

    One of the many reasons why I love Monica.

    Brandy being talented, yes, but has always been shady, to the likes of Aaliyah, Monica, Countess V, Sheryl Lee, shar, Niece Nash, Keshia from total, and Serena Williams. All of these woman no longer speak to her. I do however wish her the best, and hope she gets help for whatever she’s has bee, and still is going through.

    • Stay November 28, 2016

      As well as Kelly Rowland, who also no longer speaks to Brandy.

      • Kev November 29, 2016

        Yeah I heard about all of this, not surprising.

    • MUSICHEAD November 29, 2016

      You are so childish. Sheryl, Countess and Shar have all issued public apologies to Brandy and/or praised her in the past year. And Serena had Brandy and Syrai in her players box at Wimbledon this year, seated with her family. Brandy and Serena are still sisters. As for Aaliyah, that beef only exists in your mind. They both loved each other’s music.

      • :/ November 29, 2016

        Yeah she had a song a few yrs back where she mentions Aaliyah in a positive light too

    • RoyalKev November 29, 2016

      It’s so silly to analyze only Brandy’s feuds, when Monica has had her share! Monica’s had some kind of conflict/issue with Ciara, K. Michelle and Tamar. The thing is we don’t know what the issue at hand is for Brandy and Monica! Their feud dates back to the 90’s! A lot of these one-sided perceptions are quite bias.

      • Kev November 29, 2016

        We already know about the Tamar issue, because Tamar is the one with the issue’s. As for Ciara, that’s between Monica and Ci. Regarding K Michelle, there’s no issue at all, because K love’s Mo.

  8. Fresj November 28, 2016

    It’s so unfortunate that fans do add more fuel to the fire, I myself have been guilty of it. I grew up during a time where 3 black R&B females were ruling the charts and putting out classic music.It didn’t last that long but Aaliyah,Brandy,& Monica deserve respect.Just imagine if all three didn’t take those long breaks between their 2nd to 3rd albums.I love Monica’s growth as a person.She’s a Scorpio she could’ve shaded the s*** out of Brandy by now and continues to take the high road.That fact alone deserves credit.

    • J November 29, 2016

      Pop culture acts like 3 black girls were successful all by the ages of 14 and 15. They push them aside for Britney, Christina, and Jessica/Mandy…when the white labels copied black people’s dancing, singing style, images, and more…yet the credit goes to Madonna and Elvis when WE all know its JANET’s innovation who started female versatile performances…

  9. Bam Bam November 28, 2016

    Brandy needs to say what the problem is, or leave thw subject alone. Semi-addressing private issues in public makes you look bitter. Move on Brandy, you’re still great!!!

  10. Mark111 November 28, 2016

    Just like how I was disappointed with Brandy fans being bitter over the So Gone Challenge, I’m disappointed of Monica fans being bitter over Brandy being honored. They holding both back with this petty comparison.

    • Danzou November 28, 2016


  11. RihForeva November 28, 2016

    Is it possible to mention one without the other? Damn. Both of them are flops these days just let it go.

    • daclassyman November 28, 2016

      MONICA has had several top 10 r&b hits since Brandy has. Not to mention Grammy Nominations

      • RihForeva November 28, 2016


      • daclassyman November 29, 2016

        Stay on the HOT 100 RihForeva . you know nothing about real R&B music

      • MUSICHEAD November 29, 2016

        Monica received her very first (and last) Grammy nomination as a solo artist in 2011. Brandy has been nominated 12 times since 1996. And as far as I know, Monica had her last top 10 r&b hit in 2010. Brandy’s last hit was 2012. So…what’s your point?

      • Kev November 29, 2016

        And when exactly was Brandy’s last Grammy nomination, 2002? And Monica’s last top 5 hit was “Number one with Everything to me, and number 2 with Love all over me”.

      • MUSICHEAD November 29, 2016

        Brandy’s last Grammy nomination was in 2005 and there will be plenty more to come

      • daclassyman November 29, 2016

        as proven @MUSCLEHEAD you will never work for VH1 Behind the Music

  12. daclassyman November 28, 2016


  13. Nippy4Lyfe November 28, 2016

    Brandy needs to be really ashame. Using Whitney to throw shade at Monica.

    Whitney didn’t only love you Moesha.

  14. Cough Cough November 29, 2016

    People keep talking like Brandy and Monica r equal……. there are no Monica runs…. there are no TRUE SINGERS (fanasia, jasmine, bey, Kelly, kelani, tank, indianarie, baby face, chris brown, tyrese) singing her praises, supremely…… and let’s not even get into the the AWFUL goat-like, fast, trey songs verbratto that ruins every single Monica note, run, and often FLAT live performance….. they are not comparable. Monica was great when she was young. She had a good, full voice with a steady verbratto…. but with age she became a Swiss billy goat with flat, uninspired runs… she’s only in comparison to brandy because of “the boy is mine”. Brandy has a whole album of unreleased tracks better than Monica’s whole existence…. and the TRUE SINGERS brigade is there to bear receipts…. PUHHHHLEASE!

    • Maxwell & Mary J November 29, 2016

      Everyone has a preference, and I for one prefer Monica’s voice over Brandy’s. I LOVE EVERYTHING about Monica’s voice, and to me, it’s a golden power house. Secondly, their music careers, according to Billboard, Monica stands at #25, while Brandy is at 45. Monica has more #1’s, a #1 album, more top 10’s, and has set records in her own right, while Brandy in her earlier days, has sold more albums. With that said, Monica to me, is something special.

    • *Diamonds 💎 November 29, 2016

      Shading Monica, all while Brandy sounds like a chipmunk with asthma who smokes multiple packs of Cigarettes a day. Girl hush 😂😂

      • Cough Cough November 29, 2016

        Again… TJ realm real vocalists brigade, Whitney, Carl Thomas, Jessie J, Usher, jojo, Laila Hathaway etc say muuuuuuuuch differently. But go ahead and continue your keyboard delusion.

      • *Diamonds 💎 November 29, 2016

        Take care of that cough “Cough Cough” sweet heart, that influenza has got you f***** up. Antibiotics should clear that right up.

  15. MUSICHEAD November 29, 2016

    The Brandy haters on this site are hilarious! There will NEVER be enough of you to stop Brandy’s hustle. She is a legend and continues to do everything she wants to do in this industry based on her name alone. Yes, Monica deserves respect too but don’t be upset with Brandy because the industry doesn’t show Monica the same respect. The truth is, they are similar but Brandy has had a far greater impact across all media mediums. The good news is, neither of them will ever be forgotten because when you think of one, you eventually think of the other. Whenever Monica does an interview, she is always asked about Brandy. So for me, whenever Monica has a moment, it’s a win for Brandy too!

    • Kev November 29, 2016

      The core of this problem is Brandy, why is she so bitter, and from day one at that. I mean just look around, the girl can’t keep a friend if her life depended on it. Hopefully she’ll get the help she needs. Also with her being released from her 4th or 5th label, she’ll have a chance to work on her music.

  16. Kev November 29, 2016

    That’s what i’m talking about Mo! Love her, with her gorgeous self!

  17. RhiRocks November 29, 2016

    Gosh these chicks need to take a chill pill n grow up ! They be acting alike they’re some legends like Beyoncé or sumthinh

    • Dawn November 29, 2016


  18. Molly #Stargirl November 29, 2016

    Both are irrelevant let’s be real y’all aren’t Beyonce or Rihanna so no one cares.

  19. Molly #Stargirl November 29, 2016

    Hasbeen beeefs are so tired

    • Cough Cough November 29, 2016

      But the girl in ur avi can’t sing, makes zero impact and makes tacos… how do u talk about hasbeens when ur consigning a never was?

      • Molly #Stargirl November 29, 2016

        My girl had 3 top 10 hits this year… What about Randy and Monigga? They haven’t charted in over 5 years huh? 😂🙏😭 praying for those hoeees.

    • :/ November 29, 2016

      Mon*gga?? Why go there? Racist p****. No to mention you’re completely delusional if you think Selena Gomez is anywhere near the heights of brandy and Monica lmao who gives a f*** about how many number ones she gets its the equivalent of high school musical getting to number ones LOL she doesn’t make good music she just has a core fan base which she had had since she is 12 yrs old!! Don’t gass yourself.

  20. RoyalKev November 29, 2016

    It’s funny how Brandy is accused of being so jealous, so bitter and immature, yet she’s gone out her way to be a team player during the IABTM era! Bran was the one (while making appearances with Monica) having her verses shortened in their duet! I’ve never seen two artists compromise a song this way! Brandy also had a few shots thrown at her during the radio interviews and she kept it positive (even while Monica glowingly talked about smacking Bran at some point). Btw, I’m not accusing Monica of being the trouble maker, I’m just saying that Brandy have done her part to take the high road before! She’s also far from jealous of Monica! Again, they both seem to simply not click! They’ve allowed people to start a feud and it’s at the point where it’s too far out of control to fix it!

    • Kev November 29, 2016

      Brandy needs to grow up. It’s obvious she has major issues, and it’s not just with Monica either.

  21. Boosie November 29, 2016

    Look. Singers, actors and comedians etc are not your friends. Unless they do something untoward o don’t understand why people spend so much time investing in them emotionally. I like (early) Monica and Brandy as well as a host of other artist,
    People just need to respect the artistry and not get so involved in the drama.

  22. Coolness November 29, 2016

    Brandy really disappointed me in the last two days. How do you take time out of a performance in your honor to throw shade at a peer?!? Not to mention, her post about Whitney seems to awfully coincide with Monica’s feature on Oprah’s Where Are They Now where she noted that Whit was like a fairy god mother during her darkest times. I feel like Brandy thinks she’s the ONLY one who should be able to claim Whitney as a mentor and such. Um, many celebs have come out to say how supportive Whitney was to them. Mary J. Blige, Usher, Deborah Cox, Faith Evans, Lil’ Kim, Destiny’s Child, Tika Sumpter and many more have all extolled Whitney’s motherly qualities. Remember when Brandy even said she would be the best person to play her in a biopic?

    With that being said, Monica continues to make a fool out of Bran with these classy responses. Monica may never have sold as much as Brandy nor was she ever as celebrated but at least she doesn’t come across as an unstable b*tch who stays throwing subliminals on social media.

    • J November 29, 2016

      Why didn’t Whitney chose Monica for her movies like she did Aaliyah (Sparkle…replaced by Jordin Sparks again not Mo), and Cinderella (Brandy)? Why didn’t Diana Ross chose Monica for a top rates TV movie but Brandy got the part? Rihanna, Teyana, Beyonce, Chris Brown…ect all publicly praise Brandy…who for Monica???? She made no impact like Brandy unfortunately. She is the Jessica Simpson to Brit & xtina, the 98 degrees to Bstreetboys & NsYNC, and Jody Watley to janet & madonna. These are serious. No stanning…just swaying

      • daclassyman November 29, 2016

        You are ignorant AF!

  23. cocobutta November 29, 2016



    No wonder shade ends up coming out. One can’t do nothing without the others name coming up. You’d think they were in a music GROUP together.
    No others who have done DUETS get as much attention over the years. In a way testament to how SPECIAL “The Boy Is Mine” was and Is.

  24. cocobutta November 29, 2016

    No wonder shade ends up coming out. One can’t do anything without the others name coming up. You’d think they were in a music GROUP together.
    In a way testament to how SPECIAL “The Boy Is Mine” was and Is.

  25. Kitty Puurrzz November 29, 2016

    Monica wins. Case closed. Mo been told y’all in The Boy Is Mine & i quote “i can see the real from the fake”….! Bran has been a fraud. Lying about marriages, pretending to be humble. She’s just a fraud. I see right through her.

  26. oopsUPsideDaHead November 29, 2016

    Brandy is probably on the eve of a nervous breakdown

    Calling artists out of the blue… sounds familiar

    Move over Kanye

    Brandy is about to have another breakdown.

  27. We Nowqd Redv dimnobut it ash trjoan ivy blobukz Need UK timely Ukuno eremxil November 29, 2016


  28. eric November 29, 2016

    So classy!! Show em how to do it Monica!! I swear I love her even more now.

  29. Shannon Brown November 30, 2016

    Ya’ll don’t get it. Brandy has something on Monica that’s why Monica isn’t responding because she’s worried that Brandy might spill the beans. Its no like Monica is unborthered she is but afraid that whatever Brandy have on her if comes out people will look at her different. Monica is not as innocent as she sound. Ciara, Keyshia Cole, Lala Hathaway they know who the real Monica is.

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