The Numbers Are In! Alicia Keys’ ‘HERE’ Sold…

Published: Friday 11th Nov 2016 by Sam

Despite having a hard-hitting history at retail, Alicia Keys‘ latest album ‘HERE’ launched softly last week.

Indeed, the songbird’s newly released 8th LP has yet to hatch a hit and delivered projected sales that reflected this.

With the final tally counted, what did the ‘In Common’ led record sell in its premiere week?

Find out below…

According to Hits Daily Double, the 15-time Grammy winner bested initial forecasts which placed her in the 30-40k ballpark.

Per the collected data, Keys sold…

54,600 [Sales-Plus-Streaming]
46,266 [Pure Sales]



Though better than expected, that’s not saying a whole lot given how shocking the first batch of numbers were.

Still, diminished commercial clout aside, Alicia remains a premium talent. One, who with the right material and moves, can bounce-back. Perhaps not with this project (as the concept of slow sellers is all but extinct), but with its follow-up.

Put simply, ‘HERE’ could serve as a re-introduction, a “get it wrong to get it right” return. At least we hope.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Music & Blunts November 11, 2016

    Another album that has outsold ciaras album jackie lol

    • FAF November 11, 2016

      They both outsold 460

      I’d be panicking tol

      • FAF November 11, 2016


        And she’s still revlon spokesmodel
        Ugly fagggg

      • Music & Blunts November 11, 2016

        But anti aka 460 overall outsold floparas last 4 flop albums combined

      • Amy November 11, 2016

        Britney did so much better even already 20 years in career.
        Sad day for black artist.
        Be tough.

      • #ispeakfacts November 12, 2016


        Yeah their online ambassador

    • Kate November 11, 2016

      No future for black artist in Trump era. Yayyy
      Trump is coming for that rude b**** a.k.a Beyonce and his husband.
      You gonna regret.
      Longlive Trump

      • Patricia November 12, 2016

        lol yes.
        Trump better give a lesson for Bey and Jay Z.
        They were so rude during Hillary’s campaign.

      • ATSV November 14, 2016


  2. Well November 11, 2016


  3. truthtea November 11, 2016

    As a huge Alicia fan, I am very disappointed with the quality of this album! The only 2 decent songs are Blended Family and The Gospel. I can respect that she’s not the one to conform with musical trends, but that’s no excuse to deliver sh*tty material!

    • Jackson November 11, 2016

      Those were not the only decent songs though. Listen to “She Don’t Really Care” and “More Than We Know.”

    • Anthony November 24, 2016

      Girl bye!

  4. H0tness November 11, 2016

    It’s funny that as long as you sold more than Ciara you are considered not flopping.I guess Ciara is the standard.

    • HailLegendBeysus November 11, 2016


  5. Theman November 11, 2016

    At least she sold more than expected.. If her singles connect, she could turn things around…. Her new song is cool.

    • Jackson November 11, 2016

      It still fascinates me that “In Common” didn’t blow up, considering the dancehall influences (which was a popular trend this summer).

  6. Mark November 11, 2016

    Who honestly cares anymore? Lol the music industry is s***, and corrupt. And let’s be real, we’re never satisfied because these artists’ music just ain’t hittin the way they used to. Let’s enjoy Alicia’s legacy and let’s it go.

    • Jamon November 11, 2016

      Best comment!!

  7. FAF November 11, 2016

    This album wasn’t good . End of discussion she didn’t even put the notable songs on it

  8. MUSICHEAD November 11, 2016

    Where are the quality r&b producers? I remember when every r&b artist flocked to Babyface, Rodney Jerkins, Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis, Timbaland, Missy, The Underdogs, David Foster, Puffy, Stevie J, R.Kelly etc because they knew it would be hot. Now a days, these young producers are only making low quality neo soul tracks or trap beats to sing over. It’s just sad.

    • Credits November 11, 2016

      The underdogs!! Go listen to Megan rochell’s ‘it’s on you’

      • MUSICHEAD November 12, 2016

        @Credits I just listened. It definitely has that Underdogs/Tank feel. It’s a very good song but I couldn’t help but think this could’ve been a hit for Tank. Thanks for the heads up!

    • Tim Brown November 12, 2016

      PREACH! I am so sick of these non instrument playing computer beat makers and over processed songs I dont know what to do…these young beat makers stay sampling artist like Ready for the World (real musicians) and have yet to learn a instrument to come up with their own quality sounds… :/

      • eric November 12, 2016

        Careful @Tim Brown. Rodney, Tim, Missy and Pharrell rely heavily on software to create sounds. It can be good if done right.

    • Credits November 12, 2016

      @musichead, you’re welcome. You should listen to more of Megan’s music from 2006. If you listen closely to the song I mentioned, I’m pretty sure that’s Keri hilson’s doing the backgrounds.

      • Kyle November 13, 2016

        I LOVED Meghan Rochelle’s album! So sad it never saw the proper light of day. At least it got leaked though!

  9. HailLegendBeysus November 11, 2016

    Oh! WOW! She’s so talented she deserves better!

  10. LmfaoHoe November 11, 2016

    Lord we are living in some sad ass times for music.

    • Credits November 12, 2016

      Sad ass times PERIOD

  11. Me November 11, 2016

    I’m glad she didn’t buy her albums like Beyoncé and jayz did for solange, because she has the funds to. It’s good numbers considering she’s not wearing makeup and not half naked in videos.

    • RoyalKev November 12, 2016

      How in the world does Bey keep a coin with this logic? I’m mean, seriously … Ya’ll have her buying albums, awards, positive media coverage, etc. It’s funny, because the ‘BEYONCE’ album cost $15.99 and ‘Lemonade’ is $17.99, wouldn’t it make sense to lower the prices since she’s coming out of pocket so hard? All this struggle logic…

      • BonBon November 12, 2016

        You know logic is never applicable when it comes to Beyoncé.

  12. Jordan November 11, 2016

    Alicia has nothing too prove anymore, these new girls are trying to achieve what she already has, number one albums, singles, sel out tours and 15 Grammys! I love Alicia and everything she does! Beautiful soul inside and out

    • Nijia Vaughn November 12, 2016

      Very true she really doesn’t have anything to prove anymore.

    • BonBon November 12, 2016

      What’s up with these low standards. Michael, Janet, Prince, Madonna ruled for at the minimum 2 decades. People are saying artist have nothing to prove after their first decade.

  13. DONT TRY IT November 11, 2016

    She outsold Craig’s Jackie album soo

    • Jackson November 11, 2016

      Who the hell is Craig?

  14. Gee November 11, 2016

    Her label is s***** towards their R&B acts, also Alicia had no powerful punch leading up to her album. But considering the circumstances these numbers are not too bad for any artist but for AK standards these sales are hideous.

  15. King B November 12, 2016

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t this less than Solange and Beyoncé’s More EP that include terrible remixes?

    • Jackson November 12, 2016

      Let me correct you here. You’re in the wrong comment section if you want to discuss the sales of Solange and Beyonce.

  16. Nijia Vaughn November 12, 2016

    Truth be told this is one of her best albums since diary. This album speaks on race, self love, self identity, God and spirituality, sexuality, struggle and love, pain and addiction. This album speaks on varies topics that artists are afraid to even speak on. This is a concept album and its a New York concept album. This album was and is very well put together. it also speaks upon politics when you hear songs such as Holy War and Kill Your Mama. I think it was bold to put a true activist on the album such as Elaine Brown. I appreciate that she never follow the trends cause she’s trying to be a leader not a follower. I believe that this album will be appreciated in the long run especially at the times we are in right now. When your music speaks to the times it becomes timeless plus RnB isn’t selling like it use to. You have these fans that supported these artists after they crossed over but they don’t know their true sound. Alicia Keys Here album revisits the Songs In A Minor sound and has more of a modern twist. This album is awesome from beginning to end. I bought three copies.

    • D November 12, 2016

      I agree with all of this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. Martaevia La’Wayne November 12, 2016

    A-MAZING Album! I Love Alicia keys!
    You should support it if you haven’t already!

  18. kigian November 12, 2016

    This album is a beautiful, pure, strong,powerful come back to her roots, my top 5 Songs on it is:

    1: pawn it all
    . 2: The gospel
    . 3: Girl can’t be herself. 4: She don’t really care. 5: Illusion of bliss

    • Kyle November 12, 2016

      I think my top 5 favorites on the album are in the exact same chronological order as yours!!

  19. RoyalKev November 12, 2016

    No matter how this era performs, Alicia is still one of the leading R&B artists since 2000! She’s strictly R&B at that, few can celebrate a SUCCESSFUL career that mainly highlights that genre for the most part (like MJB, R. Kelly, Toni Braxton, Usher)! Alicia arguably has enough accomplishments, time (15 years) and influence to be named a legend soon! One decent comeback and it won’t even be a question!

  20. HughJTaylor November 12, 2016


  21. HughJTaylor November 12, 2016

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  22. TerryB November 12, 2016

    Still a legend

  23. Casual-T November 12, 2016

    These are good numbers considering that she’s moving into legacy status (her first hit was 15 years ago) and doesn’t have a hit to boost this project. She needed an If I Ain’t Got You or a No One to launch this project, and her A&R rep shouldn’t have approved this release until she had one. Alicia Keys may not be able to place at pop radio anymore, but she should be burning up Adult Contemporary and Adult Urban and selling big.

  24. Kyle November 12, 2016

    Oh damn those #’s are painful to see but realistically speaking, it reflects the current climate of album sales. This is a solid album though and I really hope Alicia’s fans appreciate this solid body of work. I like how she kind of went back to that gritty hip-hop/soul feel that was more prevalent on her first two albums (especially her second!)

  25. We Nowqd Redv dibut it ash trjoan ivy blobukz Need UK timely Ukuno eremixil November 12, 2016


  26. ann November 15, 2016

    Oh my…any rnb artist blk esp will sell around the same amount…waiting for Kelly Rowland my gosh nobody is buying these albums. Alicia, Usher, Ciara, Mariah, Teyana Taylor and even some white rnb artists all sellin less than 70k with streams 1st week! This f****** streaming s*** aint no joke either if you dont get the streams you kinda doomed when radio is needed more to get pple use to the song ugh i hate it!

  27. Linda Payne March 18, 2017

    Alicia is awesome!
    Here was a great album,!.

  28. corey smith July 6, 2018

    Sorry wrong persons family asking……….

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