Hot Shots: 2016 Soul Train Awards [ft. Brandy, Tamar Braxton, Jill Scott, & Many More]

Published: Monday 7th Nov 2016 by Sam

All aboard the sooooouulll traaain!

Las Vegas was the place to be last night as the 2016 Soul Train Awards rolled all up and through! Hosted by the Grammy-winning Queen of Neo-Soul Erykah Badu, the show sought to tribute the best and brightest of Hip-Hop and R&B with blazing performances from Lady Of Soul recipient Brandy, who rocked out with a multi-song medley.Teddy Riley, Dru Hill, Bobby Brown, and many others also took to the stage.

BET & Centric are set to air the ceremony on Sunday, November 27th at 8P/7C! But, before watching all that went down, peep pics from the show.

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Red Carpet

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  1. 4everBrandy_Ci November 7, 2016

    Yessssssssss Brandy Rayana Norwood!!!! She deserves everything! She’s a legend and icon of her generation. I grew up with her and her records. I’m going to her concert at the Fillmore in Silver Spring! This is one of my favorite artists I support and love. I’m excited to check out the award show when it airs. We need to recognize our black artist and support the culture. #STARZ

    • #ispeakfacts November 7, 2016


      U are really reaching when u say Brandy is a legend! Since fkn when???? An entire generation does not even know who she is… she had a big influence on r&b in the 90s but has yet to really achieve anything since then…

      • keepit100 November 7, 2016

        Seeing how she has sold more than 30mill worldwide, yes she is a legend. Just because the game is changing, and just because most of this generations “fans” don’t recognize a legend, you should do your research before you get on here trying to throw shade. Your probably mad because your fav wasn’t asked to perform.. im so over the fans making the industry so competitive. Do you know that MOST of this generation has not even come CLOSE to the records she broke? smh, call me a stan all day, but relevance vs album sales are two different conversations.

      • SMH November 7, 2016

        If an entire generation doesn’t know who Brandy is, that only speaks to the stupidity of your generation, not Brandy’s Legend status.

      • #ispeakfacts November 7, 2016


        You are again bringing up what she sold in the 90s! What has she achieved since then??? And I’ll wait…..

      • Paul jr November 7, 2016

        You’re just bitter you don’t have a career and none of your dreams came true. You probably never wanted to amount to anything in life that’s why u are on here bad talking THE VOCAL BIBLE AND your favorite singers favorite singer! Ppl on this site crack me up ??

      • 4everBrandy_Ci November 7, 2016

        I’m NOT reaching and I know this based on FACTS. People such as yourself don’t appreciate artists such as Brandy. And you refuse to acknowledge her contribution to the black culture. Brandy is a TRIPLE and successful artist of her generation. She made an IMPACT and broke down barriers for other artists to embrace themselves and showcase their art. She deserves to be a legend and if you don’t acknowledge that of course you’re just a bias and narrow minded individual. Brandy has paved the way for black artists. She will continue to stamp her legacy whether you think otherwise.

      • daclassyman November 7, 2016

        you must have similac on your breath. Show some RESPECT! BOW DOWN H**

    • Monica Stan November 7, 2016

      Brandy is a flop has been just like Ciara.

      • Cinnamon Girl November 7, 2016

        @Monica Stan, you’re confusing Ciara with Monica. Ciara has multiple million dollar modeling contracts. What does ghetto bird Monica have?

      • Monica Stan November 7, 2016

        Monica has a LEGACY based off her talent alone, not the men she’s sleeping with boybye✌?

      • keepit100 November 7, 2016

        Both are legends, have sold more albums than half this generaiton.. im so over yall being petty lol

      • 4everBrandy_Ci November 7, 2016

        Brandy and Ciara are Queens. #YouCanStayUpset

      • Cinnamon Girl November 7, 2016

        @Monica Stan, what legacy does Monica have? Being the original trap Queen ?

    • RoyalKev November 7, 2016

      The Brandy vs Monica war and Ciara shade is getting redundant! Seriously, it’s stale! … corny AS FUKK! … and anyone reliving this 90’s beef need to go sit your tragic ass down!

      The Brandy and Monica thing is just the 90’s version of the current Beyonce vs Rihanna drama! … I’m not a Monica fan, but it doesn’t hurt at all to give her props! When they were “it” girls, Monica was landing #1’s left and right with her sophomore album! Brandy was selling multi-platinum albums back to back with her first 2 efforts! These mini divas at the time came together for one of the biggest duets of all time, ‘The Boy Is Mine’ (which is the longest reigning duet behind ‘One Sweet Day’)! It owned the #1 slot for 13 weeks! Whitney and Mariah (‘When You Believe’) couldn’t touch it, Janet and MJ (Scream) couldn’t touch and neither could Madonna and Britney (‘Me Against the Music’)! People desperately want to act like Brandy’s career died in the 90’s, but ‘Full Moon’ went platinum (’02)! ‘What About Us’ went top 10 (peaking at #7) that same year! ‘Put it Down’ even went top 5 on the R&B charts in 2012! Monica’s had success with ‘So Gone’ (’03) and ‘Everything to Me’ (in 2010) as well. They’ve both seen peaks and valleys, but there is no denying them! Let’s remember that these women debuted in ’94 and ’95! Flops don’t celebrate anything for that long! I didn’t know that a flop can be labelled one after having several hits, #1 albums and selling millions!

      Bran’s no flop! She’s won a Grammy, Billboard, American Music Award and much more. She is accomplished! She’s landed television sitcoms, done movies (for television and the big screen), had a doll and was a cover girl! She’s had a healthy career! All the hate is null and void! Like Mo said: Brandy, Aaliyah and herself are apart of a special elite group that have made their own mark. None of that can be taken away from them! Flops = never was! This isn’t a category Ciara belongs in either! She’s had a string of hits and sold platinum and triple platinum! Let’s be real, Cici was competition for EVERY FEMALE AROUND when ‘Promise’ was released. Yes, maybe these artists aren’t doing what they once did, but they’ve all had their moment! Honor that! Stop looking to take away things from people! If you don’t like a song, video, etc … that’s fine! What you can’t do is disrespect/manipulate someone’s status, career achievements and overall success!

      • Damn November 7, 2016

        Well I Got my Anointing from that. Couldn’t of said it better

      • Love is all November 7, 2016

        Monica also had success with “Love all over me” peaking at #2 right after “Everything to me. The “Still Standing” era was amazing

  2. Mark111 November 7, 2016

    I see pro black Beyonce was a no show. Again.

    • SMH November 7, 2016

      And of course her fleas will come running in here soon with a million delusional reasons why she didn’t (or doesn’t have to) show up lol.

    • Amerikkka’s Most Wanted ~ Tyler November 7, 2016

      Didnt Beyonc literally just perform at the most popular BLACK award show this year? When was the last time Rihanna performed at the BET or Soul Train awards? Has she ever even bothered attending the Soul Train Awards, period? OR NAH!

      • Mark111 November 7, 2016

        Deflect all you want, Beyonce was a no show at THIS Black R&B award show yet she went out her way to attend a Country Music Award show,yet she’s pro black. Doesn’t make any sense. Always trying to please the White people.

      • Gavin Williams November 7, 2016

        They cant take that Beyonce is broadening her horizons and breaking barriers. She is most likely doing something more to influence the industry like rehearsing something epic or low key plotting her next project. Beyonce does not always have to show up at the soul train awards that show is so 90’s. Things that seem redundant she will not show up. Of course the CMA performance is a better way to reach the masses and represent Black in a good way. Plus i don’t see Mariah Carey there…was Mar J blige even there? But they expect Beyonce to show…Beyonce tell em “Boy Bye!”

      • SMH November 7, 2016

        Lol as predicted, a million delusional excuses.

      • Amerikkka’s Most Wanted ~ Tyler November 7, 2016

        YET Beyonce still performed at the highest rated award show this year, which just so happens to be the BLACK entertainment television awards. When will Frih!??? She hasnt performed for a black audience in YEARS but is always quick to perform at everything else. You have no merit or no deed. You stan for someone who constantly caters to a WHITE crowd. Thus, the next time you wanna come for Bey and her blackness Im coming for FRIH. The End!

      • Amerikkka’s Most Wanted ~ Tyler November 7, 2016

        What excuse? When was the last time Rihanna performed for BET or Soul Train? Because Beyonce graced the stage this past June. Both of you sound ignorant lmao

      • Mark111 November 7, 2016

        Beyonce, a black R&B artist didn’t show up for a black R&B/soul award show. Yet popped up at a White country music award show a week ago. It’s the biggest form of pleasing the Whites that hate you more than her own. She can save her BS agenda and you pest can save the BS excuses.

      • Amerikkka’s Most Wanted ~ Tyler November 7, 2016

        No, Beyonce ( A black artist) did perform at a BLACK Award Show in 2016.
        Rihanna (A black artist) hasn’t performed at a BLACK award show SINCE 2007… Let that sink in.

      • Amerikkka’s Most Wanted ~ Tyler November 7, 2016

        Wanna talk about “pleasing whites” when Rihanna’s black ass has literally performed at every award show (except for BET or Soul Train) since 2007! Where they do that at? lol

      • Mark111 November 7, 2016

        Deflect some more I see. Subject, Beyonce not showing up at a black R&B award show when she’s a black R&B artist, yet wasn’t a Country artist a few days ago, yet was there like a house maid trying to please people that don’t even like her. Fakeyonce at her best. Your answer, Rihanna that has nothing to do with it. You’re in MY thread h03.

      • Amerikkka’s Most Wanted ~ Tyler November 7, 2016

        Beyonce had nothing to do with this article either, you booty goon. But since you insist on bring her up I will do the same when it comes to your fave. Rihanna has NEVER performed at the Soul Train Awards but has made it a point to perform at every white award show. Why is that? She hasn’t performed at the BET Awards in 9 YEARS because she’s to busy trying to please the WHITE POP crowd #WhiteWashed

    • Danny Beys November 7, 2016

      Because she was at her nephews 2nd birthday party. Family > some basic TVOne award show that showcases lessors.

    • Yoncé The Great November 7, 2016

      First and foremost, Beyoncé has performed at more award shows than any other music act this year. If she performed at the Soul Train awards, your complaint would be that she is overexposed and always hogging up the spotlight or came to steal Brandy’s shine. When you come for Queen Bey again, be creative and original in your pathetic hate.

    • daclassyman November 7, 2016

      You know Beyonce will never do this show unless she receives some honorary achievement. So sad they don’t know where it all comes from

      Don Corneilus must be flippin in his grave.

  3. gina November 7, 2016

    I can’t with Tamar looking like a straight up white woman. #mess

    • Monica Stan November 7, 2016

      Why is her top half lighter than the bottom? A nasty mess she is?

      • Ty November 7, 2016

        OK so i am not tripping then…. cause i looked at her and didn’t recognize her at first.

    • RoyalKev November 7, 2016

      Omg, that’s Tamar???

  4. Monica Stan November 7, 2016

    A bunch of f****** flops and hasbeens in the building I see

    • Yoncé The Great November 7, 2016

      Yet, none of them has flopped harder than your fave MoniCaCa

    • Yoncé The Great November 7, 2016

      And when will MoniCaCa win a legitimate award unrelated to The Boy Is Still Brandy’s? #TheBrandyImpact

  5. SHAKAZULA November 7, 2016

    Looks boring AF! Wack Ass celebs ?

  6. Cinnamon Girl November 7, 2016

    I can’t believe this junk still comes on

    • Yoncé The Great November 7, 2016

      Embrace your Black skin and STFU.

      • daclassyman November 7, 2016

        She has no soul

  7. Wonder Woman November 7, 2016

    Poor Man’s BET awards.
    Why would BEY go from 100-0 real quick?¿ She was just at the CMA’s
    This show is clearly for has beens who had extended careers that lasted longer than Ciara’s career and 1st marriage
    Also why is that straight guy who’s been here since 2011 and always arguing about women still here when less than a week ago it claimed to “LEAVE ” this Bias click bait asz site like that other NAZi member?

    • Wonder Woman November 7, 2016

      You know what, from 2-0 cause those awards are as trash but only filled with white bitter racist Suicide blonde influenced hagz

    • SMH November 7, 2016

      If she was as “pro-black” as she’s been selling herself all year, then ALL the black awards shows should have been on her appearance list. But she chose the white show. Spin spin spin her nonsense all you want, the facts show otherwise.

  8. Bish in Africa November 7, 2016

    Tamar looking like 2 different bodies

    • RoyalBey November 7, 2016

      Lmfaoooooo I cant

  9. King z November 7, 2016

    Tamar?!! Girl why u got a two tone body?!

  10. HailLegendBeysus November 7, 2016

    Lmao! Of course Beyoncé haters are checking for her. They were perched waiting to see if she attends. Whether she showed or not her haters would still be perched talking shít. Just look at how they were during the BET post! Hive shouldn’t even address them. Just let them seeth in their misery as Beyoncé continues to slay.

    • King B November 7, 2016

      What makes you think they refuse to leave this site aka BEYONCÉ’s fan site?

  11. Rushonj November 7, 2016

    Brandy slays all your faves vocally, Can’t wait to hear you guys fume after the performance lmaooo

    • For Real eye November 7, 2016

      Why when you up vote a person with a biblical voice, there is down vote at the same time? This satan!c gh0stly website give me bad vibes. That’s uncall for and unnecessary to show so much hate against the greats who have given people a platform from Whitney H., Brandy etc.. A shame today is azzward back and crazy.

    • Case November 7, 2016

      ? @ vocal bible ? Bye! She sounds like she has asthma.

  12. MUSICHEAD November 7, 2016

    Brandy murdered that stage last night! She performed What About Us, Full Moon, I Wanna Be Down, Baby, The Boy Is Mine, Top Of The World, Have You Ever, Angel In Disguise, Talk About Our Love & Almost Doesn’t Count. She was stunning and had that whole venue on their feet. So proud of her. Jill Scott bowed down as she handed her the award.

  13. ChrissyMingle November 7, 2016

    Why would an A-list star show up at these awards? should Bey do the Hoodie Awards or better yet go to your local hair show just to make a non fan happy ?

    • Kas November 7, 2016

      Because she’s a black artist? Unless your saying when a black artist reaches a certain level of fame, they can just forget who they are and where they cane from. I swear Beyonce fans are so dumb and ignorant lol

      • Heyyyyy Yaaaaa November 7, 2016

        And some of her black fans are the ones saying that. Embarrassing! Degrading their own award show to uplift a white one! Smh

    • daclassyman November 7, 2016

      Beyonce performed on the Stellar Awards and gave a fake holy ghost dance…WHY NOT?

  14. King B November 7, 2016

    I see the Slaves are hoping for Bey to come. No wonder they never left this blog. What would they do if they don’t talk about Bey? What would they do if they’re don’t know any news about Bey? These no life haters are more obsessed with the Queen than we do.

  15. ASipOfBrandy November 7, 2016

    I am so proud of my favorite Brandy Rayana! All you haters can kick rocks with an open toed shoe (in my Brandy voice )!She is legendary and you lessors will deal!

  16. Beautifulme111 November 7, 2016


  17. Case November 7, 2016

    ? Brandy is such a flop. I mean her last album certification was in 2001 or so, and wasn’t she on some show called (Where are they now” awhile back ??.

    • Case November 7, 2016

      “Where are they now”?

    • MUSICHEAD November 7, 2016

      Your life would be so much better if u were a “flop”. You’d be honored as the 2016 Lady of Soul. You’d have sold out concerts across the world this year, created your own tv show, starred on Broadway, Earned a platinum and gold single across Europe for a remake of your own song and be worth millions of dollars. But instead you work at Walmart.

      • Case November 7, 2016

        ? Did I lie though. Was she or wasn’t she oh “Where are they now”? Didn’t her last certification come in around 2001 or so, ok then. It’s not shade if it’s true. By the way, stop projecting your occupation on to others lol.

    • Mr.StLaurent November 8, 2016

      04′ with Afrodisiac ?

  18. BeyRih November 7, 2016

    I agree with those who said Brandy is a flop. Her career came to a halt at 21 yrs old, right when she lied about being married. What has she done musically that has been successful since then? That answer is, nothing. Besides, Billboard released an article on the TOP 50 R&B artist, and she was ranked at 45, while her contemporaries are ranked much higher. Nonetheless, she can say she was once popping.

  19. Beautifulme111 November 7, 2016

    Brandy is a TV star, Movie star, Music star & Broadway star.. She’s straight up Living History being the first Black Cinderella!

  20. Beautifulme111 November 7, 2016

    She even has dolls!

  21. We Nowqd Redv dibut it ash trjoan ivy blobukz Need UK timely Ukuno eremixil November 8, 2016

    Everyone looks nice and congratulations to brandy

  22. Tim Brown November 8, 2016

    I would love to see Bey come perform at the Soul Train awards, after all it was created to showcase Black artist’s…legendery artist such as MJ and JJ have graced this stage!

  23. @ASAPicon November 8, 2016

    There were some hot a** messes on that carpet…. Do better my people

  24. Your Boy Manu November 8, 2016

    As much as I love her… I can barely recognize Tamar. Why does she do this to herself when she can be flawless?

  25. Dopeashe November 8, 2016

    Why do love to come for Brandy so much..Lol..Well like it or not her last album “Two Eleven” was a Billboard #1 R&B album & Top 5 in the U.K and spawned the #1 hit “Put It Down” on top of being on #1 sitcoms like her own and The Game and Broadway. This is after 20+ years in the industry. R&B doesn’t sell these days PERIOD! So stop hating. Brandy is already solidified as one of the best selling females artist of all time. Recognition well deserved!!:)

    • LSU November 8, 2016

      I think a lot of people come for her because of how shady she is, and people are starting to see it more “As have I”. Even as far back as her even shading Aaliyah “Who paid her shade complete dust”. Hence as to why she doesn’t have any friends. I use to be a fan, until I realized that all she does is have melt downs on twitter, and constantly throws shade.

      • MUSICHEAD November 8, 2016

        Brandy never ever threw shade at Aaliyah. They always supported each other. In fact, Timbaland would never have worked with Brandy if Aaliyah had an issue with her. Show me some receipts for these lies u tell.

      • Sandra November 8, 2016

        Brandy has problems with everyone, so it’s not surprising.

  26. cocobutta November 8, 2016

    Although my girl and Brandy just dont gel as people only a fool will say Brandy has had no impact on the so called “urban community”

    She is a legend with a great voice and I’ll forever love some of the greeeeeat music she put out.

    The so gone challenge salt I’ll put down to it being a bad time for her but @4everbrandy_ci u will loooovvveee Brans concert. Enjoy

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