T.I. Tackles Lil Wayne Over ‘Black Lives Matter’ Comment

Published: Sunday 6th Nov 2016 by Sam

T.I. has been one of the names notable for their efforts in raising awareness of racial injustice.

Hence, it’s little surprise that the King of the South is none-too-impressed with Lil Wayne‘s recent comments regarding the Black Lives Matter movement.

As reported, Weezy publicly disassociated himself from the initiative – declaring that he could not relate because he was rich, addding that he believed racism was no longer a reality. He cited the diverse nature of his audience as his rationale.

In an empassioned clapback, T.I let rip.

His words await below..

A video posted by TIP (@troubleman31) on

@liltunechi This is my son & daughter showing me this for the first time & asking me what you mean? I’m at a complete loss of words here.

Wayne I’ve known you over a decade. Our daughters grew up together practically. Reginae’ spent countless times at my house with Niq-Niq when you were in prison & you extended my daughter the same courtesy when I was in the same position. Our relationship outside of music is what makes me sensitive to your disposition. I KNOW you wired a bit different than most other responsible adults, but still n*gga U TRIPPING!!!!

I don’t know what you goin thru,or what you are attempting to avoid but this sh*t is absolutely unacceptable!!!! You’re disrespecting yourself,bringing shame on your family name & tarnishing your legacy. You have children (including mines prior to now) that have looked up to you. You have sons & a daughter that depend upon your leadership. Bro if you don’t stand for something out here,all the money,jewelry,cars,mansions bandannas & hit records don’t mean sh*t!!!! Our people are being oppressed!!! We are being hunted,captured & slaughtered out here daily!!! You have to get outta that bubble that you’ve been living in & get out here & educate yourself on what’s going on around US!!! I’m always here to share whatever knowledge or understanding I may have to assist your growth & development,but u MUST STOP this buffoonery & coonin’ you out here doin.

You looking like somebody who has something to gain or lose by pretending like it’s not as bad as BLM making it seem & you’re not aware of an issue that needs to be addressed. That’s what would be considered “Uncle Tom Sh*t”…. I know U,YOURE BETTER THAN THIS!!!!! I’ve been proud to call myself a fan & a friend of Lil Wayne ,but if that must end in order to stand up for those who can’t do it for themselves…So be it. If you’re not prepared for a question in an interview,say No Comment Bro. But stop embarrassing yourself & everyone out here who’s been supporting you. There is no middle ground. Oppression knows no neutral party,either you’re part of the oppressed,or you with the oppressor. There is no such thing as oppression not affecting you. It’s #USorELSE out here

Well said.

Your thoughts?

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  1. DEL BEY November 6, 2016

    Lil Wayne is DONE

    • Queen Barb November 6, 2016

      Just like Lana .

      • Jamie November 6, 2016

        Nah that bytch is DEMOLISHED.

    • Socialite November 8, 2016

      Boycott. Boycott. This is soo familiar. Millie Jackson refused to boycott racist South Africa and she paid a price. She was boycotted and destroyed. Lil Wayne should watch his words. Here today, gone tomorrow!

  2. Queen Barb November 6, 2016

    Wayne is such a disappointment!

  3. Kayla C November 6, 2016

    I really don’t know what people expect from a person like lil Wayne. Just look at him lol

    • Mark111 /.\ November 6, 2016

      Same was said about Trump, now he has a 50/50 chance in running the country. We shouldn’t excuse people and not hold them accountable because we don’t expect much from them.

      • Jasmine November 6, 2016

        Trump does not have a 50/50 chance. Hilary is going to win. Period.

  4. Jj November 6, 2016

    He should have called Wayne cause Wayne has mentioned black lives matter an as recently spitting a great verse on solanges mad so he knows but was cooning on tv he must have been on drugs ti should have called him personally

    • Educate yourself November 6, 2016

      It is also important to repudiate him publically. He needed to let the world know that other artists do not support his coonery. I applaud TI.

    • 2bad2bme November 6, 2016

      He’s clearly playing both sides to keep his white fans and black fans. He is not genuine with his words that is why TI wanted to let him know publicly how he felt since Wayne stated PUBLICLY how he felt.

  5. B_Roni November 6, 2016

    I’m not a fan of either but if me and a family member or best friend had a fallout we would never post for the world to see. Smh.

    • Jasmine November 6, 2016

      I agree.

    • Amerikkka’s Most Wanted ~ Tyler November 6, 2016

      They’re celebrities….If Lil Wayne can use his platform to express the way that he feels then why shouldn’t t.i. ???

      • Jasmine November 6, 2016

        The question is not whether they “can” use a certain platform. These are adults. They can do whatever they want. The question is whether TI’s message to Wayne was sincere.

  6. #ispeakfacts November 6, 2016

    Lil Wayne as well as Floyd Mayweather think just bcuz their rich and famous discrimination and oppression doesn’t exist! It may not exist for you but black folks who are not rich & famous has to deal with oppression, prejudice, & discrimination every fkn day!

    • Socialite November 9, 2016

      Don’t forget that the president of the U S,(highest office of the land) still faced racism. Gun sells in this country took off when Pres.Obama took the oath of office. It does not matter the amount of money one has as an African-American in this country, you are just another —– with some money. When you know of the history in this country when it came to racist attacks whether physical or verbal or lawful, they never said ” we hate all —— except lil Wayne! Whites only except lil Wayne.

  7. Educate yourself November 6, 2016

    Well Wayne… He TOLLLLLLDDDD you

  8. Kes November 6, 2016

    Does T.I think about this great message he sent to lil Wayne when he makes music about degrading women only seeing them as s** objects, the killing, violence and guns he talks about? First what he not gone do is preach to the kettle when he’s the pot. Work on yourself, give Lil Wayne a chance to have an opinion and ask him why before making him look the way that you did. Really online, when you could’ve contacted him in person. That’s what real friends do. What happened to you no comment approach that you had when you were on the breakfast club. All I’m saying is we can learn from each other’s experiences and grow from them.

    • Larry November 7, 2016

      Lil Wayne, is displaying a high degree of social retardation. He behavioral propensity is predictable in an anti-Black society. If he is to reconcile with true Black people, Wayne must align his thinking with those of the true Black people.

  9. Jon November 6, 2016

    His reputation may never be as great as before but at least he’s honest.

  10. Jamie November 6, 2016

    You can write a letter, and y’all have been though so much together, but you can’t see Wayne is ill and going through depression all at the same time. T.I. sit your philosophical ass down somewhere.

    • Jasmine November 6, 2016

      This should have been a private phone call between Wayne and ti instead of a public post.

      • Jamie November 6, 2016

        Exactly. TI just tryna save face. I hate people like that.

  11. Mark111 November 6, 2016

    Well Wayne was already done before this, master Birdman wasn’t going to release him anyway. Funny, I used to be a huge T.I fan the last time he went to jail I was saying how this will hurt his career because fans is sick of waiting. And how at that time, should be on Wayne’s level seeing how he launched Young Money and had two breakout artists Drake & Nicki. I was also pissed how he was uncle Tom always defending Uggly Australia like he was the butler. But now seeing how Birdman played the mess out of Wayne, having him thinking Young Money was Wayne’s here the whole time Master Birdman owned it this whole time. Wayne (prior to this) will go down as another hip hop sucker. Now we get to add fool on top of it.

    • Mother November 6, 2016

      You need to learn how to use punctuation and brush up on your grammar.

  12. B2B November 6, 2016

    Y’all not gon post meek and jeezy sales?? Posted Gaga wack SHITT 3 times 🙄🙄🙄🙄

  13. We Nowqd Redv dibut it ash trjoan ivy blobukz Need UK timely Ukuno eremixi November 6, 2016

    Ti should call Wayne

  14. Jasmine November 6, 2016

    I think this should have been private. If you truly care for someone and you know they are on drugs then you call or go visit them. The news reporter already took advantage of Wayne during the interview. No reason to blast him publicly if you truly are his friend. I think both Wayne and TI showed their true colors.

  15. Kiii November 6, 2016

    When T.I is the voice of reason, You know you really messed up

  16. iamdiego November 6, 2016

    If TI and Wayne were really friends TIP would have called him and told him this. No real friend of mine would try to son me on social media. Wayne should have just said He doesn’t support black lives matter because of the wealthy white ppl who actually fund it. #fact If we did our research we’d be alright.

  17. Larry November 7, 2016

    We must become a people whom is united, ad self dependent.

  18. Debora Rucket November 7, 2016

    Little Wayne was high out of his mind. You can have all the money in the world, you are a black and at some point your black lifes should matter..lets lift up our race not put it down. You just lost two black brother in laws “young black men”. So how can you say black lives don’t matter. Clean yourself up and leave the dogs along its starting to mess with your head my black brother.

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