Watch: Beyonce Performs ‘Daddy Lessons’ With The Dixie Chicks At 2016 CMA Awards

Published: Wednesday 2nd Nov 2016 by Sam

Beyonce gave the 2016 CMA Awards a titillating taste of ‘Lemonade’ tonight.

Joined by the Dixie Chicks, music’s reigning queen performed ‘Daddy Lessons’ at the Nashville extravaganza.

Announced with just hours to go before the show, the short notice only served to fuel excitement. Indeed much of the social media commentary centered on when exactly Mrs Carter would hit the stage.

How did the quad fare? What are you waiting for? Find out below!


Bey has scaled back the vocal theatrics in recent years, but it’s always welcome when she decides to show em off. And she did exactly that tonight.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Jamie November 2, 2016

    Now boycott that racist muthafukkers

    • Jay November 2, 2016

      They are pressed! SHE SLAYEDDD .. u can tell she was holdin back but she did that! My King! U know u the s*** when u start all this conversation!

      • Meme November 3, 2016

        She has the tendency to over do everything so I’m glad she scaled it back. She did a good job and I surprisenly enjoyed. I just wish she dressed appropriately. Also it’s refreshing to see her sing live for a change.

      • LISA LEVINE November 3, 2016

        RACIST. they used the “police drama” as the baseline for pure RACIAL HATE. What they really wanted to say was, “we don’t want this BLACK woman on our stage”. Dear White People, just be honest, you DIDN’T WANT A BLACK WOMAN ON THE CMA STAGE.

    • Sebastian November 2, 2016

      Boring and forgettable. No one cared enough to “boycott”

      • Jamie November 3, 2016

        Girl, your whole life will be forgotten. All you have to do is finally take that jump. Azzhole.

    • ? November 3, 2016

      Should’ve sung LANDSLIDE instead of that mess

  2. BOOBIE November 2, 2016

    Slayed in front of the whities. Queen ish.

    • BEYSTAN_ SINCE 1997 November 2, 2016

      They are having meltdowns again, The Dixie Chicks will be facing another BACKLASH in 5,4,3,2,1

    • daclassyman November 2, 2016

      Whities? Are you serious..?

      • BOOBIE November 3, 2016

        @daclassyman You must be new here

  3. Honey G November 2, 2016

    She received a standing ovation so the haters can still be mad… We over it !!
    Again, she really did that !! My fave is excellent. *applause*

    • yoyo November 3, 2016

      “standing ovation” … it was More like “Am Queen y’all better stand up till am done” lol

  4. Rosie November 2, 2016

    dhcjsms not Bey AND the Dixie Chicks. White America basically wanted to lynch them last decade for dragging Bush. These rednecks were fuming so hard on Twitter. Imagine their meltdowns when Trump loses next week ⚰️
    Great performance, as expected. They slayed. But I am not tolerating some of this Dixie Chicks slander on social media right now.

  5. BeyIsKing November 2, 2016

    She slayed as she always does on stage. Her and the Dixie Chicks go so well together. A collaboration I never knew I needed in my life until I heard it.

    Side Note: The racists must have been SEETHING!! Lmao…stay mad

    • Jamie November 3, 2016

      Absolutely. I love the Dixie Chicks. Landslide used to be my shyt.

  6. ICONIC November 2, 2016


  7. #JACKIE November 2, 2016

    It was alright. I could’ve done without the Dixie Chicks TBH.

    • BEYSTAN_ SINCE 1997 November 2, 2016

      I agree HOWEVER, The Dixie Chicks have been performing “Daddy Lessons” on their current tour. So I’m guessing that is where the idea came from but I enjoyed seeing them perform together!

    • Mc90 November 3, 2016

      Meanwhile the Dixie Chicks are asking who Ciara is ?

  8. Fatusankoh November 2, 2016

    Yes our queen Bey slay as always I ran home so fast to watch her long love our bey their is no one like her God continue to bless protect her and her family for life thanks Sam for posting

    • RoyalKev November 3, 2016

      You’re right love, Bey truly is one of a kind!

  9. King November 2, 2016

    Yassss that was amazing Beyonce looked so good the Dixie chicks did well too.
    The cma needed Beyonce child their rating have been down for years.
    Go bey.
    I’m was here for it.
    Showing all them black girl curves.

  10. Lewey November 2, 2016

    Another day, another slay. Get it!

  11. MUSICHEAD November 2, 2016


  12. FASHION_ICON ~ Anti&Lemonade November 2, 2016

    The performance was so Bey raw vocals my god…
    This Miley Cyrus look alike sounded a mess ….

    My girl Bey put a white hair wig on…she really has that white appeal tonight.

    Rihanna who is black performed there first in 2011 but it was not an issue why with Beyonce it is…not because she’s black but because of the formation controversy…it’s hurted in way her brand.

    As much it was good to watch as much it was a little embarassing because the white crowd was not into sad

    • Amerikkka’s Most Wanted ~ Tyler November 2, 2016

      They didn’t want Beyonce to perform because according to them, she’s a “police hater.”

    • Lea November 3, 2016

      There was really nothing to get it to. Be honest here the s*** was boring and there is nothing special about bey vocals!

  13. BEYSTAN_ SINCE 1997 November 2, 2016

    Don’t play with these girls BEY! She will forever Slay and remain the Iconic/Lengendary showstopper of this generation! The lessors can remain forever pressed! ??

  14. Heyyyyy Yaaaaa November 2, 2016

    It was so awkward cuz you could tell most of those white folks did not want to stand up. And the camera guy looked like he received orders to not show too much Beyoncé. Anyway the song is wack.

    • Surprise..(DEC 2013) November 2, 2016


    • FASHION_ICON ~ Anti&Lemonade November 2, 2016

      Yeah i noticed it too it’s like each time she started to dance they cut it pissed me off.
      But darl the song is certainely not wack

  15. IStan4Rihanna. (Caribbean Queen) November 2, 2016

    Excellent performance.

  16. Cough Cough November 2, 2016

    Her runs were extremely sloppy, I was not feeling her vocals. But they seemed to all be enjoying themselves up there so that counts for something. Just not as exciting as it sounded on paper.

    • BEYSTAN_ SINCE 1997 November 2, 2016

      Your speaking voice sound sloppy… hush!

      • Cough Cough November 2, 2016

        I love Beyoncé but her runs were sloppy, just like they were at the gospel awards during “say yes”. Any who sings or with an ear that’s not a delusional stan would say the same. Read, intake my opinion and carry on. Don’t have a meltdown, please. She’s not lying yes or my bills

      • Cough Cough November 2, 2016

        Not paying yours or my bills****

      • iamdiego November 3, 2016

        Ima let you finish but ill just say Bey has NO PROBLEM with doing a run. She just doesn’t do the perfection thing anymore. She’s clearly into RAW sounding vocals. Its a country song not a jazz song. Its more about the feeling than the vocal performance. Side note have you heard 1+1 or all of 4? She sings like that because she wants to. Yall gone be sick once she does drop that Jazz album lol

  17. Metzo November 2, 2016

    I prefer the original version of the song. Also the Dixie Chicks version (without Bey) is equally great. But the two together don’t sound as right.
    However that performance was TURNNTTTT !! Whaaaaaaat

    • BEYSTAN_ SINCE 1997 November 2, 2016

      It was soooooo short though, I was waiting for Bey to do her little dance break routine just does during this song. I also thought the Dixie Chicks would do a full song but it was a breathe of fresh air when they came out!

      • Meme November 2, 2016

        Not the time or place for that. What she did was enough if you ask me. Also her outfit was way to risqué for a conservative event.

      • BEY>RIH November 3, 2016

        Bítch you stan for Frih.

  18. Danzou November 2, 2016

    I love seeing white people mad

  19. FASHION_ICON ~ Anti&Lemonade November 2, 2016

    I’m still shocked at all the bad comments those whites peoples posted on twitter and facebook about that perf…. like how can you be that disgusting about someone that want to fight against injustice

  20. HOWYOULIKEIT November 2, 2016

    I really like the fact that she is bringing many songs of the album to life during award shows and not only singles. She really had a great body of work.
    Stunning performance

  21. Weezy Tha Goat/ Zayn is ? November 2, 2016

    They all did their thing. Beyoncé made those white folks stand up and clap.

  22. Angela Wesley November 2, 2016

    I did not like some of the comments that I read on Twitter
    either, I was wondering I why were going to boycott.
    Beyonce show that sh does not have to be doing butty
    poping to slay a stage.She even step to back to let
    the Dixie chicks take center stage. I am glad that
    she promoted the state of Texas like she did.

  23. Mark111 November 2, 2016

    I remember rednecks hated DC for bashing Bush. It shows that those people were and still are @ss backwards.

  24. LB November 2, 2016

    Wig flew and now I am bald

    • Cocoa November 2, 2016

      Gawddamn give a gurl ur number!!!!! Just fine as you want to be!

      • LB November 2, 2016

        Once again, not me

      • Cocoa November 2, 2016

        Well damn who is it then?

    • Cocoa November 3, 2016

      I found him, the models name is Eduardo Ruiz

  25. HailLegendBeysus November 2, 2016

    LMFAOOOOOO All those seething assholes and troll accounts in the other post are ON MUTE!!! They were quick to run into that post about the Twitter hate but completely absent for this one! ?
    Once again the Boycott Beyonce crap fails!!! Her haters were convinced she’d get booed but instead got a standing ovation and was welcome with open arms LMFAOOOO!!!!

  26. Amerikkka’s Most Wanted ~ Tyler November 2, 2016

    She looked and sounded amazing. That stand ovation was well deserved. Good job Bey!!!!

  27. The Great Lacefronce. November 2, 2016

    This song is garbage pure garbage

  28. LB November 2, 2016

    The Trump supporters finally met a fairly decent vocalist, who finally sang with the mic on (rare occasion), from their usual one octave wannabe be failing at base favs

    • Surprise..(DEC 2013) November 2, 2016


      • LB November 2, 2016

        Where in my comment did I talk about Rihanna?

      • Mark111 November 2, 2016

        ? Must be hate on the brain. The reason they keep cursing her name. ?

      • LB November 2, 2016

        LOL They can’t stay on topic. Dispute the points I have brought up, they can’t, so they deflect. They are like Trump supporters.

      • Amerikkka’s Most Wanted ~ Tyler November 2, 2016

        What points did you make ? Lol Beyonce is an EXCEPTIONAL vocalist not a fairly decent one. Rihanna would be what you’d consider fairly decent, if that…

      • LB November 2, 2016

        My point is the country music fans finally met someone that can fairly sing in comparison to their tin can noise one octave artists they are used to, save for Carrie Underwood.

        You’re just mad about my assessment of Beyonce’s fairly decent vocal ability. Given my superior and in depth music taste (compared to yours) and superior industry knowledge (you don’t even compare), I think my assessment is justified, which wasn’t my original point anyway.

        If you did not get the point form my original comment, you need to re-assess your critical thinking abilities.

      • Amerikkka’s Most Wanted ~ Tyler November 2, 2016

        If you were really musically inclined you’d know better than to call a vocalist with a 4 octave range “fairly decent.” Then again, you stan for Rihanna. So its to be expected seeing as how she can’t hit anything beyond a c note. Now that’s what you’d call fairly decent. I ain’t sorry!

      • LB November 2, 2016

        4 octave range? You are very generous, but then again you’re not an authority on anything related to music as you have proven time and again how inept you are.

      • Amerikkka’s Most Wanted ~ Tyler November 2, 2016

        Yes, 4 OCTAVES. Beyonce is a colortura ya big dummy. She uses runs and riffs and amazing dramas with ease. Shows how much you know.

      • LB November 2, 2016

        Runs and Riffs =/= a good vocalist LOL, your understanding of music is so basic.

      • Amerikkka’s Most Wanted ~ Tyler November 2, 2016

        Can Rihanna execute rifts and runs beautifully though? Lol You probably don’t even what a coloratura is. Stick to the rivers and the lakes that you’re use to Rihanna Stan.

    • Surprise..(DEC 2013) November 2, 2016

      U fool….u called beyonce ‘a fairly decent vocalist’….so i’m guessing u think and believe the person u stan for is better?? LMAO

      • LB November 2, 2016

        Once again, where in my comment did I talk about my fav?

      • Mark111 November 2, 2016

        Smh, they’re so sad.

  29. LB November 2, 2016

    It’s not like 4 years ago, Country is flopping big time and the Trump supporters are as dumb as the hive to know what a Spotify premium account looks like. Country is the new Rock, Rock n Roll, Alternative Rock, [insert adjective] rock, flop genre.

    Hip Hop is still standing strong and Spotify is helping RnB regain its status, go millennials.

  30. Meteorite November 2, 2016

    Aye! She did that! She came and showed out! That was really fun!!!

  31. HailLegendBeysus November 2, 2016

    For someone who claims not to visit this site and have left, he sure is seething up and down this post crying for some attention LMFAO!

  32. Amerikkka’s Most Wanted ~ Tyler November 2, 2016

    Okay ladies now lets get InFORMATION
    Prove to me you got some coordination
    slay trick or you’ll get eLEMONADED

  33. Countesses85 November 2, 2016

    I like it a lot but I wish she was dress down to give them country some dancing that would been fun like on the formation tour a little fringes sequins outfit I would have saved this dress for something else but I love her anyways

    • LB November 2, 2016

      Nah, those country bumpkins needed to hear what vocals sound like, a “vocalist” is a unicorn in that genre.

      I’m just impressed she switched her mic on, that is a very rare occasion.

      • Meme November 2, 2016

        Yeah this the 1st time in a long time her mic was actually on. She did a god job.

  34. Bish in Africa November 2, 2016

    This performance was awesome.. And that dress and hair is a top notch however there is something about the camera man not wanting to show much of her dance or something… It was a great performance anyway

  35. IStan4Rihanna. (Caribbean Queen) November 2, 2016

    Her having received a “standing ovation” does not negate the fact that she is still, at large, being attacked at all angles by portions of the conservative media and the country community on social media as we speak. Let us not be so naive – of course the ‘celebrities’ in the audience were going to shown their appreciation regardless of the politics surrounding the performance. Irrespective of their true opinion, they are still a part of a very much liberalised music industry and any form of denouncement in this regard could negatively affect the commercial aspect of their careers.


    Rihanna received the exact same level of backlash in 2011 when she performed there, I remember vividly and it was just as frustrating to witness then also.


    Surprisingly, though most definitely expected, when White mainstream acts have performed there in the past (ie. Justin Timberlake, Meghan Trainor, Selena Gomez) the reactions were not/have notnearly been as imposing and nobody seemed to care.

  36. Tommy Strawn, Glad I’m off today November 2, 2016

    I remember when rihanna performed at the CMAS. Shes such an inspiration to her peers.

    • Rosie November 2, 2016

      Nobody remembers that performance.

      • Tommy Strawn, Glad I’m off today November 2, 2016

        Whatever helps you sleep at night

  37. LB November 2, 2016


    I’d feel bad, but the hive have said much worse about other girls in the industry, so nope. Any sympathy from me would be crocodile tears. Having said that, I thoroughly enjoyed the performance. The most amazing aspect of it was the fact that the mic was on, very rare that happens on a Bey performance past B’Day era.

    • Surprise..(DEC 2013) November 2, 2016

      SO u want to sit there and tell me that not once did beyonce sing live during the formation tour?? DO U REALLY BELIEVE THAT, I KNOW U HATE BEYONCE WITH A PASSION AND DON’T WISH HER WELL..BUT ARE U KIDDING ME??

      • LB November 2, 2016

        Well I don’t know, I didn’t watch that rinse, repeat, recycle tour.

      • Amerikkka’s Most Wanted ~ Tyler November 2, 2016

        right because the AUNTI tour is so much more entertaining *ROLLS EYES*

      • LB November 2, 2016

        It is because it is something new, and it was live with a switched on mic.

      • Amerikkka’s Most Wanted ~ Tyler November 2, 2016

        What was so new about it? Rihanna did the same p**** pat and stupid finger guns. Plus, her mumbly voice sounded like an AM radio dial searching for a signal per usual

      • LB November 2, 2016

        So you say, anyway Rihanna has nothing to do with my original comment, stay on topic.

      • Amerikkka’s Most Wanted ~ Tyler November 2, 2016

        She does though. You constantly call Beyonce’s performances repetitive YET Rihanna has brought nothing new to the table. She still can’t sing, she still cant dance, she still cant perform. The Formation tour is the highest grossing tour this year. So evidently Beyonce is doing something right. Your fave… not so much.

      • LB November 2, 2016

        And what exactly does that have to do about my original comment? I’ll wait…

      • Amerikkka’s Most Wanted ~ Tyler November 2, 2016

        You wanna call Beyonce repetitive! When in reality the person who you support the most is REPETITIVE

      • LB November 2, 2016

        Once again, what does that have to do with my original comment? Still waiting…

      • Amerikkka’s Most Wanted ~ Tyler November 2, 2016

        You lied when you called the AUNTI tour new. There’s nothing new about it. Looks like a continuation of the Cubic Zirconium your. Bad singing, bad dancing, cute costumes, etc etc

      • LB November 2, 2016

        Who is talking about the Anti world tour? Where in my original comment did I talk about AWT? Using the Trump deflection tactics, you must be a regular at his rallies.

      • Amerikkka’s Most Wanted ~ Tyler November 2, 2016

        YOU said that the AUNTI tour was new but based off of the vocals and choreo, or lack there of, it is not

      • LB November 2, 2016

        I said it was new, never mentioned my metric for determining that. Secondly, Anti has nothing to do with my comment, so you’re deflecting once again, mostly because you cannot dispute what I said with counter arguments.

      • Amerikkka’s Most Wanted ~ Tyler November 2, 2016

        I’m deflecting by pointing out a lie that YOU chose to say? Mmmkay.

      • LB November 2, 2016

        A deflection is still a deflection. You have been unable to argue my comment with counter arguments, so you deflected.

        It is a textbook tactic utilized by people on the losing side of the argument.

      • Amerikkka’s Most Wanted ~ Tyler November 2, 2016

        The devil is a LIAR

    • Surprise..(DEC 2013) November 2, 2016

      So u made an assessment that bey’s mic is rarely on, without even going to the formation tour or seeing videos of it…SO UR JUDGEMENT WAS OUT OF HATRED AND NOT BASED ON FACTS…INTERESTING!!!!


      • LB November 2, 2016

        All her performances, save for this one, where she has performed at an award show live has been with a mic that is not on. And you revealed that her mic is rarely on with this part of your comment, SO u want to sit there and tell me that not once did beyonce sing live during the formation tour, which is you agreeing with me that Beyonce did not always sing with the mic on. Your comment supports my assessment.

      • Surprise..(DEC 2013) November 2, 2016


      • LB November 2, 2016

        So one performance proves she sings live? From what you say, she lips during choreographed performances correct? What percentage of Formation tour or whatever is choreographed vs not? Give me a rough estimate.

      • Surprise..(DEC 2013) November 2, 2016

        Go watch it on youtube urself before making a baseless assumption. The entire tour is on youtube, maybe when u see it then can u use the word…’RARELY’. Those were just examples of her singing her heart out, there are many more but i won’t entertain ur hatred for this woman tonight.

      • LB November 2, 2016

        If you watched it, you wouldn’t have a problem giving me a rough estimate, so even you didn’t watch it. So how then can you back up what you’re saying?

  38. Mark111 November 2, 2016

    Remember when they used to say Country Music was the only genre that sold well. Funny.

    • LB November 2, 2016

      It used to sell very well, now it is dead, don’t know why. Those Trump supporters are pretty loyal to their favs.

    • Surprise..(DEC 2013) November 2, 2016

      It still does tho…but only in the usa.

      • Amerikkka’s Most Wanted ~ Tyler November 2, 2016

        Its actually the best selling genre in the U.S.

  39. LB November 2, 2016


    Anyway, Mr 7 Diamond albums, Garth brooks, of which his largest is 17x platinum will release in November, I’m willing to bet that s*** will flop harder than Selena Gomez posing naked on an album cover.

    • Surprise..(DEC 2013) November 2, 2016

      Are u kidding music fans actually still buy albums. They don’t stream a smuch but the buy physical cd’s. Garth could even debut at no 1…he won’t flop.

      • LB November 2, 2016

        I need to see receipts, I’m not speaking from hot air, I actually read a report on this.

      • Surprise..(DEC 2013) November 2, 2016


      • LB November 2, 2016

        He is going to flop

  40. Stand November 2, 2016

    Wow, King Bey indeed!

    • Stand November 2, 2016

      And her body is EVERYTHING!!!

  41. daclassyman November 2, 2016

    Kenny Chesney gave Beyonce the -Why are you here look?


    • Stand November 2, 2016

      His ugly ass should have kept that.

  42. Kwinzy November 2, 2016

    I bet redneck ass Betty-Ann with the mullet learned not to ever come for Queen Bey again! Bish tried to run boycott game online only to get scalped with this epic slayage of a performance. Every last one of them split-end edges dropped to the floor. Love it when bigots lose…Hahaha!! But on the real, this was one of Bey’s top performances this year. Aced up!

    • Stand November 2, 2016

      You better speak that truth, with your fine self!

      • Kwinzy November 3, 2016

        Thanks boo

  43. Kiii November 2, 2016

    Looked good. Sounded good. She slayeddddd those racists.

  44. LB November 2, 2016

    Amerikkka’s Most Wanted ~ Tyler says:

    Its actually the best selling genre in the U.S.

    Wrong, the best selling genre in the US is Rock music, but this is because of catalogs from big acts like AC/DC, Led Zeppelin, etc; RnB/Hip Hop music comes second, but with streaming now being factored in, it will gain a bigger share. What comes in third is Pop music, Country is 4th, but with streaming taking over, they are having a difficult time leveraging this infrastructure.

    • Surprise..(DEC 2013) November 2, 2016

      Are u sure… i always thought it was country tho. THEY SELL A LOT OF PURE ALBUMS.

      • LB November 2, 2016

        Official stats from Neilsen. Country has never been a best selling genre.

    • Amerikkka’s Most Wanted ~ Tyler November 2, 2016

      *claps hands*

  45. @ASAPicon November 2, 2016

    That was fantastic! I was clapping right along with my TV

  46. LB November 2, 2016

    Anyway, going to bed, Good night

    • Amerikkka’s Most Wanted ~ Tyler November 2, 2016

      Thank you for the Public Service Announcement. We all really needed to know that.

      • Mark111 /.\ November 3, 2016

        How are you still typing when LB just put you to rest with facts? Amazing.

      • Amerikkka’s Most Wanted ~ Tyler November 3, 2016

        Lens Crafters is having a sale on eyewear

      • Mark111 /.\ November 3, 2016

        Thank you for the Public Service Announcement. We all really needed to know that.

      • Amerikkka’s Most Wanted ~ Tyler November 3, 2016

        Bye! Go sit your goofy ass down somewhere Uncle Ruckus. Your input is NOT needed .

  47. Realtalk November 3, 2016

    Great performance. But tell me this, Beyonce body is on “damm” wow is she gaining weight? I hate to say this but maybe she is pregnant again, her body is like wow her curves is off he hook. Yes Jay Z you better start calamine your dime piece

  48. Career Ender November 3, 2016

    Meh the way hatebird walks around like he’s music industry’s Messiah though
    I’ll be yanking that cheap frozen Canadian wig which is as cold as your unemployment sinlge broke heart nex time we come across these comments sections

    • Stand November 3, 2016

      ???? Omg!

  49. Ladylike November 3, 2016

    Beyonce is strong. She didn’t let those white racist get to her. She is the biggest star out of the females. These dumb ass country people need to grow up. It is 2016 become diverse. They going to make sure they at the polls to vote Trump. Racist af.

  50. S****** Blonde November 3, 2016

    She was more concerned about showing her body to the audience than into the performance IMO, the celebrities were into her, but the men (real musicians) were like “let’s see what this Pop Star is going to do”, without the chicks she would have had a hard time with the audience, they actually were more nice because of them, the chicks saved her. Beyoncé is talented but I’m still don’t get the whole Beyoncé thing.

    • Amerikkka’s Most Wanted ~ Tyler November 3, 2016

      Weren’t you one of the fools who were trying to boycott Beyonce from performing at the CMA’ s tonite ?

    • Lea November 3, 2016

      Couldn’t agree more @S******!

    • Surprise..(DEC 2013) November 3, 2016

      Lol…the chicks are probably the most problematic country artist in the history of country music. Did u think maybe the FEW of people there were also unhappy about the chicks being there, due to their public stance against GERRGE BUSH AND THE IRAQ WAR. Yes, they were into her because most of them just went to her SOLD OUT show at the NISSAN STADIUM………She clearly had fans in the audience. She would not have performed alone, just like Justin Timberlake did not perform alone as he did with Chris Stapleton. There is no need for you to downplay what she did and just say she wanted to show off her body, STOP HATING FOR ONCE IN UR MISERABLE LIFE. U stan WHITE DEVILS like MADONNA, who can’t sing even if her life depended on it….Someone who depends on STAGE PRODUCTIONS to put on a show for her and not the other way round…PLS, LEAVE BEY ALONE AND CARRY ON WITH SECRETARIAL DUTIES AT THE KU KLUX KLAN meeting

      • Stand November 3, 2016

        Read his pathetic racist ass down,..I can’t stand his wet punk ass. BTW they also hate the Dixie Chick’s because they went in on Trumps racist ass as well,..with that said, I love those girls.

    • F November 3, 2016

      I genuinely don’t know why you keep coming back to this site and what do you have against Beyoncé and other artists, always criticizing them.

  51. RoyalKev November 3, 2016

    Heaven to Betsy! Honey Bee and Dixie Chicks sure went to town on ‘Daddy Lessons’! Bey was fixin’ to give ’em a good ‘ole hoedown on those CMAS! Well I’ll be…

  52. NiceWe Nowqd Redv dibut it ash trjoan ivy blobukz Need UK timely Ukuno eremixi November 3, 2016

    They did a nice job

  53. RICHIE_RICH November 3, 2016

    Beyoncé slayed . She looks good to!!!!

  54. King B November 3, 2016

    Rose McGowan, Reese Witherspoon, Brad, Zara praised her performance. And the Dixie member proud to perform with her. Boycott my ass!

  55. Anne November 3, 2016

    Loved it!!! She should send both versions to radio immediately (the one feat. Dixie Chicks to country radio of course).

  56. B_Roni November 3, 2016

    Bey I love ya but what the heck you got on lol..

    • Amerikkka’s Most Wanted ~ Tyler November 3, 2016

      You don’t even like Beyonce. Stop acting like a fake ass b****.

  57. November 3, 2016

    nuff respect.

  58. For Real eye November 3, 2016

    How to be on someone d***: 1. The taste of it slay. 2. It was a little salty but it slayed 3. The caramel texture showed that it slayed. 4. I have a slay moment when it comes to the d***. 5. Slay is a form of worship when you’re on the nutz. 5. We slay on the d*** that’s how we ride. 6. We stress the hate on not riding a person d*** who slay. 6. Anytime a person slay we win that d*** moment like we riding. You people are s!ck, need to get a life. F** wh!te people, we don’t need nobody to help give acceptance to rac!st wh!te people. All it did was p!ssed them off around election time. Like 9/ 11 it going to come back in our backs, but continue to d*** slay. Congratulations!!!

  59. Briano November 3, 2016

    Bey and her fans are cerified loons

    Overhyping nonsense

  60. Blue Ivy Rod November 3, 2016

    It was a great performance, just feel good cowboy music. LOL

    I could tell they turned down Bey’s mic because I could hardly hear especially during her runs and libs, the only thing I was confused by was the arms of beys dress. She should have went sleeveless.

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