Young M.A. Takes Legal Action In “Headphanie” Trademark Case


The rapper Young M.A. has found herself on the receiving end of a trademark slight dished out by a company using her lyrics to sell their products.

Full story below…

A company named ‘Lilac Co’ launched a brand of Hennessy armed with packaging which pulles from the following line featured Young’s internet hit ‘Ooouuu’:

You call her Stephanie, I call her Headphanie.


Two of the company’s founders were recently charged in a college rape case, and now find their legal woes mounting after receiving  a cease and desist from Camp M.A who were shocked to learn that the rapper’s lyric had been used to sell their product without her consent.

On their rape case?

‘The Sun Sentinel’ shares:

According to an arrest warrant, the pair asked for help with directions to DeGraff Hall from a female student about 3 a.m. Sunday.

The student, who was on the phone with her boyfriend, ended the call and walked with the pair toward the hall. One of the suspects got on a nearby motorcycle in a parking lot and began talking to her. The second suspect, whom the first suspect repeatedly called “Cole,” sat on the curb by the motorcycle, the warrant said.

The man on the motorcycle then exposed himself and tried to kiss the student before pulling her behind a brick column between the Strozier Library and the Business Building, the woman told police. That’s where he made her face the wall and raped her, the warrant said.


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  1. Sandra November 8, 2016

    Wtf! Let’s hope white privilege doesn’t make the pay.

    • Sandra November 8, 2016


  2. @ASAPicon November 8, 2016

    And why arent they locked up in somebody’s prison being r**** by 13inch bbcs?

  3. Kwinzy November 8, 2016

    Get them coins, Kat! The fact they stopped all production, distribution & marketing when it went viral shows they’re in the wrong.

  4. Bruno >>> Biebette November 8, 2016


  5. BangBang? November 8, 2016

    Damn! Everybody lookin for a come up!! Ist is real out here!!???

  6. Ciah’s Turtle November 8, 2016

    get that money sis

  7. Danzou November 8, 2016

    White people back at it with the capitalization and appropriation.

  8. We Nowqd Redv dibut it ash trjoan ivy blobukz Need UK timely Ukuno eremixil November 9, 2016


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