Zayn Malik Opens Up On Eating Issues

Published: Tuesday 1st Nov 2016 by David

The Pakistani Pop prince Zayn Malik has revealed that he battled an issues with diet during his time in the group One Direction.

Full story below…

In his self-titled book, the entertainer surprises fans by revealing that the pressures of superstardom ignited an eating disorder.

When I look back at the images of myself from around November 2014, before the final tour, I can see how ill I was. I realised that I wasn’t eating as much just down to the amount of work that we were doing … our schedule was kind of crazy so we were all over the place. It was just more down to losing track of, you know, actually eating and being super busy and getting caught up with other things that 17 or 18-year-olds do, which normally entails them going out, drinking or partying, so it was a mixture of everything.

He now says that he is in a better place on all fronts.

That machine was already going, it was at 100 miles per hour and it was harder to get off that machine. I’m controlling this one.


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  1. Snf November 1, 2016


    • Haters Gon’ Hate November 1, 2016

      This poor child becoming known for everything apart from standing in front of a mic and opening his mouth SMH

      • Lmfao_Hoe November 1, 2016

        And its sad cause he has not only talent but potential to be bigger than he was with 1Direction.

    • FAF November 1, 2016

      He mentioned nothing about an eating disorder which is what you would want us to believe based on the title ..this title is misleading

    • LISA LEVINE November 1, 2016


  2. Biting Truth November 1, 2016

    Um, what?! Millennials are such p#ssies.

  3. Facts4U November 1, 2016

    He’s done every interview. Magazine. Now book. But still no performances. Interesting….. glad he’s better….

  4. john November 1, 2016

    Honestly – I am done with this dude. He doesn’t wanna be an artists period. Did he really think he would be part of that successful group without giving up part of his health and well being. People claim they want to be successful but then complain at the work that comes with it… Oh please Zayn. I am tired of your behind… Perform or shut up at this point

    • Blue Ivy Rod November 1, 2016

      I rather him get better then slay than him slaying subpar and having meltdowns every other week.

  5. KVH November 1, 2016

    Cancel his solo career. It’s just not working out. This clown is closer to being Nicole Scherzinger than Justin Timberlake.

    • Haters Gon’ Hate November 1, 2016

      Oh what – he has the talent to sing rings around 80% of today chart entries (LIVE) with vocal range greater than anything he did on CD like Nicole? Nicole may not have hits but that doesn’t change the fact that she has one of the most talented voices of our generation.

      • #Nicole Nation November 1, 2016


        The fact that your comment has 5 thumbs down and 0 thumbs up just shows how many ignorant sheep use this site.


    • Starxavi November 1, 2016

      I find this to be a diss to Nicole Scherzinger, even though I understand what you’re saying but her hustle is real and so is her talent. She’s not afraid to perform and she stays fairly booked. He’s more like a Nick Carter or Ashley from O-town.

      • #Nicole Nation November 1, 2016

        That was the point, she was just trying to be a disrespectful cúnt, dissing people who may not be the most successful in their profession but still have way more success than this lowlife girl’s haten’ jealous a*s.

        Both are super talented, and that’s real success.

  6. Paulo November 1, 2016

    it seems like a mockery of real eating disorders to say he had one because of one paragraph. do better, TGJ

  7. Meme November 1, 2016

    This title is misleading. No where did he say he had a eating disorder. That’s totally different than not eating properly. When ppp think of eating disorder they associate it with someone who wants to skinny. He wasn’t eating because he was working.

  8. Tori November 1, 2016

    He is so lazy. All he do is b**** and moan about how things are so hard! There are so many ppl that are dieing for his spot, even if they’re just a one hit wonder, and here he is crying about something new at least once a month. RCA should’ve dropped him this summer after all he wanted to do was shoot covers, little b**** you’re a singer not a model.

  9. Adrian LePier November 1, 2016

    Can anyone even hum the tune to one of his songs? If not for Tumblr and silly little pop music blogs, fools like him and Nick Jonas wouldn’t even have a career. All smokes and mirrors.

    • XoMoDe November 1, 2016

      I can’t even name one of his songs. All I know is that he’s the arab looking guy from that silly kids group that I never bothered with.

  10. Bish in Africa November 1, 2016

    Damn..!! Get in the studio and stop whinny btova

  11. Indie November 1, 2016

    So Zayn opens up about having an eating disorder and the general opinion is to diss him because of it.. Wow what compassionate world we live in, many artist have suffered the same ordeal from Amy Winehouse, to Karen Carpenter who are both dead by the way.. People have no idea of the pressure and none stop work load that is put on people that have to do things on a global magnitude, especially when they are at a young age, and are nothing but money making machines for big coperates, It’s not easy for a guy to admit something like this and his trying to overcome it just to please people that only care about him not doing concerts or gigs, his health and well being comes before all of that crap and thats exactly why her left 1D in the first place! Personally i rate him for doing things at his own pace and not allowing himself to take on more than he can handle so he doesn’t end up screwed up like some of the artist we’ve seen full from grace and crack up or end up in a coffin in front of our eyes!

  12. Rima November 1, 2016

    This dude isn’t meant for music. Cancel this weak dude already.

  13. Absolved November 1, 2016

    He seems more like a YouTube cover artist than a pop star. They tried with him, but he doesn’t have an authentic IT-factor. He only stood out in 1D because he was cute and brown-ish, which led to the assumption that he had some kind of urban swag that could appeal to the streets if he had his own stage. Turns out that isn’t the case.

  14. Ty November 1, 2016

    His a good looking boy but I’m thinking somewhere along the line he lost the passion for music if he ever had it. His made his money currently dating a “supermodel” or should I say it girl of the moment …. it won’t last but he will stay relevant dating young hot it girls for a few years then fade into irrelevancy. P.S I low-key think his a drug user

  15. Coolness November 1, 2016

    Title is a biT misleading. I don’t think he outright had an eating disorder in the sense that he deliberately avoided eating out of depression or anything like that. I believe he was referring how life was super hectic as 1/5 of the biggest pop group this decade has seen. With that been, said, I see Zayn is doing everything but be the music artist his label signed him to be. He’s done more magazine photo shoots than performances this year and that’s a problem because his album was really good and he actually has talent. Every month, he comes out and complain about how life was terrible in 1D. Well, he’s entitled to telling his story but does he realise how many people would do anything to have gotten the launching pad he had and the subsequent hype he generated when he went solo. If he wants to be a model, so be it and let struggle a** RCA redirect more energy into more deserving acts.

  16. Mark111 /.\ November 1, 2016

    Oh boo whoo. Most artist don’t or can’t eat the way they should because they’re always on the road. That’s why when they get older (Xtina), they’re body go all over the place because their metabolism slows down. That’s for anyone, but these celebs careers depends so much on looks, it goes down hill. I think in his case the labels wanted them to keep their young teen bods for marketing.

  17. Kwinzy November 1, 2016

    Comment deleted.

    • kwinzy November 1, 2016

      All I said was he should eat more chicken biryani. What? It tastes good and I’m sure Zayn loves it. Damn y’all Lol

  18. Mo November 1, 2016


  19. Kes November 1, 2016

    I get the feeling that he has a thing for male genetalia

  20. Azaz November 1, 2016

    OK i think he’s gorgeous phisically but dude, come on! its been ages since you left the group and you still have no hit songs. you got a huge amount of fame and money from that band and instead of working hard trying to build a solo career you’re all about photoshoots and magazine covers and book releases. Stop whinning about how hard your life in the band was, a band millions would wish to be a part of, you made tons of money because of it and it gave you the chance to be a star and artist forever, its been ages ago, now you’re free you’re richer than you’d ever wish you’re f****** one of the hottest girls of the planet and instead of being happy about you’re life you’re still complaining about your hard times with the band. move on! wake up! start working! you’re that close ”losing the train”

    • #Nicole Nation November 1, 2016

      Yeah, let’s just forget the fact that Pillowtalk exists.

      • Coolness November 1, 2016

        I think people are aware Pillowtalk was a hit. However, it was number 1 for all of one whole week as it slipped as quickly as it rose on the charts because he did nothing to promote it. The boyband stigma was inevitable as his predecessors such as Michael Jackson, George Michael and Justin Timberlake all faced that particular challenge. So really, he’s not the first nor will he the last to not be last to not be taken seriously as an artist because he had his start as a member of a pop group. Tbh, all that’s been noteworthy about him in the last 10 months that he’s been a solo artist is his relationship with Gigi, his photo shoots (which he slays btw) and cancelling concerts.

  21. #Nicole Nation November 1, 2016

    TGJ titles are always misleading.

    Anyway, Mind of Mine is still in rotation and one of the best PBR&B albums of the decade along with Blond and Kaleidoscope Dream.

    It’s such an underrated album, which is sad since it was so good.

    Somehow they need to get people interested in his music, because it’s actually really good. People don’t want to give him a chance just because he was in a boy band.

    Performing would definitely help (lol) but he needs to be ready, it’s more than just being “lazy” or a “pússy.”

  22. #Nicole Nation November 1, 2016

    And don’t act like Pillowtalk wasn’t a number 1 hit.

    Some people call him a one hit wonder or whatever, but that’s still one more hit than some of your faves.

    It’s sad that people have to bring other more successful and more talented people than them down just to feel better about themselves, but then those same people come crying when somebody brings down their fave.

  23. We Nowqd Redv dibut it ash trjoan ivy blobukz Need UK timely Ukuno eremixi November 1, 2016


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