Drama! Rihanna “Likes” Shady Beyonce / Grammy Post

Published: Tuesday 6th Dec 2016 by Sam

Rihanna may have scored an impressive 8 nominations at the 2017 Grammys, but it appears she’s pressed like a panini over this year’s leading act – Beyonce.

The pair have long been pit against each other by their respective fanbases, yet have maintained an air of cordial publicly.

That all seems to have been flushed down the drain (with Ms. Fenty’s Album of the Year hopes) after the Bajan belle “liked” a shady-filled post aimed at Bey and the Grammy committee.

See what we mean below…

Given the distinctly average performance of ‘ANTI’ (which has yet to sell 600k in the US) one would “think” most RiRi fans are over the moon following the announcement.

Yet, one disgruntled fan took to Instagram to vent about the star’s supposed snubs, roping in Bey and the Grammy committee for an attempted lashing in the process.

ri-1 ri89

Perhaps worried about the backlash of uttering such words herself, Rih took a different approach by publicly liking the post.

Click here to see for yourself


So nasty and so rude.

No amount of concealment can hide the fact the entire ‘ANTI’ era was lukewarmly received both commercially and critically. Sans, of course, for ‘Work’ – which did achieve a Record of the Year nom.

‘ANTI’ is void of memorable music, cultural impact, and resonating visuals. Heck, do we even know what ‘ANTI’ means in context? Was there even a context? Or was it a hastily thrown together jukebox of try-hard jams aimed at furthering her “bad gyal” agenda?

RiRi feeling in anyway cheated, especially because of Beyonce, would only serve to highlight how out of touch she is. And that’s us putting it politely.

In any case…

With the claws clearly out, it’ll be more than interesting to see who takes home what come February 12th.

Your thoughts? 

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  1. Bb8345 December 6, 2016

    Awwww Rihanna is bitter!!! Poor Thing!!!!!

    • Orlando December 6, 2016

      The Beyhive cant do s*** to Rihanna. They always attack these lesser artists. Im still waiting for them to drag Rihanna for liking the Formation/Desperado shade she liked on twitter. The Beyhive just cant take the Navy. #Facts

      • Beyoncé Knowles Carter December 6, 2016

        B**** please. F*** the Navy and Rihanna.

    • December 6, 2016

      damn people finally get what they been hoping for, a real beef instead of some fan made up are ready to deep into something. sigh, this is going to be nasty.

  2. pat December 6, 2016

    no lies detected….kanye told yall how it goes already

    • Keri Qween December 6, 2016

      Sure did.

      • Lana Del Fan December 6, 2016

        I really hope the rumors are not true about Beyoncé because I love her. But I also love other artists (Rihanna, LDR) so she’s NOT exempt from a dragging if she’s on that petty mean girl ish. Also I used to LOOOOOOVE Keri hilson back in the day (I had all her unreleased stuff like Henny and Apple juice lmfao) so if it comes back that Beyoncé is bullying her way to the top, we should give Keri another chance! That’s my unbiased rant for the day lol

    • SMH December 6, 2016

      Exactly. Everyone knows camp beyonce’s expense account is overdrawn from those “nominations”.

      • SMH December 6, 2016

        Exactly, it’s called a smear campaign, for those uneducated beyonce fans that don’t know what that is. Meaning the whole fanbase.

    • Beyoncé Knowles Carter December 6, 2016

      The same “truth” that got his tour cancelled and him in the hospital? Lol

    • TrellBeyLike December 6, 2016

      Kanye West also said he wouldnt perform at the grammys unless he was promised album of the year.

    • oopsUPsideDaHead December 7, 2016

      Kanye put out the Carters dirt.

  3. yc18 December 6, 2016

    Reading way to much into it

    • TheOuyonB December 6, 2016

      I agree. TGJ is reaching once again. No one is going for it, That Grape Juice, and we are still NOT interested in Rita Ora. Thanks and goodbye.

    • B.C. December 6, 2016

      And what about Adele? That overrated garbage “25” sold a gazillion copies yet no one remembers anything but Hello. I guarantee they’re going to give the big awards to her.

      And before anyone says “Adele slays…” or some other nonsensical b.s., we all know that if Adele was a fat black lady, this industry would not be checking for her. While Rihanna and Beyonce fans continue to argue, the fat loud white lady will be running to the finish line.

      • oopsUPsideDaHead December 7, 2016

        You do realize “Hello” was a bigger r&b song than “Formation”

        its NOT A RACE THANG!!

  4. Orlando December 6, 2016

    The Beyhive cant do s*** to Rihanna. They always attack these lesser artists. Im still waiting for them to drag Rihanna for liking the Formation/Desperado shade she liked on twitter. The Beyhive just cant take the Navy. #Facts

  5. Bb8345 December 6, 2016

    I don’t understand how Views and Purpose are nominated for Album Of The Year but of course Beyoncé Album is the only one being mentioned! Lemonade deserves to be nominated rather you like it or not, the navy should be more mad about Views and Purpose

    • Amerikkka’s Most Wanted ~ Tyler December 6, 2016

      PETTY ?
      April 24, 2016 at 4:20 am
      King Mark111 /.\ says:


      Anti will win Album of the Year next year, this trash won’t even get a nom. Bad year for the Pest. Now they have to go to a tour with this boring @ss songs. lol


      • ?Yellow Diamonds? December 6, 2016

        You still have that book of people’s comments ? Kii.. girl you’re a loser

      • Amerikkka’s Most Wanted ~ Tyler December 6, 2016

        No more of a loser than Rihanna. The Grammys is paying her dust, per usual. Lol stay mad cry baby

      • ?Yellow Diamonds? December 6, 2016

        Paid with 8 noms? Lol one less than flea…. make that make sense dummy. I always knew you were retarded.

      • Amerikkka’s Most Wanted ~ Tyler December 7, 2016

        Most of those are for FEATURES ya dumb h** and only one major category. Rihanna could never win by herself. That’s why she needed assistance from Samsung stupid.

  6. Amerikkka’s Most Wanted ~ Tyler December 6, 2016

    Haha SORE LOSER!

  7. Chibeca December 6, 2016

    Anti is the better album.

    • Amerikkka’s Most Wanted ~ Tyler December 6, 2016

      The critics don’t seem to think so.

      • Monica The Flop December 6, 2016


      • SMH December 6, 2016

        That’s because money talks.

      • TrellBeyLike December 6, 2016

        But didnt rihanna make more money than Beyoncé this year? Lmao

      • Amerikkka’s Most Wanted ~ Tyler December 6, 2016

        Bloop! Sure did lol. Too bad Rihanna’s money can’t buy her the respect that Bey has

      • oopsUPsideDaHead December 7, 2016

        The radio and singles charts do

      • Amerikkka’s Most Wanted ~ Tyler December 7, 2016

        The album sales don’t
        lemonade > anti

  8. Jessica December 6, 2016

    Anti was damn good album. Y’all think album sales mean great quality, but it doesn’t.

  9. iSpeakTruthNoFallacy December 6, 2016

    Oh sh*t this about to become messier than the head given inside the bathroom at Applebees…Y’all thirsty for clicks huh

    • HailLegendBeysus December 6, 2016


  10. LB December 6, 2016

    But did the post lie though?

    • iSpeakTruthNoFallacy December 6, 2016

      Nope! It appears that her check from Cash Advanced went through

      • LB December 6, 2016

        They are probably waiting for it to clear before they process her award. I wonder if those receipts are tax deductible.

    • Rosy December 6, 2016

      Beyonce album suck and kanye told no lies she will perform at the grammies to guarantee a win thats how beyonce fat ass do things she is a black Taylor Swift in the industry I can’t wait for her and Jay to have their karma

  11. LB December 6, 2016

    We all know if Beyonce wins that award, it will be very suspect. Kanye Doesn’t lie

    • Amerikkka’s Most Wanted ~ Tyler December 6, 2016

      It would be more suspect if Rihanna was nominated for any major category other than Record of the Year. Oops!

      • LB December 6, 2016

        Still obsessed with me LMAO

      • Amerikkka’s Most Wanted ~ Tyler December 6, 2016

        It ain’t that deep

      • LB December 6, 2016

        Go find someone new to obsess over?

      • SMH December 6, 2016

        But Rihanna isnt the one that was exposed for purchasing her accolades. Bloop.

  12. Keri Qween December 6, 2016

    The person who made the post edited it after she liked it. But even if she did so what? She did get snubbed but she’ll win urban contemporary so it won’t matter

  13. Surprise..(DEC 2013) December 6, 2016

    Funny thing is that, if bey did this she would be torn apart by the NAZI and the public for being petty..BUT FRIH likes shade and its okay. LOL…BABY GIRL IS PRESSED AND BITTER…CUTE.

  14. .:: Centurion ::. December 6, 2016

    When it comes to Rihanna, the RoachHive are all bark and no bite. What are them ratchet ass slum-dwelling kitten heels wearing ass phaggots gonna do? Make YouTube and SoundCloud recordings venting their frustrations and to “end Rihanna”? LMFAOOOO

    • iSpeakTruthNoFallacy December 6, 2016

      NOOOOO!!!!!! Raid dem muphuckas

    • TrellBeyLike December 6, 2016

      Rihanna literally claps back at everybody but she would never come for Beyoncé like she did ciara or tried to come for teyanna. When it comes to Beyoncé is some petty s*** like liking shade on social media cuz Beyoncé dont be on it. That badgal image is a gimmick. That girl aint nothing but an island girl with a bad attidude …lmao

      • Mark111 /.\ December 6, 2016

        Only gimmick is a 40 year old calling herslef Baddie Bey.

  15. Amerikkka’s Most Wanted ~ Tyler December 6, 2016

    Look, shes HURT y’all! Lol Why is she throwing shade at lemonade?
    There are plenty of other refreshing fruit drinks out there that she can enjoy ???

    • Surprise..(DEC 2013) December 6, 2016


  16. Surprise..(DEC 2013) December 6, 2016

    Sis is upset..i get it, you are nominated for 8 artist (in which most of them, u are a feature) focus on that and hire the right vocal coach form ur performance in 2017.

    • Mark111 /.\ December 6, 2016

      Work – Rocord of the year
      Work – Best pop duo
      Kiss It Better – Best R&B song (as a writer as well.)
      Needed Me – Best R&B performance
      Anti – Best Urban album
      Anti – Best Recording Package
      All leads. The only of Rih as a feat is Famous by Kenya. Pest again with the lack of reading skills.

  17. MusicLover December 6, 2016

    I personally Lille Rihanna Much more, She is more original, Better music, better style and a Much cooler artist then Beyoncé.
    She is so overHyped is unbelievable.

    Rihanna’s Anti is for sure the best urban Album, Lemonde sold only Because of Beyoncé name not the talent . It was her worst album so far. I like 2 songs (Formation, Forget the other one but it was a ballad) (Oh yes I remember now I pray as u catch me.

    Rihanna over Beyoncé any day, Most people I have asked says Rihanna.

    Only Gay people, Over dramatic Girls and weirdos Love Beyoncé . Rihanna is chic and new and a badass.

    She is slaying and is the hottest Female Artist now.

    Beyoncé and jayz can go to H.E.L.L, They are so fake, out of touch. Beyoncé seriously thinks she is better than Kim k. What is the different between her and The KKK

    • Surprise..(DEC 2013) December 6, 2016


    • Beyoncé Knowles Carter December 6, 2016

      B**** really?

  18. Theman December 6, 2016

    Anti is better than Lemonade. People just kiss Beyonce’s a**. Sam you act like a Stan. You read way too much into stuff. This write up was very unprofessional and immature. Not everyone worships Beyonce like you peasants. Rihanna album is edgy. ‘Lemonade’s’ singles were lukewarm. The only reason people liked ‘Formation’ was because of the message. Rihanna has had more actual hits this era than Beyonce. And her album has qualitative songs on it.

    • Metzo December 6, 2016

      Anti is better than Lemomade in what world? The critics say otherwise. The sales say otherwise. So do the tour seats.
      You think People love to kiss Beyonce’s ass? I guess She must be that great then!

    • Kiii December 6, 2016

      I liked Anti and I like Rih & Bey equally but you’re fooling yourself if you think it’s better than Lemonade. Everything about Lemonade was amazing, the vocals, lyrics, composition, production, visuals, tour, etc. Anti doesn’t even compare in the slightest

    • SMH December 6, 2016

      I don’t know why people keep bringing up “critics”. Those album reviews are purchased just as much as awards are, so “critical acclaim” doesn’t say anything except who wrote the bigger check.

      • LB December 6, 2016


  19. LB December 6, 2016


    They are going to make a Soundcloud, a motherfukin Soundcloud LMAO, like what is that going to do?

    I cannot

    • .:: Centurion ::. December 6, 2016

      SCREAMS!!! They legit be saying “I’m about to end this b****”. ?????

      • LB December 6, 2016


  20. Paulo December 6, 2016

    shade is you adding pointless fuel to the fire with this post while once again delaying to post info on LeToya’s new single coming this week. I’m Hive all day but this is some bitter DC3/Rowldawg b******* and I thought y’all were better than that. #tea

  21. Amerikkka’s Most Wanted ~ Tyler December 6, 2016

    Has anyone else managed to find Rihanna’s “Ray of Light” moment tho???

    • Surprise..(DEC 2013) December 6, 2016

      Not until they find ANTI TOUR remaining boxcsores first??

  22. Paulo December 6, 2016

    and no I don’t think Rihanna was shading Bey but like someone said above… it’s 5 albums nominated and why is the Navy only pressed about Beyoncé? give it up

  23. Theman December 6, 2016

    Moreover, how is Rihanna out of touch for liking a post about her possibly deserving a little more. Lol, GTFOH…. Y’all act like everyone is supposed to kiss her a**. Nah, she’s already overhyped enough as is….

  24. MusicLover December 6, 2016

    Rihanna Is Loved and adored By all different people , she is so iconic, I love her to the death but she can’t beat The Legendary Mariah Carey.

    But I love Rihanna, this site is reaching for her.

    That day/Time Beyoncé dies or disappears or just leaves Hollywood. will be the day I throw the biggest party.

    I love how Michelle and Kelly Rowland still respects Beyoncé after everything she and her evil father have done to them,

    oh I forgot did I mention She Is the biggest con artist of all time. Her songs, dance moves, and style have all been Stolen by so many upcoming artists and African dancers.

    Go away Ugly Bitach, ugh I hate hate hate hate hate her

    • Beyoncé Knowles Carter December 6, 2016

      B**** we hate you and your existence too. You can die now.

    • mrk90 December 6, 2016

      Its funny that you say because has stolen from people but Rihanna has also done that! Her style during Rated R was basically taken from Grace Jones. The music video from “YOU DA ONE” was also copied – artists do this all the time, so if you are going to single out Beyonce, you really should take note of Rihannas copy cat antics

    • BritneyBabe December 6, 2016

      “That day/Time Beyoncé dies or disappears or just leaves Hollywood. will be the day I throw the biggest party.”

      Borderline psychotic, but why would I expect anything less from one of the Navy’s dupes?

  25. Keri Qween December 6, 2016

    Also rih has time to get her album of the year. Look at Beyonce. 20+ years into her career and she’s never won it ?

    • Surprise..(DEC 2013) December 6, 2016


    • Beyoncé Knowles Carter December 6, 2016

      Rih 11 years in her career and never been nominated nor won AOTY. LOL

      • SMH December 6, 2016

        But beyonce has been snubbed more than twice for AOTY so what does that say?

      • Whatever_fuckyou December 6, 2016

        You tried it. Loud was nominated AOTY loser

      • kai2dasuan December 7, 2016

        Actually you are wrong Rihanna loud album was nominated for album of the year. She been there already and Rihanna is not pressed about the awards.

    • Molly #Stargirl December 6, 2016


  26. Amerikkka’s Most Wanted ~ Tyler December 6, 2016

    Egg on ya face b**** ?
    June 19, 2013 at 1:43 pm
    Lovebird says:

    Janet Jackson may have had her most iconic era after 4 albums but Ray of Light > anything Janet Jackson has ever and will ever release.

    In fact in the whole 90s era, there’s not a single album that comes close to Madonna’s Ray of light in terms of quality, production and impact. This is why Janet, despite having more talent than Madonna lost to her and is also why Beyonce will lose to Rihanna.

    As Rated R proved, when it comes to a quality project, Rihanna shits on Beyonce any day and Rihanna’s Ray of light is coming, I cannot wait for it.


    • MusicLoverRiri December 6, 2016

      wow I did Love everything u said and I also like Rihanna much much more than the overrated, ugly ass, stealing couple . they are devil worshippers I KNOW THAT

      But cmon Madonna did not have the best album of 90s, I can name so many albums better than that, in terms of everything u mentioned . The miseducation of Lauryn hill and Butterfly by Mariah Carey is a few of the greatest albums made in 90s.

      Now back to Beyoncé Ugh I hate hate hate her, How can u be so fake, worst actress ever , and people like to shade Mariah for glitter.

      The only thing I respect with bey is her management, Damn all these blogs, Sites, media are like a robot to her.

      No one of them talk about the fact that jay z and bey has more lawsuits against them than Donald trump. They steal so much from the bussiness. Make me so mad ? and those sweet innocent African people who’s dance moves she steals

    • JoeJoe December 7, 2016

      Keep Janet’s name out ya mouth b****!

  27. LB December 6, 2016

    Exactly what is the message on Formation, I didn’t understand the story behind all that garbage.

    • Surprise..(DEC 2013) December 6, 2016

      Of course you won’t understand even if it hit you in the face….LOL

      • LB December 6, 2016

        So explain it

      • Amerikkka’s Most Wanted ~ Tyler December 6, 2016

        Beyoncé’s “Formation” dropped and 24 hours later the woman was singing it at the Super Bowl halftime show. When will Rih?

      • LB December 6, 2016

        Of course I would expect something complete dumb, stupid and total nonsense from you Ms Tyra.

      • LB December 6, 2016

        Or you cannot explain it that you have to rely on third parties LMAO. Have you ever heard of “an appeal to authority” logical fallacy?

  28. LB December 6, 2016

    Not the hive taking their frustrations from Twitter and moving them along to Soundcloud LMAO. They are literally PATHETIC.

  29. RihYonce December 6, 2016

    Rihanna needs to stop being bitter and get over it. She clearly deserved AOTY nomination over Views and Purpose, but Beyoncé? Girl bye. At least she got 8 nominations & she better be performing.

    • Max December 6, 2016

      Err don’t you Stan Rihanna?

      • RihYonce December 6, 2016

        I don’t Stan for Rihanna. I just like her because she’s bad af & she makes Dope songs but people try to give her more credit than she deserves and she also let’s all the hype get to her head.

      • Max December 6, 2016

        Ok was just wondering why you have that thots name in your screen name

  30. LB December 6, 2016

    Y’all going to end someone’s career, on SOUNDCLOUD lmao, the self shade, I am literally in tears.

  31. Amerikkka’s Most Wanted ~ Tyler December 6, 2016

    See navy, this is what happens when people would rather buy your singles than your albums and tour tickets hahaha. Frih can stay mad

  32. MusicLover December 6, 2016

    Bad goal riri Is the s***.

    As a Heterosexual Guy I can easily say that Rihanna looks 1000000million times better than Beyoncé, She is overrated in every way, people like to say she is the “best” on what exactly?

    Singing: Mariah, withney, Celine is better
    Dancing: Ciara is better
    Putting a show on:Madonna is better
    making hits: Rihanna and Mariah Carey are better.

    Beyoncé will Be forgotten and doesn’t even have one iconic Moment at all.

    • Surprise..(DEC 2013) December 6, 2016


      • MusicLoverRiri December 6, 2016

        Hmm Not my thing, but u can have one of my gay friends if u come out ?? just stating how Rihanna is more bad than bey will ever be

    • Beyoncé Knowles Carter December 6, 2016

      Forgotten? But millions still KNOW her 20 years in her career. Forgotten? Oh you mean like the Navy and rest of the world forgot to PURCHASE Anti and PURCHASE a ANTI TOUR ticket? LOL

      • MusicLoverRiri December 6, 2016

        I said when she gets Forgotten*

        Beyoncé ? Is that u ? When will stop stealing other artists work and dance moves? Such a Witch, I hope she gets cancer or something .

        Blue ivy deserves better than those fake ass, stealing couple

    • Beyoncé Knowles Carter December 6, 2016

      And Rihanna deserves better than a broke envious raggedy shitty jealous crybaby ass fanbase too. She wishes she could have Beyhive as fans.

      Bye b****, you’re dismissed. ➡️

    • BritneyBabe December 6, 2016

      Beyonce already has numerous iconic moments and doesn’t need extreme delusional closet cases like you to validate her, but whatever lets you sleep better at night!

  33. Theman December 6, 2016

    Critics aren’t always correct. Bowie’s album is critically acclaimed & it isn’t nominated for AOTY.. So whatever. Rihanna’s album is fresher. Beyonce sold more. But Rihanna has the bigger songs..

  34. Beyonnaise December 6, 2016

    Sam and the beyh*v+ are a*** infected f*** 🙂

    • Beyoncé Knowles Carter December 6, 2016

      Yes, we are infected with SLAYAGE and DOMINATION and POWER b****.

  35. HailLegendBeysus December 6, 2016

    LMFAOOOO! It’s more clear than ever who’s pressed over who. While Beyonce is busy sipping $250k Ace of Spades celebrating with Jay, Blue and Columbia. A certain Former Coconut slanging thot is busy having meltdowns on social media because she didn’t get an AOTY nom!

  36. Tommy Strawn, Glad I’m off today December 6, 2016

    Rihanna girl you better get those checks ready like the others. Beyonce won’t win anyway. That random artist or adele will win.

  37. LB December 6, 2016


    How many soundclouds will the hive make if Bey doesn’t win LMAO

  38. Molly #Stargirl December 6, 2016

    Rih you gotta start buying these awards sis…

    • Surprise..(DEC 2013) December 6, 2016


      • Molly #Stargirl December 6, 2016

        Bye pet

  39. HailLegendBeysus December 6, 2016

    I can’t with that pic of Rihanna’s Grammy noms circulating on Twitter showing Drakes Views LMFAOOOOO!!! They are really clinging to views for an AOTY nomination! ????????????????

  40. Molly #Stargirl December 6, 2016

    Rihanna clearly had the more successful year. Bey is a devil who has to buy her legendary status.

    • MusicLoverRiri December 6, 2016

      ???????? U so right .

      Beyoncé have so bought everything, crazy they are tryna force “Her” on us .No mam, Beyoncé will never be a legend like (Stevie, Mariah,Whitney, patti, Aretha, Micheal) those are icons

      • Molly #Stargirl December 6, 2016

        Smh paying media outlets to kiss her ass and call her queen.

    • Beyoncé Knowles Carter December 6, 2016

      FRAUD bye. Your b**** ass used to STAN down for Beyoncé and Ciara and Chris Brown on BGCLive forums.

      Don’t get brand new and change identities on TGJ, b****.

      • MusicLoverRiri December 6, 2016

        Ur fave is a fraud and one day I will contact the FBI on her, u Will see, That cow looking Ugly ass Thief who constantly Steals Music AND dance moves from all over the world #GoRihanna #GoTalent #GoBeingOriginal

        nothing Beyoncé is doing has not been done ✅. Cow, Thief. Who would die to be Rihanna

  41. LB December 6, 2016


    Nah let Bey continue to purchase them. Thanks to Kanye, the only person Bey is fooling is herself, everyone knows the tea now.

    • Surprise..(DEC 2013) December 6, 2016


      • Surprise..(DEC 2013) December 6, 2016


      • LB December 6, 2016

        Well he learned from Bey how it works.

    • Molly #Stargirl December 6, 2016

      Lol exactly I just can’t with her cheating the system bey is garbage

    • SMH December 6, 2016

      Yep, no need for anyone to be bothered over purchased accolades.

  42. HailLegendBeysus December 6, 2016

    THIS KARMA IS TOO GOOD! All Bey’s noms are from Lemonade. No features needed here! ???
    She should have sent in Daddy Lessons from some country noms! ??

  43. fatusankoh December 6, 2016

    To bad Rehoo is coming for queen Bey no talente the only reason you are famose is by sleeping around and Beyoncé haters supporting you as for Kanye he is a Bey hater he pretend to like Bey but deep down he will doanything to put Bey down but thank god haters are not god Rehoo no maters how Bey haters and the men you sleeping around put you you will always come empty so go have a sit with your hateful navy

  44. .:: Centurion ::. December 6, 2016

    “The Beyhive cant do s*** to the Rihanna. They always attack these lesser artists. Im still waiting for them to drag Rihanna for liking the Formation/Desperado shade she liked on twitter. The Beyhive just cant take the Navy. #Facts”
    DEATHHHH!!! Now aint this some bomb ass tea. ☕

  45. LB December 6, 2016

    I do agree with everything I wrote, Ray of light is the best female pop album of the 90s, and that is because Granny wrote non of it. She Beyonce’d her way onto the writing credits, but anyone who knows anything about writing a song knows about a signature.

    I can tell who wrote a certain song due to the certain signature that the writer sort of leaves on their songs. Granny has been inconsistent since that album.

    • Paulo December 6, 2016

      is it a good album? yes. better than janet.? no. better than Jagged Little Pill? definitely not.

      • LB December 6, 2016

        I appreciate opposing views. I respect your opinion.

    • Suicide Blonde December 6, 2016

      Madge actually co-wrote almost every song on that album as well as in all of her albums, never claimed she was the genius behind the masterpiece unlike the one who claimed she wrote Irreplaceable, those are Madonna’s lyrics, you can tell by just reading them.

  46. Datredd23 December 6, 2016

    Honestly she probably liked the post because of the picture it is a cute pic lol

  47. Datredd23 December 6, 2016

    Beyoncé had over 100 writers on her album she better get AOTY lol

    • MusicLoverRiri December 6, 2016

      lol so funny , I guess the pay check will be less than 20 dollars for 100 people involved ?? Real artist in the game knows how much she likes to steal from others.

      Never get signed to Roc nation, hmm your material may be Beys new single or dance moves or what ever More artistic thingy can do

      Go riri , Keep ur Head Up.

      Can I be 1000% honest with you

      I know many people (Her fans) won’t bealive this but it’s crazy how jealous Bey is on Riri . she litterly don’t have the stardom Rihanna Has WorldWide

  48. LB December 6, 2016

    Beyonce produced a “pro-black, female empowerment” album written and produced by 70% white men.

    • LB December 6, 2016

      ^^Make sure you include this in the Soundcloud LMAO

  49. truthtea December 6, 2016

    So nasty and rude? Have you met Beyonce’s fans?

    • Fancy BISH December 6, 2016

      Not Rih calling Samsung customer service….SCREAMING!

  50. Datredd23 December 6, 2016

    Anti has Sam SHOOK to the core he wanted it to be her worst Era ever and look what happened it turned out to be one of her best albums to date and best year fianancially

    • MusicLoverRiri December 6, 2016

      Anti is everything

      I love the Whole album, and I have never used to be a “navy” of riri before but now I am.

      love on the brain, s** with me, Desperado, kiss it better , Needed me, close to you and higher is Bop and Great music That Beyoncé will
      Never be able to produce.

      I do atucally bealive riri tries to write at least but that cow looking Thief Has not Written a lyric in her life. guess who? thief+Cowlooking+Annoying + Childacting (In terms of how she speaks lol , just ask Wendy ??) = bey

      • Datredd23 December 6, 2016

        What are your fav tracks?

        Consideration and Kiss it Better were my favs amazing songs like SHE did that Anti was a masterpiece !

  51. .:: Centurion ::. December 6, 2016

    Did Beyonce ever post her sonogram?

  52. Keri Qween December 6, 2016

    But Sam you need to cut it. The gag is, what you stans praise bet for rih did this last year. BEy is a civil rights leader but where were you last year with American Oxygen? She “experimented” with different sounds. Okay when Rih came out with fourfiveseconds y’all had nothing positive to say and it was a Dolly Parton rip off but you want to praise Daddy lessons

    • iSpeakTruthNoFallacy December 6, 2016

      SPEAK ON IT!!!

    • Um. December 6, 2016

      Lol, The real question is, where was the NAVY with American Oxygen?? It’s not like y’all supported the record and it got ignored by TGJ. The NAVY paid it dust and let it flop. Don’t pass the blame. Y’all let every one of those scrapped singles be forgotten.

    • iamdiego December 6, 2016

      American Oxygen was a horrible song. It didn’t even make anti.

  53. Suicide Blonde December 6, 2016

    She knows (like music fans and the industry knows) that Beyoncé is a paying machine, all the praise and acclaim of Lemonade has been bought by herself. Deal with it Honeybees ?

    • Molly #Stargirl December 6, 2016


    • SMH December 6, 2016

      No lies spotted.

  54. Datredd23 December 6, 2016

    Everyone knows Anti was snubbed and that’s ok Grammies The Navy will survive but really Anti was on everyone lips all year long and still going strong with SWM and LOTB her songs were EVERYWHERE! She had the president to Celine dion singing her songs like really we already know the cultural impact this album had we don’t need Grammies for credit I mean Dianna Ross never received a Grammy her whole career so The Navy will take this L to her Queen graciously!

    • MusicLoverRiri December 6, 2016

      Everyone knows the Grammys is biased , one one wants to be blackBallad in hollywood and won’t speak out. But I promise u More than half of the industry Couldn’t Care less about it, (Hence lower and lower ratings)

      So many Good artists and talents have always been snubbed but who care Riri will live on like a trooper and a fighter and will always be loved and not just by the “Navy’s “.

      Mariah Carey has been snubbed almost her entire Career but look where she is today.

      Selling out tours, Vegas shows, nr 23 on hot 100 for a 22 year song , Throw the Grammys .

      Mariah and Rihanna don’t need them They got the “Navy’s ” and the #Lambs

  55. HiJamon December 6, 2016

    You make it sound like the whole post was about Beyonce. They had one lemonade sign on the post. I’m sure she liked it because they said congratulations on her nominations and the picture. Besides the post could have been edited. Sam you are the worst journalist I’ve seen!! Blogs aren’t supposed to be bias, just report the news and leave the comments to us. Beyonce doesn’t know you and will never do any an interview with you obsessed blog!!

    • Datredd23 December 6, 2016

      Yaaaaasss Read IT!!

  56. LB December 6, 2016

    Critical acclaim, as if reviews cannot be purchased.

    Gaga was exposed for paying Billboard to get positive reviews for her era, Joanne. Now if Gaga can purchase positive press, what makes you think the queen of buying awards (ask Kanye) cannot.

  57. Fresj December 6, 2016

    That's in every category.
    Anti wasn't a bad album it just wasn't better than Lemonade.Sells,critical accliam and so on all point to back up that statement. You can talk all the s*** you want to but how come Anti hasn't sold 1 Million yet? Not in special deals or streaming but actual consumer sells. How come that tour isn't coming anywhere near the formation tour, you know the one with all those "boring"songs? How come the only awards it seems to be winning are fan voted? How come it only gets mentioned when Lemonade is being talked about? Navy talked all that mess but the album is a flop and only has streaming to think for it's charting place. The only saving grace for this era has been the singles.Singles aren't enough to get you nominates for album of the year, hence why she shouldn't be upset. Purpose and views are slightly better albums and sold more so the grammies got it right.Stay pressed Navy, its the current mood you've been in all year!!

    • SMH December 6, 2016

      Lmao I think you may want take your head out of beyonce’s asss and get a grammar & punctuation lesson. Lemonade<Anti? In this sentence the < symbol means that ANTI is the greater album lol.

    • Datredd23 December 6, 2016

      General public speaks volumes hun and ANTI says HI! Just like THE GP was for Hilary but she still lost due to ”Electoral College ” same thing here Beyonce is old establishment and old money she is not going to stand aside and not get these awards or noms Kanye has already spilled the tea funny how the Hive was so for him when he threw Taylor out but now he’s not credible when it comes to their fave?! The irony! Lol

      • Um. December 6, 2016

        Goodness. Where do I start? *clears throat*
        1. Please provide empirical evidence that supports your claim that Anti is substantially supported by the general public. Last I checked, Hillary’s distinction is documented.
        2. Fool, Kanye pulled out RECEIPTS, when he came for Taylor, so where is the comparison?? Or did that tiny yet significant bit of information elude you?
        3. That is probably, the longest sentence I have ever seen in my life. Note: your keyboard is standardized with a comma (it looks like this , ) and a period (the little dot) for for your convenience. Use them.

  58. Jordan December 6, 2016

    Rihanna needs too remember that no matter how famous or successful she becomes she will NEVER EVER be anywhere close too Beyonce’s level! EVER Beyonce has her own lane in this game! While Rihannna was singing in her hairbrush in the mirror, Destiny’s Child were the biggest group in music! Rihanna is TALENTLESS, what she does requires zero skill! Beyonce worked hard from a kid too become what she is today! Compare Rihanna too Katy Perry & Taylor Swift! Not too someone who is becoming a legend and has all the respect from her fellow iconic artists such as Tina Turner, Prince, MJ and Madonna!

    • HiJamon December 6, 2016

      Destiny child were far from the biggest group in music!! Not even the biggest girl group, TLC had them beat in quality and sales. They had good songs though

      • Jordan December 6, 2016

        When Destinys Child were at their peak starting in 2000 with Survivor era they were the biggest group on the planet!!!

    • SMH December 6, 2016

      Rihanna has already surpassed beyonce’s “level”. Several times in fact, right into the history books where beyonce’s name is missing.

      • Jordan December 6, 2016

        Rihanna can’t even sell one night at Wembley stadium out! Beyonce just done two sold out shows and joins only Madonna and Tina Turner in being the only females too ever do so!

    • MusicLoverRiri December 6, 2016

      Lies lies lies (In* tamarvoice*)

      Destiny child have never been the biggest group in the world ever . Have u forgot the Boyz2men , Tlc , The supremes, Forgot the English girl group (I wanna be your lover song ) Beyoncé has never been the biggest, nor the best artist ever .

      Rihanna is so comparable to Beyoncé , I feel like Rihanna is so much cooler, sexier, And nicer. I love her she is so fresh .

      Beyoncé is a sell out cmon she sings Country like the white people (I’m black) will ever care for her, She is trying to please everyone ,
      Hate How big of a thief she really is

      • Jordan December 6, 2016

        Destiny’s Child came out a whole different time too then you thick piece of s***! When they were at their peak they were the NUMBER ONE group in the world!! Even Rihanna has admitted Beyonce is her idol growing up!!

      • Beyhive88 December 6, 2016

        Are you stupid or are you stupid? So wat was California King? Cooler, nicer, when she constantly treats her fans like s***. Give yall lackluster performances, always late, she didn’t even trust yall enough to give her a number one album! Beyoncé stood for Black people and Gays this year, while your Cool Rihanna didn’t even make a post on her secondary job IG modeling to support the gays during the horrible massacre but yall b*** hurt cuz she didn’t get a Nom! The navy is full of idiots!

  59. SMH December 6, 2016

    Lol I think its the beyonce fanbase’s guilty conscience that’s acting up here. Kanye exposed her fraudulent ways, and now they’re trying to make everyone forget it. Too late, kids, the cat is paid for and out the bag now.

    • HiJamon December 6, 2016

      Kanye West has been Beyonce’s biggest supporter over the year’s, so I’m positive he wouldn’t lie. They don’t mention that though. She’s been put on blast

      • SMH December 6, 2016

        Exactly, hes been riding her b*** all this time and her fans loved him for it, now all of a sudden he’s “crazy” when he spills her purchased tea? lol

      • Beyhive88 December 6, 2016

        But he said nothing about purchasing, he said he was hurt… that if she didn’t win soty she wouldn’t perform, after they snubbed her for Single Ladies I wouldn’t either

  60. JoeJoe December 6, 2016

    Well with 15 f*****’ writers on the album Beyonce better have that many nominations. Look how much help she had with that album. I know she paid a grip too.

    • Datredd23 December 6, 2016

      You meant 115 right? Lol

  61. IStan4Rihanna. December 6, 2016

    This post is an absolute mess.


    I CAN’T.



  62. Orlando December 6, 2016

    Wow. Beyonce got DRAGGED! This article was made to get Rihanna dragged. Oh how the tables turned.

  63. Datredd23 December 6, 2016

    Navy is here full force I love it ! We’re not going to tolerate this biased BS lol

  64. gina December 6, 2016

    the pests can get in their feelings all they want, the lemonade has been bought, paid for, and spilled already lmao.

  65. Datredd23 December 6, 2016

    Looks like the tea is already being spilled on twitter lol the caption was edited after Rih like the pic ! lol new she wasn’t pressed I knew it

  66. Datredd23 December 6, 2016

    Sam you are a neurotic impulsive sloppy journalist you should be ashamed of yourself! Your on the low life levels of the Perez Hiltons and TMZs of this world but with far less success!!

    • HiJamon December 6, 2016

      100% agree

  67. The Great Lacefronce. December 6, 2016




  68. RoyalKev December 6, 2016

    You’ve got to be kidding me!

    • Swiftie December 6, 2016

      This is the first time I see a comment from you that’s not a loooong ass paragraph that does not make sense keep it up

      • RoyalKev December 6, 2016

        You say that, but you’re reading all my paragraphs?

    • IStan4Rihanna. December 6, 2016



      You’re a sane commenter; neutral-thinking and unbiased.


      Don’t take the bait.


      This post was edited after Rihanna liked the “original” one and it’s proven all over Twitter as we speak!


      Once again, Beyonce and Rihanna are prime competition and the “stanbases” are attacking eachother because of it, all of this being propelled by the media. What’s new?

      • Kii December 6, 2016

        Girl what’s up between you and Tyra oops I mean Tyler?

      • RoyalKev December 6, 2016

        I’d honestly be disappointed if Rih did something like that! I really don’t care how she feels about Bey behind the scenes, but public shade would not be cute for them to entertain! People would love a public fight between these two ladies! I said my piece, but I wish I can think of ways to make this comment a little longer to give swiftie more reading material…

  69. Swiftie December 6, 2016

    The hive better pray their fave wins AOTY or else they will be dragged for filth like all the Stan bases did in 2015

  70. Cough Cough December 6, 2016

    It must suck to be a die hard Beyoncé fan and have her biggest comparison be to Rihanna. MJ VS Prince, Aretha vs Patti, Janet vs Madonna, Mariah vs Whitney, jay z vs Nas…. all equally comparable talents put against each other. Beyonces going to go down as having to compete with Rihanna, because her restarted die hard fans have actually expressed enough bother to go back and forth with Rihanna die hard… its so funny. They brought it on themselves really

    • Um. December 6, 2016

      What kind of logic… Lmao, if anything it’s the opposite. Death at you thinking that Beyoncé being compared to a younger popstar is a bad thing. Beyoncé’s supposed to be washed up. Rihanna’s supposed to be in her prime. And yet you think them being compared is somehow a negative reflection of Bey??? Lol, fool that only makes Rihanna look more mediocre. She should be unquestionably more successful. Beyoncé shouldn’t even be her competition. Not only has Beyoncé surpassed all of her peers, but she’s so relevant that she’s now in conversation the pop stars of the new generation. Kiiii. You really just played yourself.

      • Shakira Stan December 6, 2016

        Beyonce launched her solo career in 2003 and Rihanna launched hers at 2005.Why is one supposed to be washed up and the other in her prime?
        Who stays at their prime 11 years into their career?
        Lol you hives are so pathetic.

      • Cough Cough December 6, 2016

        Um you totally missed my point. Beyoncé is far superior to Rihanna talent wise, music wise, respect wise… do for her biggest comparison to be against this chick who can barely sing, barely dance and puts on boring live shows is embarrassing. Again all the comparisons I named were of equal merit…not in just sales but on actual caliber of talent. Beyonces biggest comparison has minimal talent. Comprehension is key dear.

      • Um. December 6, 2016

        Interesting how you think I missed your point when you missed mine. Your point: it’s embarrassing that Beyoncé is compared to Rihanna. My point: It’s the opposite.
        I thought I made that pretty clear actually… Worry not. I will clarify. My point is that Rihanna’s inferiority to Beyoncé is irrelevant when it comes to comparisons. I don’t find the fact that they’re compared, embarrassing on Beyoncé’s part. Rihanna is not her peer. As for Rihanna’s status when it comes to talent, it’s unimportant, because in the moment popstars are meant to be just that. Popular stars. Regardless of their talent. *see Taylor Swift. There really is no debate. The trivial Stan wars you witness here are TGJ and on social media? Those are for fun. When it comes to respect, prestige, income, awards, and acknowledgement, look at how Beyoncé is regarded by her critics and peers in the industry, pay attention to the treatment she gets at award shows, the amplification of everything she does, the aggrandizement of everything she accomplishes. Rihanna doesn’t even come close. She gets treated no more special than Gaga or Justin Beiber. She doesn’t even get the respect Taylor gets and that b**** is as basic as they come. Beyonce’s title of the Queen is not self imposed, and it’s not only utilized by her fans either. Very important. There is no ACTUAL comparison. Industry insiders don’t spend their time pondering over who’s the more prestigious artist: Beyoncé or Rihanna. No one ever legitamately questions: who’s more talented: Beyoncé or Rihanna? No one seriously debates that. ISSA JOKE. This “stan war” is just for kicks. Beyonce is at the top of the food chain and as long as it stays that way, I’m satisfied.

      • Beyhive88 December 6, 2016

        The Navy are idiots, a woman 20 years in the game versus someone whose been in it 11 years, and publicly said That said woman was her idle, and a stab to her self-esteem! ?? Always!

  71. Fake Songwriting Credits December 6, 2016

    Why so much drama, Taylor has 2 AOTY, more than Whitney, Mariah and Madonna, can you believe that, aND that chick can’t sing, the Grammys are worthless ,Rihanna should be focusing in scoring more hits and not losing steam,and Beyonce, well let her get her AOTY, it’s getting embarrassing how hard she tries, Run the world flopping with all the promo hurt her ego.

  72. #TeamTinashe Stan December 6, 2016

    I actually listened and liked “ANTI” more and also I thought the Grammys isn’t about sales? They judge on the quality of the song in all of its elements.

    Also, this is an “Award show” so they need to nominate these same ppl every year to get those retweets, likes, hashtag trends, media attention and most importantly their viewerships up!
    So everything is half & half.

  73. Betty Boop December 6, 2016

    She made a huge mistake in liking that shady comment on instagram. She looks pressT, bothered, and just gave Beyonce the upper-hand. And for what? What do you gain from this? Beyonce has never shaded rihanna in public and will continue to look unbothered and keep it moving. Rihanna, you look bitter as hell. If you want AOTY and SOTY and all the highest forms of recognition and respect, then you need to be better than your Competition, and quite frankly, you’re not. You’re not the best singer, you’re not the best dancer; you’re lacking in a lot of departments. Your saving grace is your ability to choose great songs that are written, produced and arranged for you. Fashion and pretty looks can only take you so far. If you cannot push yourself to be an all around better entertainer, than your star will start to fade.

    What are you doing differently to heighten your music and artistry? You re-recorded “same ol’ mistakes” by tame impala word for word. The song was released only 2 years ago!! That is both lazy and unimaginitive. This leads me to believe that you don’t have much imput on the creative process of crafting songs.

    Lemonade, in my opinion, is by far more superior. Bey delved into different genres of music, collaberated with jack white for pete’s sake!! That’s huge. That is respect and boat loads of talent right there. While some songs did underwhelm me, the good overshadowed the not so good. Let’s not even mention the damn film that accompanied the album!! When you put that much time, effort, sweat, and practice into crafting your work, it does not go unnoticed. Point. Blank. Period.

    On another note, surprised as hell purpose and views were nominated.

    • Shakira Stan December 6, 2016

      Ugly Betty stfu…u act like Rihanna is one lazy girl from Barbados…. But frankly girl works her b*** off, yes she ain’t the best dancer performer etc (neither is Beyonce) but girl stays churning out at least an album every year, flies around to promote it, acts movies ,does commercials, launches her own line of products… How exactly is that lazy?
      Plus she has a better catalogue than Beyonce in terms of discography…. The only thing Beyonce does that rihanna doesn’t do is taking credits for songs she did not write… Maybe not being mean and selfish and devious makes her undeserving for AOTY… But we all still know Anti was better than lemonade and come January neither of them will be walking away with album of the year.

      • Betty Boop December 6, 2016

        Do you know what the definition of talent is? It is a natural skill or a skill that is practiced a million times until it becomes natural. Why do you think Michael Jackson was so revered? Because not only was that man gifted, but he practiced his singing and dancing everyday. It is the same thing Bey does and she’s been doing it all her life. So yes, she deserves all the recognition she gets because she pays for it in blood, sweat and tears. If you need any proof, look at her tours. Which of her contemporaries puts on a better show? No one.

        Rihanna is lazy in the artistry of her music on and off the stage. Yes, she may be all over the globe doing commercials and music, but we are here talking about the music. You know, cuz that’s her job, MUSIC. How you been in the game for 10+ years and you still cannot sing your songs correctly?? I have seen some of her tour videos. I can see that she does not practice and hardly prepared. She only puts the bare minimum of effort; always deflecting the microphpne to her audience so they can sing her high notes. That is embarassing!! Everyone with eyes can see this, yet she thinks she is deserving of AOTY and other accolades? you want respect then you need to earn it. You need to sit your ass in a studio and practice your songs and dances until they are A1.
        As far as my opinion on her song work, you can refer to my original comment of her shameless take on “Same Ol’ Mistakes.” No merit what so ever. Hear a catchy song, record it as your own, slap it onto the album. Bam.

  74. Orangeyougladididntsaybanana December 6, 2016

    it comes down between 25 and PURPOSE TBH

    25 moved over 3,000,000 units in ONE week
    It broke a record
    It was critically acclaimed

    PURPOSE generated several top 10 hits and brought Justin’s career back from the brink of death

    Lemonade is no different than self-titled

  75. rihape December 6, 2016

    Rihanna’s just pressed because she looks like an ape!F*** this down-syndrome looking b****. This ain’t the first time she’s shaded Bey either.

  76. #JACKIE December 6, 2016

    I did find it quite funny how Lemonade was barely out for an hour and was already getting 5 star and A ratings. Anti was out for ten minutes and the average reviews came streaming in. Long story short, Beyoncé had an unfair advantage when it came to the critics.

    • Um. December 6, 2016

      That doesn’t even make sense…
      “Lemonade was barely out for an hour and got great reviews…”
      “Anti was out for ten minutes and got average reviews…”
      Basically what you said is, “both of them were out for short periods of time and one got great reviews and one didn’t….” What exactly is the point you were trying to make? Because your logic does not indicate an advantage on either part…

      • #JACKIE December 6, 2016

        The point I’m trying to make is how can an album that was just released 15 minutes ago get five star ratings. Don’t you need time to actually grasp the music? But I guess when you have the media wrapped around your finger you can do things like that.

      • Um. December 6, 2016

        I will break it down. If you’re talking about an advantage, that would mean that Beyoncé was afforded something that Rihanna wasn’t or vice versa…
        You just expressed, “how can an album that was released 15 minutes ago get five star ratings.” But you also pointed out earlier, that Anti got reviewed after only 10 minutes. If they were both given reviews within 10-15 minutes, and one got great reviews and the other didn’t, what is the advantage? What’s the advantage that Beyoncé got?
        Your argument would make waaayyy much more sense if you said:
        “After only 10 minutes, Anti got average reviews. But critics considered Lemonade for days, and it got 5 star reviews. My conclusion is that Beyoncé had an advantage because the critics were able to grasp the music more over the longer duration of time, but they didn’t give that privilege to Anti, so it’s unfair.”
        OR! You could’ve also argued…
        “After only 10 minutes, Lemonade got great reviews. But critics considered Anti for a longer period of time and it got average reviews. My conclusion is that Beyoncé had an advantage because they gave her great reviews without taking the time to actually grasp her music. That time was not long enough to give her great reviews. They took much more time critiquing Anti, so it’s unfair.”
        If BOTH Lemonade and Anti were given the same treatment, being only judged for 10-15 minutes before they were reviewed, then there is NO advantage. So your logic makes no sense…

      • BEY>RIH December 6, 2016

        @Um. OMG you just dragged this dumb bítch for filth!!!!

  77. Rihboy December 6, 2016

    So what? The hive about to post a whole bunch of bees and lemons under her pics like toddlers? Ki! She too busy being an actress! Nothing will be done about it. Just Sam being a messy pile of bile. Beyoncé won’t say nothing about it either

    • Amerikkka’s Most Wanted ~ Tyler December 6, 2016

      Beyonce doesn’t need to say anything because her album was actually nominated and your salty ass faves wasn’t. We all know who the real winner is in this scenario

  78. Um. December 6, 2016

    I mean, really, it only took Rihanna 3 years to do this. After microwaving her songs for so long, she actually decided to try. If it took her 3 years to sell her album for free, complete a flop tour, and win a prestigious AMA, who knows what she’ll accomplish with album number 9? Maybe she’ll upgrade and sell for $1. Maybe TWO dollars. Maybe 2.99 even. Big bucks. Maybe 10th times the charm… Or is the saying..15th times…? 26? 37? Nonetheless, don’t listen to the haters, I have faith in you RihRih!!!

    • Rihboy December 6, 2016

      Rihanna has been liking photos of bey shade! And has thrown very obvious shade. So idk why this is news. Nothing but the juice trying to give the Grammys hype!

    • Surprise…dec 2013 December 6, 2016

      Or maybe she will get Samsung special customer service on speed dial…so she can always order her certifications.??????????

      • Rihboy December 6, 2016

        Or the Grammy committee to auction Grammys.

  79. Shakira Stan December 6, 2016

    The hive are so bothered with riri it’s sad …like girl liked some few random posts about her deserving album of the year and they make it all about bey Carter and her 9 bought nominations .
    The saddest thing is that she has like zero chance of winning that category, if she couldn’t beat beck what makes you think she can beat Adele?

    • Surprise…dec 2013 December 6, 2016

      Shakira still sounds like she f***** a goat tho….Even after all these years.??????

      • Shakira Stan December 6, 2016

        The goat your fav clung to when b day was flopping down the chart like Jay Z’s d*** bouncing off Rita ora

      • Amerikkka’s Most Wanted ~ Tyler December 6, 2016

        Umm, when exactly did bday flop? Irreplaceable came and slayed all of you h***. That was one of her most commercially successful albums to date

  80. B_Roni December 6, 2016

    As a fan of bey and Rih, please shut the hell up. A lot of people like Rihanna album and bought it. As I have stated before, not many people can give away 1 million albums for free to the world who already can download an album for free anyway and still go gold. Secondly some of you look like you bathe in cow manure and you have the nerve to talk about these women looks

  81. ???????Chile, take this “Itty Bitty Piggy” to the market and make sure you hold her hand while crossing the street!??????? December 6, 2016

    “We built sandcastles that washed away. Every promise don’t work out that way.”

    – Yonce

  82. ???????Chile, take this “Itty Bitty Piggy” to the market and make sure you hold her hand while crossing the street!??????? December 6, 2016

    “His respectful lips for the last time spell out the lyrics to love in the sky. It’s you that I live for and for you I die. So I’ll lay here with you ’til the final goodbye.”

    – Rih

  83. xedos December 6, 2016

    Lemonade is popular because of the video not because of the songs. the songs cannot stand on their own and the charts prove it

    • HailLegendBeysus December 6, 2016

      Charts don’t prove anything. Especially when Beyoncé has withheld all her new music from streaming platform’s. All BB100 and 200 are these days is a reflection of streams. How many singles this year have been certified platinum or more?

      • IStan4Rihanna. December 6, 2016



        2X Platinum (2M+ copies or more): 3.


        1X Platinum (1M+ copies or more): 15.




        1X Platinum (1M+ copies or more): 2.


        Gold (500K copies or more): 1.

        Rihanna is the only female artist to sell 1M+ copies of 3 songs this year. Beyonce and Drake are the only artists to sell 1M+ copies or more in pure sales from an album and Rihanna is the only artist (behind them) to sell more than 500K copies of an album.



      • Amerikkka’s Most Wanted ~ Tyler December 6, 2016

        Sales aren’t dead just look at the Beyonce’s, Drake’s, and Taylor’s of the world. Their albums sell very well.

      • IStan4Rihanna. December 6, 2016

        Beyonce’ is nowhere near the level of “Taylor Swift” in album sales (especially domestically) nor will she ever be, so that indirect comparison is invalid. With albums released thus far, she has outsold Beyoncés entire albums discography. As a matter of fact, Beyonce’s overall sales are barely 2/3 of what Taylor Swift’s is and she has released only 1 album less than Beyonce.


        Drake is a Hip-Hop artist thus their album sales shouldn’t be compared to that of Pop artists anyhow, as they tend to generally sell more.


        This year, only Beyonce’ and Drake have managed to go platinum in pure sales, yes, but that doesn’t negate the fact that sales are down 64% to what they were last year and that only 3 albums released in 2016 have managed to sell beyond 500K units.


        I love you Sis, but what exactly is your point?

      • Amerikkka’s Most Wanted ~ Tyler December 6, 2016

        My point is, Beyonce , Taylor, and Drake all opened at #1, with big numbers, and went on to go multi platinum. Just because Rihanna hasn’t managed to do that since Good Girl Gone bad doesn’t mean that the same applies to everybody else. Lemonade is the best selling album of 2016 with 2.5 mill sold in PURE SALES. People like her prove that albums do still sell in today’s music climate.

    • Rihboy December 6, 2016

      Exactly!!! Her songs fell so hard even with tour treatment!

      • Amerikkka’s Most Wanted ~ Tyler December 6, 2016

        Rihannas your and album fell hard even with a #1 single. So what’s your point?

  84. Molly #Stargirl December 6, 2016

    BTW IDC that Selena wasn’t nominated for a Grammy she just won Best female artist at the last award show I’m good.

  85. Mark111 December 6, 2016

    And? The pest can spam all they want, they couldn’t stop Rihanna then and can’t now. What? Are they going to spam her social media and pages about Rihanna? They already do that on the daily. I just find it funny how Rihanna is still on their minds when Minutemaid has a chance to win AOTY. I mean the girl slaved out for 14 mins at the VMAs (rigging awards as well) and the pest were only talking about Rihanna. ? ?

    • Amerikkka’s Most Wanted ~ Tyler December 6, 2016

      Marsha, Marsha, Marsha u sound almost as mad as Frih. UR HURT! hahahaha

  86. Amerikkka’s Most Wanted ~ Tyler December 6, 2016

    What’s worse, looking jealous or crazy ?

    • Surprise..(DEC 2013) December 6, 2016


      • Amerikkka’s Most Wanted ~ Tyler December 6, 2016

        All of the flavors in the world YET they choose to be salty lol. Why is that ??

  87. BritneyBabe December 6, 2016

    Anyway, the nominations are already in and there’s no changing them no matter how many meltdowns some may have.
    Why does Rihanna get off on “beating” Beyonce so much? 8 nominations isn’t enough for her?

  88. Ocean8 December 6, 2016

    oh TGJ! … y’all gonna post the text she had with her fan?

    • Amerikkka’s Most Wanted ~ Tyler December 6, 2016

      What text ?

  89. Sherrele December 6, 2016

    Rih fans mad, who is really pressed! Seriously. Leave on that note! Have a nice day

  90. Rushonj December 6, 2016

    Minute Maid is Beyonce’s worst album, Worst than 4????

  91. Mariah Carey December 6, 2016

    We love Beyonce, she’s fantastic but we all know Adele is going to win Album Of The Year dahhhling!

  92. Rosie December 6, 2016

    Just got back from my final and saw this mess.
    Of course the r***** Navi is in here playing victim, as usual. But if any other celeb did this “hahA these h*** are so pressed at ACCLAIMED FASHION ICON. we bad you mad!!1”, etc.

  93. FASHION_ICON ~ Anti&Lemonade December 6, 2016

    Rihanna already got nominated for aoty with loud..

    This post is a reach and i don’t see any shade at all.

    It’s obvious people don’t understand what they read, the post just said “rihanna would have been the most nominated if she was nominated for AOTY SOTY and surpass beyonce by the amount of nomination”

    Where do you read it’s a shade to beyoncé or lemonade was wack or whatever ?

    The gay people are the worst sometimes always bitter, on the nerve for anything…btw this instagram post was edited.

    Sam grow a d*** cause really you lack one

  94. Mel December 6, 2016

    Kanye done already told ya what’s up,what we already knew,b buys and bully’s for awards,be cool???

  95. iamdiego December 6, 2016

    The Rih Hive are delusional. How the f*** is getting nominated 8x’s a snub? Also anybody find it odd that Rih and the Rih-Hive thinks she is on Beyoncé’s level? Beyonce Didn’t need a Drake feature or a samsung deal to get nominations. Yall should be more mad that Rihanna submitted her anti album for R&B fields. It’s not pop and it’s not R&B either. Work, S** with me and Consideration are my s***. EVERYTHING else is so so. Also get into the production /mixing/singing of the songs on the album. Are yall serious? What about album concept? Does it flow? If Rihanna and Rih-Hive want album of the year they need to step they p**** up and stop blaming Beyonce for their shortcomings. Also, does anybody find it odd that Rihanna will attach herself to controversy on instagram just for their names be brought up in the same sentence? As far as I’m concerned Solange should have more noms than Rihanna.

  96. Alex December 6, 2016

    The Navy salty Ass need to shut up! Riho should have came harder. And certain people “LB and mark” love talking about stating FACTS and only taking the word of people who are CREDIBLE, but you take the word of Kanye?? Major CONTRADICTION! Beyonce is nominated in the BIG 3!! Deal with it!!!! Lmao!!!

  97. daveheyah December 7, 2016

    Chris Martin said : ” Rihanna is like Franc Sinatra nowadays”.
    I have no questions.
    Beyonoce has to pay for her awards and pay to destroy other artists.
    She should die…as an artist.

  98. We Nowqd Redv dimnobut it ash trjoan ivy blobukz Need UK timely Ukuno eremxil December 7, 2016


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