Hot Shots: Lil Kim Lights Up Bliss Nightclub

Published: Monday 5th Dec 2016 by Sam

Lil Kim looked all sorts of “luminous” last night at Bliss Night Club.

The female Rap pioneer made a rare appearance at the DC hot spot and was joined by ‘Love & Hip-Hop’ stars Yandy Smith and Kimbella, as well as 2 Chainz. 

Cheered on by the capacity crowd, the ‘Whoa’ femcee soaked up the love and even bust a few moves too.

There’s a lot that can be said, but we’ll leave at…we wish her the best.

Pics and clip after the jump…



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  1. joselinefan_xo December 5, 2016

    “They so obsessed with the Queen Bee, they be watchin me like Netflix..”

    somebody must’ve heard Kimmy’s new track ‘i got a feeling’ and felt some type of way…ooouuu!!
    such a shady shady post, thatstankjuice. u should know betta than to throw shots at nicki minaj’s muva. she didn’t go through all that labor for nothing. just remember an eff u to kim is an automatic eff u to that clone bish. n y’all wonder why every nicki post is flooded with hate. lol

    • FAF December 5, 2016

      We don’t care

      Nicki don’t copy her current face that’s all that matters

      • joselinefan_xo December 5, 2016

        F.A.G As f**k

        we don’t care either u food shelter ass bish. originality, #1 songs on billboard & a grammy is all that matters to REAL QUEENS. hop off my post unless here to dust off the throne.

    • Lake Erie December 5, 2016

      Just heard the “I got a feeling” joint and it is NICE! I like it. Hopefully it doesn’t go unnoticed due to her underdog backing..

    • Caleb December 6, 2016

      Nobody knows that song.

  2. Cough Cough December 5, 2016

    Sams bored. British black girl bottom shade is so weak. She wouldn’t last a day in New York City where the girls throw real tea and THOROUGH reads. She tries too hard.

    • joselinefan_xo December 5, 2016

      trust me gurl her tea is cold and dem crumpits be stale. she wouldn’t last a day in the Chi either. that lacefront would pop off on site as she exited the plane. lol!

  3. Killian December 5, 2016

    Thatshadejuice kimchee looks good.. with the shades on

  4. King December 5, 2016

    One thing about Kim. She is a trendsetter and she’s consistent. I hope she gets a deal soon I could surly love to hear hardcore Kim or even la Bella mafia Kim.

    • Lake Erie December 5, 2016

      Yes!!! La Bella Mafia was and still is the SH!T!

  5. Gabe December 5, 2016

    Self hate

  6. Beysus my lord and savior December 5, 2016

    Lil Kim does not look good…yall b****** is delusional. She looks like f****** jigsaw.

  7. Metzo December 5, 2016

    Lmaoooo she looks like 1 of those flat-faced korean inflatable dolls

  8. Kiii December 5, 2016

    This the first time I’ve seen kim in a while. She looks um a little different…

  9. Aunty December 5, 2016

    Maybe if you left it at wish her best from the get go, yall wack a$$ site wouldn’t have a maximum of 20 comments per article.

  10. joselinefan_xo December 5, 2016

    i just realized yandi looks hella light too. anyways it just make up y’all stop hating on the queen, her new song is a bop!

  11. Nicko December 5, 2016

    LMFAOOO @ that face. Someone commented that kim is consistent. B**** where ? She hasnt dropped a good song in +10 yrs.

  12. Kimbella December 5, 2016

    Yes my girl looks great

  13. Danny Beylmaoo December 5, 2016

    I hope she has vitiligo or something cuz that’s the only acceptable explanation for this…

  14. Danzou December 5, 2016

    Lil wimp is done

  15. No favs, just here for the music December 5, 2016

    Kim’s face in the last photo scares the crap outta me

  16. OMG Logic!!! December 5, 2016

    Kim looks good. Glad she finally found a look that she’s happy with. She was having too much surgery too often in the past.

  17. J-Mar December 5, 2016

    lil kim looks horrible

  18. Yoncé The Great December 5, 2016

    I feel sorry for Lil’ Kim and even sorrier for the delusional people on this post and not keeping it real that Lil’ Kim does not look at all.

  19. cocobutta December 5, 2016

    She needs back that make up artist from the bad boy reunion tour.

    Did her shade of tone so much better.
    At least she having a good time though.

  20. Surprise…dec 2013 December 5, 2016

    Asian women know how to party…yes Li Kimchu

    • No favs, just here for the music December 6, 2016

      I can’t with ya’ll lol

  21. Junior in Jamaica December 6, 2016

    I am sick of her. She looks really disgusting.

  22. Lea December 6, 2016

    Guh she look a hot ass mess!

  23. DanYiel Iman December 6, 2016

    Uhh what what The Queen Bee ? ? representing Brooklyn!! ❤️️

  24. Ciah’s Turtle December 6, 2016


  25. We Nowqd Redv dimnobut it ash trjoan ivy blobukz Need UK timely Ukuno eremxil December 7, 2016

    They all looks nice and a hot mess

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