Lady Gaga Salutes Madonna For ‘Woman of the Year’ Honor

Published: Monday 12th Dec 2016 by Sam

Lady Gaga has never had any issues expressing herself, even when it comes to former foes.

The Pop superstar has a well-documented history with Madonna, who once branded her act “reductive” following constant comparisons.

In the years since their respective fanbases have been embroiled in digital warfare, yet the frostiness between the singers has seemingly melted.

Last year, they were snapped posing together at the MET Gala and now Gaga has extended another olive branch with a sweet message about Madge’s recent Billboard Woman of the Year honor. An award she won in 2015.

See what she said below…

Taking to Twitter just minutes ago, Mother Monster wrote…


From one queen to another.

We love it.

On a random note, would you be “here” for a Gaga/Madonna collaboration?

Your thoughts?

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  1. IG @ MIXEDBOY December 12, 2016

    They try to pit all the ladies against each other. It’s nice that these women can see through it and support one another.

  2. 2bad2bme December 12, 2016

    Madonna said keep it lmao

  3. The Kpop guy, Matt~ December 12, 2016

    They both need to stop talking about each other

  4. AmericanDream December 12, 2016

    Now their fanbase shall understand their faves and stop hating each other.

  5. Mark111 December 12, 2016

    Two attention wh0res doing great the most to aging attention from their flopping careers. (well in Madonna case, flop album.)

  6. truthtea December 12, 2016

    Its not pitting women against each other when Gaga goes on air and shades the f*ck out of Madonna for no reason! And this was the same week Joanne came out!

    Damn just when i start to like her, she reminds me why i never did to begin with. She thinks everybody should just bow down and kiss her damn feet!

    • LB December 12, 2016

      But she told the truth, she was in the studio writing and producing, something Granny cannot do regardless of what those suspect paid for writing credits say.

    • Anne December 12, 2016

      I agree. Gaga basically modeled her early image and sound after Madonna, which is what got her where she is today. Then she acted like it was an insult that she was compared to Madonna during that interview. Guess she’s trying to make up for that now. But I think an apology wad in order, Madonna paved the way for artists like her period and I’ve never heard any of Gaga’s peer be that disrespectful to Madonna or any of the other divas that paved the way.

  7. Weezy Tha Goat/Zayn Is ? December 12, 2016

    I bet Granny is going to throw shade in her response.

  8. LB December 12, 2016

    An attention w**** complimenting another attention w****.

    Both frauds, except one of them (Gags) can actually sing in Key and write a full song by herself, whereas the other has been lying to the industry for years, is a thief and conned and stripped her way to the top.

    Gags needs to aim higher instead of settling for stiff yoga moves, decrepit dancing, no skills, no talent, no purpose fraudulent thief.

  9. truthtea December 12, 2016

    I doubt Gaga is the sole writer, producer, and musician on her music. She’s been proven to be a fraud on many occasions. She’s as fake as they come! She rode her career off the decline of Xtina, used Madonna’s entire legacy as means to promote her own, and now claims PTSD as a means to sell records because Joanne flopped!

  10. Suicide Blonde December 12, 2016

    Those two love each other deep down, even though their egos won’t let them admit that.

    • Prince Machiavel December 12, 2016

      Hi Paul?
      How are you? I wanna know, did you listen Red & Blue from Gaga(well Stephanie)? I just did today and it’s very surprising!

      • Suicide Blonde December 12, 2016

        Wow, it’s been a long time, how are u doing?…I listened to the album a couple of years ago, it’s very minimalistic and raw, wish you were here is my favorite ?

  11. Prince Machiavel December 12, 2016

    I’m good Pauli!!

    Yes i know it’s been a long time cause i can’t at the stan war, people don’t talk about music anymore.? I’m in love with the whole album, but yeah “Wish You Were Here” is the best, so emotional?. ??

  12. Mad-on-her December 13, 2016

    Ah I’m so happy Gaga said this! I think maybe Madonna could be her SuperBowl guest.

  13. cocobutta December 13, 2016

    On one hand my mind is like this is a beautiful thing to put & like an olive branch, but after what Gaga said about Madge writing songs this feels backtracked and fake.
    Did she apologise before coming from that bitter to this sweet?

  14. frmluz December 13, 2016

    probably gonna bring her out at the superbowl.

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