Madonna Angers Michael Jackson & Prince Fans: ‘All Of Your Faves Are Dead & I’m Still Standing’ [Video]

Published: Friday 9th Dec 2016 by Rashad

Billboard may have honored Madonna tonight as their ‘Woman of the Year’ at this year’s ‘Women in Music’ event, but the Queen of Pop is certainly receiving a royal dragging after her controversial acceptance speech.

The Grammy-winning pop icon is quoted as saying:

“Michael is gone.  Tupac is gone.  Prince is gone. Whitney is gone.  Amy Winehouse is gone. David Bowie.  But, I’m still standing.  I’m one of the lucky ones.”

The statement may have earned an awkward applause at the event, but that damn sure wasn’t the case on Twitter.  See what we mean below:

RIP #michaeljackson #whitneyhouston #tupac #prince #davidbowie but #madonna wants you to know she is still here

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  1. ICONIC December 9, 2016

    this stupid old h**.

    • LISA LEVINE December 10, 2016

      Here’s whats wrong with Black Twitter: They are stupid. The Woman is an icon legend who has sold more records than all of them. She’s speaking truth and she said it almost in TEARS. Of course the angry black and gay youth will take what she said as NEGATIVE. It was NOT spoken in that matter. Grow up.

      • Anne December 10, 2016

        I agree, what she said just happens to be true. She is one of the lucky ones so far, along with other like Stevie and Aretha.

      • SMH December 10, 2016

        You should have stopped talking right after “she has sold more records than all of them”. MJ’s record sales buries this walking corpes’ sales, both dead and when he was alive.

      • Melanie December 10, 2016

        You sound like a hate filled racist and homophobe. What do black people and gay people have to do with this? Straight white people are dragging her ass too. You called an entire group of people online “stupid” for having an opinion on this freeze-dried h**. What about all those STUPID ANGRY TRUMP SUPPORTERS and what they’ve said? Oh yeah but most of them are WHITE!!! Maybe you’re one of them. How about you just shut your trolling ignorant ass up.

      • Tyler December 10, 2016

        Agreed. And she is right. She’s still standing longggg after these other great artists have departed early. The woman is a warrior. And the lower evolved can’t stand confidence. They’re threatened by it. Especially when it’s coming from an older woman.

      • Iloverihanna December 11, 2016

        Yeah we get your point but you always come as hateful and racist especially when it refers to Beyonce and most black celebs,are you racist?

      • Dmarie December 12, 2016

        She has not sold more than them all put together do your math. She’s nothing compared to them. The fact they’re gone and she’s alive speaks of a greater evil.

      • Highbrow? December 12, 2016

        It was poor in taste as well as classless. Herstory repeats. Madonna will always be classless. And since you want to call out black twitter it’s no surprise that white America and the globe would rally around a blond white woman with no talent crying crocodile tears. She says she’s a feminist yet rips every female artist down as if she created music when she actually follows and latches on to the latest and trendiest artist she can. Madonna is like the Donald Trump of the pop queens. Just classless with no manner. A true queen doesn’t need to do say all of that.

    • Felix December 11, 2016

      Madonna is not a h**..look everyone ages.. remember one is 22 forever.. jealousy is an ugly thing

  2. GurlWepa1989 December 9, 2016

    People take stuff so seriously. Madonna has no ill intentions toward and of those legends. People just need to loosen up little.

  3. Molly #Stargirl December 9, 2016

    Lord she’s too much ?

  4. Hotness December 9, 2016

    I still dnt know at least three songs of her.she’s not really a legend.she has no crossover songs.just another popular w****.#sorry

    • Jay Jay December 9, 2016

      I’m not a huge madonna fan but I’m pretty sure she is the most successful female musician in all of our lifetime so she is a legend

    • LISA LEVINE December 10, 2016

      You are a LIAR. Your a homosexual right? I’m sure you know Vogue. Like a prayer at the superbowl. You are disgusting and stupid. The Gays know most of her songs. duh.

      • ka December 10, 2016

        My girl is Janet but papa don’t preach is my jam and when she did the song with babyface in 95-96 ! No hating those mentioned along with Madonna has made impact at a time…the joke, even though a joke was bit insensitive they have families and die hard fans still in remorse especially MJ.

      • ka December 10, 2016

        I’m not gay but no one can not say they have not heard a Madonna song in all these years.

      • Felix December 11, 2016

        That comment is extremely hateful and ignorant..

    • Teflon Boy December 10, 2016

      Being ‘culturally illiterate’ is nothing to brag about babe.., love or hate the reality but Madonna is part of the holy pop trinity made up of herself, Prince and MJ

  5. Brandy keeps some TGJ posters mad which is why they down vote any positive comment about her December 9, 2016

    What she said could’ve easily been taken the wrong way. Definitely not said in good taste. She should’ve known better.

  6. Shakira Stan December 9, 2016

    This old b**** stays reaching….. Micheal called her out as the she devil she was a long time ago.

    • Felix December 10, 2016

      Of course..she’s always taken out of context.. just like with her performance at the billboard awards.. people said she made it all about her.. when really she picked Nothing Compares 2 u to say that Prince is irreplaceable.. she has said multiple times over the years how she respected all of the deceased artists she mentioned.. people look for any excuse to throw hate in her’s pretty sad to be honest

  7. LmfaoHoe December 9, 2016

    Smh I must say though, growing up in the 80s was perfect especially music Wise. I never thought I see the days where Michael, Prince, and Whitney would pass in the sale decade smh. You guys better cherish Mariah along with others, cause this generation only has a few great talents to offer sadly.

    • LmfaoHoe December 9, 2016

      *same decade

  8. Mark111 December 9, 2016

    If she just said MJ, Whitney and Prince, it would have been fine because they are peers, they were all big in the 80s and some of the highest selling, most influencing artists of this generation. But what did Tupac, Amy and Bowie have to do with her career? They were never her peers, never compared or were in the same space. She just named a list of dead artists and pretty much said “Hahahahahaha, they dead but I’m still here”. This witch will do anything or say anything for attention. Girl go somewhere and enjoy the remainding years of your life.
    It’s how she said it, plus adding in artist that had nothing to do with her career. I believe Stevie Wonder mentioned something like this, he named a list of the greats from the pass 50 years and said it was a blessing to still be standing here when so many were unfortunately not. She said the most controversial thing she done, was to still be here. I recall Jay Z on a few records naming Tupac & Biggie and saying Hov was different because Hov is still alive. I never liked it as well. Even his lil Best Rapper Alive was disrespectful imo.

    • Oh December 10, 2016

      Did you know that Madonna and TuPac were actually friends and or dated? David Bowie was an influence and one of her faves. Not sure about Amy but she was one of the rare talents that left too soon. You clearly know very little about the topic

      • Dmarie December 12, 2016

        Yes she like Prince screwed each other and many others so what

    • Felix December 10, 2016

      Actually she was friends with Tupac and David Bowie..she said David Bowie was her first concert and she loved and respected him..she also said she liked Amy’s music..this constant hate that gets thrown at her is really sad..

  9. Stephy December 9, 2016

    She outlasted all her competition, period.
    The smartest pop star of all time. Worked hard, and with the little talent she possessed in the physical, was backed very strategically with the OVERWHELMING brilliance she was blessed with mentally. Madonna is nothing but pure love & joy. A strong white woman. I respect her.
    She meant no ill harm in what she was saying. It’s just her rightfully letting the haters know that she outlasted all that were considered more “talented” and better than her. They said she wouldn’t last no more than 5 years, and ended up slaying for damn near 40. And outsold Barbra Streisand in order to hold the grown for the best selling female act ever. I get her, long live the Queen of Pop.

    • Mark111 December 9, 2016

      What she said was s*****, the end. You stans can make all the excuses you want, but you don’t get up, name a list of people that has little to do with you or each other and say I’m still standing. She’s a B, she’s an old White woman that is used to saying whatever she wants and never apologizing for it and is stuck in her ways. Pretty much the same as Trump, say crappy things to get attention. You stans are cult followers and refuse to see anything your faves does wrong.

      • Stephy December 9, 2016

        You just don’t get it… Stay mad-t.

    • Credits December 10, 2016

      She didn’t outlast them. She outlived them. Two different things. Dead Michael Jackson is still making more money than her, she is not outlasting him.

    • Dmarie December 12, 2016

      Yes little talent and white skin h*** far…..real talent lovers not impressed,,,,we know how white society rolls

  10. Bloop December 9, 2016

    Those dead celebrities were her friends and she’s speaking the truth. No will ill on her part.

    • oopsUPsideDaHead December 10, 2016

      MJ called her evil in one of sleep sessions with Conrad Murray. OOPS

      • Anne December 10, 2016

        To refer to someone as evil is cruel and harsh unless they are some sort of muderer or child m*******. Michael should stick with the Man in the Mirror, was he evil when he bought the rights to the Beatles music? I don’t think so, no moreso than Madonna.

      • T February 16, 2017

        But don’t literally believe ALL the things from Conrad Murray’s book. He’s a joke, there were things in that book that were too ridiculous to believe! It’s his way in trying to prove his ‘innocence’, and as mean to gain $$ off this, after all he even lost his medical license!

    • Dmarie December 12, 2016

      They were not friends Prince stated so he just gave respect as he was known to do to that which was beneath him.

  11. Heyyyyy Yaaaaa December 9, 2016

    I don’t think it was shade tho! Poor delivery yes but no shade! She’s a living legend. She’s still here doing her thing..she can come out with a whack album it won’t ever change all of the good classic songs she came out with. *starts singing* hmmm mhmmm something’s coming over meeee… baby’s got a secret

  12. Sean December 9, 2016

    Her full quote but of course Samantha takes it out of context

    “I think the most controversial thing I have ever done is to stick around. Michael is gone. Tupac is gone. Prince is gone. Whitney is gone. Amy Winehouse is gone. David Bowie is gone. But I’m still standing. I’m one of the lucky ones and every day I count my blessings.”

  13. We Nowqd Redv dimnobut it ash trjoan ivy blobukz Need UK timely Ukuno eremxil December 9, 2016

    She’ll be gone too one day

  14. oopsUPsideDaHead December 10, 2016

    Madonna is legendary, but this comment sounds like God chose to take the others and leave her less talented b*** behind, and maybe thats exactly why. O_O

    That choir in the sky is very elite. She wouldn’t make the choir

    • Anne December 10, 2016

      She said luck…I don’t think she had a god in mind.

    • Dmarie December 12, 2016

      Well said Amen!

  15. Coolness December 10, 2016

    Only a little bit of her speech was used and that was taken out of context. She was simply talking about how some of her legendary peers and a few younger greats have passed but she’s still here and counting her blessings every day. Perhaps she should’ve worded it a little better.

    Idk about y’all considering Madonna often puts on a very brave front, but it must’ve been be a little difficult for her to see MJ, Whitney and Prince pass away the way they did. Whether each of them had great relationships with her is besides the point. Those four (alongside Janet), DEFINED the 80s and 90s. There will NEVER be another group of groundbreaking, influential and commercially successful pop stars like them.

    I was never a huge fan of Madonna, thb (although I do LOVE her 90s discography) but the woman is a certified living legend and we should cherish her and the other legends we have left, Because chile, these new crop of artists coming up are NOT IT and there are few select acts that are carrying the torch well for those who paved the way.

    • Mark111 /.\ December 10, 2016

      We have to accept that those 4 are music legends, but there were greats before them and will be greats after them. Kids today will feel the same about Rihanna, Beyonce, JT and a few others. The 80’s fab 5 (MJ, Prince, Janet, Whitney & Madonna) were peers, very different and paved the road to pop stars in the past 30 years. I call them the MTV gods, (funny bc MTV is very different today as well) they were the first to really use the video platform that reached all ages, but really hit US (the current gen) really hard. Maybe in 25 years people will feel the same about the current artist I named with Youtube and streaming. Just like how our grandparents feel about the 60s and 70s (the record age).

      • Iloverihanna December 11, 2016

        Hmmpf I love Riri but its a reach trying to say she’ll receive the same legendary status as Whitney or mj or Madonna or even prince I mean common man! Maybe Beyonce but definitely not Jt or riri.let’s face it the era of the legends is gone ,fine trend setters and hitmakers but not legends

  16. S****** Blonde December 10, 2016

    People missed her point as always, she just want to be appreciated while she’s still here, simply as that.

  17. Mase December 10, 2016

    It was the way she said it. This could’ve easily been avoided she’s a dumb a** and I really don’t know why she’s trying to stay relevant because her days are gone. My youth doesn’t listen to madonna or care for her. She should retire with her legacy and move on

    • Madbrax December 10, 2016

      Or what die of a drug overdose to become “relevant” again like those she mentioned?

    • Felix December 10, 2016

      Uh hello she’s still relevant..her tour was one of the biggest of the year..she was just named woman if the year.. people still love and admire her.. she’s done more for the gay community than any other artist in my lifetime…she was fighting and helping with A*** charities when no one even wanted to say the word… people don’t appreciate all she’s done because all people focus on now is her age but no obe is 22 forever..we’re all gonna get older..I think the whole world forgets that

      • Dmarie December 12, 2016

        Prince always had his charity and unlike her did his good works without attention just like God says to do. He was inducted into the hall of fame. He unlike her had a number one movie, single, and album at the same time. He is not beneath her.

  18. #TeamTinashe Stan December 10, 2016

    Somebody said “She’s acting like she ain’t going soon too”….. smh LOL hehe!

    • Felix December 11, 2016

      She’s not.. because she takes care of herself

      • Dmarie December 12, 2016

        She has time on her

  19. Matthew Charlery-Smith December 10, 2016

    She said the right thing the wrong way. She could’ve said something like “The industry is tough and we mourn the losses of great artists such as Michael, Whitney and Prince who were my peers. I feel lucky to still be here.” Instead she used a poor choice of words that seemed to stem from her ego and disconnection from reality.

    She’ll probably issue a statement to “clarify” her words later but hey, she’s got the attention now for her main career booster, controversy.

  20. Indie December 10, 2016

    People hear what they want to here, she didn’t have to mention them in her speech at all, but she did out of respect because they too are legends that were present in her time that she stood by and sadly they are all gone and she is still here, listen to the entire speech and respect this Queen, because that is what she is and no amount of bitching can take that away from her, she’s a strong WOMEN and that is a hard fight in the music industry she paved the way for everyone!

  21. Jamie December 10, 2016

    Instead of beating her up and slamming her. I would ask her to clarify and elaborate on what she meant. It’s like she knows something. People are so quick to slam instead of question.

  22. SMH December 10, 2016

    You people are idiots. Madonna is a master media manipulator; that’s how she built her career. She knew exactly what she was saying, how she was saying it, and how the public wold react to it. Folks need to stop acting like they don’t know who and what Madonna is.

  23. Lake Erie December 10, 2016

    She crazy as sh!T! Idgaf about her accolades. What type of comment is that to say? Im confused as hell… smh.. I’m not sure what she meant but the majority has spoken…

    • Madbrax December 10, 2016

      Cause you’re f****** stupid as s*** obviously

  24. BMP December 10, 2016

    She never said she was the only one still standing BUT “one of the lucky ones” and she’s damn right. Her longevity in the industry is there to prove it whether you admit it or not. Y’all just full of hate and anger, jealous people.

    • Dmarie December 12, 2016

      Like her only a demonic person would rejoice in the death of those who had great achievements and was still relevant in their later years. To call out this disrespect is not jealousy it’s speaking truth!

  25. YonceIsMyBish December 10, 2016

    Madonna will never be at Micheal Jackson , prince or Tupacs Level.

    We all know she is a devil worshipper, A old h** with no talent what so ever.

    Twerking and shocking people over and over again to have some relevance is just SAD.

    That was so disrespectful of her to say something like that, she didn’t even say Rest In Peace or anything. I hope death comes and take her soon.

    Madonna is without no doubt they most overrated artist ever. I don’t care what she has done for us females in the industry, girl please Yonce was still meant to be born Lol ?

    Ugh I hate her so much , what a ugly witch

    • Felix December 11, 2016

      She’s way past Mariah..she is on Prince and Michael’s level..she puts on great concerts and still know who’s overrated? Beyonce..oh please.. Madonna is 58 and in better shape than most 30 year olds..jealousy is a very ugly thing..she didn’t say anything disrespectful about any of them..she admired them and was friends with most of would you like it if someone said that to you..that they hope death takes you..that’s an evil f***** up thing to say..

    • Dmarie December 12, 2016

      Thank you!

  26. MuchAdoAboutNothing December 10, 2016

    I was there at the ceremony and the media, as usual, is making this out to be something that really isn’t. She was simply acknowledging them and the fact that unfortunately they are no longer alive and that instead of dragging celebrities like her around to just simply appreciate them and value them while they’re still here. She even topped it off by expressing how lucky and thankful she is to still be around. Doing what she loves to do. That’s it. I suggest people tune in when it’s televised on Monday to hear her powerful speech before making assumptions and insinuating as if she was trying to be disrespectful to her fellow contemporaries. There was no awkward applause. People that were there understood what she meant.

  27. DanYiel Iman December 10, 2016

    I like 3 songs by Madonna…. ?

    • Madbrax December 10, 2016

      Who f****** cares? Who are you? A nobody

  28. #Nicole Nation/King Bruno December 10, 2016

    Well, those others had actual talent.

    • Madbrax December 10, 2016

      Yet none of them except Michael were as successful as her.

      • Felix December 11, 2016

        After the dangerous album most of the world gave up on him

    • Felix December 11, 2016

      They had some talent but not very creative..Michael did his same dance moves for 25 years..almost everything he did sounded the same..Madonna has evolved with each album and tour.. Prince, who was my first concert, didn’t really change much over the years..alot of his music sounded the same.. Beyonce has had the same choreography her whole 10 years no one is gonna wanna see her ass and hair flipping..

      • Dmarie December 12, 2016

        Trying to put own true talent is the mark of the desperate..

  29. JOHNVIDAL December 10, 2016

    To be honest, at the end of that statement, she said “I´m one of the lucky ones”. So I don´t think it is shade or disrespectful at all. She is not saying she is queen or better than them because she is still here and won the battle or something like that. No. She is saying she has been lucky (thanks to her hard work and smart mind I´d say) in life and thankful to be here, when clearly artists of this caliber suffered too much in occasions becoming almost a pattern. That´s why i always say Madonna and Mariah are survivors. But it´s not shade to the others that sadly are not here anymore.

    • Felix December 11, 2016

      All Mariah is known for is being a shady b****

  30. December 10, 2016

    people always perch on twitter, waiting for something to push out of proportion to fake angry over.they need to get a life.

  31. Madbrax December 10, 2016

    Except for Bowie they were all drug addicts who f****** overdosed. Get over it they were all irrelevant until they overdosed. All their best career moves in years.

    • Felix December 11, 2016

      It’s sad but true.. Prince was pretty much underground until he died..he hadn’t had a new song on the radio in years then he died and people started throwing all this fake love at was b*******..same with one cared what he did..he was called a freak the last 20 years of his life..he does and people were like oh I loved him so much..really..b******* again. get real people…

      • Dmarie December 12, 2016

        It doesn’t mean anything cause real mavericks are never respected. He didn’t kiss the industry’s ass….he sued them and got his masters! I’d rather be a maverick than a pathetic tool of the industry!

  32. Felix December 10, 2016

    Please..did anyone give a damn about Prince before he died?? one tried to help him..all the people he called friends cared about one thing, their one said,”you need to stop”..same thing with Amy Winehouse..don’t give me that s*** about oh Madonna is an evil b**** or people sound like dumbasses.. Madonna has survived because she’s not an addict..that’s what killed them all besides David Bowie and Tupac..

    • Maryann overmere December 12, 2016

      Prince wasn’t a drug addict either… all you people fail to realize is he was murdered okay he was slowly poisoned to death and the fentanyl finished him off… you people need to get your heads out of your asses have some common sense

  33. Josh December 11, 2016

    Stop hating. The woman actually knew these men and women. She dated Prince, Michael Jackson and Tupac. She was not bragging about being alive and them being dead. She was commenting on the fact that people like her , Prince, Michael, etc who are iconic artist that did more than just sing are a dying breed. Do you think in 20 years people will call Justin bieber a icon? No way. Music video is a dying format as well. No one puts the work into creating art like Madonna, Prince, Michael Jackson, George Michael did in the 80s and 90s and Madonna still today. You people who get hurt and lash out at every word and twist it into something ugly the ugliness is coming from inside yourselves. Want to change the world, start with the man in the mirror.

  34. Dmarie December 12, 2016

    Prince dated alot of women doesn’t mean they were still friends….he respected all….there’s a difference

  35. Yvette December 12, 2016

    Madonna is just trying to keep herself in the spotlight recently she bragged about suducing Mj with chadonay then stated she got around who boast about that kind of stuff in order to keep her name out there she pulls other celebrities names with hers even if they didn’t have friendship no longer the sad part even her son hates her and its public she’s not well liked and used more than her broken record and turned more than any door knob yet she seems to be proud of that her cheeks are over stuff with silicone she’s is ruthless and sadly die lonely not even her immediate family will be by her side because she’s evil

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