Nicki Minaj Fans Unearth Azealia Banks’ “Ghostwriter”?

Published: Wednesday 21st Dec 2016 by David

After revealing that she had set the next few months aside rebuild her brand, Azealia Banks was surprised to learn that she had been dissed in Nicki Minaj’s brand new ‘Empire’ game application.

In response, the entertainer penned an open letter to the ‘Shanghai’ lyricist which criticised her for what she believed was an unprovoked low-blow.

Little did she know that said letter, which compared Minaj’s material to McDonalds, would “encourage” the rapper’s fans to hunt for material to counter with.

What they discovered?

A video they say proves Banks’ critically-lauded material, which is often praised for its concepts and originality, is anything but original.

Meet Kevin Hussein below…

As fans of Banks’ music away from the brand, we can’t say that the clip above proves much.


The rapper, whose skills as a live act see her swim miles ahead of her more agreeable competitors, has made no secret of the fact that her work is often built with help from artists she believes in.

She shared in 2016:

I like writing with men just to…when they come up with things for you to say it’s just so bizarre. You know, it’s like a man’s interpretation of what this strong black female wants to feel like.

Hit the 6 minute mark…

Her new album ‘Business & Pleasure‘ is yet to receive a release date and is expected to drop after the release of her next EP ‘Fantasea II: The Second Wave.’

Its predecessor ‘Fantasea’ was mocked in Minaj’s game.


Minaj is yet to respond to Azealia or shed light on why she seems to have inspired a character in the project.

What the ‘Atlantis’ performer had to say about the lengths Minaj’s fans seem to have gone to to bash her?

Read her response, via her ‘Facebook’ page, below:

Thanks for all the new meta-data barbs! Everytime u say “Azealia Banks” you add to that SEO!! It’s always a nice Free push of data that adds to ones popularity in the invisible country that basically is the World Wide Web. The WWW is a country in its own respect , literally Even typing the word or any other number of words like “212” “azealia rant” “azealia beef” basically cements my “value” within the WWW. You’re creating free stock for me pretty much ? That shit is going to be currency very very soon. These social media platforms come and go every ten years but SEO is forever. Keep up all the good work!!

Your thoughts?

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  1. Jak December 21, 2016

    omg at her copying pasting the entire verse lmao and this bi had the nerve to come for Iggy and Nicki several times over art and authenticity sfhdsgudsgh a fraud. looks like the k**** lil fave isnt so original and innovative after all. ddddd

    • Jimmy Pesto December 21, 2016

      She didn’t copy and paste anything. She and that man are friends and he’s her writer. They’ve even made music together a while back. At least she’s not a thief tho, right???

      • SMH December 21, 2016

        And how is that any different from what Nicki used to do with Safaree?

      • Lana Del Fan December 21, 2016

        At smh the difference is Nicki Minaj explicitly stated “If Nicki Minaj spit it (sp), Nicki Minaj wrote it” but she didn’t. SB did. AB never said she didn’t work with other writers.

      • FAF December 21, 2016

        Lol @ “will be currency really soon” we know u need it, sis

        Which is why you were begging ppl to book u on Facebook and apologizing to zayn

  2. That Rihanna Reign… December 21, 2016

    Lol so they can dig up her ghostwriter but can’t dig The Flop Print out of oblivion? No wonder Onika flops left, right, and center. Her fans can defend her on Twitter but can’t be bothered to support her. Azealia dragged her to the pits of hell and back.

    • gina December 21, 2016

      lol, please, even nicki’s biggest flops sold more than anything this girl released lol.

      • FAF December 21, 2016

        Vs 125k

      • That Rihanna Reign… December 21, 2016

        Over 1 million sold WW
        VS Stalled at around 800k

        Most Hot 100 entries, no #1s
        VS still on the list for most entries + 14 #1s

        Grammy nominated
        VS multiple Grammy Winner

        VS Puma, Armani, Dior, etc

    • Mr.StLaurent December 21, 2016

      What flop ?

      • joselinefan_xo December 21, 2016

        i love how black barbies disappeared off billboard 100. maybe once she drops her video showing off her fake buick built ass it will pop back in. 10 spots for each cheek!

  3. Caribbean native December 21, 2016


  4. Mz Remy’s Ma December 21, 2016

    No shade but she is open about the fact that she works with writers as that quote proves. Also, As much as I detest Nicki, she and Azealia are rivals in the sense that they both can rap. Iggy doesn’t come into the equation because her music and lyrics are cheap. You can’t listen to an Azealia album and understand what she’s saying without respecting her talent. Iggy on the other hand?

    • Kk December 22, 2016

      I can’t listen to Azealia music without turning it off actually cuz its garbage and its not like her gibberish is understandable or deep. I can understand Iggy very easily and her lyrics meaning much better than Azealia’s ka bum brrp brrp ya dig dump dum dums. You should at least respect Iggy’s hustle and the achievements/success she achieved without needing to trash other people’s fame to get attention. Azealia on the other hand…

  5. lovely December 21, 2016

    Azealia’s creativity is her fashion style, cadence, and rhythm. She never claimed to write every lyric. It’s like blaming a civilian for snitching when a civilian is not part of the street culture. Azealia is a rap performer. She never claimed to be Tupac or in the world of the Tupacs. However, Nicki is hanging all up in a dirty stairway with Fendi claiming to write all her songs and dogging other female rappers who did not. Get the difference? See? Shall I rewind the tape? Jeez.

    • Ooooooh December 21, 2016

      When it comes to drugs mami, just say No!

    • Kk December 22, 2016

      Iggy and Nicki never claimed to write all their songs by themselves either, in fact just check the album credits for their albums. Azealia on the other hand acts like she’s this super creative and innovative one girl show when in fact she gets a lot of help apparently.

  6. SMH December 21, 2016

    They all use ghost writers, so this Azalea whoever she is needs to stop spinning it like she’s doing something different when she’s not.

  7. Meme December 21, 2016

    Who is this dude? He is so dope. I love me a good ill ghost writer. I got chills from those clips.

  8. Meme December 21, 2016

    I can’t help but be a little disappointed. I personally had no idea s*** didn’t write her own music. The writing style and rhymes is what makes her so creative. If she doesn’t create them then she has no bragging rights either.

  9. sam is TRASH December 21, 2016

    Sam is clearly just trying to discredit miss Banks since he is a fan of Nicki. Sorry but Banks read her and it was true. Nicki is garbage

    • FAF December 21, 2016

      I rather be hated by many than loved by few tbh
      The world at large doesn’t know this girl she been signed and dropped more times than a charity basketball

  10. joselinefan_xo December 21, 2016

    lol, this is no different than Nicki using sb and a slew other writers on pinkprint. y’all must be def dumb to think she’s a one woman army dropping singles out the sky like rain while wh0ring it out on ig everyday. where does she find time to write?? the bish is fake with a machine behind her. azealia is still mad creative. can’t take away s*** from her. plus her singing voice ain’t never ghost written! face it nicki is mcdonalds and azealia is olive garden

    • JustCoastWitHa December 22, 2016

      The difference is that there’s a reference track available. That would NEVER happen to Nicki.

  11. Ronnie December 21, 2016

    1. The shade Nicki threw was not unprovoked.
    2. Azelia is mad talented she, nor Nicki, needs a ghostwriter.
    3. If you really aren’t a fan of Nicki then support other female rappers without bringing Nicki into the equation. She’s been running the game for years, don’t be mad because she figured out the formula.

    • joselinefan_xo December 21, 2016

      pls her “formula” will blow up in her face she ain’t no damn scientist foh, spent years mixing fraud & unoriginality with fake a** bish chemicals. the formula aint gonna last lolol. u think one bish is gonna hold down female rap alone? pop music will never be the standard for RAP. if that’s the case then everyone would be doing it, including dudes. like imagine j cole doing edm songs and calling himself king of rap.

      • Ronnie December 21, 2016

        Well she’s been holding it down just fine for almost a decade. Ofcourse not everyone will agree or see her impact. That’s fine. But y’all have been waiting on her to fall and it still isn’t happening.

      • joselinefan_xo December 22, 2016

        In all honesty as passionate as I may come off i don’t want nicki to fall. I want other female rappers to get shine in their own respective lanes. Ur forgetting ppl don’t like nicki for hee personality. Her drive to be on top involves bringing down others. Plus Nicki music is trash for real rap. She has a pop lane that works for her but it’s an issue when this becomes the standard for female rap to be successful. Tbh it opens up lanes for culture vultures like iggy to get shine. N she does bring down bw a lot. I’d rather a bw go toe to toe with nicki but the industry is messy.

  12. Danzou December 21, 2016

    Nicki is the queen. Always will be. Until someone dethrones her.

  13. We Found Rihanna. December 21, 2016

    Lol b**** is a fraud!

  14. Bravo!! December 21, 2016

    Why is it a surprise she has a ghostwriter?? Lil Kim already spill tea on ghostwriting, or people who wrote with her for her..

    • Kk December 22, 2016

      cuz Azuzu and her fans been claiming shes such a suuuuper original mind and so much more on her own without needing help than the other female rappers when turns out she has dudes writing (with or for her) entire verses and even putting their own versions on their soundcloud accounts before she even gets to release them herself lmfaoooo

  15. We Nowqd Redv dimnobut it ash trjoan ivy blobukz Need UK timely Ukuno eremxil December 25, 2016


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