VH1 Divas 2016: Mariah Carey, Patti Labelle, Chaka Khan, JoJo, & More Shine

Published: Saturday 3rd Dec 2016 by Sam

Divas, both old and new, stepped out in style last night for the revived VH1 Divas taping.

Rested on the bench for four years, the the once formidable extravaganza returned in fine form at New York’s King’s Theater.

Boasting a Christmas theme, the show – aptly titled ‘VH1 Divas: Unsilent Night,’ hosted performances from the likes of Mariah Carey, Chaka Khan, Patti LaBelle, Teyana Taylor, Vanessa Williams, JoJo, Serayah, and Remy Ma.

Set to air on December 5th, exclusive snaps from the event have surfaced. Check ’em out above and below…

‘I’m Every Woman’ Finale

Looks like a whole lot of slay. Roll on Monday because we can’t wait!

Your thoughts?

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  1. Fancy BISH December 3, 2016

    I WILL be watching! Miss Patti will come for your entire life on that stage lol…Chaka will check you for any signs of life and Mariah will finish you off lol…yaaaas, slay me QUEENS

  2. Cough Cough December 3, 2016

    I am so ready for this. Glad they revamped divas ACCORDINGLY to the 90’s standard. No miley Cyrus, Selena Gomez crap. I can’t wait to watch

    • 2bad2bme December 3, 2016

      OK! Them h0es get on my nerves

  3. AnotherMusicLover December 3, 2016

    Wow the show looks amazing.

    I Will be watching ????

    Mariah came to SLAY ?? Wow she really is the Queen of Christmas. All I WANT FOR CHRISTMAS IS for Mariah to have her 19NR1.
    She is already slaying the top ten in iTunes, we can do this, play and stream song much more this holiday, Request it on your local radio. Let’s start a Movement guys. She truly deserves it ❤️
    Patti and Chaka are LEGENDS who also slayed, Loved seeing Remy MA , jojo, teyana , serayah ❤️❤️❤️

  4. Yonce’s houseboy December 3, 2016

    Mariah stays dressing like Yonce..

    • swiftie December 3, 2016

      So you saying Beyonce dresses like a w h o r e because that’s what Mariah is dressed like

      • Jackson December 3, 2016

        Yes. Thought someone was scared to say it or s***..

  5. Ronnie December 3, 2016

    Saw a clip of Patti and Chaka performance together, this is going to be epic. And everyone looks great.

  6. Credits December 3, 2016

    I’m thinking that Teyana Taylor might need her own show. I’d watch. With all of these gigs on VH1, I wouldn’t be surprised if one was in the works.

    • 2bad2bme December 3, 2016

      She is so interesting now, at first I would look at her like girl…but now she reminds me of a modern day Lil Kim

  7. Jay Jay December 3, 2016

    Looks promising

  8. Jec2 December 3, 2016

    I was there…patti was holding it together for all of them. Mariah used her pre-recorded live vocals. Jojo sounded nice. Chaka had to reshoot her part 4 times because she couldn’t remeber the lyrics to her own song. Unfortunate night, this should’ve been called, “Divas Past Their Prime”.

    • ChrisFresh December 3, 2016

      So u know Mariah left early before the ending eventho they said she would be there smh

  9. @Nate December 3, 2016

    Yeah there are a few legends thrown in the mix, they should just change the name. They’re not really trying to show off vocal DIVAS. Those days are gone.

  10. The One’ December 3, 2016

    Mariah needs to stop with all the antics and “sang!!”

  11. oopsUPsideDaHead December 3, 2016


    WAS A PISSY MESS. SHE FORGOT THE LYRICS TO “Ain’t Nobody and Patti tried to lead her thru “NATURAL WOMAN” unsuccessfully

  12. JOHNVIDAL December 3, 2016

    Mariah came to slay visually from what we can see in these pics 🙂
    It seems she wasn´t a part in any of the collaborations? She doesn´t have the time I guess lol
    I hadn´t seen a pic of Vanessa Williams in like decades.

  13. Ratedxxx December 3, 2016

    I’m only here for the queen..mariah fuggin carey….only Bish with 2,3 diamond albums…

    She has nothing else to prove

    • JOHNVIDAL December 4, 2016

      wow you hadn´t visited this blog in a long time 🙂

  14. Ratedxxx December 3, 2016

    Even thought I hate Christmas…mimis holiday songs..i fugg with them

    • BEY>RIH December 4, 2016

      And Christmas hates you b****.

  15. ChrisFresh December 3, 2016

    I was there and boring! Teyana Taylor? Seriyah? Bebe Rexah? JoJo? Dyanna Gordon? Need i say more?
    Vanessa Williams was nice
    Mariah was supposed to come out at the end but she left after ripping her dress in the christmas part. Jus sang Mariah thats “all i want for Christmas”

  16. We Nowqd Redv dimnobut it ash trjoan ivy blobukz Need UK timely Ukuno eremxil December 4, 2016


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