Watch: Mariah Carey & R. Kelly Perform ‘The Christmas Song’

Published: Friday 9th Dec 2016 by Sam

Christmas queen Mariah Carey continues to spread festive cheer with her series of holiday shows at New York’s Beacon Theater.

And last night she unwrapped a surprise for attendees – R. Kelly.

The R&B legend joined Mimi for a spirited rendition of ‘The Christmas Song.’

How did they do? Watch below…

Robert sounded awesome.

Mimi, however…..sigh.

It wasn’t dreadful, but like her song of the same name her voice just sounded ‘Thirsty.’

To her credit, elsewhere on the show she sounded marginally better.

Depending on one’s preference, it’s becoming clear there are two approaches to receiving Mariah’s “new” voice: take the good with the bad or hold out hope for vocal rehabilitation.

We sit somewhere in the middle, but her inconsistencies are increasingly seeing us forced towards the first option.

Still, some Mariah is better than no Mariah…right?


Your thoughts?

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  1. GurlWepa1989 December 9, 2016

    Even on her worst days,she still sounded better than most of today’s contemporary artists.

    • Chileplease December 9, 2016

      That’s a lie.

      • The One’ December 9, 2016

        It’s really not!!!
        Mariah as done it all!!!

    • Shay December 9, 2016

      Like who? With the exception of a few pop tarts like Katy, Selena and Rihanna I can name at least 20 contemporary artist who S*** on Mariah today.

      • LMFAO December 9, 2016

        Your ears are clearly broken. Selena Gomez and Rihanna’s BEST DAYS are miles behind Mariahs worst.

        Get off that new school jibberish and appreciate real talent when it’s before oyu.

      • Shay December 9, 2016

        Can you read b****? I said WITH THE EXCEPTION OF! Typical delusional and deaf Lamb.

        Tori Kelly
        Jessie J
        Jazmine Sullivan
        Ariana Grande
        Andra Day
        Jennifer Hudson
        Sevyn Streeter
        Tamar Braxton
        Alessia Cara

        ….just to name a few contemporary girls who will BLOW Mariah out of the water! No smoke and mirrors or lip syncing/dubbing needed. Just pure vocals. Stay mad!!!

    • LISA LEVINE December 9, 2016

      Mariah Carey still has a great voice. It’s evident by her Intro to Emotions and her Vegas piano ballad Thank God I found you. One Listen — and you will agree MARIAH CAREY still has her God given gift, she NEEDS TO LAY OFF THE DRINKS AND DO HER VOCAL REST and slay. Evidently being worth 500 million dollars has made her a little lazy, its evident BECAUSE SHE DOES NOT REDO HER SET-LIST. SHE’S LAZY, STILL TALENTED, BUT A LITTLE LAZY.

      • chileplease December 9, 2016

        No one is denying that Mariah is talented. But to say she sounds better than most on her worst days is a stretch. I’ve heard her sound horrible. Do we need a reminder of this?

      • JENNY JONES!!! December 10, 2016


    • True Lambily December 9, 2016

      Yes mariah slays!!!

  2. ? December 9, 2016

    What the hell is that thirsty cow wearing ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????

    • Max December 9, 2016

      Your net worth

      • The One’ December 9, 2016

        You slated that troll!!!! Lmao

      • ? December 9, 2016

        You’re a bottom

      • Jamie December 9, 2016

        Clapback of the Year!!!@ TGJ needs to make that a category at their awards ceremony!

      • LMFAO December 9, 2016

        And then a HERO slayed a TROLL!!!!

        I Live. Gagged. Dead. #NetWorth

      • Danzou December 9, 2016

        @the one YES!!! And all this idiot every says is “you’re a bottom”

  3. Sam December 9, 2016

    This was cute, yes shes doing too much atm, the obsession with ‘staying relevant’ is a little tiresome cause she has nothing to prove at all, we all know that! She has also had a cold so her voice wouldn’t be stellar right now. Overall though this was cute and this new ‘special guest’ segment is super fun. I saw this show last year (twice) and both times it was awesome, there really is a difference between watching a recorded live performance and actually being there. Love MC (and TGJ) forever.

  4. Mike December 9, 2016

    Sam is always throwing Mariah a backhanded compliment or some unnecessary shade. This was great!

  5. mikey December 9, 2016

    She sounds just fine….wasnt over the top and just simple!

    Samantha continues to try it with the backhanded slights lol thinking that no one sees it.

  6. Beyoncefan December 9, 2016

    u trieeeeeeeed IT *Tamarvocie*
    SHE sounded really good and actually Slayed Joy to the world.
    Yes yes yes we all know She dosent sound like she used to , but name one person who does ?

    I personally never usally listen to her music but denying her talent is cringeworthy.
    This site Always try to Bring Mimi down, stop it .
    I also know My idol Beyonce ???? Loves, adore and truly respect her. And that is enough for me.

    Currently playing

    • The One’ December 9, 2016

      I thought she was going to sound awful before listening, then I was like “what is the author takling about”? This guy seems to really dislike Mariah for some reason.

  7. Mariah Carey December 9, 2016

    Samantha needs to stop barebacking to pay her rent, otherwise she will end up like my sister Alyssa or whatever her name is dahhhling!

  8. The Emancipation of Mimi December 9, 2016

    I was there on Monday, she slayed! Last night wasn’t a good vocal night for her, but you can’t expect for her to be ON every night after almost 30 years in the industry. Kudos to her for putting her best foot forward and still having shows for the fans. Y’all act like Mariah herself isn’t aware of her vocal issues…think about how hard it must be for her…damn trolls.

  9. LMFAO December 9, 2016

    I love how, in their EAGERNESS to cry ‘she can’t sing, these media heads are so quick to point out a less than stellar performance without posting the FACTS.

    She CLEARLY states she’s performing with a cold. Could your fav sound like this with a cold? Would they even show up? Nope.

    Ya’ll haters need to cuuuuut it!

    Receipt Below:

  10. PedoKells December 9, 2016

    I wish people would stop trying to revive that p***’s long-dead career….. i aint here for peeing on little girl music….. NOPE

  11. Theman December 9, 2016

    What was Sam talking about? She sounded good. You just need a reason to hate. This woman has been sounding good for most of this yr. Sam you act like a female. Her voice was fine here. She brings you income. So you had to hate. Go somewhere with your over analytical a**. Your write up doesn’t apply here. Her tone here was very nice. Whenever Mariah has a string of good performances Sam needs a reason to be bitter. Your analogy this time doesn’t apply. If anything you’re thirsty with this poor write up. This was hardly bad.

  12. Theman December 9, 2016

    And ‘Joy To The World’, was great. There’s really nothing here Sam. She sung this well with a cold. Secondly, Mariah is Mariah. Forget this new voice crap….

  13. Shay December 9, 2016

    Patti Labelle and Aretha Franklin are 5 billion years on and still s*** on Lipriah vocally.

  14. Theman December 9, 2016

    Actually, they’re not.

  15. Theman December 9, 2016

    None of those chicks that you named are better than Mariah. When she’s on she’s on. Her tone/musicianship/artistry is better than all those chicks that you named. Most are just singers that sing the same way. Nothing special….

    • Shay December 9, 2016

      No ones gonna sift through hundreds of performances to find one “on” performance. Half of the time she’s flat, off key, straining or forcing painful sounding runs THATS THE RARE OCCASION THAT SHES NOT LIPPING OR HAVING HET VOCALS DUBBED! It’s always the same excuses from the stupid lambs. She can’t be sick all the time! Mariah hasn’t been great since Rainbow!

  16. Theman December 9, 2016

    Notice how Samantha doesn’t post her great performances. These were still two very good ones. But the hate be so real..

  17. #Nicole Nation/King Bruno December 9, 2016

    Robert sounded awesome, as always.

    • Shay December 9, 2016

      Yes he does!

  18. JOHNVIDAL December 9, 2016

    Sam always pressed.
    And posting one of Mariah´s worst nights of this whole year (which wasn´t bad). Give it up man.

  19. Danny Bey December 9, 2016

    Ok. Now I looove me some Mimi DOWWWWN! But this leotard era she’s got goin, especially for Christmas? Not my cup of tea. Leave em to Bey, Mimi. I still stan for you tho gir.

  20. Theman December 9, 2016

    There’s no need to sift. She’s given great performances throughout Vegas & her recent tour. So that’s that..

  21. Theman December 9, 2016

    Mariah also has many different tones. Your a liar. She sounds better than rainbow. Flat & strained is bullshyt. Overall, she’s been more consistent recently & she has sound much better with great resonance. If you don’t carry your whack a** somewhere..

    • Shay December 9, 2016

      DELUSIONAL! She sounds a mess!

  22. Slick December 9, 2016

    This was not good. And all the hard parts were compensated by the background singers…meh No celebrating this tho. Sucks, wish she could still sing like in the 90’s

  23. Theman December 9, 2016

    She didn’t even really belt. So she was good. You’re delusional. She can definitely still sing. Keep the tired washed lingo. Nothing was terrible about this. She didn’t even belt as much. Any excuse to hate.. She was still good here. This was off the cuff anyway. It’s funny how the haters start randomly lurking..

  24. We Nowqd Redv dimnobut it ash trjoan ivy blobukz Need UK timely Ukuno eremxil December 12, 2016

    They both did a nice job

  25. Flavia May 23, 2020

    She is too fat!

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