Camila Cabello Teases Solo Release On Social Media

Published: Tuesday 10th Jan 2017 by David

Pop’s most promising “newbie” Camila Cabello has teased her rising fanbase with material pulled from her new album!

Lyrics from her hotly-anticipated solo set below…


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The former Fifth Harmony member answered her fans’ prayers by releasing the lyrics above hours ago as she eyes a spring release for the launch of her debut solo single.


I lost so much more than my senses….

A video posted by Camila Cabello (@camila_cabello) on

The album is expected to hit retailers via Harmony’s home Epic Records and precede the release of the group’s first album without her.


A due date for the album is yet to be set.

#NowPlaying: Blaque – ‘808.’

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  1. Haters Gon’ Hate January 10, 2017


    • Lana Del Fan January 10, 2017

      Exaclty! This broad is so damn pretentious. Normani just released her music without all this “to do” added on

  2. Everyone’s A Critic January 10, 2017

    Bye ??
    Her yelling and screeching was great with the full harmonies and grown voices behind her but alone, she’s just jar me!
    I’m waiting to see if the public will support this snake☕️

  3. JanStan January 10, 2017

    If the song she does with machine gun Kelly is any indication a solo single will be nails on a chalkboard.

  4. Swit Katz January 10, 2017

    lol she’ll flop tremendously.

  5. Kim.Kesha&Pam January 10, 2017

    I’ll pass.

  6. The Wig Snatcher January 10, 2017

    I will never see it for her. We already Selena Gomez. Sorry.

    • meme January 10, 2017

      Just keep your eyes open the next 6m to yr. You will have no choice but to see it. Again, she is not my fav from the group, she isn’t the prettiest, she isn’t the best dancer, she isn’t the best singer…but she has the better balance of all the girls.

  7. BEYSTAN_ SINCE 1997 January 10, 2017

    The faster she releases it then soon it will flop and the sooner she realizes she left the best thing she had going for her!

  8. grapejuicefan January 10, 2017

    this is so conniving

  9. meme January 10, 2017

    Hate her or love her, shes a STAR. She has the total package to make a poptart success, and she will be.

  10. Beachgirl85 January 10, 2017

    Camila girl u should not left u let people in your ear filled up ur head and u went for it Fh was the best to u now u just a little singing snake in the grass and her fan base was fifth harmony so now she trying to be rebellion be solo haven’t she learned Nicole pdc and danity Kane and prodigy of mindless behavior so we’ll see what happens

  11. Mother January 10, 2017

    Nope! But yess for 808!

  12. Weezy Tha Goat/Zayn is ? January 10, 2017

    Keep it ✌?️

  13. Orangeyougladididntsaybanana January 10, 2017

    Zayn bombed after going solo despite the fact that One Direction was much bigger than 5H and was easily the most attractive member of the group (had the unique look)

    Why does she think she’ll do better ??‍♀️

  14. Jason January 10, 2017

    Her old non singing ass! Sounds like she’s attempting “Deep and meaningful”. Girl, you gotta be a vocalist for that!

  15. Camila Cabello January 10, 2017

    Yes guys!!! Can’t wait!!!

  16. TheOuyonB January 10, 2017

    No one is checking for her. That grape juice, “hotly anticipated”… really? Ya’ll stay reaching. She is going nowhere fast.

  17. MusicFan103 January 10, 2017

    LMFAO, the music is going to need to be amazing and or have a big time feature artist or billing because the fans of 5H and GP do not seem to be open willingly for Camila.

    She could have success but she is going to have to work for it, and hard. It is not going to be easy whatsoever.

    Me personally, I am not here for it, so thats why if I will be converted I’m going to need the hottest music ever.

    • slxyr January 10, 2017

      Yes. Exactly what you said.

  18. Camila Cabello January 10, 2017

    Y’all will eat every word. Watch.

  19. Jeans January 10, 2017

    Yup. Lol. Sorry but I feel like her first single will soar on iTunes. We shall see.

  20. wWe Nowqd Redv dimnobut it ash trjoan ivy blobukz Need UK timely Ukuno eremxil January 12, 2017

    Good for her

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