Ciara Signs New Record Deal With Warner Bros

Published: Friday 27th Jan 2017 by Sam

It’s all new everything for superstar singer Ciara.

Fresh from signing a major management deal last year, it has been announced today that the pregnant star has inked a recording contract with Warner Bros.

Full story below…

In a statement issued merely minutes ago, Cameron Strang, Chairman and CEO, Warner Bros. Records said:

“We welcome Ciara to Warner Bros. Records and look forward to the next chapter of her storied music career”

Since debuting 13 years ago, Ciara has sold over 23 million albums and 16 million singles worldwide. Her groundbreaking music videos have amassed hundreds of millions of streams too.

The news comes on the heels of last year’s revelation that CiCi had departed Epic Records, following the release of 2015’s ‘Jackie.’

In singing with Warner, she is now label-mates with the likes of Bruno Mars and Ed Sheeran.

With a slew of endorsements to her name, a baby on the way, and new music nigh, it’s an exciting time for Mrs Wilson!


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  1. Caribbean native January 27, 2017

    I promise I won’t shade

    • Gigi January 27, 2017

      I wonder how long it will take WB to drop her after the first album flops. Should we make bets ?

    • ? + ✈ = ? January 27, 2017

      Ciaras self titled album was amazing, but she/label made bad single choices(Living it up & Overdose should’ve been singles over Im out) same mistake with Joanne, That’s how im feeling was a hit waiting to happen! Other songs which could’ve been hits but choose flops are Hotline(instead released And I) Turn it up featuring Usher! This would’ve been a better first single over Ride(should’ve been 2nd single) there’s many but I cant be F******

  2. AB January 27, 2017

    Made my Friday.

  3. BAMMMMMMM.. January 27, 2017

    CONGRATS! CIARA…NEW YEAR..NEW LABEL…NEW FLOPS!, ugh this will be amazing yet funny to watch.

    • MusicLife January 27, 2017

      This is so mean… but so funny! ?????

    • Dem Lessers January 27, 2017

      Chile ??????

    • keepit100 January 27, 2017

      For the record, labels, which are the educated professionals , DO NOT SIGN FLOPS. If you know anything about music you would understand that. It’s always the people that claim to “know” music and be a fan of “art” that don’t know sh** it’s always about dragging somebody or slander. Do you just wake up to post negative bs every time somebody famous does something positive or make a move. Your commenting from your house probable making a fraction of a fraction of what ciara gets paid for any endorsement or gig. Who’s really the flop? Hatin a** internet trolls…

      • @4everBrandy_Ci January 27, 2017

        Let me help you GATHER these miserable ignorant trolls! They can’t seem to get their on OWN lives together but they’re obsessed with this woman and her life!!!!! I recall countless occassions I DEALT with ignorant trifling salty m************ SPEW unnecessary hate towards this beautiful woman! Ciara IS a force to be reckoned with!!!! These UGLY obsessed stans are UNDERCOVER fans of her! They’re brainwashed by this stupid mindset of just supporting one or two artist but the rest don’t matter because they don’t “fit” to the standard or normal but Ciara has always been that artist that connected with people such as myself and her supportive fans #C-SQUAD. I will get on here and GATHER these pathetic miserable trolls! You MARK my words because Ciara is living her life and has did great things for herself! She’s ONE of the bunch of other black women artist that deserves to get her shine!!!! These trolls will do what they do! I’ll be LURKING and checking in on their asses. Ciara has fans such as MYSELF that stood by her through thick and thin! So all that nonsense these BUM miserable trolls SPEW out is just irrelevant! #C-SQUAD

  4. Mr. CEE January 27, 2017

    Haters stand down…
    My girl is SLAYING, like it or not!!

    • BEYSTAN_ SINCE 1997 January 27, 2017

      Ciara is making money (outside of music). However she is NOT slaying album sales, singles, or world tours! Let’s not get carried away! Her saving grace is her modeling gigs, Revlon, and Russell’s money!

      • keepit100 January 27, 2017

        Do you keep her books? Do you really have that much insight to decide if she is successful or not? Yall internet trolls are so pathetic.. anything positive or uplifting, here yall come trying to dog somebody..

      • Mr. CEE January 27, 2017

        All I know is, she’s getting CHECKS, boo. It doesn’t have to be music. The problem with many of your faves is ALL THEY HAVE is music. Cici brings so much more to table. I won’t list it all out…don’t have a lot of time. 🙂

      • Mr. CEE January 27, 2017

        BUT, the true GAG is that she has all those other things. She doesn’t have to do music. Her true fans will buy her music regardless. Critical acclaim and chart positions in NO WAY make a great artist. Get it together now…

      • @4everBrandy_Ci January 27, 2017

        Girl or boy whoever you ARE you’re just a troll with these lame CORNY ass jokes about Ciara. Ciara has SOLD albums and so f****** she’s not selling any huge numbers at this point. It’s about her getting a NEW direction and she’ll continue to do records despite what y’all UGLY m************ think otherwise. Russell’s money is irrelevant! She married him because he’s a good dude with a HEART and I doubt his income is the “main” reason she’s with him. Get a REALITY check. Lord have mercy……these trolls. #C-SQUAD

  5. #ispeakfacts January 27, 2017

    Girl… you should have released that lil album independent bcuz it ain’t gonna move alot of sales. A waste of time energy and money…

  6. MusicLife January 27, 2017

    I don’t know why she has struggled to e en remain an R&B hit artist. I haven’t heard recent albums but I think the music selection has been all wrong for her. I get she doesn’t have to be a pop star as she was topping hot 100 and top 10 beginning of her career but I don’t think ink she should be so missing from urban charts because she is still so young and a force.

    Good for her but I mean I hope WB can make it work because otherwise it’s been a waste of money and she should go independent.

  7. BEYSTAN_ SINCE 1997 January 27, 2017

    Ciara won’t stop! As frustrating as it is to wacth her go down roads that lead to nowhere, I still have to respect & commend her for her relentless ambition to purse a flop music career!

    • keepit100 January 27, 2017

      Please define flop? Selling out shows, number one hits + countless endorsements to fill her pockets. Its always the busted internet trolls so quick to call somebody a flop.. what do yall even do for a living bruhh lol

    • @4everBrandy_Ci January 27, 2017

      “Flop music career” you don’t REALIZE artist have their struggles right? This “flop” s*** is OVERBOARD and unrealistic. Y’all ignorant m************ DON’T support certian artist which is fine but hell the constant tearing them down because y’all think it’s “cool” to do IS wack. #ChilePlease #C-SQUAD

  8. .:: Centurion ::. January 27, 2017

    ? ? ?

  9. Music & Blunts January 27, 2017

    I see tgj has is using wiki and their source ciara has only sold 7 million albums worldwide (from her first two albums) but anyways she should just give up on music because people dont buy her music or stream her music

    • SMH January 27, 2017

      and your numbers & source are accurate? Post your receipts please…

      • keepit100 January 27, 2017

        They can never post receipts, because its baseless cruel internet trolling. They can hide behind avi’s and fake names all day, but Jealousy and immaturity can’t be covered up.

  10. SNF January 27, 2017

    Even if it flops she has to make up for Jackie… that album was painful…

  11. Janet Jackson January 27, 2017

    Waste of money for the record label

    Nobody will buy her new music.

    Has been!

    • Avi January 27, 2017

      Irony. Considering…

      • SMH January 27, 2017

        What’s the irony?

      • SNF January 27, 2017


  12. Music & Blunts January 27, 2017

    Ciara has been in the game for 13 years and she still struggle 1k theaters she just need to leave music and just go into modeling and acting full time or maybe she could even do like jessica simpson and start a fashion empire jessica’s fashion empire is worth a billion i think

    • @4everBrandy_Ci January 27, 2017

      Who the hell are you to dictate what she needs to do with her life? Ciara will continue doind records without y’all UGLY trolls support. #C-SQUAD

  13. Jamon January 27, 2017

    I like Ciara, but “Superstar” and “23 million albums”? I know that’s your girl Sam, but those numbers are waaaayyyy off. But then again, you love to shade the people who deserve credit and praise the one’s who don’t. Good luck this time around Ciara. I hope she makes another “Ride” “Oh” and “Promise” record.

    • Starxavi January 27, 2017

      I was just thinking the same about Sam…all praise for Ciara….all shade for Rihanna or Mariah…what gives?

      • keepit100 January 27, 2017

        Sam isn’t the only writer..

      • Mr. CEE January 27, 2017

        FYI and newsflash…Rihanna is not a great artist. She has good producers that can shuck out hits. She’s no great talent…do not get it twisted.

      • Jamon January 27, 2017

        Sam is the main offendereason and it’s his name on this article.

  14. Roab January 27, 2017

    2 pieces of advice for Ms. Ciara from a place of love! No Damn Body wants to hear ballads from you! Please go back to pop’n’lock, ghetto booty bounce, princess of Crunk n’B! I’ll give you a few updated EDM tracks to get you back on the charts but for the love of God!! Please no more slow tracks. Girl you ain Janet to carry an R&B track.

  15. Beyoncé Jackson January 27, 2017

    Who will she blame this time when she flops? Epic was good to her IMO. She got multiple singles and nice videos. The public just didn’t care. At least she has the ongoing Future drama, modeling gigs and Seahawk coins to keep her afloat. Good luck Cici!?

    • @4everBrandy_Ci January 27, 2017

      What the hell does anyone have to blame for? Y’all are so concerned about this woman’s career that regardless of how much album sales she gets at the end of the day she has her fans that she CONNECTS with. These tired ass remarks about her ex-man and significant other are irrelevant. It doesn’t make any SENSE how this woman gets hate on but what else is new?! She has a few of y’all m************ pressed about her! It’s quite hilarious and pathetic. *shrugs* #C-SQUAD

  16. The Great Lacefronce. January 27, 2017

    The public has been done with her for years but she cant take a hint

    Cierror popping out babies wont make the public interested in your music again

    • @4everBrandy_Ci January 27, 2017

      So her personal life is keeping her away from the general public huh? Okay I can witness that because a SPADE is a SPADE but the general public don’t embrace certain artist and Ciara being an artist that HAS achieved success and relevance is CLEAR she’s still being mentioned regardless of what UGLY trolls such as yourself think. #C-SQUAD

  17. truthteller January 27, 2017

    I laughed at the Warner Bros CEO describing her music career as “storied”. I guess he knew he couldn’t get away with “successful”.

  18. King January 27, 2017

    Well just like jlo they both continue to not sell someone somewhere is interested in her ass.
    But keep the hustle going Ms.C.
    Idk wht can help her career bcuz she wants to be so pop for some reason, but R&b is where she needs to stay.

    • @4everBrandy_Ci January 27, 2017

      She shouldn’t stick to one genre because Ciara has a few pop records that are really good. However people should let her do want she wants with her artistry. I just need for the execution with her promotion to be consistent.

  19. Black power January 27, 2017

    She could sign with Jesus himself… she’d stii flop. Good luck tho

  20. Rihboy January 27, 2017

    I smell a pop mess coming! But congrats to her I guess!

  21. XoMoDe January 27, 2017

    I don’t know how she gets record labels to keep signing her. She must be willing to work for a nothing contract…

  22. Absolved January 27, 2017

    Bruno Mars and Ed Sheeran are on Atlantic, which is owned by the same corporate parent as Warner Bros., but isn’t the same label. So this wouldn’t make them label mates.

    • SMH January 27, 2017

      It’s all under the Warner Bros. umbrella, so yes it does make them labelmates.

      • DTG January 27, 2017

        Warner Bros. and Atlantic are two separate labels under Warner Music. They’re not label mates just because the two labels they’re signed to are owned by the same company.

  23. Truth is January 27, 2017

    Your words don’t stop that cash nor does it stop anything so shut up or don’t support it…. Why do y’all comment or troll so much for if she such a flop HATERS WITH MISERABLE LIVES…

    • @4everBrandy_Ci January 27, 2017

      Exactly!!!!! These pathetic m************ just straight up miserable. #C-SQUAD

  24. bash January 27, 2017

    No shade, but why… Leave the music thing alone…

  25. Uche January 27, 2017

    Come Through Ci ?????? Congrats…

  26. Paulo January 27, 2017

    when everyone is flocking to Epic and are about to flop thanks to LA Reid, Ciara pulls a left move and goes to Warner. smart move, CiCi! can’t wait for new music after the baby. I don’t care if it flopped, Jackie was a decent record.

  27. Credits January 27, 2017

    A true artist never stops being an artist. So why do you guys keep saying she should give it up? Sales or no sales, art is art. She wants to continue to make art and guess what? Apparently there is a label that believes in her and will invest in her vision.

    • @4everBrandy_Ci January 27, 2017

      Exactly!!!! You better preach because regardless I’m going to always support her! These miserable trolls are dysfunctional I’m witnessing! Lol!!!!! #C-SQUAD

  28. sam is TRASH January 27, 2017

    I don’t know why any Record Label Exec would take her seriously. She has had TWO successful albums out of 6. I respect her spirit to keep trying but failure is right around the corner for her

    • @4everBrandy_Ci January 27, 2017

      I respect someone who NEVER gives on on themselves and failure is NEVER an option! This woman has pressed m************ always talking reckless about her but can’t understand she’s doing what’s best for her career. I’m really excited for her because I KNOW she deserves to get her shine!!!

  29. keepit100 January 27, 2017

    Can somebody here who works in the music industry with either a degree or certified hits/credit under their own belt please comment and explain what a flop is. Explain how you met cici, and how long you’ve been apart of her finance team to know how much revenue she generates. Your negative opinions are pure hate/jealousy because your fav isn’t getting praise, and it’s pathetic. I’ll wait for a legit answer..

    • Beyoncé Jackson January 27, 2017

      Sorry babe, but call a spade a spade. Ciara’s last four albums haven’t sold 500K combined. That’s a massive flop. Sweet girl though.

      • Niko January 27, 2017

        Actually it’s over that ass hole go check some receipts her albums might not selling expectations the first week but they grow and fantasy ride wasn’t a flop niether was the Ciara album

      • Beyoncé Jackson January 27, 2017

        Fantasy Ride: 195K
        Basic Instict: 115K
        Ciara: 133K
        Jackie: less than 100K

      • @4everBrandy_Ci January 27, 2017

        “This sweet girl b*******” needs to STOP because at the end of the day y’all pressed BUMS have nothing else to do but SPEW ignorance.

      • keepit100 January 27, 2017

        How long did you search google to find your reply? IRRELEVANT Just like your negative a** opinion. Show me the official count of album sales?

    • truthteller January 27, 2017

      Debut – 3xPlatinum, The Evolution – Platinum and since then not even a Gold record. So most people would say that she has been flopping since her sophomore.

      • keepit100 January 27, 2017

        You do realize that album sales dont calculate how successful an artist is right. This isn’t the 60’s. We are in a generation where bryson tiller sold a few albums and went platinum. Ya’ll looks soo stupid googling how many album sales she has thinking ya’ll are hurting her reputation, or really making a difference. Reality is she has endorsements, a modeling contract, industry certifications that will last forever, as well she just signed a new deal so obviously, things can’t be going to bad for team cici. If the only measure of success ya’ll uneducated trolls understand is album sales, i officially ban you from saying your a fan of music. Your not a real fan of music, and your stupidity and childishness is a disgrace to real music lovers everywhere. You don’t like her, cool, but to spend your time visiting this site just to pull up posts about ciara and posting some negative bs, well, The GAG is If she was such a “flop” ya’ll wouldn’t be still checking for her in 2017. Have several seatsss and stay mad

  30. Cough Cough January 27, 2017

    They wouldn’t sign Her if she wasn’t a good investement. No matter how many Reese’s trolls attempt to drag doesn’t negate logic. It also doesn’t negate the multimillionaire she is. So keep doing you cici, I never get how broke ppl try and laugh and give advice to ppl making paper. Like. In what universe? Lol

    • Cough Cough January 27, 2017

      How many useless trolls***

    • Truth January 27, 2017

      You’re dense. Record labels sign artists all the time that aren’t “good investments” and who they know will flop and don’t plan to put any real money into. They do it for the tax write-off. Cici is gonna flop at WB like she did at the dozen other labels she was at. They signed her because she’s willing to work for peanuts and because she’s probably letting them keep a huge portion of whatever she manages to gross.

    • @4everBrandy_Ci January 27, 2017

      Exactly!!!!! You’re damn right about that s***! These UGLY m************ will DEAL and I’m going to SCALP them by my reads! People need to let these artist express themselves and CONNECT with people in beautiful ways!!!!! #C-SQUAD

  31. Nikam January 27, 2017

    I dont Belive she will make it.I love her and I think she is ´talented but to be realy honest her time is over. Promis,Like a Boy,So what,Cant leave em alone and those kid of songs was great.
    Like her first two albums was amzing, but after that she lost herself I dont belive anymore in her.

    • @4everBrandy_Ci January 27, 2017

      You don’t love her sweetheart because I on the other hand purchased her albums And before someone mentions in my post about “being a fan doesn’t only equate to buying albums” I will elaborate that whether people buy her albums or not REAL fans that support her without shading or being bias is what matters. You don’t believe in her that’s you. I think it’s ironic how some people are miserable without figuring out what they can do to make a positive differnce for themselves and others. Ciara will continue to shine regardless because I love her ENOUGH to never stop believing her her.

  32. sam is TRASH January 27, 2017


  33. Ugo January 27, 2017

    This woman is my inspiration for real! She never stays down,she knows what she want,and she’ll keep trying till she gets it. I love you CiCi,such a positive minded being. Bless UP Mrs Wilson

    • @4everBrandy_Ci January 27, 2017

      Exactly!!!!!! This is beautiful knowing she has an impact on you!!! I love this woman too with ALL my heart!!! We’ll always hold it down for her! #C-SQUAD

  34. #TeamTinashe Stan January 27, 2017

    Atlantic? ……… um ok lol hehe!
    It’s not like they’re any better with R&B artists.

  35. Mark111 January 27, 2017

    She’ll get dropped from them as well. She must be in another 360 and they’ll get her makeup money. Because this girl just doesn’t sale. At this time of one’s career, you should be owning your Masters, finishing your current label and owning your own. Mariah did it (for a hot second), Janet, Rihanna and others have. Ciara is still at square one.

  36. Caleb January 27, 2017

    It’s very impressive. She is one of the only artists in history who can consistently move such small numbers yet consistently gets record deals.

  37. IRick January 28, 2017

    I don’t understand why so much hate toward her. Congrats cici. No matter how hard she falls she gets backup ..

  38. Yisi January 28, 2017

    Ciara hasn’t sold no damn 23 Million albums and 16 Million singles!
    Her fist two albums sold about 7-8 Million,her last 4 albums haven’t moved 1 million units combined worldwide.
    These stats can easily be found through a basic google search.
    It’s good that she keeps finding labels to sign her.I just don’t see the point.

    WB hasn’t done much for any artist in decades,adding a singer on their last leg seems foolish.

  39. Beyonnaise January 28, 2017

    Poor Warner Bros

    Another flop added to their collection

  40. Stephy January 28, 2017


  41. Now time yca ritish wauyzbi January 29, 2017

    Good luck to her

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