Madonna & Cher Dissolve Differences For ‘Women’s Day’

Published: Sunday 22nd Jan 2017 by Sam

Both time and a common cause can be a healer.

In years past, Madonna and Cher have gone on record to say some pretty shady comments about one another.

However, the Pop titans put on a united front last night the Women’s March to Washington. 

Staged one day after the inauguration of President Donald Trump, the march saw civilians as well as a large number of celebrities take to the streets of DC (and countless other corners of the world) to assert the rights of women and protest Trump’s sexist views.

We’re loving the camaraderie, although we do still chuckle at this…

Your thoughts?

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  1. Koochie Cat January 22, 2017

    Where is Beyonce? That b**** is always hopping on trends and doing nothing about it. Donald Trump aint gon invite your h** ass to the White House bih.

    • BEYSTAN_ SINCE 1997 January 22, 2017

      Beyoncé has performed 5 times for the Obamas over the past 8 years. I highly doubt she is itching to perform of step foot in the White House while this racist/sexist p** is in office. More importantly Malania Trump isn’t even worthy of a hand shake from Bey let alone breathing the same air as her.

      • blue January 22, 2017

        he was asking why wasnt beyonce taking part in the women’s march! Madonna and Cher are there to protest trump not to shake hands with him.

      • Donna Slumber January 22, 2017

        LOL at that delusional Beyonce fan. Melania Trump is First Lady, a status simple that is unmatched. She is officially a national treasure that is protected by the US government and all its might. Beyonce aint worth 2 nickels compared to a First Lady. Melania could have Beyonce killed if she wanted to. Bye Felicia!!!!!!!!!

      • Boosie January 22, 2017

        Yes! Beyoncé has preformed a rousing lip sync for the Obamas over the past 8 years

    • blue January 22, 2017

      i wondered the same, seeing as how she more than anyone has based their image on being a feminist but then i realised that you dont have to show up to support nor is it a must that she shows up!

      so glad some of my faves actually showed up tho… rih even flew all the way from paris, and went straight to trump towers to protest.

    • ? + ✈ = ? January 22, 2017

      2 icons ?

    • Max January 22, 2017

      Clock me if I’m wrong but didn’t her chime for change organization partner with the woman’s march organization? She has clearly done her part instead of sending a PR Tweet claiming to support the march in order to avoid backlash like a certain white pop star who is the poster child for white privledge

    • Rosy January 22, 2017

      Beyonce only shows up when she has something to sell or promote.

  2. Janet Jackson January 22, 2017


    Where was Beyoncé tho? Or does she only cares about femenism when she has something to promote? Fake as hell

    • BEYSTAN_ SINCE 1997 January 22, 2017

      Ummmmm we saw your first comment on your OTHER TROLL ACCOUNT above! No need to post a 2nd time.

  3. sleazy January 22, 2017

    i love beyonce lawd knows i dos but why she never there ? she never shows up? and always vocal when her music is involved i dont see her standing there with the ladies fighting smh i know you dont have to be there to show your support but if you built your whole career around it sure you can atleast show up ?

    • Kindbutnotblind January 22, 2017

      Valid point! Just goes to show you Beyoncé don’t give a s***. She just hops on any convenient profitable bandwagon

    • Rosy January 22, 2017

      Beyonce only goes when it benefits her pocket period.Beyonce is not the hands on type it’s sad if you ask me she does not represent women only when she making money in her pocket

  4. S****** Blonde January 22, 2017

    In years past, Madonna and Cher have gone on record to say some pretty shady comments about one another.
    Madonna has never say a word about Cher, despite all the all the things she said about her. Anyway, Cher has said great things about Madonna in recent years, going as far as to say that even though she started first, she believes that Madonna, is the original, that’s a great compliment. I think that with the years, many of Madonna’s detractors have changed the way they think about her, they now see the vast legacy that her controversial acts (the same they condemned her for) of the past have left, and how important she is to the music industry, especially for women in music. They look great together, two strong women, you can help but ti love Cher, she’s a Goddess.

  5. blue January 22, 2017

    i know beyonce wont be part of it but couldnt tgj make a post about all the different celebs that were part of the march, post pics…something positive please!

  6. JOHNVIDAL January 22, 2017

    At the end of the day all these supposed feuds are more about the media and fans giving more attention than necessary to a couple of words an artist said when ASKED about another artist on PURPOSE. So it´s beautiful to see that they are just cool with each other when they actually meet. Whitney and Mariah were so put against each other for years by the media (it started by reporters asking Whitney about this new girl Mariah obviously on purpose so that she would feel offended and say something shady) when in reality they just didn´t know each other. And when they finally actually meet, they get along surprisingly well. That says everything. Most of these women have similar personalities to begin with. They would be friends if they knew each other.

    • JOHNVIDAL January 22, 2017

      It is also true that some of them soften a little bit when they grew older, like many “normal” people. Anyway, I love it. I loved the photos with Madonna and Celine we have seen a few times in recent years.

  7. .:: Centurion ::. January 22, 2017

    Where was Beyonce the hypersexual self-proclaimed feminist? Celebrities we didn’t even know were feminists, or don’t announce it to the world like everything Jay Z’s wife does, were there. Beyonce is the LITERAL definition of a bandwagoner and a trend hopper. FAB!

  8. Um. January 22, 2017

    Don’t get me wrong, the women’s match was great and I hate the Tangerine, so I was here for the clap back. However, honestly I wasn’t completely sold. Are we not going to talk about how WHITE WOMEN are the reason why he won??? We’re all going to ignore that bit of information… ? Are we going to be seeing these millions of white women at the next civil rights march? I think not. I appreciated the tokens from our Senators and even Michael Moore, but pretty much ALL of those celebrities that did show up are white feminists, so I wasn’t really here for it. And I’d like to see their commitment to women’s issues that extend beyond the scope of straight, middle class, white women.

    • blue January 22, 2017

      are we going to ignore the fact that the black voter did not turn up? and that just as much as white women voting for him is part of the reason trump won?

      • Um. January 22, 2017

        The black voter turnout dropped from 13% four years ago to 12% for this past election and it’s already been reported that while the voter turnout dropped, it is consistent with previous elections. And mathematically, the deciding factor of the election lends no precedence to “who votes”, but rather to, “who votes for who”, along with the deciding states which were Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania, and Michigan. 94% of black women voted for Hilary, while 53% of white women voted for Trump, and yet 1 in every 100 Americans participated in yesterday’s festivities. Get over it, hun. This is not outrageous or opinionated information. The majority of white women, including white Latina women, voted for Trump and drove his campaign, contributing to his win in a determining way, that black people are not familiar with.

    • blue January 22, 2017

      whhy does everything have to be about race? here are women of all walks of life coming together for a common goal, why isnt that enough?

      • Um. January 22, 2017

        Ah. The mantra of white feminism. “Why does everything have to be about race?”. Thank you for reinforcing my point. Your refusal to acknowledge the double standard within the double standard within the double standard is a prime exercise of white feminism. Honestly, given the content of the comments I’ve read from you, during my time on tgj, I don’t believe that you and I can have a productive conversation, concerning this matter, but I would implore you to educate yourself on intersectionality for future reference. Wasn’t that the slogan yesterday? Women’s rights = human rights? The fight for human rights… You can’t be an advocate for human rights if you aren’t an advocate for civil rights.

    • Chad January 22, 2017

      52% of white women is a little over half. Therefore there are a hell of a lot of woman who are still anti Trump. over 100 million people voted during the election. Over 500 000 people participated in the D.C. March. A small number in comparison. It doesn’t matter what race there women are. They all stand United and for an amazing cause. And lastly white women are not the reason he won, electoral collage is. Something which based on its history, Obama should have worked to disband during his term.

      • Um. January 22, 2017

        I’m well aware that there are a hell of a lot of women against Trump, but that is a clear deflection away from the fact that the majority of white female voters, supported Trump, lending then their power to place him in the position of prestige that he does not deserve, and the opposing end of, “well, look at the people that didn’t vote for him”, in no way, delegitimizes what I’ve said, Nor does your passing the blame completely to the electoral collage. While the electoral collage denied a democratic win in rewarding the presidency to the candidate with the most collective votes, that has nothing to do with the voting demographics. It’s inane to completely disregard who voted for who in the election. That has nothing to do with what I said, friend. They all stood United for a cause that included them all, but my question is, will they all stand united in a cause that doesn’t directly affect them? Are you only interested in fighting for human rights when yours are being threatened or will you extend yourself to fight for human rights when they don’t affect you? Something which based on its history, black women have always been willing to do, as black women have been integral pioneers in feminist ideologies, while historically, some of the earliest white women who involved themselves in the women’s suffrage movement, were racists who, if you want to talk about what’s based on history, have proven time and time again that they will always put their race before their sexuality.

  9. Donna Slumber January 22, 2017

    I’m not suprised that Beyonce didn’t join the march. She probably didn’t know what the march was about. Kiiiiii

  10. Kingred912 January 22, 2017

    I wish y’all stfu about Beyoncé not being there, and plus she did her part and at the same time probably didn’t want to make this about her. Because we all know if Beyoncé would have been spotted it would have been all about her….

    • S****** Blonde January 22, 2017

      Because we all know if Beyoncé would have been spotted it would have been all about her….
      Not with people like Madonna there, who is trending right now btw, y’all really think Beyoncé is all that.

      • Wonder Woman January 22, 2017

        Not in 2017 dahhhling, maybe 1997
        The Queen >>>> The White old Rihanna

      • BEY>RIH January 22, 2017

        The only reason that hœ is trending is for dropping the f-bomb on national tv. You know damn well Bey would’ve stole all the shine if she would have showed up.

    • Wonder Woman January 22, 2017

      If she can cause all this conversation for not showing up.. I can’t imagine if she actually was there.

      • 4u2see January 22, 2017

        There’s only ten people on here talking about her out of millions today.

  11. Lake Erie January 22, 2017

    I always liked Cher. She still looks good.

  12. Gee January 22, 2017

    To see these two legendary iconic women come together for the betterment of women’s rights is a beautiful thing. But on another note why must this blog harp on so much negativity?What should be the focus is that these icons used their power and voices for something positive, uplifting, and impactful opposed to their outdated beef from decades ago. Do better That grape juice.

  13. Gee January 22, 2017

    While I may not always agree with her why must everything on this blog reference Beyoncé even when the topic has nothing to do with her? Honestly that is beyond petty for whatever reason she chose not to participate in yesterday’s festivities regarding women’s rights is her business and not ours. On another note the way she chooses to express her support for feminism is her right to do so if you support then cool, if you do not support her that is cool too but bashing her for no reason is not cool.

  14. Wonder Woman January 22, 2017

    Dinosaurs Amongst us…
    Anywayz Just because the Queen told ya’ll ladies to get in formation, doesn’t mean she had to be there…..

  15. Truth Tella January 22, 2017

    I’m all for women’s rights and everything but Madonna talking about blowing up the White House, really girl. That’s a terriost threat, I don’t find that funny at all. Regardless if people like Trump or not he is the president. CNN continues to dig themselves in the hole with their fake. Folks just don’t know CNN is about be over. At&T will be buying Time Warner who’s over CNN and Trump was rubbing shoulders with At&t CEO. Folks got to realise that Trump is a billionaire who rub shoulders with CEO’s of companies, why care about what a celebrity think when you can go straight to the top dogs of Sony, Warner Bros, Universal, etc… This is what people are not understanding, he is part off the Billion dollar boys club and this is why he could say what he want to say and will get away with it. When Trump get finished with Detroit, it’s gonna look like emerald city.

  16. BEY>RIH January 22, 2017

    Im glad Bey ruffled yall feathers. She had the most impact without even showing up.. Stay pressed bítches!!!

  17. Sterling Infinity January 22, 2017

    I love them together. America needs to see more positivity from its celebrities.

  18. Shakira Stan January 22, 2017

    Two legends.
    Nice to see we women sticking together, most times we are usually each others greatest enemies… Women helping women.

  19. Black power January 22, 2017

    Lnaoooo @ Cher.. “she’s not talented, she’s not beautiful” now that was a read!!!!! But I was so glad to see all the celebs come out!!! Can’t say I’m surprised about Beyoncé, she only steps out when it benefits her pockets… and where tf was Taylor Swift & her feminist squad??? She probably voted for his ass

  20. truthteller January 22, 2017

    Nice picture of two ladies who contributed a great deal to pop music. Not sure why Beyoncé is held to a higher standard than the likes of Adele and Taylor. Or did I miss something and they did attend?

  21. Now time yca ritish wauyz January 25, 2017

    Nice picture of them two

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