New Song: Chris Brown, Trey Songz & Young Thug – ‘Dat Night’

Published: Sunday 1st Jan 2017 by David

Chris Brown ushers in the New Year with brand new material!

Joining him along for the ride is Trey Songz and Young Thug, throwing themselves into the mix as he drives towards the unleashing of his next studio album with help from his label Sony Music.

All my ***** with the shit when I’m in Chicago/ L.A., New York, and Miami, pussy everywhere I go.

The name of the cut?

‘Dat Night.’

Songz supports the song following his recent run-in with the law and the release of his next studio LP which will hit retailers via Atlantic this year.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Versace January 1, 2017

    Boring!! This is why CB is trailing behind Bruno, The Weekend and JB.

    • ? + ✈ = ? January 1, 2017

      Should’ve been called dat nut

  2. Meme January 1, 2017

    Very boring, uncreative, same ole formula. Also note how he is just going to release a bunch of songs until one stick. He promotes his music so stupid.

  3. Beyoncé Jackson January 1, 2017

    Who still listens to Chris brown? He’s sooo 2009.

    • Beybey January 1, 2017

      Bey is 1999 and still the newest one in da game though

  4. Jay January 1, 2017

    With songs like this, he’ll never nominated for a Grammy again smh

  5. Qwerty January 1, 2017

    I agree with everyone. His enemy is making more money than him

  6. Rima January 1, 2017

    Such a non factor

  7. Ivanka January 1, 2017

    Chris brown has been around for 12 years and is damn near 30 years old and has shown zero growth as an artist. The Rihanna fiasco didn’t ruin his career, his Rants, Sucky music and bad performances did.

  8. No favs, just here for the music January 1, 2017

    Smh 50 seconds of listening and I was already done. Horrible.

  9. Jeans January 1, 2017

    Chris Brown is so tired. These songs come every 5 seconds, one a day it seems, and it’s all trash. Can’t keep up with him!

  10. RhiRocks January 1, 2017

    Him n trey need to come out!

  11. eric January 1, 2017

    More of the same and still more growing up to do. Real fans know this is garbage from someone who’s capable of doing much better but is simply too stubborn to do so.

  12. Jeans January 2, 2017


    I wish he would grow up and stop doing all this ratchet s***. It’s tired already. I wish he did more Songs like :

    Don’t Judge Me
    No Air with Jordan Sparks
    Beautiful People

    Some of his better songs that were rachetless and a lot better than what he puts out now. Smh.

  13. Last name Ever, first name Greatest January 2, 2017

    Can he please disappear for at least a year? Need to miss his voice

  14. Stephy January 19, 2017


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