New Video: Ed Sheeran – ‘Shape Of You’

Published: Monday 30th Jan 2017 by Sam

It’s here!

Ed Sheeran has unzipped the video for global smash ‘Shape Of You.’

Already a #1 in multiple territories, the track was issued (along with ‘Castle On The Hill’) as the first taste of the crooner’s third studio album ‘÷’ (divide) – ahead of its March 3rd release.

Now, the cut is poised to become a bigger hit with the arrival of its accompanying video.

The cinematic cut, which stars Jennie Pegouskie, packs plenty of replay value and it awaits below…

We like! Do you?

Your thoughts?

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  1. LISA LEVINE January 30, 2017

    No we all Know, his white trash following is gonna explode when they see this video of him crossing over to a woman of color. I LOVE IT. Lets just ruffle these feathers in the trailer parks….

    • vergos January 30, 2017

      people with your mentality is the reason why racism exists and why this world is full of turmoil

      • LISA LEVINE January 30, 2017

        And you living under a rock full of denial to WHAT IS REALLY IS GOING ON is truly the major problem. Wake up Kitten and Go protest or better Look in your mirror of SELF-HATE and STFU.

      • Micelle January 30, 2017

        @vergoas I agree with Lisa, this video is going to cause just the right amount of turmoil. WAKE UP WORLD it’s a new day UNITY

  2. vergos January 30, 2017

    @Lisa self hate? you are the one spreading hate, you can’t preach about racism by doing the exact same thing “white trash”?

    • Belladonna January 30, 2017

      Your both right. White poor people are going to see this and go Oh my f*cking God!! And there going to say a lot of racist sh*t in the comments on YouTube but there will also be lots of comments supporting it. And yes calling them Whiite trash only harts what there trying to stop.

    • LISA LEVINE January 30, 2017

      @vergos GO get a hobby b_itch and get off my s_hit. Its a video, and this is a blog, take your corny A** out and march for your rights. I heard your opinion and called you out as a punk. Now get to stepping……

      • vergos January 30, 2017

        you are a nutcase clearly, in every reply you are contradicting yourself.

        open a book, educate yourself and stop spreading hate in every post

      • LISA LEVINE January 30, 2017

        @vergos SUCK A d_CK.

  3. Belladonna January 30, 2017

    I know it’s 2017 & seeing a interacial couple shouldn’t be a statement but it is and its powerful & you feel it right away when you see them together And I know people think the next 4 years with Trump is going to be hell but I think that goes both ways for us as well as for him because the world is going to fight back every day with progression &love. All we need is a Gay video like this with Jesse from Empire & Frank Ocean! #LoveOfAllKindsWins

  4. Belladonna January 30, 2017

    A lot of people say there open minded but you never see them date outside there race & that goes for 90% of people & That hole preference isn’t racist thing is BS!

  5. CHUNbeLIvable! January 30, 2017

    Was I the only one who didn’t even notice her race? Just Ed chatting up a girl. The race thing won’t be a big deal in the UK.

  6. Now time yca ritish wauyzbi January 31, 2017

    The video is Oky

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