Report: Lady Gaga Will Have No Guests At Super Bowl Halftime Performance

Published: Tuesday 17th Jan 2017 by Sam

Over the course of her career, Lady Gaga has proven her ability to rock a stage solo.

And just in case folk had forgotten, the superstar singing will reportedly be reminding them at the Super Bowl Halftime Show next month.

Full story below…

Billboard cites a source close to the singer’s production, who confirmed that she will be taking to the stage with no guests.

Bucking what has become an unofficial trend of sorts, the 30-year-old will be the 8th artist ever to go it alone on the stage of all stages.

The move will no doubt add a heightened sense curiosity surrounding what exactly Mother Monster plans to serve up come February 5th.

With just a few weeks to go, the answer will be here sooner than soon.

In the meanwhile, what are…

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  1. Bby boy January 17, 2017

    The best of luck…..
    over gaga to be honest
    This era was too much
    Once again…. the best of luck

    • ? + ✈ = ? January 17, 2017

      No one wants to be a guest for someone that isn’t selling records. Its like Bey featuring on a Ciara song! That would be degrading!

    • JOHNVIDAL January 18, 2017

      Too much? Wasn´t this era too little? I wish people could be open minded and stop the bullpshit. She´s very talented and versatile and keeps doing different things.

  2. Mo January 17, 2017

    Im not surprised. Gagz is beyond desperate nowadays for the spotlight

  3. Mase January 17, 2017

    How did she do too much this era? Lol she hasn’t done enough. Anyways, her show is about to be over the top crazy and y’all will deal

  4. Jamie January 17, 2017

    Ok. Prepare for the lowest ratings in the history of super bowl half-time show. This will be the super bowl’s anti.

    • Meme January 17, 2017

      and that will be just fine because a year later and anti still on the charts and it’s singles are still doing big things. Let’s hope it’s not the Super Bowls lemonade….big opening numbers because of shock factor but absolutely forgotten and non existent 2 months later. Just like it never happened.

      • BonBon January 17, 2017

        What a try hard and nonsensical analogy…the SuperBowl airs live one night of the year of course it’s about its initial ratings aka “big opening numbers” dumbass

      • Meme January 18, 2017

        @bonbon first of bish I wasn’t the one who started comparison the halftime to album. My comment was a response to other comment, so come at them not me. Secondly, while the halftime is a one time live performance and high initial ratings measures it success, creating something memorable that people can look back on and say it was iconic is just as important. Something Lemonade knows nothing about because its now non existent anywhere and it haven’t even been a year yet.

  5. Mark111 January 17, 2017

    Poor Beyonce.

    • Surprise..(DEC 2013) January 17, 2017

      Yeah, i know right…Bey only has to prepare for the GRAMMYS, COACHELLA E.T.C Poor her, she has nothing to do..MEANWHILE, LEMONADE IS ALREADY OUTSELLING POORANNE ON THE CHART.

  6. Slaysurfav January 17, 2017

    I never understood why Beyoncé fans are so insecure they drag everybody that’s not B like she’s not the best in the game what y’all so hurt 4 y’all fav slaying can some other people slay for a min or all y’all worried that if B ain’t always the topic of convo that she will fade away??? Just a thought?

    • Beyoncé Jackson January 17, 2017

      Beyonce stays on your mind. I didn’t even see any negative comments from the Hive prior to yours.

    • BonBon January 17, 2017

      Yet when she’s not the topic, people like you MAKE her the topic. Bey fans have NOTHING to worry about in that regard

  7. Citi January 17, 2017

    I’ll be watching but not hyped for Gaga. Itll be good singing, some dancing and piano playing. Itll be Good but hype for Gaga has fell hard.

    • JOHNVIDAL January 18, 2017

      So basically you´re saying she´ll deliver but that if there is not that artificial hype every artist has at some point of their careers then you´re not interested 🙂 If I were you I would evaluate my way of thinking and enjoying things and music.

  8. Meme January 17, 2017

    They are saying 2 major artist were asked and both said no. But they will be a guest

  9. Y’all really are poor huh? January 17, 2017

    ??? ?????? Bravo! I mean really the artistry behind the title combined with that *dont play with me Gaga pic. Hilarious. Honestly…truely.

  10. @ASAPicon January 17, 2017

    It will FLOP

    • Jacob January 17, 2017

      Just like Ciara’s music career.

      • Mark111 /.\ January 17, 2017

        Whelp, goodnight everyone, I’m dead.

  11. Surprise…dec 2013 January 17, 2017

    Now I’m worried for her tbh. She better put on a good show or else the dragging will be epic???????

  12. Taylor-Swift-To-Find-A-New-Man (Slayty) January 17, 2017

    Of course not, her ego wouldn’t allow her to share a stage to potentially be upstaged.

    Also, Katy Perry’s halftime show remains the most watched in history.

    • JOHNVIDAL January 18, 2017

      And the most basic too. Ratings depend on the match my dear. Not no damn Katy Perry.

  13. ???????Chile, take this “Itty Bitty Piggy” to the market and make sure you hold her hand while crossing the street!??????? January 17, 2017

    She better bring the POP music super hard because I’m not here for the biker gang, cigarette smoking, country music she’s been serving lately.

  14. Suicide Blonde January 17, 2017

    It’s honestly better this way, that means the show will be all about her.

    • Surprise…dec 2013 January 17, 2017

      And that could be a bad thing???????

    • JOHNVIDAL January 18, 2017

      I agree suicide. She has enough to offer as a performer.

  15. Datredd23 January 17, 2017

    Anti is the highest charting female album on billboard this week wow slay !! Love on the Brain just reached top 10 on radio and top 15 on iTunes and rising with no promo nor video !! Slay !!

  16. Liam January 17, 2017

    Are you some of you guys always this negative about other artists like this when it isn’t your fave? ? I’m not a big fan but she’s a pretty good performer so I’ll tune in to see what she’s serving.

  17. Mase January 17, 2017

    People are so pressed!! She will be fine. As far as 2 ppl delicned to be at the super bowl , WHO ARE THEY? Don’t be believing fake reports

  18. Wonder Woman January 17, 2017

    Superbowl will be the last nail on her casket… just like it was for Tranet

    • Cough Cough January 18, 2017

      Janet’s album that came out directly after the super bowl sold 3 million copies though.

    • RoyalKev January 18, 2017

      Right, because Janet didn’t earn a #1 album almost 30 years after ‘Control’ in 2015. Nail my ass!

  19. HailLegendBeysus January 17, 2017

    Well… goodluck to her.
    Also why are people mentioning Beyoncé? I didn’t even see Bey fans shading until that Whoréanna stan mentioned Lemonslayed and made the worst analogy ever stated on this blog. ?
    They Navy coming for Bey like she’s losing sleep over performing at The Super Bowl. She’s done it 3x already. When will Rihflop perform are the real questions you should be wondering about.

  20. HailLegendBeysus January 17, 2017

    Well… goodluck to her.
    Also why are people mentioning Beyoncé? I didn’t even see Bey fans shading until that Whöréannà stan mentioned Lemonslayed and made the worst analogy ever stated on this blog. ?
    They Navy coming for Bey like she’s losing sleep over performing at The Super Bowl. She’s done it 3x already. When will Rihflop perform are the real questions you should be wondering about.

    • King B January 18, 2017

      It’s always some random accounts that mention Bey. Like I’ve never seen them comment before.

      • RoyalKev January 18, 2017

        It’s simply amazing to witness how often Bey’s name comes up on all these different posts involving other artists! There’s always no segue, no point in bringing her up, these topics have absolutely NOTHING to do with Bey sometimes and her name pops up like magic!

  21. King B January 18, 2017

    Hmm… This makes it less exciting tbh. I was hoping maybe she could bring some guests there like Katy with Missy. I was thinking of… maybe Madonna or Elton John?

  22. Beyonnaise January 18, 2017

    Lipsyncé just sharted and is planning a sabotage somewhere

  23. RoyalKev January 18, 2017

    I’m glad she’s doing it solo!

  24. F January 18, 2017

    Good for her, Beyoncé and Bruno Mars outshined Coldplay last year, but I was hoping for the first performance of her with B or taking Christina Aguilera and R. Kelly on stage for ”Do What U Want”

  25. Josh January 18, 2017

    should’ve featured Beyonce for a banger performance of Telephone. Gaga you know better.

  26. wWe Nowqd Redv dimnobut it ash trjoan ivy blobukz Need UK timely Ukuno eremxil January 20, 2017

    Good for her

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