Rihanna Brands Donald Trump An “Immoral Pig” After #MuslimBan

Published: Sunday 29th Jan 2017 by Sam

Like millions across world, Rihanna is disgusted with the actions of the US’ new president Donald Trump.

In a bid to make a mark within his first week in office, the controversial figure has actioned a ban against the immigration of muslims from at least 7 different countries.

The move has caused an international outcry, with huge protests taking place at New York’s JFK Airport and mass critique flooding in from across the globe.

Using her own platform, Rih took to Twitter vent her feelings. And needless to say they weren’t endorsing of Trump…

The 28-year-old said…


Your thoughts?

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  1. Markel January 29, 2017

    She is right. Trump is setting us back ! I tried to give him a chance but I’m scared for us now !!

    • Laqoyah January 29, 2017

      Where is Gaga, Beyonce, Taylor…?! These people are hypocrites… will never get my money! ?

      • Lol January 29, 2017

        I hate this Orange President. Days without being a national embarassment….0 !!!


      • johnyvb January 29, 2017

        Beyonce must be waiting for the Grammys to say something. She will not speak of course, but I’m betting her performance will have some kind of message.

      • January 29, 2017

        These cowards wouldnt dare. Bey has extended her tour and Gaga has a Super Bowl coming.

        They have some interests to protect. It is obvious they are into rating and popularity. They just want your money. Thats why no words. Such a hypocritical music company puppet!

      • Beyoncd Illuminati Exposed January 29, 2017

        When will Bey? I guess Illuminati bosses havent passed the memo yet huh??? ??

      • Ugh January 29, 2017

        Beyonce stands for black community riri stands for immigrants gaga for her career and taylor for her voice… see everyone stands for what is threated most in their lives

      • fatusankoh January 29, 2017

        Laqoah gey Bey out of your hateful mouth Bey has done much than your favorite you areno Bey fan you but a haters

    • Not My President January 29, 2017

      I know I can count on artists like Riri, Madonna and Cher. Good for them for speaking up! So brave! By the way where are #Trump’s Properties and business interest? Where does he make his $$$?

      He made millions from Saudi Arabia! This man should be impeached! Fit for an organization but not a country like USA. My middle finger is for those who voted this idiot!

    • Cake Like Gaga January 29, 2017

      Republicans are p** anyways and y’all should know by now!!! ??????

    • Yawn January 29, 2017

      This new reality tv President is so lame and embarassing. Make wanna take a long greasy cr@p all over his orange face! I thought Bush was bad but this Donald Dump is the worst in history. Impeach now!

      • Chileplease (the first and only bih) January 29, 2017

        What does it matter what celebs think or say? Are their opinions worth more than everyone else’s?

      • Tasha Shila January 29, 2017

        Celebrities make more sense than politicians. Politicians in the US are corrupted anyways. I trust celebrities than those snakes in the Capitol Hill.

    • Rosy January 29, 2017

      Gaga and Beyonce cant speak up they protecting their pockets gaga trying to not get booed at the superbowl if you cannot for something don’t stand at all gaga do stuff for attention she a fake Madonna wannabe rih, Cher and Madonna stands up say what they want with no apologies or backtracking Beyonce will donate to a cause she always for the optics all beyonce white fans voted for Trump I hope black people see where her favors lies not with her black brown fans they too poor for her black Americans loving trump doing this to other races they hate foreigners he coming for yall next

    • Minsj January 29, 2017

      You gotta give this girl a credit. She speaks her mind and should be respected. She is using her popularity to stand for others. Yes she is a true artist unlike Bey- two-faced coward hiding behind her useless husband!

    • Omg January 29, 2017

      This tweer makes Beyonce looks kind of loser and timid. Go Rihanna go..tell em the truth!

    • The Wig Snatcher January 29, 2017

      Sam saluted Rihanna with no backhanded shady compliment is the real headline here. Growth?

    • ? + ✈ = ? January 29, 2017

      Beyonce wont say anything because she doesn’t wanna hurt future endorsements, ticket and record sales! That’s the truth ???

      • Milla B January 29, 2017

        Beyonce cares about sales and only blacks…her true color comes OUT! She is a racist like Oprah.

  2. NAVI January 29, 2017

    I remember when Obama was signing executive orders because congress was giving him such a fight to get anything he wanted done. now Donald rump has only been in office for a week and he’s already signing executive orders left and right, such bs.

    • Ben January 29, 2017

      Every time a Republican takes over the Oval Office ..things start to get messy. Remember Bush?! Trillions in debt bcause that stupid war?!!! Weapon of Mass Deception..thats what they are!

      • NAVI January 29, 2017

        The thing is they gave Obama such a fight. He got his presidency in such a trying time when unemployment was high due to the recession and he got Americans through. He got such a fight from Congress, YET the Republicans blame Obama for EVERYTHING that went wrong in the country, like such facking hypocrites.

  3. Hur January 29, 2017

    Where was she when Hilary told us “When someone shows you who they are believe them” she has a huge fan base she could have supported Hilary non stop on social media and maybe can convince people to VOTE. Just a thought.

    • Stephy January 29, 2017

      SHUT UP B****

      • Blahx3 January 29, 2017

        You crawl back to the cave Becky!

    • Rihboy January 29, 2017

      She promoted Hillary for your information! Almost daily through the campaign

    • Rosy January 29, 2017

      Stfu rih is standing for millions and can be considered a immigrant with her family she has a right to say something trump put into law people with visa and green card what if one day he also put other countries on the list no one knows this feels like we are heading into a communist society whomever voted this hitler in God save us all

  4. Ebony Aboad January 29, 2017

    I agree with Rih…it is going to be a long 4 years. Embarassing to be an American right now!

  5. Eliza January 29, 2017

    Yaaasss Riri, speak like a true Queen. Unlike Bey…coward, tacky and full of ?!!!

  6. S****** Blonde January 29, 2017

    Oh I want to know what @Mark think about this, your girl just called YOUR PRESIDENT an immoral ?….He’s so proud of HIS PRESIDENT.

    • Truth Tella January 29, 2017

      What yall gone say if say and do if another terrorist attack happens? Yall gone be the first ones crying about the government needs to do something. Well Trump is doing something about it now, something Obama should’ve been done the last 8 years. Rihanna needs to shut the hell up and just stick to music. I’m so glad the industry is going downhill. Yes celebriturds, keep digging a hole in yall already sinking careers.

      • Stfu January 29, 2017

        Done what? Putting America back in a Stone Age. You are a moron.. obviously!

      • Vie January 29, 2017

        Sinking career when your mom saw you popping out of her p*ssy!

      • Rihboy January 29, 2017

        Honey terrrorists are running this country! What are you talking about!

      • Ben January 29, 2017

        The real terrorist is Bush and old school Republicans. Under Obama no case of terrorism. Zero!

        Maybe your p*ssy got terrorized for the past 8 years ?

      • Omg January 29, 2017


      • Kris January 29, 2017

        Your comment is about as delusional as this President you clearly voted for #AlternativeFacts

  7. Black Magic@ Vodoo spell January 29, 2017

    The #MuslimBan is a great example why racists and antisemitism should not be allowed in the WH and near the Oval Office #Bannon #NoBanNoWall

  8. Sista January 29, 2017

    Stupid President in history..and I cant even with this unstable orang utan!

  9. Disgusted too January 29, 2017

    Not her big fan but she is right. DT is a p**! Same goes to his supporters!

  10. Markonah Johnson January 29, 2017

    If he builds a wall, I will raise my children to tear it down!!

    #NotMyPOTUS #NeverTrump #LoveTrumpsHate #TeamRiri

  11. Blue Gorilla Ivy January 29, 2017

    Mama Beyonce is pretending to fall asleep per usual! ???

    • Rihboy January 29, 2017

      Her political stances are usual just photo ops. That’s why!

  12. Chase January 29, 2017

    Funny how he’s only banning the Muslim countries he doesn’t have business ties with.

    • Vie January 29, 2017

      He is a flake just like other Republicans!

  13. B2B January 29, 2017

    Nice of Rihanna to say something but you mf kill me! BEYONCÉ is not your damnn savior! She has already stated her stance on this BS and that’s that. Wtf is a tweet going to do? BEYONCÉ been supporting doing her pat since Katrina and she doesn’t have to do shiit! The mf Trump party always dragging my biitch, there is a reason why so don’t come at her because this chick tweeted for a cause for the first time in her career. Leave the Queen Tf alone! Go stream Anti or some s***. Better yet, go network and be the change you want to see. Tweeting about TRump and marching ain’t gone do s***! Start a petition!

    • Rosy January 29, 2017

      Stfu it shows she is awake unlike Beyonce

      • B2B January 29, 2017

        GIRL A TWEET THO??? Rih woke because of a tweet ??? You aren’t even awake if you think tweeting is the solution! And biitch f*** you, you in my reply section with your dumbass! WTF YO RAGGEDY ASS DOING TO HELP!?

  14. TeamNavy January 29, 2017

    Rihanna is the new Madonna. Bold, speak the truth and not afraid to tell the truth. Bravooooo!!! ????????

  15. Boooo January 29, 2017

    Beyoncd is coward! Enough said!

  16. Yatissa January 29, 2017

    Bey is just an Illuminati puppet without a pinch of IQ…thats why she is so low profile! Just interested in TV ratings and shows! She wouldnt dare. Only dare to criticize coos and her baboon husband using songs!

    • B2B January 29, 2017

      Y’all haters corny with that illuminati mess! But anyways, as a musician shouldn’t that be the case? Is that not allowed or something? BEYONCÉ doesn’t want to be “famous” she wants to make good music!

  17. Beyoncd Illuminati Exposed January 29, 2017

    Beyonce is illuminati useless puppet! Only interested in profits.., ?

  18. Nigerian in UK January 29, 2017

    Americans are so screwed under Trump.
    Poor yall. Oh well… ?????

  19. Kiii January 29, 2017

    Rihcoconut better keep it cute before Trump sends her back to the islands

    • Migos January 29, 2017

      Tell her ass

  20. Peter January 29, 2017

    Y’all were laughing and ridiculing Cheeto when he first announced that he was running for president. Failed to take him seriously and thinking Hillary will defeat him well just look now America will be a third world country by October. Even if he gets impeached we still get Pence as president

  21. ****** January 29, 2017

    Why is Mooriah quiet??

    • Migos January 29, 2017

      She can’t speak for s***. She lack IQ

  22. RhiRocks January 29, 2017

    Im a beyhive member but I’m really disappointed that Beyoncé has stayed quiet on this ! I’m really proud and happy that Rihanna said something ! If Beyoncé doesn’t say against this then I defo stop supporting her. Iv been a fan since DC, brought every album every single , DVDs you name it I have it . Rihanna gained major respect in my eyes

    • KWEENBey January 29, 2017

      Girl shut up, you aint have sh*t to say when Beyonce was bailing out protesters during the Black Lives Matter protests. You don’t know what Beyonce is doing being the scenes.

      Rih issued a simple ass tweet. Speak on Beyonce when Rihanna starts putting in work and fighting for the cause.

  23. Mark111 January 29, 2017

    My girlfriend has spoken! Eff President Trash.

  24. Mark111 January 29, 2017

    I’m going to need that Swiss cheese faced Dead Blonde to work on his reading skills. Feed that brain so when you finally gain the nerve to take a shotgun to the domestic, you’ll have something to splatter on the walls.

    • S****** Blonde January 29, 2017

      We should both work on our reading skills, I’m Swedish not Swiss, you clearly didn’t read that.

  25. Molly #Stargirl January 29, 2017

    Girl dont get banned yourself lol

  26. yisi January 29, 2017

    While I appreciate what Rihanna said, it’s nothing new or different than what a lot of people have said about Trump online.
    Beyonce or Gaga don’t owe anyone their thoughts on the situation, especially knowing how they campaigned for Hillary or even how Beyonce was bailing out the Baltimore protesters during the Baltimore riots.
    Gaga was at protests even before Trump took office.
    Some of you can’t get your head out of your own pop culture filled asses long enough to not make it a her vs her type of situation.
    It’s sad really, America has elected a mini dictator and all some of you care about is throwing shade at Beyonce and Gaga,typical.

    • Nessa January 29, 2017

      Of course. Like I’ve said on here already, 99% of Rihanna’s fans aren’t real fans. Just Beyonce haters. They think about her 24/7 because she’s everything they wish Rihanna was. Look at them getting hype over a tweet when Beyonce has proven where she stands through her music, her money and her actions outside of Twitter. LOL.

      • blue January 29, 2017

        name those specific action outside some big promo event. also name the song

    • blue January 29, 2017

      the difference is that rihanna’s voice matters, it reaches a large group of people and makes the news. it gets people talking. and of course gaga and bey dont have to say anything about anything, as their job is to entertain, but at the same time they cant claim to be socially conscious and never speak, especially on beyonce’s part. beyonce does a politically ambiguous performance and her fans are quick to call her a hero, she gets criticised and everyone hates her but she herself never stands up and Unequivocally says what her position is and why.

      • King B January 29, 2017

        “it reaches a large group of people and makes the news”. Beyoncé performed for 100 Mil audiences and it made the news (negative news) and yet you the haters called it a promotion. People were planning to boycott her tour. And don’t act like this is the first time you know Bey, she will never respond.

  27. Merkaba January 29, 2017

    Republican & Democrats. Both parties are made to give you the illusion that you have the right to vote. Both parties are different but handled by the same Masters. Wake up…

  28. B_Roni January 29, 2017

    I don’t think some people realize what’s going on beyond the president. Obama had a hard time making things happen because the votes for senate and other parties and positions were split. The republicans are winning votes in congress now. So yes Trunp is crazy but it’s not just him. The republicans can put through what he wants, because it’s more of them now then there were democrats when Obama was in office.

  29. Donard January 29, 2017

    I think Donald is doing what he think is best. Least he is actually doing he would when he was trying to get people to vote for him. Even if you don’t agree with what he is doing.

  30. Now time yca ritish wauyzbi January 29, 2017


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