Shade? Former Lady Gaga Choreographer Slams Successor Ahead Of ‘Super Bowl’

Published: Wednesday 18th Jan 2017 by Sam

If anything is a guarantee in the music business it’s change.

Just ask Lady Gaga.

Despite being less than a decade into superstardom, the 30-year-old has experienced several career twists and turns.

Two of the more notable center on management and creative.

Indeed, as pertains to the latter, many were surprised when Mother Monster parted ways with longtime creative director and choreographer Laurieann Gibson (pictured above). The timing, just after ‘Born This Way,’ was sudden and left fans worried given how integral at-the-time Gibson was to all things “Gaga.”

Renown for her colorful personality and “Boom Kack” catchphrase, Gibson was replaced by Richy Jackson – a dancer/choreographer who served as her #2.

Some have speculated that this has been a perpetual thorn in her side ever since.

And while only she knows the validity of that, her movements on Twitter have added fuel to the flames.

See what we mean below…

Following yesterday’s behind the scenes look at the choreography for Gaga’s Super Bowl Halftime Show, a fan tweeted the following message to the singer, Gibson, and Richy. A message Gibson retweeted:

When confronted by fans about the cattiness of the RT, Gibson insisted there was “no no no shade” being thrown. She said:

never negative grateful for the vision people have the love if you see negative thts not it be mindful ??❤️



No number of emojis and zen like statement can conceal the shade. It’s there in abundance.

Saying that, it’s a tad tricky because while it’s easy to scream “be better, not bitter” (which is true), Gibson did indeed champion much of the classic choreography Gaga is known for. Something the clip below attributes to another person.

Still, regardless of how irked she is, professionalism is all about keeping it light, bright, and moving with a permanent ‘Pokerface.’ Pun intended.

So, whether right in reason or not, Laurieann kinda played herself on this one.

Lady Gaga takes to the stage at the PEPSI Super Bowl Halftime Show on February 5th.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Myownstan January 18, 2017

    Laurieann is a fame hungry ho with an aggressive nature and bad attitude. I hope she fails in all aspects of life. I wish nothing but bad things for bad people

    • Kris January 18, 2017

      Ahhh! Lauriann departure is directly linked to Lady Gaga’s demise.

    • JustCoastWitHa January 19, 2017

      but.. praying on the downfall of others will get YOU no where. Bi+ch

  2. Surprise..(DEC 2013) January 18, 2017

    Its true tho…..she gave gaga her best dance moves.

  3. IKNOWTHETRUTH January 18, 2017


  4. meme January 18, 2017

    I knew this was going to happen. I literally thought of her yesterday as I watch the rehearsal footage. Much of Gaga creativity and dance routines were crafted by Laurianne. So I thought it was rather funny to see this new guy rework her choregraphy and act like he was the one responsible for everything.

  5. Swit Katz January 18, 2017

    I don’t know why people would shade gaga. She’s the most talented artist right now followed by beyonce then Teyana taylor,adele and ciara. The rest are complete trash especially that b**** rihanna who needs to go back to that filthy island and stop taking talented artist’s shine she cant even write or sing live.

    • gina January 18, 2017

      and yet Rihanna has the most hits & sucess out of any of those smoke & mirror struggle h0s you mentioned. that Rihanna Reign got you pressed af.

      • Swit Katz January 18, 2017

        Gina rihanna has all those hits bcoz top writers and producers gave them to her unlike her peers who don’t rely on them and try their best to be a part of their work.

      • JOHNVIDAL January 18, 2017

        Rihanna doesn´t have the most success honey. This person didn´t lie anyway. Rihanna is pretty talentless while the others are very talented for at least one aspect of music. At least dancing or something 🙂

      • Amerikkka’s Most Wanted ~ Tyler January 18, 2017

        Rihanna is also the most talentless out of all of those people mentioned. She is the epitome of smoke n mirrors lol

  6. The Wig Snatcher January 18, 2017

    Gaga paid for this publicity stunt. She is too desperate in figuring out how to outdo Janet, Beyoncé, Michael and Madonna. She could never.

    • gina January 18, 2017

      dumbest comment on here.

    • Kris January 18, 2017

      The gag is… no one’s buzzing about this performance. Like… no one cares. I think she’s in over her head. She doesn’t have the momentum for a Super Bowl performance. Wayyy past her prime and isn’t iconic enough. Not trying to send negative vibes but this is not gonna work in Lady Gaga’s favor. It may boost her album sales (as it does for everyone) but it will not reignite the public’s interest.

    • Shakira stan January 18, 2017

      She can always show a nipple, wasn’t that all Janet ever did?
      Lol Beyonce did the same tired old routine from single ladies and Madonna is only remembered for the Man hanging on the rope.
      Micheal’s was the most iconic, no one has ever topped it.

      • Kris January 18, 2017

        Yeah, whatever you say but people were actually here for a Beyoncé and a Madonna performance… Lady Gaga. Not so much.

      • IIIJaime Saravia January 19, 2017

        I’m sorry but just in net worth Gaga beats Rihanna , Gaga does more than just music , she’s also in AHS and making a movie with cooper, she’s worth more than 300 million dollars compared to Rihanna 100 million,and it’s just growing , selling 1,000,000 albulm in 3 months , Rihanna 1.3 million in 1 year , sorry but numbers are there

  7. sam is TRASH January 18, 2017

    Gaga will do great but people will forget after a few days. Nothing can save her dead career. Sorry

    • Swit Katz January 18, 2017

      She won’t fade, true talent prevails.

  8. SMH January 18, 2017

    The reach is real. There was no shade in Laurieann just liking a fan’s tweet. People need to get off twitter and get a life.

  9. leveinard January 18, 2017

    Gaga is in a completely different place to where she was with “Bad Romance.” This woman’s choreography is not required for what Gaga is doing now. Gibson is the same petty little woman she’s always been. Notice how we haven’t heard her name in years, and she only comes up because she was fired many years ago? She’ll stay fired.

    • Angelito January 18, 2017

      That grape juice is often so biased. When I watch that promo video I could only think of Gibson. Most the the footage shown on the promo was gibsons work. Yet she gets no credit? I’d be shady too. But yll so quick to call her irrelevant before you do your homework. Nickis last couple tours who you think was the creative director? Gibson. Who’s career has become somewhat stagnant since Gibson split, Gaga. Mind you I used to be a hardcore Gaga fan, but she just has not been that good since born this way, and that was her last time working with Gibson.

  10. cocobutta January 18, 2017

    “I’m not your typical girl, I’m not your typical girl”.
    Do any of you remember that show L.A.G did called Born To Dance?
    Love it with that girl Jelly.

    LaurieAnn done soooooo much in the industry, she doesn’t even need to bother engage.
    Love the comment by IKNOWTHETRUTH bout her with DK.

  11. Shakira stan January 18, 2017

    Iconic dance moves?

    • Swit Katz January 18, 2017

      What are rihanna and Shakira iconic for??? bcoz as far as i know they’re both bubblegum pop stars with one being somewhat irrelevant to countries outside of south america. As for rihanna i still wonder why she’s still here.

      • Shakira stan January 18, 2017

        Shakira has been around for 20 years, Gaga couldn’t even get past her 4th year ?
        And Rihanna is a zillion times more relevant than caca.
        For one shakira is a legend and rihanna is an icon who will be a legend someday.
        Gaga is a meat dressed crazy turd who was hot for a year or two and then quickly faded into oblivion.

      • Swit Katz January 18, 2017

        Rihanna will never be a legend. you honestly think her songs are classics? seriously who’d perform songs like work, s&m, hard or rude boy in their 50’s?? The b**** can’t even hold a note she’s a fad and on overhyped singles artist that’s managed to hold on to fame bcoz of her rihtarded fans but she’s too basic to be a factor. What impact has rihanna brought to the industry?

      • Shakira Stan January 18, 2017

        She knows how to reinvent herself and sound… She will still be here when gagas is done and dusted.

    • King B January 19, 2017

      Was Beautiful Liar Shakira’s last top ten? Or is it She Wolf?

  12. Theman January 18, 2017

    Yet her album has sold almost one million ww.. Without a hit single.. Lol.. That is star power haters. She’ll do great things..

    • Shakira stan January 18, 2017

      There was a time she used to sell that in a week.
      Such decline and her little lizards are now bragging about selling almost one million in six months… Truly how the mighty have fallen.

  13. Haters Gon’ Hate January 18, 2017

    She needs to sit all the way down. Your services were dismissed and you look hella bitter bashing someone else WHO YOU WORKED WITH (Richie) in YOUR profession (Creative Direction).

    Hmmmm on what Gaga might do at SB… if she can somehow tap into American patriotism at a time when people are divided, bring some singalong rock, anthemic dance tracks to keep people moving, raw gritty vocals and some compelling stage direction she’s unlikely to do her image any damage. What we know if she can’t offend (meat dress and gimmicks) and she needs to bring it vocally to turn it out.

  14. Mark111 January 18, 2017

    It’s true tho. Since she left, Gags moves been crap. Last great video was Judas.

  15. JanStan January 18, 2017

    I’m SOOOOOO here for Gaga and this performance. People need to stop putting her in the pop queen lane. She has evolved into something else. Lady Gaga = this generations Bette Midler. You’re welcome.

  16. Mase January 18, 2017

    It sounded like shade towards Richy. Now he doesn’t deserve that.. Laurianne has been out of the picture for like 5-6 years. She should’ve said something nice and kept it cute.

  17. @ASAPicon January 18, 2017

    This woman is aqueen, I miss her reality show she had

  18. wWe Nowqd Redv dimnobut it ash trjoan ivy blobukz Need UK timely Ukuno eremxil January 22, 2017


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