Drunk As a Skunk?: Mariah Carey Delivers Disastrous Performances On ‘NYE Special’

Published: Sunday 1st Jan 2017 by Rashad

Mariah Carey delivered what could easily be classified as the worst performance of her 25+ year career on ‘Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin Eve with Ryan Seacrest’ tonight (December 31).

Helping more than one million people camped out in Times Square painfully ring in the new year (and don’t forget the millions watching at home), the annual ABC special got a dose of updated versions of the diva’s hits ‘We Belong Together,’ ‘Emotions,’ and more.

When not talking through the songs, Carey’s backing track gave out at multiple points during the performance.  Guess who gave zero f*cks?  That’s right…Miss Mimi.

Watch the horror inside:

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  1. Bish in Africa January 1, 2017

    And never a post on when she did exceptionally amazing

    • 100Facts January 1, 2017

      She did eff that up tho!!

      • Danyboo January 1, 2017

        She been worked to hard for her status in the industry… When stars start acting out.. Bad things happens… She said you dont get no better.. She cant even sing her songs anymore #prayforher

    • Jasmine January 1, 2017

      Why don’t you post a link to a recent “exceptionally amazing” performance. I would love to see a video. I have yet to see an “amazing” performance from her in the last 5 years.

      • ka January 1, 2017

        Oh, you know management and lawyers had any clips pulled ASAP eastern, western, pacific, middle eastern and European time zones to show no saved evidence. Probably contacting YouTube now! Nick 1-Mariah .5 I’ll give her that she looked good tonight. That’s for tonight otherwise Nick is -25

    • Credits January 1, 2017

      I’m not going to say that she should always do amazing because when it comes down to it, she is still human. However, it should never NEVER EVER be THIS BAD….and this standard is in place because she is considered a lengend. The industry might have to revoke her lengendary status. I can’t even imagine what it would be like to be one of her die hard fans, because watching her perform would give me anxiety, sitting on the edge of my seat like, I hope she doesn’t mess up, lord let her hit that note…lol when my favs perform I can sit back and enjoy. For example, Jazmine never slips up and while I’m not a member of the hive, Bey never does either.

      • Meme January 1, 2017

        I’ll give Beyoncé her credit, she will always keep her performance together, no matter what glitch may happen. She’s just that good st performing where you wouldn’t even be able to tell there was an issue. HOWEVER, Beyoncé ALWAYS lip sing. Like always, she doesn’t do it the entire performance but if you listen to the sound quality the 1st 75% of her performance and the last 25% if never sounds the same. You can tell when she turns on her mic to sing and say little words here and there.

    • BIGGESTAALIYAHFAN January 1, 2017

      Way to go out of the year with a bang! Wow!!!

      • Christina Aguilera January 1, 2017

        The wad a back a up whistle hheeeuuuuuuhhh

    • ? + ✈ = ? January 1, 2017

      More than 50% of the worlds population was drunk as a skunk. What’s the problem?

      • Jasmine January 1, 2017

        Drinking and being “drunk as a skunk” are too separate things. Where are your receipts?

      • ? + ✈ = ? January 1, 2017

        12 year old get off your mothers computer! Tell her to read you a story and put your A S S to sleep. Happy new year????????

    • LmfaoHoe January 1, 2017

      I love both, but atleast when Whitney was alive in her later years though her voice changed she still sang “live” where Mariah relies to heavy on prerecorded or lip sync uping the original song. Overall Mariah can get it lol and still able to to sing too, they did her foul on the technical difficulties.

      • Jasmine January 1, 2017

        Stop making excuses. None of the other performers that came on before her reported “technical difficulties.” The same sound engineer for the whole show. Mariah was drunk, her waist trainer was on too tight, and she was too concerned with playing with her hair and necklace rather than remembering the words to lip synch too. Unprofessional!

    • Truth Teller January 1, 2017

      Why she is always squeezing her sponge Bob shaped body in an outfit made for someone with a nice shape? Oh, and chivk can’t sing no more.

    • Amomarx January 1, 2017

      Hee career is filled with the good. Her attitude and cockiness and arrogance is why she ia where she is now. Godbdont like ugly and ugly in the sense that she forgotnher gift was God-given

    • Larry January 1, 2017

      You made the Dumbest statement I ever heard in my life

  2. ???????Chile, take this “Itty Bitty Piggy” to the market and make sure you hold her hand while crossing the street!??????? January 1, 2017

    OMG! Mariah, I have no words, sis. Fire your team and start fresh.

    • BERMUDA January 1, 2017

      no don’t blame her team, blame Mariah, i am a long time fan it hurts me to say but honey needs to put the alcohol down. she is making a fool of herself. her team is doing a good time they booked her on the New Years Eve show which is viewed by millions, they booked her on the Lionel Richie tour, they got her her own Docuseries on E!. its not her team, Mariah has been notorious alcoholic in the industry for yeeears. hopefully my girl would get the help she derseves

      • Credits January 1, 2017

        Don’t even blame the alcohol either. She seemed 100% coherent.

  3. Brandy keeps some TGJ posters mad which is why they down vote any positive comment about her January 1, 2017

    She looked good tho.

    • Jasmine January 1, 2017

      Lathargic, drunk, and too out of it to remember the words to your own songs looks bad to me.

      • Brandy keeps some TGJ posters mad which is why they down vote any positive comment about her January 1, 2017

        Beautiful gowns?

  4. Kemar (@S_C_Jr on Twitter) January 1, 2017

    I have no words. At least she looked good. I feel bad for her but maybe she needs to stop lip syncing! Stop drinking and take care of your voice! Bad end to 2016/start of 2017. Get it together! I still love you, Mariah. Lol.

  5. Mr.West January 1, 2017

    Get her some milk….. She needs some milk!!! We all know Mariah at her best and that’s the way I’ll always remember her at her best. In saying that this performance was really bad, but Sis looked good. “If you can’t be better than them, dress better” ??

  6. The One January 1, 2017

    How are the the worst vocal of her career Whe she hardly song?
    I think she was just enjoying herself on New Years!

    • Jasmine January 1, 2017

      You are delusional.

  7. Rihboy January 1, 2017

    The excuses! AtleAst when rihanna was performing American oxygen that time she still sang. And better might I add. Mariah hadn’t been trying for years and you guys continue making excuses for her. ????. She just lost her legend status.

    • Jason January 1, 2017

      She’s legendary for her discography, but just as much for giving bad performances. She needs real people around her to get her together! This diva crap ain’t s*** if you can’t sing your song at least once during a technical emergency. It’s so amateurish. And sad.

    • Jasmine January 1, 2017

      She did not lose her legend status because that came from being one of the highest selling artists of all time. She was never a big live performer, even in her prime. She is a studio singer…that is why she does not tour often.

      • Jason January 1, 2017

        The main word being “Singer”. If your track breaks, Sing! She’s just lazy with no technique now! It’s bleak. And I’m a day one Lamb! But, it’s just become stupid. If you build a legacy based on your voice. You must sing. Y’all didn’t see Whitney attempting the same keys when she knew her voice was beyond repair. It really comes down to her needing a Reality check. I’d never disrespect her, because she’s made some of my favorite albums of all time. She’s not respecting her own legacy.

    • Amerikkka’s Most Wanted ~ Tyler January 1, 2017

      Tell that boy bye! Rihanna couldn’t see Mariah on her worst day

      • JOHNVIDAL January 1, 2017

        LOL Yas! Someone has to be truly delusional to think Rihanna sounds better, even now in 2017. Mariah didn´t even try here. This wasn´t about vocals.

      • TRUTH SERUM January 1, 2017

        Stop lying ?. I hate when people try to take away from Rihanna’s talent.

      • Amerikkka’s Most Wanted ~ Tyler January 1, 2017

        What talent ? Seriously ….

      • JOHNVIDAL January 1, 2017

        Who´s lying??? Now Rihanna is more talented than Mariah Carey? Some of you really lack all types of perspective.

      • Rihboy January 1, 2017

        Honey a Mime can see Mariah on her best day. She is finished. She ended her career in one night. ??

  8. Chileplease (first and only bih) January 1, 2017

    Chile…smh. If there were technical difficulties, a professional would’ve pulled through somehow. She’s too busy trying to show off a fake relationship instead of caring about her career.

  9. Meteorite January 1, 2017

    I bet you someone got fired for that mess!

  10. grapejuicefan January 1, 2017

    Wendy is going to have a field day on tuesday smh dead !

  11. Weezy Tha Goat/Zayn is ? January 1, 2017

    Well, at least she looks like a queen at least.

  12. Abel Minaj January 1, 2017

    I don’t even know what to say

  13. King January 1, 2017

    This is horrible like really Mariah.
    Honestly I can expect this from her tbh.
    This is up alley.

  14. RihNavy January 1, 2017

    BAYYBAAAYYY @Stephy sissss what is she doing?!

    • Stephy January 1, 2017

      GIRL I HAVE NO F****** CLUE! LORD!

      • RihNavy January 1, 2017


  15. DANCE January 1, 2017

    Lmfao!!! Maybe if she concentrated on rehearsals rather than throwing petty shade to try to deflect from her ever dwindling voice and lack of stage prowess like some of the girls she shades she wouldn’t have looked like such a dumbass. This might be as bad as Britney’s VMA performance during her meltdown! Haha! Karma is a b**** ain’t it!

  16. Gurl January 1, 2017

    Well, I’m used to her hit and miss performances so I’m not even bothered that this happened again, at least she looked amazing. And besides, it didn’t even seem to phase her one bit, which was hilarious! And all this negative trolling field day chatter talk shall pass. #Pow

  17. MUSICHEAD January 1, 2017

    Lmfaooooooo!!!! Mariah said F** it, where’s my drink??? HAHAHA!!!

  18. Wonder Woman January 1, 2017

    Arianna,Demo and J-lo would never dahhhling

    • JOHNVIDAL January 1, 2017

      Would never have those songs in their repertoire? I agree 🙂

  19. JUNGKOOK January 1, 2017

    Mariah Carey had the last AND worst performance of 2016.

    She performed right after, immediately after JENNIFER LOPEZ first set of IF YOU HAD MY LOVE and GET RIGHT. Jen killed it and the quality was amazing. There was some fur backlash but whatever.

    However, Mariah had a similar bodysuit and feathers LOL She barely lipped it and gave 0% to the terrible performance. Soundcheck or whatever, it was a mess and she’s prissy.

    JLO DESTROYED COWRIAH …. and they are almost the same age. But Now jennifer is better than her in every way.

    • Kiii January 1, 2017

      JLo still behind Mariah in sales,vocals, awards, critical acclaim, etc., none of this changes because of a bad performance.

  20. MUSICHEAD January 1, 2017

    Olivia Pope really came thru for Kim Burrell because this Mariah disaster is going make everybody forget about homogate lmaoooo!

  21. Legendtina January 1, 2017

    I love Mariah but this was worse than any Britney performance. There is no excuse. Id rather see her sing with back up singers and ad-lib the parts she can’t sing anymore than lip like this. This was shameless and she didn’t even try to fix it. Maybe it wasn’t rehearsed? Who knows.

    • RihNavy January 1, 2017

      But XXLTINA can’t even sing above Eb5 without screaming, so wyd?

    • JOHNVIDAL January 1, 2017

      Are you slow???? She didn´t try to sing. How was this about not being able to sing? Haven´t you pucking watched her last whole two years of great Emotions performances? Too much ignorance for “loving” Mariah…

      • Legendtina January 1, 2017

        John, the only slow one here is you. Calm down and take off your stan glasses. Where in my comment did I say she tried to sing? Please read again. I said I would rather see her try to sing than shamelessly lip sing like she’s Britney Spears or Paula Abdul. I would have rather seen her stop the performance, cut the track, apologize, and take it from the top again than have the trainwreck continue. At the very least an apology at the end would do. That was just unprofessional and a mess.

  22. Ken January 1, 2017


  23. Ken January 1, 2017

    What an entertaining performance ??????????

  24. Theman January 1, 2017

    Excuses.. She barely sang. She has sounded pretty good all yr. wtf. She has to get it together.. She looked great. But this was a disaster..

  25. Cocodior January 1, 2017

    Girl her T has been clocked! A sad day for us lambs.

  26. J January 1, 2017

    This was really unacceptable to be honest

  27. True Lambily January 1, 2017

    This was not her fault Mariah came to perform her hits!! there was sound issues which messed up her performance please tell me how you sing the song and you can’t hear the track like seriously she didn’t forget any of the words it’s just the simple point why would she sing over the track and the track is saying one thing and she saying another it would be pointless you guys are going to critique her until the day you die or she does I love Mariah and I can’t wait to see her on tour with Lionel!!

    • Jasmine January 1, 2017

      Delusional. Nobody is perfect but there is no need to lie and make up excuses for Mariah. She is a legendary artist and this will past. People that lie or are too delusional make themselves look like a fool.

  28. eric January 1, 2017

    I’m afraid Mariah is going to make me regret buying a ticket to her show with Lionel Richie. I just don’t understand her lack of preparedness. If her dancers could hear and perform to the music without trouble then Mariah should’ve been able to do the same, except for the fact that she set herself up for failure by not bothering to take care of her voice so she could sing live and not rely on backing tracks. She does this time and time again and never seems to learn from the same repeated mishaps. If you’re not willing to do better just retire and watch Celine Dion and the other greats show you how it’s done.

    • Jasmine January 1, 2017

      I agree. All of her notes were off tune when she tried to sing live. She was not prepared. Hell, plenty of the performers sang live. She should have been prepared to sing live too or not do the performance. Mariah blocked another artist from closing out the night (closing out 2016) with a good live performance.

  29. Limpbizkit January 1, 2017

    I guess she got nothing more to prove.

  30. Kiii January 1, 2017

    Yeah it was a bad performance she f*ucked up but some of people are delusional if they think this performance erases the 26 years of hard work and success that she’s earned.

  31. Justafan January 1, 2017

    Ok. Prob the worst…ever for Mariah. Pains me to say but she should be ashamed. Not sure how she or the world will get passed this

    • Justafan January 1, 2017

      Mariah. How you gonna saaang the whole year flawlessly then do THIS to us fans. WTF!!!!

  32. Britney Stan January 1, 2017

    Wow she’s so tacky

  33. Raden Kesuma January 1, 2017

    She killed every other performance this year but yet she’ll be judged on this one performance, like the Rockefeller performance! This is what happened. So,in a pro audio environment artists use reference monitors either on stage or in-ear to hear music they are singing or playing. ALL live performers do this. Every last one. They cannot hear what the crowd hears. The PA speakers are in front of them and pointing at the audience or patched in directly to the video monitors. If you notice at the beginning of her performance,she couldn’t hear anything in her in-ear monitor and missed her que to walk to walk on stage and actually perform. She then took it out of her ear to try and hear it from the PA monitors and still couldn’t. The fail was 100% technical. I’m sure the audio personnel or company will lose their jobs. It wasn’t her fault. She actually couldn’t hear anything. She not a Machine She Human She not Perfect S*** Happen we need to deal with it.

    • eric January 1, 2017

      Her dancers heard the music without missing a beat, and Mariah heard it too because she sang a few words in sync with the music. She simply wasn’t prepared to sing live if need be and it shook up her whole world. No other performers had trouble because as singers they know their voice is all they have to rely on, not on someone in the back to hit play on some pre-recorded vocals. It was the worst performance in the history of television and she needs to take responsibility and learn from it. No excuses.

      • JOHNVIDAL January 1, 2017

        Again, can´t be you see this isn´t about vocals? She had had some drinks obviously.

  34. BangBang January 1, 2017

    Her earpiece gave out and she couldn’t hear herself. It was a bad performance but she could have sang it accapella and got another earpiece maybe.

  35. Dee January 1, 2017

    And then u haters have the nerve to insult jlo…look at this mess it is infront of you…Mariah carey hasn’t been able to hit a note for years now, she isn’t even able to mime properlly

  36. new January 1, 2017

    Oh dear

  37. ?Yellow Diamonds? January 1, 2017

    Did she walk off!? Omg that gave me life.

  38. JOHNVIDAL January 1, 2017

    I think some people are truly ignorant or something. This is obviously NOT about bad vocals for crying out loud! She´s been sounding great singing Emotions for two whole years now in all of her tours. She clearly was either drunk or just couldn´t ear a damn thing and opted for not even try so that they wouldn´t crucify her like they did two years ago for one bad Rockefeller Xmas performance. That´s all. She opted for being funny.
    It´s a pitty cause she looked gorgeous and could have been a really great showing with thsoe epic songs of hers that truly fit the festive moment. One thing is for sure: this always happens when millions of people are watching her 🙂 🙁

    • Jlover January 1, 2017

      Your whale of a fav is a joke boo deal with it old dirt bag.

  39. Jlover January 1, 2017

    Hang it up flat screen

  40. Beyonnaise January 1, 2017

    What a fat ugly pathetic mess

    • JOHNVIDAL January 1, 2017

      This was for Jlover. A clearly deaf person.

      • Beyonnaise January 1, 2017

        At least J.Lo dances and that’s what she’s known for primarily.

        What about that whale you stan for? An alcoholic shell of her former self who’s best years are way behind her.

  41. Beyonnaise January 1, 2017

    K A R M A

    that’s what happens when you make it your job to be a shady fat c#nt to other people.

    She deserves every whack performance she gets.

    P.S. She lost her voice. Fat wh#re.

  42. Mariah Carey January 1, 2017

    I’m so sorry my #Lambily dahhhlings! Let me explain. I asked for Butterfly tea dahhling at the dinner beforehand. What I didn’t realise was that they were Long Island iced teas that miss Stella was giving me! So I thought, well you know, I’m in New York for New Years Eve dahhhling. We all have our festive moments dahhlings, I hope you all understand. Love you much my #Lambily. I am praying profusely that you shall forgive me dahhlings ?

    • Beyonnaise January 1, 2017

      Shut up and take your fat ass to AA immediately

  43. Stif January 1, 2017

    This is a sad sad thing to see especially for fans that have been following her since her glory days. How bout dropping that diva s*** and focus once again on the voice? Anyway, happy new year i guess

  44. Beyoncé Jackson January 1, 2017

    Kiii she’s horrible. A professional would’ve sang through it. I’ve seen Whitney do it. ?

      • Beyoncé Jackson January 1, 2017

        At least she sang and didn’t strut around speaking a bunch of incoherent mumbo jumbo??

      • Lemonade January 1, 2017

        Yes atleast she sang even though she shouldn’t have hence why I said Whitney would never you dumbass?

      • Beyoncé Jackson January 1, 2017

        And I was agreeing with you TROLL. ?

  45. SMH January 1, 2017

    Can’t believe people are actually making excuses for this mess. Delude yourselves in blind worship all you want, this was worse than Corey Feldman’s Today Show performance. She can shade JLo all she wants, fact remains that JLo destroys her on stage, regardless of Mariah’s bloated sales. A Legend would never give a show this horrific.

    • Beyoncé Jackson January 1, 2017

      The Lambs are experts at making excuses. I’m glad my fav is a professional at all times. ?

    • Suicide Blonde January 1, 2017

      J.Lo did great as always, this woman truly proves that age ain’t nothing but a number.

  46. TRUTH SERUM January 1, 2017

    She looks amazing though!! I love Mariah. Lol… she is a mess though.. ?

  47. Lemonade January 1, 2017

    Beyoncé a true legend would never

    • JOHNVIDAL January 1, 2017

      As if Mariah weren´t a legend? LOL All I want for Xmas alone will outlast Beyonce. So be quiet. Mariah being drunk one night has nothing to do with Beyonce.

  48. Suicide Blonde January 1, 2017

    Truly unprofessional, Mariah’s ego is bigger than her talent.

  49. cocobutta January 1, 2017

    I see you Mariah.
    Fk it ?❤

  50. No favs, just here for the music January 1, 2017

    Disaster is an understatement tbh but Mariah will always be a legend; that won’t change just because she’s drunk or whatever the hell happened.

  51. Ivanka January 1, 2017

    Not the Hive throwing shade when Beyoncé worships the ground Mariah walks on

  52. Ivanka January 1, 2017

    Mariah is legend and has nothing to prove! She still cashed that check at the end of the night and looked great while doing so. J.Lo who?

  53. Kwinzy January 1, 2017

    Lawd Mimi just stop please. Humble yourself now. I’m legit scared for her after all the great ones we lost in 2016.

    • Coffee January 1, 2017

      Who gon’ do her tribute concert, her failed playback vocals? Mariah don’ dissed and dismissed all the girls who looked up to her…

  54. H0tness January 1, 2017

    That was a disaster but she already earned her spot.

  55. Lulu January 1, 2017

    Publicity stunt

  56. Janelle January 1, 2017

    Lambs Aint s***. They always tear down female artist, but excuse mariahs drunkedness. She’s a boring club singer that should retire. Her shade she throws constantly only makes it only worse.

  57. Coffee January 1, 2017

    Gloria Estefan, who is 59, went up there in heels and served good vocals and gave good energy…what Mariah’s excuse? And why was she up there on stage dressed like it was summer time!? It was in the 40’s and everyone else had coats on and was bundled up and she went up there shivering and looking like a fool! Mariah needs to fire all her “YES” people and get a team that is going to tell her the truth. I love Mariah but gurl get it together! Stop trying to keep up with these young girls. You are one of the Blue Prints of what it means to be a singer and a class act. Bring the girls up to your level, stop stooping down to their level.

  58. ToniBoni January 1, 2017

    Patti would NEVER
    Aretha would NEVER
    Gladys would NEVER
    Celine would NEVER
    Barbra would NEVER
    Diana would NEVER
    Beyoncé would NEVER

    Mariah is a disgusting drunken has-been who can’t even be on point the only time of year she’s relevant. RIP.

  59. Really Mariah? January 1, 2017

    The sad part is that when she started to sing emotions it actually sounded nice but she was so afraid to sing without the backing track that she just gave up. I’m so dissapointed and there is no one to blame but her. I don’t think that she ever rehearses. She looked great, the dancers were great and the set was great. It’s always her that doesn’t deliver. I’m done with her live performances because I get dissapointed by them ever time. She needs a coach or something to help her with live performances. She’s been in the game way to long to be performing like that live on TV.

  60. @ASAPicon January 1, 2017

    Jesus be a FENCE!

  61. Nikko January 1, 2017

    Wow Britney’s VMA preformance of Gimme More was 10 better than this garbage. Britney at least tried lol Mariah shame on you!!!
    Drugs are NO BUENO…..

  62. Wow January 1, 2017

    She looked stunning, but wow this is the worst performance of this century. It’s all down to Stella her new manager, you’d think she would get Mariah to be on point for this show. She is damaging her career and turning her in to a reality star, this was worser than Britney VMA 2007. I am a Mariah fan but gosh this will be bad for her career. She should have stopped it in the first few seconds and ended the performance after one song. It’s all down to bad management. Stella needs to go.

  63. We Nowqd Redv dimnobut it ash trjoan ivy blobukz Need UK timely Ukuno eremxil January 5, 2017


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